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    1. "Oh stop," Ava said

    2. “Probably the lonely one who can’t stop kicking himself over things in the past

    3. yourself thinking a disempowering thought, stop

    4. We wanted to help in any way we could to stop this from happening to others

    5. He did have to stop there

    6. I jump off the bike before #2 comes to a complete stop

    7. I won’t stop

    8. I can’t stop

    9. We both stop at the graves

    10. I’m going to teach you how to never stop

    11. Kids love to stop at McDonald’s and eat that stuff but you don’t have to stop there and, if you do, you don’t have to get yourself something to eat there

    12. You can wait until you get home or you can stop somewhere else

    13. Never stop taking the medicine without talking with your doctor first

    14. • Stop using poisons that can harm your pets and hole! A king snake is also a natural enemy of the rattlesnake

    15. Stop Living in the Past

    16. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch

    17. As they drifted to a stop in an indoor quay, he was interrupted by arguing with the docking attendant about who was going to park the boat

    18. They were forced to stop deep in Dawnsleep by ice, but they stayed very warm in that cabin

    19. I do not recall in the bible where God says I will stop

    20. I will not stop believing in the manifestation of God’s

    21. Johnny held up his hand for everyone to stop

    22. He would stop on his way home from work to pick up his favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes and watch the girls dance from the curb

    23. “Does this mean we have to stop?” Big Petey shouted back as he wrestled with numerous guards

    24. ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are saying is that you couldn’t stop it hurting but at least if they were happy, it would be a positive outcome

    25. "So you can stop for fuel anywhere on the outer face of Dromedia point

    26. After running down several blocks, they came to a stop and tried to catch their breath

    27. He was able to stop pouring just before the milk spilled out of the bowl

    28. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others and define our identity based on our own terms, we remove the constraint we have put on our mind

    29. To regain balance we must stop relying on chemicals to control our pests but instead rely more on maintaining a balanced ecosystem, diversity rich with bacteria and enzymes

    30. She would have been content to go on as far as his ranch and stop there

    31. - Try and stop unnecessary or unwanted expenses

    32. Ackers clutched his heart in fear, as if he could try and stop it from beating out of his chest

    33. Men are mono tracking; if a phone call comes they would ask for the TV to shut, child to stop crying and so on

    34. Zitteraal stop by the fountain

    35. She should stop trying to blame Tdeshi's hormones and take control of the body Tdeshi left her

    36. By providing them a food source, we can begin to retrain them to come for food here and to stop looking for food in the kitchen, or on the roses, etc

    37. The temp may go higher but should stop no higher than 180 degrees F

    38. Enoch stands by the table staring at the balls as they slowly roll to a stop

    39. Before reaching for that bag of nitrates or other chemical fertilizers, the conscious homeowner or farmer should stop for a moment to consider what needs to be put back in the soil to enhance its life-giving properties

    40. Hammaker says the only way to stop the glaciers from knocking down our back doors within this generation or next, is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reforest the cities and the country side

    41. You can stop this, baby

    42. A look of awe slowly overcomes him as they move out onto the balcony, and they slowly stop struggling with each other

    43. If you feel pain, stop what you are doing

    44. You should stop when you already feel tired

    45. He wasn't such a sucker for it, but seemed to think he was just being polite to stop by once a day for a quick one

    46. It is just a creation of our forefathers and saints to stop us from doing what is considered ethically wrong

    47. ‘We thought he might stop after that, but he didn’t … he does it every night, Liz, It’s got so that I avoid the front of the house in the evenings

    48. They did go and ask him to stop it, but he just said that there was no law against him standing on his land

    49. They look up as John and Dave stop, then go back to their beers and conversation

    50. doostEr worried that the city fathers had convinced the local news outlets to only say that he had run into the wilds so people would stop worrying

    1. Venna and Ava stopped to chat while Herndon watched him start the fire

    2. He had pulled up as the tide stopped its flow, in a few hours it would start its ebb from this inlet

    3. “I know what you’re going to say already, but Kevin stopped by today

    4. realised that it must have stopped

    5. When she returned to the house she found Yorthops had stopped by

    6. 2Chr: 32:30: This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the

    7. " Then she stopped and thought about that, an iron a year? Venna spends more like an iron a day

    8. The anteater stopped and blinked at the little ant

    9. As Nancy stopped to watch, water started pouring down like heavy rain from the ceiling

    10. After that, he closed the blinds and stopped looking out the window

    11. They took on another load of fuel in the freezing air, stopped for a couple bowls of fish diddle from a cook with a nice warm fire that she huddled close to, clutching her nightcoat tightly

    12. They walked up to Vinnie and stopped, watching him listening to the glove he had pressed against the door

    13. I barely register the fact it has stopped raining

    14. After about twenty minutes, the pony stopped, its neck lathered with sweat

    15. I've seen it from a distance but never stopped there

    16. They stopped at the edge and peered out

    17. For Morningday breakfast they stopped in the city called Amersahm, a place of a million or more that Ava had never even heard the name of before

