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Persuade in a sentence

What can I do to persuade.
Only money will persuade me.
He tried to persuade him to.
Persuade fear in your prospect.
I mean, persuade him to take it.
I did try to persuade her, but she.
Don’t bother trying to persuade me.

Took long enough to persuade them on that.
The archmandrite, too, tried to persuade her.
Persuade him to let things take their course.
She must persuade him to release her, or she.
I would try to persuade everyone that it’s a.
It was a long time before they could persuade him.
Believe me, I tried to persuade him to let you be.
What would be the best way to persuade him?
There is no need to persuade the permanent, please.
But nothing could persuade me to return and get it.
I did try to persuade her, but she wouldn't listen.
Linton were, I could not persuade myself to proceed.
I managed to persuade old Smyth to let me handle it.
Doran took the opportunity to try to persuade Jaycee.
It cannot be true, Linda tried to persuade herself.
It was up to Comben to persuade her that it wasn’t.
I did try to persuade her, but she wouldn’t listen.
Guinevere would not persuade her to give the child back.
Caris remembered Merthin trying to persuade her to leave.
I've been trying to persuade her to go on a study course.
His way was not to persuade, but only explain and invite.
I believe they did this in order to persuade him to hand.
Casey, I did what I could to persuade him to change his ways.
I don't think that I can persuade them to ignore the threat.
Religious teachers are trying to persuade us that only the.
His thesis: that presidential power is the power to persuade.
But Jack had the ability to persuade her to go along any time.
The only plan if he couldn’t persuade Hamilton any other way.
The wise he could persuade, and the smaller folk he could daunt.
Maybe I could persuade or trap someone into making a confession.
It had taken some work to persuade Lydia to come home this year.
It is one of the things I am trying to persuade women to give up.
This is hard work, moaned Tom, as he attempted to persuade.
R: He needed some persuading.
Cash had a way of persuading people.
I guess I didn’t need much persuading though.
He took a bit of persuading to leave, of course.
I doubt they’ll take any persuading to come here.
They had, it seemed, set their hopes upon persuading Mrs.
I was busy persuading a young lady not to commit suicide.
Toby’s a crafty bastard, persuading the guy to call in sick.
A little more than persuading had to do wi' the coming o't, I reckon.
The problem is persuading the remaining Lammassers to accept that help.
Hoyt was always good at persuading people, it was his gift and his curse.
The one problem is cost and persuading the power industry to do the same.
You’d stand a better chance of persuading them to give up their pensions.
Merthin was casting around for another way of persuading Ralph when Brother.
Thomas knew that would be even more difficult than persuading the Keepers had been.
My father has a way of persuading people without charm that has always confused me.
He kept persuading him to drink a little water out of a glass that stood on the table.
Ned needed no persuading and started our story all over again, most of which I could follow.
Initially Gāndhi had trouble persuading fellow Indians to follow the path of non-violence.
I began persuading her to take the child home with her, saying 1 would pay for it every month.
He had tried persuading Willie's mother to come and stay in Little while till she felt better.
Halfshaft had some difficulty persuading George and his fellow cave-trolls to follow him into the Forest.
To prepare them for the work of massacre, their hatred is kindled by persuading them that they are hated.
If Tim O'Neil's invention was useless, there was a chance of persuading Josephine to stay in South Africa.
Sadly, Somerville's first duty was that of persuading the French fleet in Algieria to demilitarise itself.
Persuading them will prove nothing, but three or four dead rabbits will prove you're a fool, when it's too late.
Took some persuading though and, in the end, I had to lie about Dave being in a meeting all day to get rid of him.
The Italian police eventually managed to turn the tables on the Red Brigade, mainly by persuading members to turn informer.
Earth was obviously going to take a lot more persuading, but to do that he would have to gather some more compelling evidence.
Three local men, Mukhtar Khan Yousafzai, Khurshid Kakajee and Zahid Khan went from hujra to hujra persuading elders to join together.
The Doctor didn’t believe that Monty would kill him, but realized that his chances of persuading the Guardians were vanishingly small.
Or could she? Squirrel Girl herself had finally succeeded in persuading the earthfolk of Mapleway to plan how they would save themselves.
