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    1. The only thing that fooled us is that most people are poor here, all they have is a little piece of ground and a hut

    2. “I bet they’d love to have a big piece of sausage between their legs

    3. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    4. “I’m just curious,” said the little ant, peering out from below a piece of what was once a caterpillar

    5. "He has an inordinate amount of his wealth tied up in that piece of real estate

    6. As Johnny looked through the special eye piece, he was able to see all the electrical wiring through the walls and door of the bank

    7. A smaller piece clipped Onidas's shoulder, shattering the bone

    8. He brought out his eye piece and looked through it

    9. “Would you hurry up!” Ackers insisted through the ear piece

    10. It was his party piece, producing the gun almost as proof

    11. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    12. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    13. “Have you finished the mission yet?” Ackers voice came through in thunderous vibrations through Vinnie’s ear piece

    14. An attractant such as a piece of fish or fish emulsion can be used instead

    15. A will can be written on any piece of paper

    16. His device was one of the new 3D ones with the seed pod with holes in it connected to a pair of spectacles by a piece of tough monofilament

    17. "I'm here to claim a crate that I believe is stored in that area," he said to the guy sitting there, bringing out a piece of paper

    18. The Brazilians had no need to steal, they could buy everything they wanted with any scrap piece of dinnerware from their ship

    19. ‘Yes, but why Liz? If she hadn’t been set up as the murderer initially, I’d agree with you, but as things are, it seems all of a piece

    20. There was an entry that said in addition to the dozens of irons and nickels melting out of a piece of Brazilian dinnerware, there would be one or two chromiums or a vanadium, sometimes even a titanium or even tungsten

    21. The back snaps open and a piece of paper falls out on the counter

    22. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch

    23. Bronner’s soap, “The most incredible piece of literature I’ve ever seen printed on a six-by-six piece of paper,” and “The power of word over design

    24. He offered me a piece

    25. He cuts the rest of the raw meat of the fish into thin strips, hands a piece to John, puts some in his mouth

    26. It's a Yant and it's got Sammy surrounded and Rocco revenged and protected, whole and in one piece

    27. that’s $650,000 a piece

    28. Jesus, they carved him up like a piece of meat, but they wouldn't let him scream

    29. Theo hated every minute, but if he could get any useful piece of information he had to do it

    30. "Get this little piece of shit out of here

    31. and buy a small piece of cooked meat and some potato

    32. It was only a mildly suspicious piece of hand luggage

    33. Oliver/D: ---> (laughs) Hahaha (Fury) piece of junk that I will

    34. He zoomed in expecting to see a human figure in an exosuit floating out there in the debris, clinging to a piece of rent bulkhead like some parody of a castaway

    35. It could be that Bellam had neglected that little piece of natural law in his calculations

    36. The shit hits the fan one morning when I answer my doorbell to find Betty standing there, half annoyed and half gloating, as she sees me with a piece of toast in my hand

    37. It was absurd, and even as I thought this, I found myself cramming the last piece of bread into my mouth as I grinned underneath my hood

    38. The applause at the end of the piece brings me back to reality fast, but it was an agreeable little daydream

    39. I’d sit and watch him has he planed a piece of wood or put a joint together, he didn’t talk much

    40. I surprised by the openness of his thoughts and I get a piece of a conversation between him and ARIES

    41. I tried to piece together the time-lines The fall of the Christian kingdoms in Aragon and Castile took place when? At the end of the fifteenth century by the Julian calendar? Five hundred years ago

    42. He seemed to be taking much longer about his duties this morning while I felt as though I had a piece of phosphorus in my trouser pocket

    43. I lay on the cot with my back to the door and fished the piece of paper out of my trouser pocket

    44. He pulled me closer to him with his left arm, while fishing a piece of paper out of his trouser pocket with his right

    45. The Lula was one piece and easily viewable, under two thousand feet from shield plate to charge-extractor, its mass/energy ratio at full boost was

    46. To finish the demonic effect, a stuffed raven mounted on a piece of polished mahogany was nailed to the rear parcel shelf

    47. He had a few pennies in his pocket, enough to sleep in a barn perhaps and buy a small piece of cooked meat and some potato