    18. They had stopped in their tracks across from the docks

    19. All the other androids, noticing their companion had fallen down, immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their lidless eyes to Scar

    20. They each stopped their mounts and held their breaths

    21. It was art, perfection, ultimate… Ackers stopped in his unrestrained admiration

    22. John has stopped writing, is staring at the President in obvious shock

    23. The other diners had all stopped their conversations and were staring at the

    24. The same pond that John stopped by previously

    25. Soon as the money stopped

    26. Tahlmute stood up and preceded him back up toward the house, but went between the house roots and across his marshaling yard while doostEr stopped at the shop under the roots for his measure and level

    27. He stopped smoking

    28. ) In 1, the intransitive 'stopped' ends with the subject 'he', and 'to smoke' tells us why he stopped

    29. To cap it all they appeared to have stopped mid aisle for a chat about Dad’s

    30. Fear would never have stopped him, but this? He couldn't move

    31. Cat stopped in front of a long oval mirror that had suddenly plopped into

    32. Thicke stopped in the tiny entrance as though wedged into place

    33. Judging by the way they both suddenly stopped dead once they realised they were on the verge of arguing about the carpet, they seem to have learned their lesson, for the time being at any rate

    34. a result, when i stopped, the Spirit moved away

    35. Despite that, or if anything because of it, I totally stopped listening at all at that point

    36. Estwig had stopped running, if it was a meteor it would have landed long ago

    37. Long before the fans stopped, a man in a service coverall sauntered down it at a quick pace

    38. stopped her circling and drew close to Johnny, taking both his hands in her own soft

    39. "They were under attack from deeper space was the news in the last messages we got, then the transmission stopped

    40. He closed his eyes and stopped his ears for a moment, but nothing changed when he

    41. tained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of

    42. God stopped cancer with His Word

    43. The soldiers who stopped them are running for their lives, throwing away their weapons as they flee

    44. During the disease all my creative activity stopped

    45. He’s hardly stopped speaking when the phone starts ringing

    46. As he went in, the first person in the queue, a small, shabbily dressed man, stopped him

    47. ‘You should have stopped me … then I wouldn’t have married her

    48. ‘You should have stopped me

    49. clad beast stopped and turned to look once more upon the now wistful face of his

    50. West once stopped respecting the law

    1. The stopping was what woke her

    2. ‘Paul and I had the devil of a job stopping her mounting an assault on the police station where they were holding you

    3. Ordinarily ‘Rest’ means stopping all voluntary activities (you still have to breath or digest food or cause the blood to circulate)

    4. "No, that's not what's stopping me, it's looking ahead to where this questioning will lead

    5. ’ He said rushing into the room and stopping dead

    6. Russ sees the explosion at the front of the car, starts over to help John, but Ahmed clings to his leg with both arms, stopping him

    7. He tumbles and flips in the dirt before stopping near a fence

    8. "We're just stopping to use the rest rooms,” Sarah told her, "and I need some more coffee

    9. She considered stopping her to let her know

    10. From the outside, she looked like a slapstick comedy routine, lurching this way and that, stopping and starting, turning around

    11. ‘Andy … we can’t …’ I murmured half heartedly try to stop him, but he kisses me again and all thought of stopping him disappears from my head as he moves over on top of me

    12. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    13. Vyinga was planning on stopping here for awhile

    14. By stopping clocks he buys time

    15. But there was no stopping him this morning, so they stayed in their cave till noon

    16. you have hitherto been using so that instead of stopping at the

    17. It’s in her eyes, the dread of stopping,

    18. When traffic was stopping for the tide, they would often stop together on the same beach and give people a chance to socialize

    19. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death

    20. Stopping and pulling the young man back towards her she asked, “Please wait

    21. ‘But I …’ I began, stopping abruptly as she drops what she is holding into my outstretched hand

    22. From then on there was no stopping their fame

    23. Stopping at a gate, I watch the lambs in the field; they’re getting a lot bigger – they will be hefty sheep soon

    24. We had to keep stopping for me to massage my legs which gave Alessandra plenty of opportunity to tease, although she did agree it wasn't an easy trek, 'Wait till we're going down through the gorge, it's worse than going up

    25. She reached for the latch on the gate and Kai quickly laid his hand on hers stopping her

    26. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the cal and thanks for listening

    27. “I was out front stopping Alan, not in here at the instruments

    28. Stopping and pulling the young man back towards her she

    29. The cleaning takes all morning, partly because I keep stopping to drink some water … I’m feeling bloody minded and refuse to take painkillers for the headache I am convinced had its origins in that bottle of wine

    30. When we turn them loose there will be no stopping them

    31. What is it that is stopping you from ful al owance and detachment?

    32. How about stopping at that pub over there for lunch – it has a good reputation for food

    33. He knew there were many active women and had sampled two of them so far, but it was understood both times he was just stopping by for a boink on the way to his cabin

    34. appeared in the junction, stopping well back from the main road,

    35. Up above the rain eased, before stopping altogether

    36. “I am the one who led the movement for closing the Portal and stopping the hunts, and doing away with Jade Bears

