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    1. By reading this book you are taking action

    2. thoughts, that you want to have, and reading those thoughts and turning

    3. By reading through these scriptures, you can realize that

    4. of the following pieces of doggerel† included here for your reading

    5. completed the arduous task of reading Some Recollected Matters,

    6. If they are posting negative things, you are reading that stuff and it’s going into your brain

    7. "It was in a serious news magazine I saw at Kolat's reading room

    8. I have been reading much on mythology, particularly the end times

    9. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or hot tub and then reading a book or listening to soothing music

    10. Then in the last ten years or so, one started hearing and reading about Senior Citizens

    11. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    12. i was doin some serious teletubby giggles after reading that

    13. He was reading more, "The asteroid is six miles in diameter, that's an exterminator!"

    14. ’ The Inspector paused for a moment, looking at his notes and reading something there before looking up at me

    15. They used the sun, the time and the magnetic reading to figure which way was east

    16. But collecting and reading was an obsession as well

    17. I lift him onto my lap and take the book he is flapping in my face … ah, Chicken Licken … I clearly remember reading this to Emma when she was this age …

    18. He had to do a lot of reading to understand, but there were some 'extremists' among them that want to close off their society from the outside world

    19. me in leaving this note is no greater than that which you must make when reading it

    20. I was reading about it, the army are doing that sort of

    21. If you are reading this book, you have already opened

    22. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper

    23. Reading their story in the Bible, I understood that

    24. All these years reading pacifist manifestos, how to resist aggression passively

    25. I grope in my handbag for the information which the agency sent me about the job … reading through the job description again … personal assistant to the sales director – all usual computer skills, office practices etc - no problems there

    26. ’ He said, apparently reading through my CV

    27. At that time I was constantly reading the Bible

    28. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    29. Most still do their reading from paper

    30. She hadn't expected this reaction, she had just been reading the signs as she always did

    31. even when our reading is wide and our thinking deep

    32. I was reading the Word of God (the Bible) and believed that it was

    33. ’ Stephen says quietly as though reading my mind

    34. As I go through the door of the village hall, I’m greeted by Andy who’s hovering in the hallway reading the notices on the board in the entrance hall

    35. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    36. It felt like reading some ancient stone tablet without the aid of the Rosetta Stone

    37. In conclusion, I want to urge all of you who are reading this material to prayerfully

    38. Though, come to think of it, I believe Wally’s reading the tribute at the memorial this year … yes, that’s right, I remember him telling me about it

    39. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    40. I stand there for some time reading the instructions on the different boxes and comparing them

    41. I assumed that the journey west continued and I tried to think of places that they might have brought me to; Oxford, perhaps, or Reading

    42. ’ Janet said reading my mind

    43. We speculated on possible locations: Oxford, Reading, Bristol or Bath

    44. She was exactly what he pictured a beautiful Elf woman to look like when he was a child reading fairy tales

    45. Reading between the lines he was saying that Beniamin was probably in a much worse state than I was

    46. Elond never thought about kids books, and taught them from the novels or texts she was reading at the time

    47. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    48. How do you get rid of those? She peered at the keyboard frantically reading the, to her, incomprehensible words

    49. "He didn't know about memory reading

    50. The room was darker when she woke again and a different young woman was there, slumped in the chair, the book she had been reading lying loose in her hand

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    meter reading reading indication interpretation version reading material recital recitation rendition commentary conception rendering approach treatment examination inspection learning perception printed matter material account passage excerpt literature narration quotation extract lecture