    48. ’ He pushed a piece of paper and a pen across the desk towards her

    49. She picked up the small fork that had been provided and tried a small piece

    50. critical piece really is the foundation for manifesting all

    1. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit

    2. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit them together in any one of a thousand combinations, only one of which would form the shape of a man

    3. certain I’ve pieced together the rest from the meeting with the Pentochs

    4. You already remember the ones you've pieced out before

    5. We slowly pieced together our list of names to check

    6. But when he pieced together the elaborate betrayal of her former husband and saw the striking similarity of the situation with the boyfriend, he’d made the sketch

    7. He was seized with a chill, as another piece of the most thrilling puzzle he had ever pieced together fell perfectly into place

    8. And this, out of the bits and pieces discovered separately and seemingly haphazardly, then painstakingly pieced together by the same construct that has made serendipity appear to approximate the miraculous

    9. There were missing files, but some information could be pieced together

    10. We pieced together a history of the world much different than what we are taught under the Emperor’s rule… and you understand, my dear, if the history of something is not what we think it is, the future of that thing is also not what we think

    11. pieced together the news about the Drakapod encounter and the

    12. Gathering snippets, Jesse quickly pieced together an impression

    13. “I can’t believe you haven’t pieced together the potential

    14. Finally, after much research, Calvin pieced together something huge

    15. that and it would look bad to the Fleet if they found out he had underworld connections, especially if it was Summers Presley who pieced it together

    16. We looked at each other for a second as we pieced it together

    17. When he could sip a cup of strong, sweet tea, they pieced together what must have happened

    18. The inner walls were andanite granite in blocks the size of oxen and cunningly pieced together with amazingly cut intricate joints

    19. in-depth, my information is pieced together from

    20. Jane spread the document out on the table and pieced it back together as best she could

    21. As Liloe stiffened and arched her body down, she fought to remain silent and unheard but, she failed to suppress a wail of ecstasy which pieced the night, and with her passion assuaged and her body glistening with sweat in the low light, she lay forward and snuggled onto Siri’s chest

    22. Using images collected after the conclusion of the battle and in security camera recordings, they pieced together what they could determine about how the battle had started

    23. The rest I pieced together from her friends and stories that floated around town

    24. Her super quick mind pieced together the visual clues and when they all fitted, she said “OK, I have it, just follow me in

    25. “He doesn’t have it all pieced together yet, but it appears it was in the engine

    26. He pieced the puzzle of his concern

    27. nitions was a puzzling thing that needed to be pieced together

    28. Kelvan have found a means of using technology they have pieced together in this

    29. He pieced together the list of defecting military units by intimidating a frail young Melioran idealist who had lost his nerve on the eve of the coup and stayed in Austin

    30. ” Her wrinkly, yet clear eyes pieced everyone in the room

    31. I have just pieced together information to try and figure out the story

    32. and pieced together the amazing trail to his beginning

    33. Those people had all died differently but the reason for their deaths were all the same – They were pieced by their own red flag in the chest and lost their lives instantly

    34. Finally, he pieced together the facts and understood that the attacks post drinking were causing him to change as a person

    35. Have you created any SEO tools either from scratch or pieced

    36. Pieced the gloom, inspiring concentration

    37. It was amazing how quickly Kennedy pieced the facts together into an explanation

    38. pieced together what was going on

    39. But the basic story can be pieced together from the tiny bits of discovered evidence which have survived, and our existing instinctive behavior

    40. "You know, You really should have pieced some of this together by now

    41. Only recently have modern historians pieced together the missing years of Rome’s history before Julius Caesar became famous

    42. "� Our child with the many pieced toy may have heard such negatives as instructions: "Don't make such a mess

    43. Because the World View, which you painstakingly pieced together in your very early years, is

    44. This I had strongly suspected from Provis's account (as Herbert had repeated it) of his having kept himself dark; which I pieced on to the fact that he himself was not Mr

    45. We could have pieced this whole thing together

    46. “But you must have pieced something together

    47. “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” was playing and I gradually pieced together that he was describing the way Judy Campbell had once performed the song

    48. As he listened to the talk of the raftmen and pieced together the scraps of information they let fall, he soon realized that he was very fortunate ever to have seen it at all, even from this distance

