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    1. It sounded foolish when God told Moses to strike a rock

    2. At the same time, it is quite possible that we work with the new elements in such situations and strike new relationships, find new vocations and even change our existing view of life and its purpose

    3. door for Satan and he burst into my life to strike at that which was dearest

    4. The count on the batter was now two balls and one strike

    5. Strike one! Jimmy checked with the coach

    6. yet, when you hear those dusty tales it is the similarities between them that strike you

    7. Unlike the earlier missions, this ship did not underestimate their enemy and was careful that it was not detected in its approach so it could strike without warning

    8. "All the more reason we have to strike first and exterminate them all," Moamar's voice rung out

    9. I considered a return to my hunger strike, but a combination of lethargy and Menachem’s cajoling kept me eating

    10. Herndon had no way to observe for himself what direction the asteroid would emerge, but he was confident the Al-Harron's crew was skilled enough to nudge that asteroid so it would need little correction to strike its target, the Kassikan

    11. The winter will strike the central lands of the Highland Elves and two basins down wind

    12. must put your hatred into every strike

    13. Son knew he would only have one strike in which to kill

    14. Tales of creation vary according to time and place in any given universe, and yet, when you hear those dusty tales it is the similarities between them that strike you the most, and from these similarities we assume that there must at least be a grain of truth shared amongst our stories of beginning

    15. When the serpent lowered its head to strike Son, Son would strike back

    16. The serpent dodged Sons’ death strike, and bit into

    17. deadly snakes guarding it, but the snakes did not strike as he walked past

    18. Out of the sky as fast as a lightening strike, there was a black blur and the thing was gone

    19. “Most rattlers strike distance is twice their length,” she informed him

    20. Please strike the question from the record

    21. "I suspect you won't find any reports of a meteor strike," he said, "because this picture was taken the following Garibivlast using the weather scope

    22. Tomorrow you will join me and Alessandra on the rock outside this hut where I will call the name of Athena and she will answer and come to strike out the hearts of these thieves

    23. The strike already had momentum

    24. Lying in the middle of his bed was the assassin he sent to strike down Tarak

    25. We’ll strike when the opportunity presents

    26. He made a daring movement to strike both girls at once, the staff was screaming in his hand

    27. The slow arousal of his waking breaks like a cobra strike, and his hand shoots up and covers Helen's mouth

    28. Helen is admiring the strike

    29. I also had a strike through,” he added, in a confidential tone

    30. As they each gradually moved closer and held Harry to only one side of them, such that they presented a more united front, he settled on an attack which should strike them both at once and end the match in a single blow

    31. home runs, but of a warrior on the mound ready to strike me out

    32. 12This is the plague with which the LORD will strike all the nations that

    33. 15A similar plague will strike the horses and mules, the camels and

    34. “I don’t see you being authorized to strike up a conversation and interrogate the locals

    35. It's a good thing they went under that tree or Morgan Evans would be trying to tap this channel and Bishop Rendellyn would be calling for a missile strike

    36. Suddenly she felt it strike his clean-shaven face

    37. “We could obliterate that whole village with a meteor strike

    38. where hope lives until the last strike of the last out of the last inning

    39. "He's fine, Jim wiped the floor with Mike the minute he raised his hand to strike him

    40. strikeouts the previous year and was in danger of becoming the all-time strike out

    41. Even the Arizona State coach the next day was completely impressed and he said Rich Hinton had some of the best stuff he'd ever seen because my players only swing at good pitches in the strike zone and they could not hit the sky that night

    42. These men have power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the water to blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want

    43. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the earth with a curse

    44. But the glow vanished, and he dismissed it as a trick of his mind; the hammer most likely catching the light of mage-fire or a distant lighting strike

    45. The demon's liquid forms easily outmaneuvered their every strike

    46. "Stand ready! Strike as one!" The one-armed leader shouted, his eyes as sharp as the steel in his hand while he studied the movements of the demons advancing toward him

    47. Despite his years of training at the Warphanage -- and his recent alleyway encounters with vengeful chopa dealers -- Alec hadn't even seen Nathalia strike

    48. this time they strike her and wound her, yet again when she has

    49. Appearing oblivious to his opponent's presence he intercepted her every strike, his staff always a step ahead of her blades

    50. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the heart of the sons to their fathers, that I not come and strike the earth with utter

    1. Lightning strikes the water about a half-mile away

    2. As we walk towards the front of the house a thought suddenly strikes me

    3. Word of God strikes into the root of the problem like a sword, in a com-

    4. Despite her over the top expressions, she strikes me as being a terrifyingly efficient sort of woman

    5. ‘The lightning is amazing when it strikes Crook Peak, spectacular!

