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    1. If you say you are trying to quit smoking, you're interested in quitting smoking

    2. So I quit my job, I did it, I quit my job yesterday and I’m going to use those 8 hours effectively

    3. · You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room

    4. Now quit complaining,” Red responded with a snarl

    5. I should have quit the cigars, but I think now they can do no more harm

    6. Lopez’s mission is the education of the public on the necessity to quit using chemicals altogether and in the meantime, to properly dispose of their waste - so that one day the earth may return to its natural cycle of growing and decomposing

    7. Therefore, as soon as I quit Janus, I enrolled in a local school of folk dances, together with my sister

    8. One thing that must never be done is to quit the Lord and his church

    9. At that point I begin to quit on Themis

    10. Not knowing what else to do in order to improve my social life, I have decided to quit gyms and start taekwondo lessons at Nicky's school, which is only a five-minute walk from my house

    11. " Then he interrupts, ""Quit treating me like a child

    12. He wished it was not possible for the mind to function in this much pain but still it would not quit

    13. Following are the techniques I have used to quit and why they are effective

    14. First of all, in case you haven't figured it out yet, cold-turkey is the best way to quit, and in my opinion, the only way to quit

    15. You can quit the gradual method, but there are pitfalls with that:

    16. It's actually more difficult to quit this way, especially during the last days, because although you can have a cigarette here and there, you'll still be craving them like mad in between and you'll still have to go through the three days of hell that will follow

    17. Do this technique at the end of the day with your final cigarettes before the morning of your quit date

    18. You're ready to quit, you're armed and ready to go to war

    19. You just have to set your quit date and stick to it

    20. I could tell you to just quit now and be done with it, and it can be done, but that's neither smart nor easy

    21. So it's your job to stay vigilant 24-7, because when you quit, he WILL come after you

    22. So when you're into your quit, and the Soul Slayer surfaces with the thought, "I want a smoke," what will you do? There are a few ways to respond

    23. When the Soul Slayer taunts you, it doesn't tell you that you'll have to start your quit all over again

    24. What it really hopes for is you'll just give in and never quit again

    25. They say you eat more when you quit smoking and, as a result, you gain weight

    26. Voila! You quit smoking and all of the sudden, new possibilities open up for you

    27. I used it when I quit, and I still go today to help other people with their quit

    28. They simply started smoking due to peer pressure and just can't quit

    29. You can claim you can't quit because the cigarettes help you cope with your crappy life, or you can quit smoking and use the extra money to:

    30. So if you quit smoking cigarettes but continue to smoke marijuana, you're still smoking tobacco

    31. I've set up the website to be user-friendly and I'll constantly be adding more good stuff that will help you on your quit

    32. time to quit the equation

    33. same thing for too long you decide to quit you must have decided it was the

    34. Having quit it, there is nothing much left to do

    35. But now I have quit going there and must face this alone

    36. quit working on the problem

    37. ” and he explained how capable his wife, by his second marriage, was in handling the house and staff, his daughter, still at home and her interests, “It is in good hands that I leave my kith and kin, and to a welcome homecoming when I quit the road again

    38. Harry was introduced to so many men and women that he soon quit trying to remember them all by name

    39. “No thanks, I’m trying to quit since I found out those things are laced with

    40. Why would they quit?

    41. “Will you keep your voice down and will you quit blackmailing me with that? Besides, we’ve been out of that shit for twenty decades

    42. like he’d have to quit Troyes – and France – after all

    43. "Not quit," Jim responded, after considering her comment

    44. In case you be lucky enough about the good job but the Election Bureau (I hope so) please don't quit from your schooling Jeff

    45. Halfway through practice I quit

    46. his butt down, or a hitter to quit dropping his hands

    47. on several occasions tried to get us all to quit

    48. workmen, rather than quit their own trade, are contented with smaller wages than would

    49. The two boys prepared their attack, whilst those neighbours around who planned their evacuation, set about packing and keeping their cases close by in case they had to quit and run

    50. I should have guessed that anyone who would be a detective would have a curiosity that didn't quit

    1. Whether you end up dating long term, or call it quits after one date, you’ll still be making the same decisions about your relationship that you would if had met offline

    2. “We'll call it quits for the day

    3. There were only a few more figures to total before she could call it quits for the night

    4. he quits it when he foresees that its profits are likely to return to the level of other trades