    49. His early letters filled in missing details of the story I’d already pieced together from reading his old Theory notebook

    50. He wondered how much of the puzzle Cross had already pieced together

    1. of the following pieces of doggerel† included here for your reading

    2. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    3. Her shin bone was probably in pieces, too, but her brain couldn't wrap itself around the pain

    4. He could even see the connecting pieces where the electrical circuit was able to monitor the status of the door

    5. “Of course it shouldn’t be a problem,” Ackers voice came loud and clear over the ear pieces both Johnny and Nancy were wearing

    6. With a deep sigh, he turned on the antique chairs and smashed them to pieces until there wasn’t a chunk bigger than his fist

    7. Henry was holding up two different pieces of paper and trying to look at both of them at the same time

    8. It was in a whole bundle of bits and pieces they had for that party

    9. He snapped it into pieces without taking his eyes off the fire

    10. I’d started in the kitchen, washing up the breakfast things and then taking the cooker to pieces, scouring the chrome rings and going wild with the oven cleaner

    11. At one point, I nearly rang Emma, but thought better of it, she’d only feel that she had to come over and the last thing I want is for her to come round here and see me in pieces

    12. Though the word “God” was taboo, the songs were inspirational, secular pieces about love and salvation

    13. Lagonda in pieces all around me was a small moment of contemplative heaven

    14. It gave me a chance to pick up the pieces

    15. he would break her into a thousand pieces if he exerted any force upon her frail form

    16. Will was trying to tidy up the broken pieces of our family portraits, shards of glass and broken dishes

    17. She’s in pieces pretty well … Emma that is, Adrian has his hands full with her

    18. So in total I had exactly €16500 Euro plus the €475 I held back yesterday and we made up the odd €25 with bits and pieces of change around the house

    19. Only a few pieces of alien deck plate floated past before the first of it hit the bow

    20. In the reflection he saw the first of the pieces of wreckage Audacity had knocked towards them

    21. The debris she knocked in the redsuits’ direction collided with other pieces on the way to create a storm of jagged metal and packing containers coming at them almost as fast as the junk itself

    22. Just as I started to get the image into some sort of focus, at the critical moment when I started to remember details about the garden, their clothes and the house, right then the truck would bounce or shake over rough English roads, and these carefully assembled pieces of the picture puzzle would break and scatter

    23. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    24. He remembers she called him her son which was baffling at first, but then the pieces started fitting together

    25. Herndon took them to a roastery, the only type of dining with significant pieces of meat available in this culture

    26. He leaned forward and kissed the limpid skin of her neck gently, afraid that he would break her into a thousand pieces if he exerted any force upon her frail form

    27. He just takes all of what we thought we knew smashes it to pieces

    28. For the Maasai of Kenya humanity was fashioned by the creator from a single tree or leg which split into three pieces

    29. Satan has chosen his chess pieces, and God has chosen His

    30. and other bits and pieces

    31. To this day, if you go to the area that Caesarea used to be, you can find pieces of marble in the sand and on the tide

    32. One by one they were taken into a shack – hands tied behind their backs by barbed wire – and hacked to pieces with an axe so that no shots could be heard

    33. Staircases fall to pieces, gangways hang in the wind,

    34. They tore him to pieces in seconds

    35. The kitchen basin had been cracked in half by the force of the wood growing over it, the pieces were now at angles

    36. Daniel came forward holding pieces of material, which he gave to Kate

    37. There were large pieces of shell strewn about

    38. When he entered he saw the broken pieces of shell lying about

    39. You might eventually kill it if you cut enough pieces out of it, but it will be eating on you all the while

    40. Slowly it slumped and fell over, pieces of it's body and organs continuing to twitch

    41. We had decided yesterday that we don’t need to take very much with us – just a small amount of food and drink and a first aid kit – or what passes as one here on Errd – along with a few other bits and pieces

    42. of belief, are told in pieces,

    43. I look round the cabin and slowly accumulate a pile of odd bits and pieces, heaping them up on the bunk so that Berndt can pack them

    44. At the water's edge I found tiny bits of waving, organic fluff clinging to the pebbles just where the bubbles melt away; curious purple pieces of seaweed no bigger than a crumb lying on the beach and spiky bits of crab shell attached to the occasional limb

