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    1. When the Inspector intimates that he wants to continue this interrogation tomorrow morning Stephen tries to persuade him that I should be allowed to go home

    2. I think she is a fine young woman and hope that you will be able to persuade Wiesse that this is the correct course of action to take

    3. We reach The Centre in good time – intentionally, as Joris tries to persuade me, so that we can enjoy Friede’s shortbread

    4. So we married … it wasn’t as simple adapting to the physical side as I thought it would be but I got pregnant fairly quickly and it was easy to persuade Alastair that any physical relationship was unwise during the pregnancy … since then Alastair and I have occupied separate rooms

    5. It took all of the young man’s guile and persuasion to coax and persuade his new paramour to keep her head above the duvet cover and to accept that it was, indeed, a very beautiful morning

    6. ‘Did she tell you that Peter virtually sat on her doorstep for a year trying to persuade her to marry him? He is a persistent so-and-so, that brother of mine

    7. He tried to persuade me that he would be okay here on his own with Katie, but I’m not having that responsibility

    8. however, is that he was only able to persuade her to marry him

    9. It took me several weeks to persuade her that I was serious when I said I wanted to marry her but in the end I prevailed

    10. The phones keep me fairly busy and in addition to that, I have to deal with deliveries and the odd caller … and some of them are decidedly odd! The guy who keeps ringing Dave up about crop circles came in and tried to persuade me that I ought to let him speak with Dave

    11. persuade his new paramour to keep her head above the duvet cover

    12. “This is hard work,” moaned Tom, as he attempted to persuade

    13. hard to persuade this time

    14. When the mortuary technician found him on his knees in the mortuary’s ante-room, he tried to help, making a sustained but weary effort to persuade Billy to sit down and have a cup of tea, assuming that he was related to the girl on the trolley, but there were no handles by which he could get a hold of the flaking singer

    15. persuade her in the end

    16. "Generally Nidon-Mlarkile is loyal to a client but if there is any truth to what you say a few million could persuade us

    17. He was far too fearful of LeCynic's wrath to do the deed himself, therefore, Katrina's only hope lay in the possibility that she could at least persuade him to enlist the services of someone capable of the task, all while maintaining his powers of stealth

    18. society should direct its steps and to persuade their

    19. But nothing could persuade me to return and get it

    20. The pride of man makes him love to domineer, and nothing mortifies him so much as to be obliged to condescend to persuade his inferiors

    21. Besides, if Helez had set her mind on something, there was no way that anyone could persuade her otherwise

    22. It puts, indeed, a little more money into the pockets of both, and it will perhaps be somewhat difficult to persuade the greater part of them that this is not rendering them a very considerable service

    23. As he left, he knew he needed more proof of Sloan’s intentions in order to persuade the Administration to authorize a search

    24. ‘You will not be able to physically interact with anything or anyone, such as yourself, but you can persuade your former self to do what is necessary to stop the mission

    25. The door did not want to open but he managed to persuade it almost two inches before he gave up

    26. But in this respect, as well as in many others, nations have not always acted consistently; and in the greater part of the commercial states of Europe, particular companies of merchants have had the address to persuade the legislature to entrust to them the performance of this part of the duty of the sovereign, together with all the powers which are necessarily connected with it

    27. “I was hoping that you might have a word with her because someone needs to she wont listen to me and she wont like me saying but the work there is killing her and I need you to persuade her to give it up

    28. me un-arrested, calling round to persuade me that Frank is real?"

    29. His thesis: that presidential power is the power to persuade

    30. ’ But she knew there was only one thing that could persuade him

    31. I've been trying to persuade her to go on a study course

    32. They hoped that they could persuade the staff that somebody had hacked the system and intended telling them that, when they arrived in the morning

    33. second thought, however!) Their egregious ignorance of its transient nature and uncertain classifications often serve to persuade the misinformed and other well-meaning individuals to support (socialist) custodial policies that do little, if anything, to relieve its harmful effects