    5. ‘Load up and let’s call it quits for today, boys

    6. But the moment that an artificer, a smith, a carpenter, or a weaver, for example, quits his

    7. he had planned to return to New Bedford and call it quits

    8. Kucrther quits his job in anger and has a fit in the lift when he

    9. During the fight, specially trained bulls lock horns until one decides to call it quits and runs away

    10. Nay this power belongs so little to the Father by any peculiar right of Nature, but only as he is guardian of his children, that when he quits his Care of them, he loses his power over them, which goes along with their nourishment and education, to which he is

    11. After five they called it quits and with farewells to the staff and security, promised to return the next day

    12. Her face stiff, she said, "I'm sorry, girls—we'd better call it quits for today

    13. Now we"re quits

    14. Feckstein quits coughing

    15. I think it’s time to call this game quits and order

    16. But, yet, how could he call it quits well before venturing into any? Wouldn’t that lead to a life of frustration? Better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, after all that was the conventional wisdom

    17. ―But what if you get out in those boonies, hot on their trail and your super sniffer quits on you? What then? You‘re not going to just flag a saw-grass taxi and come home

    18. ―Look it over good, old buddy, because you may have to take over if my revamped sniffer quits

    19. After my heart attack it was time to call it quits

    20. one more ‘episode’ before I’d call it quits

    21. After the seventh time I called it quits

    22. They just keep coming, as these words illustrate: If Spitzer quits, U

    23. twenty minutes of waiting we were ready to call it quits

    24. We waited a minute before deciding to call it quits; not

    25. Nancy finally called it quits after nearly one hour of exercising at a rhythm and intensity that Farah found downright infernal

    26. value exceeds 2000 this program quits and stop incrementing the some_val

    27. I called it quits

    28. “I say,” Lord Ashburn interrupted, “you’re not calling it quits this early, are you? The evening is still young

    29. possible that the landlord is ready to call it quits

    30. 'So what? Anyone but a total dimwit would know when to call it quits

    31. “When the kids are more street-smart than you, that’s when you know it’s time to call it quits

    32. Time to call it quits

    33. After a couple of hours practicing I decide to call it quits

    34. This went on for the better part of a year, until finally I called it quits

    35. And then, suddenly, it quits

    36. I’m sure it would have been just a matter of time before I was completely frustrated, out of money and ready to call it quits on a failed business startup

    37. Otherwise, we would have called it quits a long while back

    38. Soon there was an income tax raid tumbling the skeletons from our cupboards, and it was more than Anand could bear; so he called it quits and moved out of town

    39. On a particularly bad day, she was ready to call it quits

    40. After attending a few classes, for a short time, he quits, nervous and unable to study

    41. ” When there is no sale, he quits organized politics

    42. Brent was my ex-boyfriend, and Aidan knew all about him since it was three years ago when I decided to call it quits with him

    43. So that was when we really thought that he called it quits just like what Syd did during worship practice

    44. For play never quits; it rests

    45. Only the soldier who quits the military serves the people

    46. Eventually, he’d called it quits and had made his way back up the hill to his hotel

    47. She felt awkward, after what he had said earlier, when they decided to call it quits and go to sleep

    48. If they had, Daphne was ready to call it quits

    49. After a while, I got tired of her paranoia and accusations, so I called it quits

    50. When the Band Quits Playing

    1. The produce was divided equally between the proprietor and the farmer, after setting aside what was judged necessary for keeping up the stock, which was restored to the proprietor, when the farmer either quitted or was turned out of the farm

    2. Paul became extremely bitchy after he quitted his financial services job

    3. She strained her eyes and thought she made out a vague bulk moving toward the reedy point she had just quitted

    4. An instant later he was startled to hear something land with a soft but weighty thud on the floor of the chamber he had just quitted

    5. He went swiftly down the stair, crossed the court and passed through an arch into the court the blacks had just quitted

    6. Abruptly the sound rang out again—behind them; in the direction of the trail they had just quitted

    7. Bits of flying splinters struck him—a huge block of stone, he knew from the sound, dropped on the spot he had just quitted

    8. The Cimmerian took an uncertain step out from the door, then shrank back suddenly, not into the room he had just quitted, but into a velvet-curtained recess

    9. No quarter given—or taken—or quitted

    10. I quitted from the poultry business and resumed my old job of knitting and weaving clothes for others

    11. “What do those signs mean Diane D and The Dianettes are performing at the Staten Island Mall?! Diane and the girls aren't performing anywhere! They quitted performing in public places!”

