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    1. pound steps 10 times you have lost 10 pounds

    2. Each time you lose a pound you can mark it as completed

    3. You can do that in five pound increments if you have a lot of weight to

    4. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    5. “Ruthie!” I pound on the door a second time

    6. They are no more dangerous than a housecat, their two thousand pound relatives are a different story

    7. Herndon almost popped an aneurism over that, she could see purple veins pound in his face, but she turned it on him with the story of Kulai's fortune

    8. John takes a deep breath, enters the Pin number and pushes the pound sign

    9. "Did you get that in the pound shop?" He asked

    10. Someone smarter me once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    11. They told me that The Kid even sat with me during the dark hours, watching blood pound through the artery in my thin skinned neck as my body fought for oxygen under the onslaught of fever and infection

    12. The sharing of knowledge so profound his head began to pound

    13. It was just a sloppy ball of flesh, squirming like one big three hundred pound blob of fat, propped up on six curved sticks, each four and a half foot long, pulsating out of the bottom edge

    14. Perhaps you once bought a pound of sour apples

    15. It is this fact that makes people often eat as much as a pound of sweets or chocolates at one sitting

    16. ’ He said by way of explanation as the ggs pound along the track, Sefir seemingly enjoying the pseudo race with Adamant

    17. He saw her standing there in her black puffer jacket, with her long black hair and her belly button piercing, and his heart started to pound

    18. I laugh at the comment – as a child he was always getting the front of his clothes covered in goodness knows what … I wouldn’t mind a pound for every time I’ve said that to him

    19. of a row of terraced houses by a thousand pound bomb

    20. She visualized the controls of state as an antique panel behind a heavy cast iron plate with a ten pound padlock on it

    21. He doesn't pound the streets of his

    22. pound notes you should go to the third room

    23. 16Then came the first, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained ten pounds

    24. 18And the second came, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds

    25. 20And another came, saying, Lord, behold, here is thy pound, which I have kept

    26. 24And he said unto them that stood by, Take from him the pound, and give it to him

    27. He had handed over a white five pound note, which was an immense

    28. If he had a pound for every time someone had said it…"You're a shit, Billy Whitlow"

    29. didn’t sit there and pound beers by any means, but he did drink at a steady pace for

    30. As he made the sudden lunge forward, they dropped their own staffs, grasped the ends of his just as suddenly and with the strength necessary to heft a two hundred pound timber, they pulled him forward adding his own momentum to theirs

    31. We go inspect his cargos together now, I tell him totals and margins, he tells me what he thinks he’ll get per pound in the areas where he sends it

    32. She had this skimpy little bag, I have that sixty pound pack

    33. Klegnif could play a northern pound in her sleep, but didn’t know this particular song, Desa told her what the patterns were, where to fill, Klegnif took the chord on patch

    34. than a pound of pressure was all that was standing between life and death for

    35. the family with some trepidation in order to pound the

    36. Centuries ago the sea used to pound in here over a hundred feet deep

    37. He wanted to stand in big boots, bolted to the floor, and pound out his messages like statues engraved upon mountains

    38. It was a back-beat pound in structure, but up-beat in spite of it, all about the fun we're going to have finding each other for the sleep

    39. Any particular quantity in it, therefore, a pound weight, for example, would appear to be five times dearer than before

    40. He must have done a pound of it to get in this condition

    41. So they did and the following morning Grant had to pound on his son's door until he

    42. In almost every part of Great Britain, a pound of the best butcher's meat is, in the present times, generally worth more than two pounds of the best white bread ; and in plentiful years it is sometimes worth three or four pounds

    43. 4/5ths per pound weight of the whole carcase, coarse and choice pieces taken together ; and at that rate the choice pieces could not have been sold by retail for less than 4½d

    44. the pound; and the coarse pieces in general to be from seven farthings to 2½d

    45. Even though the world in general were improving, yet if, in the course of its improvements, new mines should be discovered, much more fertile than any which had been known before, though the demand for silver would necessarily increase, yet the supply might increase in so much a greater proportion, that the real price of that metal might gradually fall; that is, any given quantity, a pound weight of it, for example, might gradually purchase or command a smaller and a smaller quantity of labour, or exchange for a smaller and a smaller quantity of corn, the principal part of the subsistence of the labourer