    34. She would persuade the Preceptor to let her out on one last collecting trip

    35. In the end Brokin managed to persuade the Elders to see sense, but it had been touch and go for awhile

    36. Pola cried and tried to persuade her to go out with a Jewish doctor, but she would not listen; she just wanted the Lithuanian

    37. How stupid it was, to allow Les Purvis to bully, con, browbeat, and finally persuade; that a night out wouldn’t hurt once in a while; that they were just good friends and he understood that

    38. It took a lot of arguing to persuade Karla that he didn’t need her help and was quite capable of coping on his own

    39. I further believe that they use injurious insult to debate when they lack logical arguments to persuade

    40. In that time, he could persuade me of almost anything, without even meaning to do so

    41. If the moral argument will not persuade you, perhaps simple practicality, self interest, and even survival will change your mind

    42. Casey, I did what I could to persuade him to change his ways

    43. Perhaps he could somehow persuade the Centron to help them in such a quest

    44. He had hoped that his father could persuade them, but now he could see that it was not to be

    45. He tried to calm the machine, persuade it to explain to him what has happening in terms he could understand:

    46. I should add that this is unlikely to persuade me to change my persuasion

    47. natural that an organization involved with education would try to persuade others that it is part of an

    48. 21 And there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him

    49. The children grin, then I persuade them to join me in making the funny noises called for

    50. the same functionality could be just the thing to persuade the vendor that it was a

    1. ‘That explains why her brother was so easily persuaded to co-operate at any rate

    2. The great bank’s chairman was ready to fire the maid for causing so much confusion and embarrassment, but his wife had extensive experience in the realm of hotels and subterfuge, and she persuaded him to go to work and that she would sort things out with the domestic staff

    3. Unfortunately, the mood was broken when, over a large cognac, his wife revealed that she had phoned their mutual friend, had told him about her husband’s terminal illness and had persuaded him to make her poor spouse’s final year or two truly comfortable

    4. called Nikken, that he finally persuaded me to give

    5. him about her husband’s terminal illness and had persuaded him to

    6. After much deliberation and, it has to be said, coercion on Sheila’s part, Bunty’s parents were persuaded

    7. here,” – he indicated Bram with a wave of his hand – “Has persuaded

    8. Further inspection and a little logical deduction persuaded her it was Chas’s grave

    9. As he munched Andy persuaded himself that Ozzie and Chrissie would be well clear of the barracks by the time he got there with the Sergeant and, unless the police went foraging outside the barracks, they wouldn’t find the dig either … he should be in the clear

    10. During the long, pillow tossing watches of the night, between imagined conversations during which Andy persuaded the Sergeant by sheer dint of his charismatic personality that there had been nothing going on, the unwelcome thought had occurred to Andy that the Sergeant was being exceptionally curious about what Andy had been doing since he left Tracey

    11. But if you've nothing more pressing than touring hill and dale, perhaps you could be persuaded to visit Redditch along with us

    12. The ocean was as if the starry night sky was persuaded to exchange places with Earth, and was laid out before him

    13. Jim told of how she’d persuaded Wes into sending the rope back down for him, and Mike sounded dismayed, due to the fact of her fear of height

    14. villagers - and that he might be persuaded to introduce

    15. It is by this superior knowledge of their own interest that they have frequently imposed upon his generosity, and persuaded him to give up both his own interest and that of the public, from a very simple but honest conviction, that their interest, and not his, was the interest of the public

    16. Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from

    17. She persuaded Eugenia to change into it, then led her back to the horse cart

    18. persuaded him to excoriate the suitors

    19. Verios’ reputation was one of an extremely Just man, and only that reputation had persuaded Barrin to go to Saparen after the Thane attacked Lanshire

    20. The lads were full of questions asking us what had happened but we told them that we were tired out and needed some rest this did not stop them however from bringing us mugs of tea and giving us fags with the hope we could be persuaded to tell them the story

    21. ” He brought his hands up to cover his face as sobs shook his frame and it was this and the terrible look of hurt in his eyes that persuaded me to tell him what had happened, after all were we not all a band of brothers

    22. The primary intelligence that controlled the device this time did not allow itself to be persuaded by Torbin, despite his continued support from the mind- state of Roidon