    45. One by one they held out nubs of bread until the pieces filled my hands, then the bishop stood before me and blessed it, took a piece and popped it into his mouth

    46. The old man returned with something I didn't expect - a side plate with pieces of fish in batter, one of those dolmades vine-leaf parcels, some local bread, a few olives and a glass of something that didn't look like water to me

    47. As a man in a village of many old people, there was nothing your father could do against their irrepressible intimidation except collect pieces of evidence and bide his time

    48. Our pace quickened for the final thrust and so we raced, slipping and sliding through scattered sun-bleached tree bark, fragments of branches and odd pieces of driftwood that littered the stony ground until we were close enough to resist it no longer

    49. 'And I suppose we could try to rescue as many of the pieces at Faria as we could carry away,' my voice was small and hopeless

    50. There were some pieces which originally came from your parents’ place; you could have those here

    1. By piecing together this circumstantial evidence and combining it with a few scraps of intelligence that we gleaned during our interrogations, we also decided that we were currently the guests of Cruce Signati, who held sway along the Thames Valley corridor and down in the deep heart of the South West

    2. The combination of drugs had taken its toll on Caroline and there she was, caught in his knowing gaze, mentally piecing together the entire picture: an image of Mike as a second-class errand-boy for this ‘wop’ he and his friend both spoke of

    3. I was piecing it all together

    4. Some of the group were puzzling it out, piecing it all together

    5. There were some pieces of this murder case that were still piecing together

    6. Outside of his office, colleagues were busy piecing the story together from hotel witness statements and conference attendees while some were watching the news looking for leads the press had gotten to first

    7. Have a dry run at piecing together the slide

    8. Or so Calvin gathered; the picture wasn't very clear since he was piecing all of this together from several—somewhat inconsistent—sources, and someone had gone through and done a whitewash of Gates' files, albeit a sloppy one

    9. "Okay…” said Calvin, piecing it together

    10. He sat down in the sand, crossed his legs, and started piecing the rifle together with his one hand, using his lap and legs for leverage

    11. Perhaps it would be beneficial to just sit in the room now that the body was gone and the door had been repaired by maintenance, who had changed the lock and provided him with the only key, and with a clear mind consider the possibilities of how a clever murderer had managed such a deceptive illusion that a phantom was responsible for Underwood’s death and how the suspects’ motives compared; on many occasions, revisiting the scene of the crime had proven greatly advantageous in piecing together the circumstances under which the offense had been committed as well as the physical capabilities that one would need to possess to successfully execute the plan

    12. Though he had long been apprehensive about cemeteries due to his grandmother’s various tales that had frightened him as a child, there was an urge in him at different times in his life to merely visit these places and study the numerous markers, perhaps piecing together the life of an individual or a family or determining their place in the social hierarchy that had existed during their time

    13. Piecing together the clues (there was also a police station close by, and a school - I heard girls singing - and a church, from the sound of the bells) it appeared that the place was the

    14. piecing themselves through with many sorrows

    15. piecing laughter was heard in his ears and therefore he was awakened

    16. He was first shattered that he had lost the ability to paint and later he slowly started piecing together the jigsaw puzzle

    17. I was not paying much attention to the discourse as I was busy piecing together the experiences I had with the saint

    18. But my mind was still piecing things together slowly

    19. I was fixated on his piecing stare; even the sky behind him paled in comparison to the glory of his gaze, and the heat from his hand felt like a thousand suns

    20. that would saveing time formerly spent piecing together a

    21. ers still piecing through, as I have heard you mention,

    22. the process of piecing it together

    23. "All I know of it; and indeed I only know so much, through piecing it out for myself; for my father always avoids it, and, even when Miss Havisham invited me to go there, told me no more of it than it was absolutely requisite I should understand

    24. ” But it was a promise of piecing back together a life that had come undone

    25. It would be a graceful, easy way of piecing on the new habits to the old, to have a few playful words with Rosamond about his resistance to dissipation, and his firm resolve to take long fasts even from sweet sounds

    26. AS CLAIRE SAID, we were piecing our killer together, step by step

    27. We were piecing together his appearance

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