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    set up

    1. Another two guys were drinking, too, and a third was manning the charcoal barbecue they had set up for the occasion

    2. ‘After about a year, they got married and set up home in his house … directly across the road from my home

    3. He had set up an audible alarm on any signal from Narrulla's Tear

    4. ‘I’d like to think so, but Ditton is still concerned about the way you were set up … he thinks that Dan may have murdered Joanna

    5. Set up at least one Ant Cafe near by

    6. Many are set up to save taxes and arrange funds for activities that have no connection to the aims and objectives

    7. ‘Yes, but why Liz? If she hadn’t been set up as the murderer initially, I’d agree with you, but as things are, it seems all of a piece

    8. more than $250,000 in it, we set up

    9. The three of them were still not too crowded on the plank he had set up over the front truck of the rockasaur but the gear shelf behind it was overflowing

    10. "Sure, I'm alive all right but what's this about, where is everyone? Was that date right? 2423?" Ava's gathering room was empty, but that was not unusual in and of itself unless she was having a party, then there would be a table of food set up in the middle of it

    11. They got down there to find that dolphins had quite a bar down here set up on the shelf corals with schools of glowing fish lighting the party and a school of drumfish providing the rhythm that the dolphin's girlfriends squealed to

    12. "She would set up all the instruments and get them out

    13. Ava had a virtual universe set up that she said was copied from data she had gathered from the planet, animated with video and audio that is broadcast in their net

    14. Everything is set up in the way that every gladiator would be killed

    15. What he found particularly offensive was that every model available had an adjustable pain threshold that could be set up to 'suicidal'

    16. Also, we had a suggestion box set up in the foyer where

    17. The central field is still full of nut-trees at the shadow of which we have set up our tents

    18. The door now opened directly to the study space he had set up for this

    19. "They won't expect much from me after this," Glenelle said, "I set up that big old cherub I had with my butterfly flipper personification and worked up all the nuances I could think of into it

    20. However, the religion that Constantine set up was not the religion held to by Christians

    21. Deuteronomy 32:8-9 say, “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided all mankind, He set up the boundaries of the nations according to the number of the sons of Israel

    22. What is it about Jesus that we need to understand in relation to the kingdom of God? What we first need to understand is that God has set up His Kingdom as a theocracy

    23. ‘The High Guild has been invited to set up an embassy with the Yeti

    24. Whatever was in the data was outside the protocol set up in these packets

    25. The header assumed one already had a context set up that was bigger than the message

    26. “Haven’t I been saying that all along?” Sam admonished her; “we have to set up a defense by ourselves, Kate

    27. would set up their big top

    28. I am proposing to use this to set up and fund a teaching facility attached to the Entertainers Guild that you are forming

    29. To be fair, they thought the set up look good, but that

    30. That first act of repentance is enough to cause them to then go and tear down all of the false idols that they have set up

    31. When they will destroy their idols – especially that dragon statue set up at the Temple in Revelation 13:14 – then their redemption has fully come

    32. God shall set up a banner for the nations when He gathers them from the ends of the earth (Isaiah 11:12)

    33. The book of Daniel tells us that it is when the abomination of desolation is set up (Daniel 9:27) that the Antichrist is established

    34. set up the see-saw trick, the ramp and hoop trick, with a ramp

    35. These obstacles were set up in the manner they were

    36. He contributed a lot in the planning of the community and the rules that they had set up

    37. Catwhiskers set up the trick with 6 ale kegs, even

    38. ‘The kaht system was set up in the late 1700s and has been used ever since

    39. Both cooks in the village set up at his fireplace, one with a hearty thonga stew and the other with some crispy, tasty, spicy, thin rolls with lots of lorv and kalic seasoning the thonga strips

    40. There was plenty of foot traffic on the plankwalk and sheds on the pier had second floors where there were even a few cooks set up

    41. When Joris’ parents were killed, Joris set up home for Karentze and himself in their family house so we were able to keep in touch much as before

    42. There are jumps set up down the middle of the paddock and, as we round the next corner, I pull slightly on the reins so that we move down the middle

    43. Jake contacted the White and asked him to set up a friendly meeting under the guise of discussing the coming battle

    44. The White contacted Jake a short time later and a meeting was set up for the next day

    45. When this was in place, they set up very large speakers on each side of the ridge

    46. Ash chuckled, Let us set up a trap for this beast

    47. In a small town set upon the flat plains of England’s far flung eastern lowlands there once lived a very pleasant young man

    48. Set up an email account that you use only for chatting online such as Hotmail, Yahoo,

    49. He had a little animation set up to show them that, he used one of Heymon's screens to host it

    50. "How long til you can be set up?" he asked Thom

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