    46. The silver, at sixty two shillings the pound troy, amounts to £ 3,4l3,43l:10s

    47. The gold, at forty-four guineas and a half the pound troy, amounts to £ 2,333,446:14s

    48. More than once, the other Guardians had to pull her away from the battle, keep her from charging into the thick of things where she preferred to pound her enemies to death with nothing but her fists

    49. S’ilindsa continued to pound away at the giant, every strike cleaving large chunks off his body

    50. a pound of grain

    1. It was only a little more than an hour till they were out on the open lake where he opened the throttle full and pounded over the water in the last gloom of dusk

    2. She stood up and rode with the chop as they pounded over it

    3. "We heaved and threw, pounded and battered from all directions, never knowing where the next blow was coming from except when lighting flashed

    4. pounded on the gate a voice asked him, “¿Do you have gold?”

    5. She pounded the signals with every form of analysis her catalogs held and everything she copied from Thom

    6. "Then she should have pounded on his door, not Lmore's," Alan said

    7. calculators were pounded over and over, and marks on paper were chiseled down

    8. While he pounded and sweated, his father fitted other timbers together and raised the skeletons of walls around the edges of the box

    9. The masses pounded on their tables and shook anything that

    10. The voices in the crowd fell silent, but the notes of the piano still pounded

    11. Max pounded on the brown door, only to be answered with a sliding piece

    12. He thought he heard voices on the other side, and pounded and screamed for what felt like an hour

    13. He pounded and hollered at this one for a few minutes for good measure but with the same result

    14. Roman pounded on his chest with his knuckles

    15. Her favorite music was the ultimate heavy stuff like what Borinactivide or Kigeeah pounded out in the great halls under Rankor Hill

    16. They pounded into the streetcar tunnel

    17. Dripping with blood -- both black and red -- and covered from head to toe in gashes, Gunt grinned down at her as he pounded another demon into the ground with the flat end of his pick

    18. Her heart had pounded madly with guilt, but she’d also felt a strange kind of inexplicable excitement

    19. They pounded and gnawed at his flesh

    20. The storm was passing, but rain continually pounded the windows of the farm house

    21. Finally, Martin pounded his fist and turned abruptly towards Kurt

    22. His breath scorched her mouth, and the heartbeats that pounded against her chest could have belonged to either of them, so incredible was the thudding in her ears

    23. When the pains occurred, I pounded the make shift bed as tears coursed down my cheeks

    24. Roleston pulled at Marjory with one hand and pounded the top of the stereo with the other

    25. The relief band pounded on

    26. “Had he really said that?” Her heart pounded

    27. Her heart pounded

    28. He wouldn’t just miss his plane! Her heart pounded as she choked with emotion

    29. pounded as she left a message with her secretary and started to leave, anticipating surprising him

    30. But if you had to do any you would choose gas guard because all you had to do was stand beside an empty sixteen pounder shell casing that was suspended from a tree branch and then if you spotted a gas attack you just pounded hell out of it with a hammer warning everyone

    31. Her heart pounded wildly

    32. Her heart pounded wildly as she pressed closer, her arms encircling his neck

    33. Her heart pounded as he moved over her and claimed her lips

    34. A million thoughts were racing through his head and his heart pounded in his chest

    35. Her heart pounded with fear

    36. That was a lesson they pounded into

    37. Raven’s heart pounded and he held his breath, terrified of what Abbott might say next

    38. His heart pounded in his chest

    39. His heart pounded with anticipation and awe resonated within his soul

    40. The wind filled the sails and the oars made a regular subtle splash as they pounded out their rhythm

    41. The floor pounded the breath from her body, but no excruciating stabs of pain announced broken bones

    42. He pounded his fist against the wall

    43. Changing direction, she pounded down the stairs again and ran around the side of the house

    44. Ollie Harris was running as fast as he could, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he pounded along the uneven track

    45. Her heart pounded at the thought and it was as much as she could do not to break into an undignified run at every step

    46. It pounded as though

    47. His heart pounded away in his chest with such force that he could feel every beat

    48. His head pounded and his ear was soaked in blood

    49. As he took in the scene, the blood in his veins pounded so hard that his ears sang, and a heavy weight filled his stomach, as though he'd over-eaten

    50. As the storm pounded its way into the heart of Brockenhurst Sett, in the chambers below Fire Rock the last elements of Boddaert's Magic came together

    1. Of course Tdeshi never took this body pounding over the lake on two water park pumps in a fiberglass phallus; now that she thought of it