They assert that the phrase would be more correctly rendered, "In a short time," or "with weak and feeble argument thou art persuading me.
They were discussing or disputing about something, or one voice was persuading, or entreating, while the other was refusing or protesting.
For example, in Jacksonville, Florida, two Democratic lawyers gleefully congratulated themselves on their success in persuading the local.
Even after the painkiller injection, Melissa took some persuading before she would eat anything and even then she barely ate half her ration.
He came back and stood over her, a man flushed with, agitation, with the necessity for persuading her quickly to do the right, the only thing.
While all the images and events he had witnessed remained deeply impressed on his memory, he felt a difficulty in persuading him of their truth.
At last Tess grew more and more anxious to know what they were saying, and, persuading herself that she felt better, she got up and resumed work.
On that particular day, the prosecution’s point was that the program was functionally persuading this girl that it was more living than she was.
I am persuaded that Mrs.
And he was finally persuaded.
Of that I am firmly persuaded.
Eliséy persuaded his friend to go.
I’m persuaded that it is often.
Shatov persuaded her to have a nap.
But Wulfric was not easily persuaded.
But, Princess, I am persuaded that.
David persuaded her to see a doctor.
That was because my boss persuaded the.
She could not be persuaded to try again.
I am fully persuaded he speaks the truth.
He persuaded any other beings that could.
He persuaded the boy, and they went together.
He thought he could be persuaded to sell, if.
In the end, he persuaded me to accept the car.
It was on one of the days when she persuaded M.
Maybe this winter I can be persuaded otherwise.
I hated you, and for a moment I persuaded myself.
He had persuaded them that we should get together.
Do not be persuaded by claims from other print-on-.
He had not expected Ralph to be so easily persuaded.
It was hard work, but I persuaded them in the end.
It was you who persuaded me to cease staking upon it.
Absorbing the depth of her cries, Jericho was persuaded.
Having faith, is being fully persuaded about something.
Noirtier could not be persuaded to quit his grandchild.
Myátlin agreed to do so, and he persuaded her to elope.
Thankfully Jean and Everly persuaded me to dress for this.
Finally the cat allowed himself to be persuaded to leave.
She was finally persuaded that she had done nothing wrong.
Caris made a space for Rosie and persuaded her to lie down.
In the end he was persuaded by his wife to remove the dye.
Reluctantly, Nehru persuaded Congress to accept partition.
Jeff apologized to Cynthia then persuaded her to have just.
It was Dana who finally persuaded me to listen to the rest.
However, Catherine would not be persuaded into tranquillity.
She persuaded me to resign my post and to give writing a try.
It was you, you who persuaded me that he murdered his father.
He had the poison of his voice, and I guess that he persuaded.
Later, Joel persuades her to live with him.
He persuades others that he never make mistakes and always right in his lifeless face.
This crowd cascade can continue so long as the crowd’s successful investment stance persuades new investors to join.
It is he who goes among heathen nations and persuades them to shed oceans of blood in the worship of idols, or murderous wars.
It is he, above all, who persuades foolish people that there is no such person as a devil, and no future judgment after death, and no hell.
It was not too soon, which would spoil the exquisite pleasure that pervades a couple after sex and persuades them that they have merged and are now one.
The cares of this world and all that it persuades to offer is represented by the thorns; for the sacrifice the world asks for is at the expense of merited living, and will never suffice.
Van Dyke’s orchestration underscored every line of a surreal story in which a faithless girl persuades her lover to take a ride alone on a Ferris wheel, waiting until he is suspended in the stationary carriage before departing the scene with another man.
How about on individual shares though? Think of it this way – what sort of philanthropy could it be that persuades some nice people to make you rich instead of themselves? If journalists really knew which share to buy and when, would they still be hacking away at the computer instead of lolling on some Caribbean beach? How can the authors of books like Make a Killing on the Stock Exchange, How to Pick the Winners, Selecting the Soaring Shares and so on afford to spend all those hours writing when they should be too busy becoming billionaires by trading? Indeed if they were good, why would they share the secret when your buying might inflate the shares they would have wanted to buy?

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