    23. Rosie took me to task calling me insensitive but I eventually made her see my point of view and she persuaded Mabel which put us on a better footing once more but I don’t think she will ever forgive me for what I said

    24. trust, be persuaded by or yield to

    25. by the early morning light as he had persuaded himself that if he

    26. No rational person can be persuaded that a philosopher suffering a toothache has a disconnect between his mind and his body

    27. I suppose, however, that that is ok, considering that he persuaded a plurality of the American electorate to cast their vote for him in 1992 and 1996

    28. If he was only to achieve locomotion by crawling on his belly, after having persuaded Eve to partake of the apple, pray tell just what detriment did he endure in becoming the recipient of such crawling, since that had been his process of locomotion, anon

    29. That was because my boss persuaded the

    30. If she had not played her part in all but seducing Gerrid Lytum into their scheme perhaps he would not have been persuaded; at least put up a greater objection, after his inevitable capture

    31. Would you believe that he tried to bite me all the way and for a few minutes afterward we reached land until the choke chain persuaded him to stop such (uncalled for if you ask me) unpleasantness

    32. If he confided in her about the things he’d been told by Sir Craig then she might be persuaded to help him

    33. If she could be persuaded to destroy them and keep quiet, he could put an end to this

    34. Before I could be accused of being a long haired liberal and worse we handed the crocodile over to the local constable for his soon to be father in law and left the scene to explain to the much amused lieutenant that “(1) yes we did indeed arrested a f crocodile and no (2) our pants are not f wet front or rear but torn by the vicious claws (read feet) of the crocodile who (3) did not want to be f arrested and (4) resisted in fact until we (5) fatherly persuaded him f otherwise

    35. —unless Brock had persuaded his mother to leave him behind so that he wasn't there to protect her

    36. You planned to use it for your own twisted ends but things went wrong for you, didn't they? And the others sent you back here with this ridiculous tale in the hope that I could be persuaded to turn a blind eye to your misdeeds

    37. Whether the (Holy) Scriptures should remain subject to generational contentions or modern interpretations, much in the manner that Constitutional Law is persuaded by the (legal) authority of evolving standards of decency, such arguments that otherwise provide recourse to alternative viewpoints, must be equally troubling as arbitrary viewpoints relating to Papal Infallibility or the Divine Rights of Kings!

    38. She persuaded the United Nations representative to allow the Security Forces to get rid of them which they did

    39. Disillusioned African Americans, persuaded that the Christian Community has fallen short of its intended promises of a color-blind society; that is to say, that the Christian Community has tacitly supported racist designs over the years while doing little to improve social conditions, have therefore decided to exchange their Christian identities (including their names) in favor of a religion perceived (more) receptive to their social and spiritual needs

    40. Finally the cat allowed himself to be persuaded to leave

    41. Because water supplies are often under local control, and state and governments can be pressured or persuaded by corporate interests easier than at the federal level, many more local water supplies remain unsafe and harm children especially

    42. “It was hard work, but I persuaded them in the end

    43. He asked if she thought the people aboard the boat could be persuaded to discreetly dispose of the corpse at sea without attracting the attention of the American authorities

    44. Joshua could see, in his day, some who could be persuaded by others to look at things differently, and he remonstrated mightily against that influence when he challenged, “Choose this day whom you will serve

    45. She placed him on the table in front of the plate and after some convincing, persuaded him eat the squashed food, but then he ate quickly

    46. Christina persuaded me to join her in getting a tattoo of the Dauntless seal

    47. I was persuaded to join the Library, the Lecture Society (addressing everything including History, Anthropology, Medicine and more); to attend a course on Ikebana (the Art of Japanese Flower Arranging) - this notion had annoyed me at first but my friend with the improbable name of Bubbles convinced me that I'd benefit, and I did

    48. I think, for a moment, that I’ve won, that I’ve persuaded her

    49. Choosing to work with the most challenging children - those apparently hopeless ones who needed to “come alive,” Maureen and Audrey had persuaded the governing body to establish this Special Unit