    12. “I’ll leave, I don’t want to stay here, I quitted but I expect a full day’s pay of work…plus interests, you caused me problems

    13. longer, have quitted their position, to embrace the hope

    14. quitted their position, to embrace the hope of a universal salvation; while others wander in the penumbra of

    15. secretly many of the partisans of the traditional dogma, unable to hold it any longer, have quitted

    16. traditional dogma, unable to hold it any longer, have quitted their position, to embrace the hope

    17. More or less secretly many of the partisans of the traditional dogma, unable to hold it any longer, have quitted their position, to embrace the hope of a universal salvation; while others wander in the penumbra of eschatological skepticism" The Extinction Of Evil, page 78, 1889

    18. I hoped to have left them in perfect safety, and then to have quitted Paris

    19. Her father had not been seen, since he quitted the banking-house towards four o'clock

    20. "Senor, I know not why your worship wants to attempt this so dreadful adventure; it is night now, no one sees us here, we can easily turn about and take ourselves out of danger, even if we don't drink for three days to come; and as there is no one to see us, all the less will there be anyone to set us down as cowards; besides, I have many a time heard the curate of our village, whom your worship knows well, preach that he who seeks danger perishes in it; so it is not right to tempt God by trying so tremendous a feat from which there can be no escape save by a miracle, and Heaven has performed enough of them for your worship in delivering you from being blanketed as I was, and bringing you out victorious and safe and sound from among all those enemies that were with the dead man; and if all this does not move or soften that hard heart, let this thought and reflection move it, that you will have hardly quitted this spot when from pure fear I shall yield my soul up to anyone that will take it

    21. Sancho who never quitted his side, stretched his neck as far as he could and peered between the legs of Rocinante to see if he could now discover what it was that caused him such fear and apprehension

    22. In a word, I quitted the house and reached that of the man with whom I had left my mule; I made him saddle it for me, mounted without bidding him farewell, and rode out of the city, like another Lot, not daring to turn my head to look back upon it; and when I found myself alone in the open country, screened by the darkness of the night, and tempted by the stillness to give vent to my grief without apprehension or fear of being heard or seen, then I broke silence and lifted up my voice in maledictions upon Luscinda and Don Fernando, as if I could thus avenge the wrong they had done me

    23. I learned besides that Cardenio, according to report, had been present at the betrothal; and that upon seeing her betrothed contrary to his expectation, he had quitted the city in despair, leaving behind him a letter declaring the wrong Luscinda had done him, and his intention of going where no one should ever see him again

    24. The instant I heard the notice I quitted the city with my servant, who now began to show signs of wavering in his fidelity to me, and the same night, for fear of discovery, we entered the most thickly wooded part of these mountains

    25. 'Yes' uttered by which Luscinda owned herself his betrothed: I am he who had not courage enough to see how her fainting fit ended, or what came of the paper that was found in her bosom, because my heart had not the fortitude to endure so many strokes of ill-fortune at once; and so losing patience I quitted the house, and leaving a letter with my host, which I entreated him to place in Luscinda's hands, I betook myself to these solitudes, resolved to end here the life I hated as if it were my mortal enemy

    26. At length he resolved to conduct her to a convent of which a sister of his was prioress; Camilla agreed to this, and with the speed which the circumstances demanded, Lothario took her to the convent and left her there, and then himself quitted the city without letting anyone know of his departure

    27. He said he meant to kill her, and would have done so had he not been prevented by her parents, and that he quitted the house full of rage and shame, and resolved to avenge himself when a more convenient opportunity should offer

    28. 'Twas at the very midnight hour--more or less--when Don Quixote and Sancho quitted the wood and entered El Toboso

    29. But the moment Sancho quitted his beast to go and help Don Quixote, the dancing devil with the bladders jumped up on Dapple, and beating him with them, more by the fright and the noise than by the pain of the blows, made him fly across the fields towards the village where they were going to hold their festival

