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    1. Prude: If you dream of being prudish, it means that you are the opposite in real life

    2. are not prudish people having given ourselves that natural liberty

    3. He was very weatherbeaten in appearance and very prudish and disdainful in attitude

    4. How she wanted him! But she remembered, almost in time, not to be too all-over-him because she remembered YingolNeerie had prudish ways

    5. As the running track was grass and Sebastian ran in bare feet, the minimalist shorts were his sole garment, making the other runners in their Lycra or traditional cotton shorts, singlets and running shoes looked somewhat prudish

    6. “Those prudish Jews and their stupid religious laws

    7. More intimate souvenirs of Tiswayo then made her redden with embarrassment: the souvenirs of the sexual lives of both Tiswayo and Fatmeh had rudely shaken her prudish royal upbringing

    8. ����������� �Are you British ever prudish

    9. She’s rather prudish about those things

    10. “Well, I’m afraid Hope is quite prudish about those things

    11. ‘’A picture that could be, uh, quite controversial in the United States, no? Those Americans are so prudish and hypocritical on the subject of sex

    12. ‘’Who said that a Chosen of The One had to be prudish, Mike?’’

    13. In the meantime, let’s see what happens to a prudish cunt that refuses to put out, shall we?”

    14. She wasn't prudish but was offended by such language when it came from such young lips

    15. ” Louise delivered the message in the high-pitched clarity of the assertive American woman, and with such ferocity, that only the most upright of citizens or the most prudish of staff would dare to ignore it

    16. Brought up in a prudish environment, with the media of today, which wise up even four-year-olds, non-existent

    17. I marveled that the prudish India of today has such an unusual and unexpected legacy

    18. Unfortunately Denise went all prudish and called the police and there was a bit of a scene

    19. This, then, being the case, let not these scrupulous and prudish ideas trouble your imagination, but be assured that Lothario prizes you as you do him, and rest content and satisfied that as you are caught in the noose of love it is one of worth and merit that has taken you, and one that has not only the four S's that they say true lovers ought to have, but a complete alphabet; only listen to me and you will see how I can repeat it by rote

    20. Is there a duenna on earth that has fair flesh? Is there a duenna in the world that escapes being ill-tempered, wrinkled, and prudish? Avaunt, then, ye duenna crew, undelightful to all mankind

    21. I was very prudish then

    22. Only one person had preceded Tess up the hill—a ladylike young woman, somewhat interesting, though, perhaps, a trifle guindée and prudish

    23. At the risk of being thought prudish, Mercer said he didn’t drink

    24. There were times she almost envied the more prudish North, with its predisposition to more body covering despite its warmer clime

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    priggish prim prissy prudish puritanical square-toed straight-laced straightlaced strait-laced straitlaced tight-laced victorian chaste proper demure modest pure virtuous