    50. Ahab to Samaria; And Ahab killed sheep and oxen for him in abundance, and for the people that he had with him, and persuaded him

    1. resolve and persuades us to believe that there is no solution to our predicament and hence no salvation

    2. persuades him to "marvel not then at the !ove which all men have of their offspring; for that universallove and interest is for the sake of immortality" (Plato trans

    3. The cares of this world and all that it persuades to offer is represented by the thorns; for the sacrifice the world asks for is at the expense of merited living, and will never suffice

    4. It is he who goes among heathen nations and persuades them to shed oceans of blood in the worship of idols, or murderous wars

    5. It is he, above all, who persuades foolish people that there is no such person as a devil, and no future judgment after death, and no hell

    6. It was not too soon, which would spoil the exquisite pleasure that pervades a couple after sex and persuades them that they have merged and are now one

    7. He persuades others that he never make mistakes and always right in his lifeless face

    8. Later, Joel persuades her to live with him

    9. persuades her husband to usehis authority against his better

    10. Van Dyke’s orchestration underscored every line of a surreal story in which a faithless girl persuades her lover to take a ride alone on a Ferris wheel, waiting until he is suspended in the stationary carriage before departing the scene with another man

    11. This crowd cascade can continue so long as the crowd’s successful investment stance persuades new investors to join

    12. How about on individual shares though? Think of it this way – what sort of philanthropy could it be that persuades some nice people to make you rich instead of themselves? If journalists really knew which share to buy and when, would they still be hacking away at the computer instead of lolling on some Caribbean beach? How can the authors of books like Make a Killing on the Stock Exchange, How to Pick the Winners, Selecting the Soaring Shares and so on afford to spend all those hours writing when they should be too busy becoming billionaires by trading? Indeed if they were good, why would they share the secret when your buying might inflate the shares they would have wanted to buy?

    1. ’ He said, persuading me that he has never seen me on stage

    2. After a somewhat heated discussion between us, Gilla got her way, this time persuading me to pack several skirts as well as the sensible hosen and shirts which have accompanied me on my journeys so far

    3. Took some persuading though and, in the end, I had to lie about Dave being in a meeting all day to get rid of him

    4. They had, it seemed, set their hopes upon persuading Mrs

    5. persuading Henri to trust his instinct in this instance

    6. Persuading the man to betray his lord was an irritating task to say the least, not to mention the fact that many of her previous failures to assassinate LeCynic were a direct result of his snooping

    7. Our woollen manufacturers have been more successful than any other class of workmen, in persuading the legislature that the prosperity of the nation depended upon the success and extension of their particular business

    8. The light was gradually fading and as soon as Chris came across a boulder with a suitably wide, flat top he brought the party to a halt, not that they took much persuading

    9. Even after the painkiller injection, Melissa took some persuading before she would eat anything and even then she barely ate half her ration

    10. I doubt they’ll take any persuading to come here

    11. Earth was obviously going to take a lot more persuading, but to do that he would have to gather some more compelling evidence

    12. sure Harwood would assist materially in persuading the men

    13. The only unresolved problem was in persuading the majority of the population to acquiesce to be placed in a stasis pod, where their body would be frozen, their mind in sleep mode while an enabler program immersed them in an artificial reality (which was about as different to a conventional AR as that would be to a games console)

    14. Certainly, at the moment, he had no idea how to proceed with the business of persuading this woman to take the higher road, this most difficult, demanding road

    15. persuading, the wonderful gentleman said he would sell us a used tire

    16. My father has a way of persuading people without charm that has always confused me

    17. For example, in Jacksonville, Florida, two Democratic lawyers gleefully congratulated themselves on their success in persuading the local

    18. I was an early victim of what will be pointed out later as the “Ithaca Trap,” Park’s practice of persuading new employees to buy an expensive home that would keep them tied close to the job as continuing payments came due

    19. What was Annyeke trying to tell him and how could this help him to meditate? Should he have agreed to the mind-link narration? No, he still believed persuading her to tell him vocally had been the wisest course of action

