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    1. of pure unconditional love we have

    2. purified himself, even as he is pure

    3. Psalms: 12:6: The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times

    4. It’s all pure profit! The Kick Start Shopping System makes it easy for your How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    5. Without the buzz of the light, the whooshing of the vents, or the babble of other passengers, he basked in the pure silence of the plane

    6. Prayer raises our level to experience pure spiritual currents

    7. She knew how well that was going, there were few in their third generation, though they were pure bred, that could speak enough Portuguese to get by

    8. She hadn't been this into the pure physicality of it since her time with Brancettabble as an Angel

    9. Violet isn’t pure, though

    10. I shall feast on young and pure that you protect

    11. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    12. Bronner’s soap business - though entirely unique and induplicable -is testament to the fact that upstanding ideas and pure and natural ingredients can indeed succeed

    13. Her heart raced with the pure emotion of this

    14. That last camp was well beyond the farthest doostEr had ever been, he wasn't prepared for what was just about pure desert

    15. After his interview with pure evil Theo went back to his hotel

    16. The charmer, co-liner and re-fluxor sections of the multi-partite Al-Harron were pure fabrication and the ship had a deployed length of 385,000 miles at

    17. He too stepped boldly forward, held out both of his arms, grabbed Aban in a huge bear-hug and yelled out pure joy at the very top of his voice

    18. James has said that we are to be first pure, then peaceable

    19. Or Paul was speaking in the sense of being sexually pure

    20. God’s nature is pure

    21. pure, untouched by the smear of powder

    22. Thongas, lentosaurs and many other pure grazers weren't having that problem, there were always herds in sight, but you could see so vastly far here

    23. Love My Lady, pure simple love

    24. These are positive things, pure things

    25. Looking at him with pure lust, she shook her hair free, and she began to undress all the while prancing towards him

    26. To avoid gallstones drink plenty of pure, fresh water, at least nine or ten glasses a day

    27. Eat only what is pure and wholesome

    28. The sea was pure cerulean

    29. He could smell the innocence of a pure soul, and see the mane to come

    30. Rays of sunlight were catching the diamond teardrop earrings of a stunningly beautiful young lady in the opposite stand and it was these bursts of pure radiance that were catching Terry’s attention

    31. At first old Ted was a little confused, but his state of mind changed to one of pure joy as his niece explained it all to him

    32. We sloped through the pass, from time to time tantalized by a vision of the cerulean pure wet sea, deep and gleaming in the distance

    33. Whooping and laughing, we fell into the pure rare richness of that little lagoon

    34. In that one building was the largest collection of genuine, and therefore priceless, artefacts and pure works of art, reproductions and quality artifice imaginable

    35. As the young man leaned forward and kissed his bride to be softly on her ruby red lips, Betsy Windsor, the congregation and the viewing public all stated to sob tears of pure joy

    36. The young lady, who was famous, as is every “glamourista”, for the skimpiness of her skirts and the translucency of her pure silk blouses, stood there dripping from head to toe

    37. They wanted this journey to be a pure expression of their love, unsullied by grubby fingered commercialism

    38. "They have to be free of energy, in pure base states

    39. Behind him Helen Roach’s smile broadened into a black grin and her eyes flashed with the fire of pure hatred

    40. your inner self is by spending time in the presence of pure

    41. Emily could taste the pure, unadulterated delights of victory

    42. pure heart and sound mind that

    43. He caressed an oblong-shaped crystal and continued, “A newer, smaller version yes, but nonetheless, pure Ogatu

    44. madly scrapping boys was screaming and shouting in pure,

    45. began to see that the angel’s face was pure and loving

    46. “The purest he had ever seen, as pure as the First Ones, the strongest genes

    47. breathe pure sulphur and brimstone

    48. Begin to think of yourself as a being made of pure

    49. Their hearts were pure and their concern real

    50. emotions, love is the most pure and has the highest

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    Synonymes pour "pure"

    pure vestal virgin virginal virtuous saturated arrant complete consummate double-dyed everlasting gross perfect sodding staring stark thorough thoroughgoing unadulterated utter homogeneous faultless genuine simple unmodified clean stainless immaculate sanitary spotless unalloyed uncontaminated pedigree purebred thoroughbred absolute sheer undiluted unqualified unmitigated chaste celibate innocent modest undefiled unsullied guileless sinless honest true guiltless