    37. I have no options it seems and there is talk of stopping the pregnancy

    38. ’ Andy commented stopping to look at a tall clump of something she couldn’t identify standing sheltered by a bush of some sort

    39. Was it stopping? He leapt to his feet, strode quickly over to the window and peered out

    40. Exhilarated, she half ran the last few metres along the path, stopping suddenly, bewitched by the sight below her

    41. ’ He said slyly, his hand gripping her arm, effectively stopping her going any further

    42. Stopping on a

    43. against stopping on the bridge to look into the waters, as he had done

    44. “It’s nothing but the call of the glands,” she said, “I wasn’t even planning on stopping at Ziadrakes til Illick stopped me

    45. the main street stopping before a second man to ask

    46. If it is a family thing shouldn't they be stopping with relatives or with their kids or something

    47. I slowed the car down, contemplating stopping it all together

    48. ‘Oh?’ Inspector Jarvis said, stopping in his transit of the general office

    49. It was strapless stopping just above her chest

    50. Ken follows his boss down the stairs, stopping for a moment by the door to the ground floor area of the old barn to listen for signs of life

    1. Tom stops a moment and points so he can catch his breath

    2. Aiko's father blows a reed whistle and the fighting stops

    3. A stomach poison that stops insects from feeding and become paralyzed

    4. A few months later, the preacher stops by again to call on the farmer

    5. Clove stops most insects from eating

    6. Similarly they should praise within limits and definitely not in such a way that the child stops believing you

    7. Zitteraal stops in front of a door, puts his hand on the door handle

    8. He stops thrashing about, his eyes focus on Clarisse

    9. John stops, gets out of his car

    10. He turns to get back in his car, but stops as Enoch speaks

    11. He stops by the pond, casts his line, begins to fish again, pays no more attention to John

    12. He stops writing, looks over his glasses at the nurse

    13. Bush stops one of the balls with his hand, picks it up, looks at it closely

    14. John stops the Jeep on the bluff near a small cantina

    15. John stops, sits in the sand, watches the moon rising

    16. pounding, the breeze stops and there is total silence

    17. The action verb ‘laughs’ stops with the action doer ‘world’ (subject)

    18. "It never stops, Theo

    19. He stops and takes a picture of the clutter

    20. Occasionally he stops, points his camera out the window at something, fires off a few shots

    21. ‘Yes … I mean, who would want to …’ she stops and shakes her head

    22. She stops directly in front of him again, puts her hands on his chest, pats him softly

    23. fear starts faith stops

    24. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark

    25. He stops to study a photograph of a Teekra as a teen-ager with an older woman

    26. Everyone stops playing

    27. He stops at a door sporting Stephen’s name and opens it

    28. He paces some more, stops in front of John, takes his chin between the index finger and thumb of his right hand

    29. He stops in front of Khalid, but focuses his attention on John

    30. If a man sins again and again, he eventually stops hearing the convic-

    31. In my rush to get to it before it stops, starkers except for a towel round my hair, I nearly trip up on the bath mat

    32. When I see Rose my resolve not to tell anyone nearly collapses, but the thought of how horrified she would be stops me and I merely feel a traitress as she gives me a quick hug and says she hopes I feel better soon

    33. ’ He said in a matter of fact tone of voice which stops me in my tracks ‘I don’t pretend to have any answers at the moment, but that certainly won’t solve anything

    34. They were not all wrong; the itinerary was too long, with too many stops, yet I didn't consider it bad

    35. ’ he stops and frowns slightly

    36. Traffic, weather, stops for fuel and food, and a slow passage thru the tunnel because it was choked with a sunken ship made it take a day longer than two weeks, but that was still a third of the time it took for the fastest native airships

    37. She found a seat at the back of the bus, watching the other passengers as they got on and off at the various stops; the vehicle finally reached the town

    38. If he's in Hazorpean when I am, he stops by

    39. Nothing stops my headlong bumble to the bedroom door,

    40. and stops at traffic lights, where a white Fiat van

    41. who stops you in the street

    42. ” She looked up at him, “Look, I’m a great one-time fuck… but it stops there; there just isn’t anything else

    43. ’ The man stops at the sound of his name and grins at us

    44. He stops his turn of hand a moment,

    45. As we reach yet another junction in the stone walls, Berndt stops

    46. He stops five feet away from ERICK

    47. ’ Berndt interrupted, ‘It’s good for wounds … stops infection

    48. He debates whether he should re-bandage and it is only the reality that we have nothing else we can use to bandage Berndt’s arm that stops him

    49. and stops abruptly in the middle

    50. It stops you dealing with your faults

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    layover stop stopover stoppage block blockage closure occlusion catch diaphragm full point full stop period point occlusive plosive plosive consonant plosive speech sound stop consonant halt arrest check hitch stay break break off discontinue hold on contain hold back turn back intercept bar barricade block off block up blockade stop over kibosh cease end finish terminate give up lay off quit sojourn cessation termination standstill pause restrain interrupt intermit hinder impede obstruct prevent thwart delay preclude desist surrender withdraw relinquish depot station terminal