    2. But each morning, when the sun rose in the sky and lit up the Earth, he would feel his father's penance pounding upon his eyes and in his head

    3. There is a stone patio next to the building overlooking the pounding waves and a couple of local men sit drinking a beer at a plastic table and talking

    4. They listen to the waves pounding on the shore

    5. pounding, the breeze stops and there is total silence

    6. The sun is pounding down on the vessel

    7. He hears the waves pounding outside, sits up, throws off the blanket, sits on the side of the cot and looks about

    8. The breeze blows peacefully and we hear the far away sound of the surf pounding on the shore

    9. My heart was pounding

    10. breath on the barb of her fear, her heart pounding on and on

    11. I tried to relax but there was a horrible dull pounding, like heavy road works, that was setting me on edge

    12. Then I realized it was the sound of my heart pounding with fear

    13. a little as the pounding in his temples overwhelmed him and stars swam in front of

    14. However, despite all this encouragement, I’m still preparing myself for the worst as I dress myself in my best suit, and, with a pounding heart, present myself at the offices of the charity in Bristol on the 5th of the month at 11

    15. ‘Kate, no point pretending I don’t find you exciting, is there?’ he said, looking at me in such a way that my heart starts pounding

    16. We popped up bottom up, slammed back down on our faces and gradually righted to endure the same pounding for hours more

    17. The handle of the door squeaked as someone operated it from the hallway and her eyes flashed to the doorway, her heart pounding

    18. He took half a pace forward, stumbling a little as the pounding in his temples overwhelmed him and stars swam in front of his eyes

    19. It was pounding, and he felt so weak

    20. The lanterns are very effective and we make a good speed, pounding along the deserted tracks

    21. Reason, defeated by logic, fades; negative thoughts pounding me from every side, I struggle to rationalise

    22. and in their nostrils, heart pounding,

    23. I can hear Joris pounding along behind us

    24. ’ I went on, my heart pounding

    25. Ahead of us, originally hidden by a bend in the track, there is a small group of men working with large hammers, pounding the track

    26. They wait until we are some distance down the track before resuming their pounding

    27. She returned after several minutes with a cold compress on her head as it was pounding

    28. I take two and lie down again, every muscle in my head, neck and shoulders tensed against the pounding pain in my skull

    29. I try rubbing the back of my head hard and, for a moment, the pounding eases, only to come back with a vengeance as soon as the effect of the pressure wears off

    30. Gingerly I move my head and find that the pounding has now reduced to a vague ache

    31. Suddenly there was a loud uproar as the warriors all yelled out a guttural shout of acceptance, stomping their feet and pounding their shields with their spears

    32. My head was pounding

    33. We hear the sound of footsteps pounding along the corridor as Ben escapes from his sister’s wrath by locking himself in the bathroom

    34. I take Tilly through to the dining room where Alastair is still pounding away, though he turns and smiles at us vaguely, his mind firmly on the music

    35. Some of my earliest memories are of a printing press pounding away … with that wonderfully idiosyncratic smell of ink and paper … come to think of it I must have gone to stay with the grandparents when Chris was born … I’d have been about four then

    36. Without a word, she turned and walked off down the path, her heart pounding as his laughter sounded in her ears

    37. He stared at the words on the screen and felt his heart pounding

    38. She stood awkwardly, the sound of the sea pounding against the rocks below filling the air

    39. ‘No – isn’t he with you?’ she replied, her heart pounding loudly as she lied

    40. His father put a hammer in his hand and set him to pounding nails, attaching long flat planks to larger pieces of lumber

    41. For the second time, she stood, heart pounding, glued to the spot … watching Ozzie

    42. Her head wasn’t pounding anymore and her stomach felt as if the champagne had

    43. My heart was pounding even though all I had to do was

    44. headboard wouldn’t keep pounding my head

    45. he could smell the leather, then running his fingers over the rawhide and pounding

    46. She was exhausted, and her body hurt at every level, but she could still feel the warmth of his arms around her, holding her close to his pounding chest

    47. His breathing nearly doubled and there was a pounding in

    48. was no good; the pounding only displaced the wave of fat that was his belly

    49. She could hear the pounding of his heart, and the quick shallow breaths he was taking, but she didn't hear anything else

    50. Her heart was pounding so loud in her head

    1. pound steps 10 times you have lost 10 pounds

    2. until you have the number of pounds that you want to lose, in this case, twenty pounds