    30. To conclude, Sancho, by his master's orders, paid him very liberally, and taking leave of him they quitted the inn at about eight in the morning and took to the road, where we will leave them to pursue their journey, for this is necessary in order to allow certain other matters to be set forth, which are required to clear up this famous history

    31. In fine, without exchanging a word, they mounted and quitted the famous river, Don Quixote absorbed in thoughts of his love, Sancho in thinking of his advancement, which just then, it seemed to him, he was very far from securing; for, fool as he was, he saw clearly enough that his master's acts were all or most of them utterly senseless; and he began to cast about for an opportunity of retiring from his service and going home some day, without entering into any explanations or taking any farewell of him

    32. Seeing which Don Quixote quitted the soft down, and, nowise slothful, dressed himself in his chamois suit and put on his travelling boots to hide the disaster to his stockings

    33. The one paid down the money and the other took it, and the latter quitted the island, while the other went home; and then the governor said,

    34. confirmatory circumstance of the cave which had been in existence there from time immemorial; but they could not imagine how he had quitted the government without their receiving any intimation of his coming

    35. I quitted the island, as I said, without any escort except my ass; I fell into a pit, I pushed on through it, until this morning by the light of the sun I saw an outlet, but not so easy a one but that, had not heaven sent me my master Don Quixote, I'd have stayed there till the end of the world

    36. It was a fresh morning giving promise of a cool day as Don Quixote quitted the inn, first of all taking care to ascertain the most direct road to Barcelona without touching upon Saragossa; so anxious was he to make out this new historian, who they said abused him so, to be a liar

    37. They then quitted the room, Don Antonio locked the door, and they repaired to the chamber where the rest of the gentlemen were assembled

    38. He joined company with the Moriscoes who were going forth from other villages, for he knew their language very well, and on the voyage he struck up a friendship with my two uncles who were carrying me with them; for my father, like a wise and far-sighted man, as soon as he heard the first edict for our expulsion, quitted the village and departed in quest of some refuge for us abroad

    39. I quitted my native land in search of some shelter or refuge for us abroad, and having found one in Germany I returned in this pilgrim's dress, in the company of some other German pilgrims, to seek my daughter and take up a large quantity of treasure I had left buried

    40. quitted the room, to avoid listening to exaggerated tales of money obtained by

    41. Altisidora then, pretending to wipe away her tears with a handkerchief, made an obeisance to her master and mistress and quitted the room

    42. much engaged in business, and quitted the room soon after the cloth was

    43. For-whether it was of the dejection the thought of his defeat produced, or of heaven's will that so ordered it--a fever settled upon him and kept him in his bed for six days, during which he was often visited by his friends the curate, the bachelor, and the barber, while his good squire Sancho Panza never quitted his bedside

    44. go to bed late, and rise early, as when I quitted service; and then I thought it hard enough

    45. All I know is, that she must have quitted the chaise, shameless wretch!

    46. Surprised and alarmed they proceeded directly into the room she had just quitted, where they found only Willoughby, who was leaning against the mantelpiece with his back towards them

    47. One moment she feared that no serious design had ever been formed on his side; and the next that some unfortunate quarrel had taken place between him and her sister;--the distress in which Marianne had quitted the room was such as a serious quarrel could most reasonably account for, though when she considered what Marianne's love for him was, a quarrel seemed almost impossible

    48. They quitted it only with the removal of the tea-things

    49. She instantly saw that it was not unnoticed by him, that he even observed Marianne as she quitted the room, with such astonishment and concern, as hardly left him the recollection of what civility demanded towards herself

    50. After a few moments' chat, John Dashwood, recollecting that Fanny was yet uninformed of her sister's being there, quitted the room in quest of her; and Elinor was left to improve her acquaintance with Robert, who, by the gay unconcern, the happy self-complacency of his manner while enjoying so unfair a division of his mother's love and liberality, to the prejudice of his banished brother, earned only by his own dissipated course of life, and that brother's integrity, was confirming her most unfavourable opinion of his head and heart

    1. If you say you are trying to quit smoking, you're interested in quitting smoking

    2. Quitting on Saturday, or any two or three days in a row that don't involve work, has the advantage of you being relaxed and laid back