    6. If it strikes you or your house, a relative will die soon

    7. while deflecting sword strikes with his sword

    8. This stone (other versions call it a pebble) strikes the statue on the feet

    9. Storms are really much more intense, lightening strikes are the worst

    10. strikes away the count of miles,

    11. "I have a feeling I'll have room for you whenever the mood strikes

    12. All the Dragons of Light fought with carefully planned strikes on the dark devils

    13. Berndt immediately strikes up a conversation with the group on his right, while I tuck into my extremely welcome hot supper of sausages, potatoes and some sort of vegetable which I cannot identify

    14. The silence in the room suddenly strikes me … turning quickly, I see that the other side of the bed is empty … he’s not there

    15. Some believe it is named after the crazy colours you see when the dying sun strikes

    16. Art can have that effect sometimes – what is it, I wonder? What is it that touches the soul and strikes sparks? I wonder if we’ll ever find out?’

    17. The sky was a dark bluish color from horizon to horizon, interspaced within were white lightening strikes

    18. A thought strikes me … does he have to go home?

    19. The madness of it suddenly strikes Davie as funny and he fights to hold back the laughter

    20. swings I’ve ever seen, but with two strikes on him he worked his way back to a full

    21. Roman got two strikes on batter number five of that inning

    22. But with the help of the constant barrage of mage-flare and occasional lightning strikes, even Brodin could see that the latest army was far more powerful than anything they faced before

    23. So, he had instituted a series of lightning strikes against the enemy

    24. She knew nothing about EMP strikes, nor solar flares nor gamma rays

    25. that strikes me is that the Comte and the Bishop have the

    26. Here, the strikes are almost continuous

    27. Then, there are not strikes or protesting

    28. With strikes and protests, the

    29. organizers of the strikes area ware of their

    30. participation in such strikes that are

    31. These strikes should

    32. The strikes of those from

    33. Strikes are with no

    34. through the strikes is il usory on long term

    35. the strikes and protests are destructive and

    36. Strikes and protest ral ies - their solution to the

    37. As for the strikes and

    38. She landed hard strikes on the hissing and clanking behemoth

    39. When tragedy strikes, such as the death of a loved one — especially before “his time” — we grieve for our loss

    40. moves under great pressure and when it strikes this fork in its path, it slams into it

    41. Once again the spike strikes him squarely in the testicles

    42. Kempo uses extremely fast strikes, which is the area it is most known for

    43. strikes with amazing speed and precision

    44. All around Danny’s cottage lightning strikes hit here and there, wrenching the air with their electric screams

    45. He cared not, the pain merely elevated his rage and his strikes

    46. snake’s head as it strikes

    47. He had power behind his strikes but no precision

    48. The female forms were designed to accommodate for the fact that women would usually have less force behind their strikes and parries

    49. It was also a killing series of strikes

    50. into it strikes water and waves wash noisily against rock

    1. Although nothing special really, and having seen some rather more striking ones since then, these still stick in my mind

    2. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball

    3. This girl was striking though

    4. I could feel the old anger rising again, like a cobra, swaying gently, fixing its prey with a striking eye

    5. "They saw the code for that virus as a missile striking at the speed of light," Herndon recited their propaganda

    6. He turned to them and there was a look of such joy on his face, the transformation was striking

    7. I hear more projectiles striking the trees around us

    8. How tempting was that! Put this all behind her, leave the most party of all worlds for one of the least? True, there would still be yaag available, but did she want to be that out of place? Did she know him that well? She was committing to a relationship of decades or striking out on her own into the unknown to leave him