    3. that step for as many pounds as you want to lose

    4. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds, please don't drive around the parking lot wasting those minutes looking for the closest parking spot

    5. pounds of sugar in a year! Replace that one can of soda with water and

    6. The following recipe makes approximately 47 pounds

    7. The following recipe makes about 30 pounds

    8. "A hundred pounds, maybe; four tons of aluminum is like a major nation's budget here

    9. She wondered how much of it he was personally missing, it might be several, maybe pounds

    10. "No theirops?" she asked about the most feared predator on the planet, two thousand pounds of fang and claw that was smarter than her fifth grade teacher

    11. you will receive the sum of three thousand pounds each month for as long as you both

    12. JURGEN, about 40, a big guy, 6 feet and 250+ pounds, the owner of the cantina, wipes off a table and simultaneously argues in Spanish and German with ROSITA, 30-something, a waitress and his sometimes girlfriend

    13. Slowly, the moons and all the brilliant stars return, the sea pounds, the wind blows

    14. A villa sits in the moonlight a hundred yards inland and up a hill from the surf, which rhythmically pounds the white sand

    15. John rhythmically pounds Teekra, who has her legs wrapped around him

    16. He weighed in at just over nine pounds in the old money … I haven’t got the hang of all these kilos and things, I’m afraid

    17. She's about five foot six or seven, not over a hundred and twenty pounds

    18. five hundred pounds of fin and metal

    19. "Oh they can get up to about this long," she held her arms at a comfortable reach, a little over four feet, "and weigh up to forty pounds, but most kinds are much smaller

    20. Alan was starting to really worry when Desa finally did show up, but she had five pounds of nyobba with her that she'd darted with her bow

    21. It was probably two hundred pounds at most, instead of two thousand like a full grown theirops

    22. She was barely over four feet, barely over eighty pounds but shaped to make his body respond any time she was near him

    23. I had lost at least thirty pounds, but my brain's delusion had given my body momentum and strength

    24. There was a pawnshop around the corner and he might get a few pounds for it, he thought, so he took the phone out of his jacket and gave it a cursory inspection

    25. Gyms will help you shed the pounds but are also great places to

    26. Her tail pounds the floor, she’s obviously delighted that I am feeling better

    27. She was the proud owner of some books, a few records, a wardrobe full of clothes and a bank account with approximately two hundred pounds in it, all of which was now enriched by one ancient diamond ring and a crudely painted blue and white vase

    28. the melody, the clean shaven young man asked for a few pounds to

    29. ” He was a tall and slim man for the area, but no more than six feet, no less than two hundred pounds

    30. pounds in it, all of which was now enriched by one ancient

    31. 13And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them,

    32. 16Then came the first, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained ten pounds

    33. 18And the second came, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds

    34. that hath ten pounds

    35. 25(And they said unto him, Lord, he hath ten pounds

    36. Allcock about two thousand pounds sterling

    37. inches taller and outweighed Roman by a good seventy pounds

    38. She was a ginormous woman, six feet two and at least 250 pounds

    39. “Try not to punish me with pounds I’ll have difficulty removing

    40. “It is in the amount of three and half thousand pounds sterling, sir,” answered Harry rather quickly

    41. She looked about a hundred pounds heavier

    42. Might she even hope that in a few weeks he’d be over it? She’d still love to know how that pocket prophet worked though, technology like that could produce a capable sonic block that weighed far less than the current average of about two hundred pounds

    43. He probably weighed between 240 and 250 pounds and he could give you the most evil stare you ever saw in your life

    44. He was a really big muscular, maybe 6 foot six 240 or 50 pounds and extremely athletic

    45. there are two different manufactures, in each of which twenty workmen are employed, at the rate of fifteen pounds a year each, or at the expense of three hundred a-year in each manufactory

    46. Let us suppose, too, that the coarse materials annually wrought up in the one cost only seven hundred pounds, while the finer materials in the other cost seven thousand

    47. The capital annually employed in the one will, in this case, amount only to one thousand pounds; whereas that employed in the other will amount to seven thousand three hundred pounds

    48. therefore, the undertaker of the one will expect a yearly profit of about one hundred pounds only; while that of the other will expect about seven hundred and thirty pounds

    49. The labour of each child, before it can leave their house, is computed to be worth a hundred pounds clear gain to them

    50. computes the necessary expense of a labourer's family, consisting of six persons, the father and mother, two children able to do something, and two not able, at ten shillings a-week, or twenty-six pounds a-year

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