    3. It's the same with quitting

    4. He was frustrated when quitting time arrived for he had not had a drink all day

    5. quitting time for him

    6. So don't think about quitting because it helps you a lot in getting a very good job if you'll be able to finish your accounting course

    7. researching topics and is seldom quitting your job and jumping into

    8. was the thoughts of quitting that saddened me

    9. I was thinking of quitting

    10. I told him about Neal saying he was quitting and Pete said, ―Yes, that was the plan

    11. In more recent terms, imagine a white congressman of either major party quitting their party to run for president for a neo-Nazi or other white racist organization

    12. The task that remained, that of informing Enrique she was quitting the cocaine business, was something she greeted with jubilation and it didn’t come with a sense of regret

    13. “What’s that? Isn’t quitting enough?”

    14. He was totally enraged with Gordon, but he knew full well that, if he hoped to get anywhere, that was not the emotion for opening a subject as explosive as quitting

    15. You are too, but you’re repentant, quitting and special to me, or you should be turned in too

    16. “Oh, wow, where to begin?” Michelle said, “For starters, Charles is quitting teaching

    17. that i considered quitting the walk, i am trying to emphasize that a real

    18. and quitting the walk with my Lord

    19. Each person who has done even one simple thing, such as releasing sugar from a daily diet or quitting smoking, has placed himself or herself on a path of greater awareness

    20. “It’s quitting time

    21. Why should you? The name of quitting smoking is to quit smoking

    22. needed and then following the simple steps towards quitting smoking

    23. First he was considering quitting the

    24. I spent a good hour contemplating quitting, but after Taisei arrived home and showed me the pictures of his latest Obake adventure, there really wasn't a choice

    25. “No, honestly that first day quitting crossed my mind” I said laughing with her as we took our seats

    26. My life story, Who Am I?, is about me quitting what my dad had planned for me as a career

    27. and c) Dave James’ quitting two months into my tenure

    28. As my parting shot, quitting the church after the foregoing calling me out, I told him, “Brother Lips, you didn’t get called that night by God

    29. 20 And if you utter this our business, then we will be quitting of your oath which you have made us to swear

    30. The psalms are full of his tears and lamentations for the attacks and situations that befell him, but not once did he waver in his decision to lead Israel in the way of the Lord, not once did he say, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m quitting

    31. reputations have been tarnished, some even to the point of them quitting the business,

    32. ’” Young Park said his quitting has nothing to do with his father’s statement that he wouldn’t inherit the corporation, “since I’ve always known this wasn’t a possibility

    33. They were behind from last night's molding but she would easily be caught-up by quitting time

    34. The search for proper materials, the corralling and direction of Benny, the thoroughness of application held all his attention until completed an hour before quitting time

    35. At quitting time Carl stuck as close as a tick, trying to have a conversation right in the parking lot

    36. com For More Help With Quitting Part 10

    37. And also because quitting this way was very difficult (especially in the

    38. with themselves, this part of quitting can easily be flipped into a positive by

    39. mind will be thinking about the positive points of quitting instead of shouting

    40. My thought on quitting with medication is, why stop this way when there are

    41. Remind yourself that as soon as you start quitting you are using and

    42. Alright here it is- I was thinking about helping my dad stop drinking by quitting with him

    43. My buddy says to me, “I am going to have to take over his spot and start telling him what to do, and he isn’t going to like it!” and at that moment, I realized that my quitting was not a solution

    44. It was almost Scarlett’s quitting time and I wanted to be there for the close of her first day back

    45. Remember the tortoise who won the hare? If you constantly put effort without quitting, surely you will win

    46. and even thought about quitting, but I was in no hurry

    47. As always before a new venture I came close to quitting

    48. “No, it has to do with quitting my job

    49. If your heart beats faster than this causes a temporary rise in your blood pressure, by quitting smoking you not only help to lower your blood pressure but you also reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack

    50. Every October, when enrollment was reconsidered, schools lost teachers and had to reorganize classes; the teachers, like her, either had to substitute or were sent to some hellhole where they couldn’t keep teachers from quitting

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    chuck up the sponge drop by the wayside drop out fall by the wayside give up quit throw in throw in the towel depart take leave foreswear relinquish renounce leave office resign step down cease discontinue lay off stop acquitted clear discharged free liberated released rid desist depart from vacate go withdraw from yield abandon drop let go terminate