    9. Without a word, Berndt turns along a trackway skirting the edge of Gloster, leaving the town on our right and striking across the valley towards the river

    10. Kai stopped, and then he stepped forward and bowed formally striking his chest with his large fist

    11. Rayne turned and scanned the entire surrounding area; then she stepped forward and bowed to the assembled group, striking her chest once, as she had seen First Kai do

    12. " He overlaid the view with the same chart he had shown earlier with the raw activity levels, the lower level of activity in the targeted rock was striking

    13. only way to secure peace was by striking fear into the hearts of his

    14. whore, play with me,' Mama said as he danced around Ali, just out of the striking

    15. I scribble down her address then, striking while the iron is hot

    16. Inspiration striking, he drew closer to the other two and asked,

    17. “It’s the bridge, isn’t it?” Tom asked, inspiration striking

    18. Even from a distance she was rather striking

    19. She remembered him, of course, from their past commerce in the town, and was fondly reminded how striking a figure he had always been, even as a lad

    20. striking an intrusive chord in the holiday song

    21. Suddenly, the void shone a bright light, striking Justice in the stomach and imprinting his image into the doors like a woodcut, where he remained forever, and the light spread across the universe faster than time itself, and everything turned white

    22. What a striking difference from Elphon! Altreena was a planet where everything was made easy physically, but on Elphon everything was hard

    23. “Yeah, not allowing a ball in fair territory, striking out nine in a row, real

    24. Those with their weapons held in Whimly's direction spun, striking out as they moved

    25. Plush, black rolls of fur covered her shoulders and neck, a striking contrast to her lips which were painted dark red

    26. " I heard the striking of a match

    27. Too tired to fight, Emily turned and hurried on while behind her the air was rent with thunder as Tetloan began striking the invading soldiers

    28. There was another flurry of shots and Janice could see the bullets striking the other men

    29. She moved with impossible speed, her glowing blue fists striking out with incredible destructive power

    30. It took only a couple quick strides of his long legs and Adros was in striking range

    31. Rag’nerack was within striking range when the scene turned to utter chaos, and not at all the type he had expected

    32. As for Vorous, he was a striking youth of twenty years or so

    33. Delvin certainly saw her as much, attributing to her presence a striking shift in fortune and a pal-DRAFT

    34. arity at the waving Legion colors set against the striking towers

    35. It was a decent size and she thought it might serve as a good striking weapon

    36. Striking a balance between work and play is still considered the ideal,

    37. His features were classically Imperial, dusky and striking

    38. He watched with amazement and confusion as it was replaced with that of a much younger dark-haired man, the same striking eyes of slate and tanned complexion

    39. But given this as an apparent matter of life and death…how could she have hidden it so? More striking yet, how could she bear that brilliantly warm smile amid it all? How could anyone shoulder a burden like that alone?

    40. She realized that the quality so often striking her as arrogance was something else entirely

    41. “Okay, you can only see the napkin because it reflects light striking it from the lamp up there

    42. I want to know which side of their heads they part their hair before the Huntress gets to within striking distance!”

    43. His reaction to this was striking enough

    44. While some dismissed it as a trifling detail, of no real concern to their desired status quo, it was a striking development to this agent

    45. Yet despite this striking appearance his demeanour remained respectful, and his voice was shot through with soft humility

    46. The sun was bright in the sky, fierce against the striking blue backdrop

    47. There was a haze lingering about as well, one that softened the rich colors of the Rift’s foliage normally brown and striking green - but she paid it no mind

    48. His eyes, a striking green, had a thoughtful expression to them

    49. the palm of the hand, with the palm being the backup or secondary striking

    50. In technique and form, Shootfighting is a mix of striking and grappling

    1. She caught a note of the surf in the background and a single pang of homesickness struck her

    2. Well, he was struck by an

    3. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    4. They struck up conversation easily

    5. That he was an avenging angel, a super-cop who struck fear into the heart of organized crime

    6. Randy struck him out the last two times, but I think Randy is getting tired

    7. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen

    8. That missile struck in 2359, in the form of instructions to produce an artificial virus that would modify human genetics to prevent mortals from aging as long as they had frequent promiscuous sex