    20. The problem is persuading the remaining Lammassers to accept that help

    21. It looks as if he will busy himself with the task of persuading the old man, who has begun to shake and mutter once more, to sleep, and Ralph suspects this will not be an easy prospect

    22. From such life departed? And they who gave them in withered and undecayed these also were near to them; for they were hypocrites and introducers of strange doctrines and subverters of the servants Of God especially of those who had sinned not allowing them to repent but persuading them by foolish doctrines

    23. During his 21 years stay in South Africa, Gandhi organized three satyāgraha-s and was ultimately successful in persuading the Government to give in to the demands of Indians

    24. Initially Gāndhi had trouble persuading fellow Indians to follow the path of non-violence

    25. If he, in all those years of patience and persuading had made no impact on the minds and souls of those in his care, if their hearts remained as lecherous and libidinous as ever, then the time had come for the Wrath of God to be unleashed

    26. Hoyt was always good at persuading people, it was his gift and his curse

    27. The swamp oak I had chosen was already occupied, and I had a hard time persuading the unfriendly red squirrel family already there to let me stay

    28. Or could she? Squirrel Girl herself had finally succeeded in persuading the earthfolk of Mapleway to plan how they would save themselves

    29. I guess I didn’t need much persuading though

    30. On the other hand, there was no human power capable of persuading him not to take along the three boxes when he returned to his native village, and he unleashed a string of Carthagini-an curses at the railroad inspectors who tried to ship them as freight until he finally succeeded in keeping them with him in the passenger coach

    31. Feltus noticed a distinct change in their expressions, with the exception of Elizabeth Bascomb whose visage seemed perpetually somber and serious, when he recounted exactly how he had succeeded in persuading Terence to lead him over the exact path of his hunting expedition which just happened to cover the exact area where the rifle shell and the dung had been discovered

    32. an adamant defence in hopes of persuading Feltus to demand an autopsy, but his attempts had been futile given the detective’s obstinacy over protecting what would be the wishes of the boy’s family

    33. Be that as it may, when Marshall was eventually tracked down by his intelligence officers, he stubbornly refused to accept their reports and they had difficulty in persuading him that the Japanese were about to strike

    34. Sadly, Somerville's first duty was that of persuading the French fleet in Algieria to demilitarise itself

    35. Cash had a way of persuading people

    36. Halfshaft had some difficulty persuading George and his fellow cave-trolls to follow him into the Forest

    37. He took a bit of persuading to leave, of course

    38. The Doctor didn’t believe that Monty would kill him, but realized that his chances of persuading the Guardians were vanishingly small

    39. The first thing that happens, in Genesis 39, Verse 7, is the master's wife starts eyeing him up, so she starts dressing in scanty clothes, and starts persuading him, saying every day, every day, day after day after day, come on, lie with me, come on, let's have sex

    40. They assert that the phrase would be more correctly rendered, "In a short time," or "with weak and feeble argument thou art persuading me

    41. It is he who goes to and fro amongst fallen Churches, persuading them to throw aside the Bible, and satisfy people with formal worship or grovelling superstitions

    42. �It is he who is continually going to the ears of intellectual and highly educated men, persuading them that the old Bible is not true, and advising them to be content with Atheism, Theism, Agnosticism, Secularism, and a general contempt for the world to come

    43. Toby’s a crafty bastard, persuading the guy to call in sick

    44. You’d stand a better chance of persuading them to give up their pensions

    45. in persuading Tom to spend a few days with her at a friend’s remote

    46. He came back and stood over her, a man flushed with, agitation, with the necessity for persuading her quickly to do the right, the only thing

    47. He was chosen because of his great passion and loyalty and Sheridan will have no problems in persuading him that the true worship of Hella Dracon will give both of them eternal life

    48. once they marry, Sheridan will have no problems in persuading him that the true worship of Hella Dracon will give both of them eternal life

    49. She had been persuading herself that her little holiday was harmless and natural; and now this business with Herr Dremmel would, she felt, do away with all that, and justify a wrath in her father that she might, else for her private solace and encouragement, have looked upon as unreasonable

    50. If Tim O'Neil's invention was useless, there was a chance of persuading Josephine to stay in South Africa

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