    9. A fever struck, the delirium of constant doubt

    10. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    11. It struck me then that it would be so ironic to win a lifetime’s supply of electrical goods in a country where the power browned-out more often than not

    12. It struck me that the bastards had locked me in

    13. He appeared to be methodical in the way that he moved and thought, but something else struck me about him

    14. And then it struck me

    15. The absurdity of our meeting struck me then

    16. As I turned my head, I was surprised to see that Arion's laser had struck the crystalline sphere above the altar, actually destroying the mystical seal inside

    17. Suddenly something struck Son in his chest and he fell into the river, still

    18. Son looked at his chest and saw the arrow that had struck him

    19. he pulled her hair with one hand, and struck her face with the other

    20. ‘Well … the man I saw at the Association offices in London – Gerisse Stowman, his name was, he struck me as being extremely uneasy when I announced my presence – he plainly knew my reputation - and he became even more bothered when I said I was coming down here

    21. head and struck the earth where he had been lying

    22. When the serpent surrounded Son with its coils Son struck with the sword,

    23. The serpent struck again and again as Son dodged and countered the

    24. The creature struck and missed as Son swung with all of his strength in an

    25. moon, stepped on a deadly snake which struck her leg

    26. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    27. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    28. I gather that once, when he was a young man (very young I should imagine), he met her grandmother and was immediately struck by the resemblance Angie bears her … sounds unlikely to me, but who am I to quibble?

    29. Alderfolk Pottypears sat down, and with his gavel struck the desk

    30. Suddenly struck by a thought, I go through my clothes, trying to find something to wear … there’s a skirt and top I haven’t worn yet … I hold them up against myself, rising on to my toes in an attempt to see what they look like in the small mirror on the wall … at least they are clean

    31. Already, I was sun struck

    32. When he was large enough, and strong enough he struck

    33. And then, something else struck me

    34. Again, I am struck by the plight of the planet – what will happen if I failed to find the Elements? It doesn’t bear thinking of

    35. Struck to the core by the pain I saw there, I had gently traced the line of his jaw with my hand, his stubble rough beneath my touch … I don’t know how it happened exactly, whether I leaned forward or whether he did, but the next moment we were kissing

    36. When they took me to meet Jake I was awe struck

    37. ” The Queen struck the Staff of Office twice signaling the meeting was over

    38. I realised we had struck real-estate gold

    39. The young man peeled the suit slowly from his weary body, walked up to the princess, took her hand in his and turned to face the awe struck line of ministers, priests and holy souls

    40. To the grave and desperate disappointment of both the young man and his mother, the young ladies behaved perfectly because they had all been brought up properly by respectably stage struck parents, each of them agreeing immediately to the request for a bit of a scrub at the washtub

    41. I would have still done the same thing,” Duncan struck his chest; “I never would have left you to their mercy

    42. Naveen struck on Paresh's

    43. struck, the ball rose and hurled towards the first floor

    44. By the time that he did make the connection he was sinking to the floor and losing consciousness, his head and shoulders wrapped in an old bath towel that his step-mother had thrown over his head as she struck to soak up the inevitable streams of blood

    45. Having no television and no contact with the outside world meant that Helen never did see a star struck twelve year old girl from Grimsby get all tongue tied and nervous when she met the boy with the angelic voice and his band in London

    46. ’ Abi’s eyes are alight with excitement at the prospect of the trip and I’m struck by a sudden pang … she hadn’t said a word to me about it

    47. Ali struck this time

    48. Then he struck the sole of each boot once with the flat of his

    49. A sense of reality struck as the passion

    50. Ish struck Siva's poses on the ledge

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    bang hit smash smasher strike ten-strike work stoppage rap tap collide with impinge on run into strickle excise expunge scratch coin mint affect impress move assume take take up come to attain chance on chance upon come across come upon discover fall upon happen upon light upon walk out fall shine light ignite inflame burn beat slap knock buffet clout cuff overwhelm picket boycott oppose resist stop quit unearth find uncover