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    1. · Ability to realise that food choice and intake is controlled by external cues such as sight, smell etc

    2. Instinctively, I reach out as though to take it … drawing my hand back swiftly as I realise what I am doing, and clasping it with my other hand as though it had been burned

    3. ‘Liz, sorry … didn’t realise it was that serious

    4. Realise always that the true spiritual effects are to be seen in the exoteric life of service

    5. Then I gradually came to realise that I wasn’t half of something at all, but a whole something which used to be something else … I’m explaining this rather badly, I’m afraid

    6. It takes me a moment to realise what she means

    7. It took him a moment or two to realise that he was dreaming

    8. ’ Stephen said, breaking in on my thoughts and making me realise that we have been working in silence for ages

    9. She’s been up and down like the proverbial yo-yo all day … I don’t think she intended me to realise but I could hardly fail to notice

    10. I falter to a halt as I realise just what I have said

    11. I am all those moments when the poor creatures realise that everything

    12. ‘Do you realise we have been playing this for half an hour

    13. It takes a second to realise that they are not working … the back of the van growing ever closer, I pump frantically at the brake pedal and swing the car onto the hard shoulder

    14. When the dust settles and the true-bloods realise just how alone

    15. I know very little about what goes on under the bonnet of a car and though I realise this is something I should rectify, I’ve never got round to it

    16. Why me? What did they want? Didn’t they realise I was Lebanese? Why were they holding me when they’d made such a simple, basic mistake? Did my parents know where I was? Didn’t they know that they could trust me, that I wouldn’t say a word?

    17. ‘Hmm … yes, I do, actually – are you going to do anything about it?’ he replied as I realise that this was his intention … there is a silence while we just look at each other …

    18. I have already admired it – a shade of wool to match her name … there are a few grey hairs showing round the back of his ears, I think to myself then I suddenly realise that he’s watching me in the rear view mirror with a faint smile on his face and blush violently … the smile becomes a wicked grin as he replies to something Wally is saying

    19. It was just done in a way that I didn’t realise it

    20. ‘No, I realise that now

    21. It took me a few moments to realise that my captors had left me in a relatively unfettered state

    22. My mother must surely realise just how little merit there was in the soul of her only boy-child

    23. I am all those moments when the poor creatures realise that everything is in vain

    24. ‘If you had seen the way James has suffered over the past years, you would realise just what you’re offering us, Karal

    25. Once they realise who actually knows I’m here, I reckon they’ll back off

    26. I still have to realise some of the assets

    27. It would be ironic if that is the case though I realise that you probably haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m writing about!

    28. It looks as though he is singlehandedly changing the culture of your world, Karal – did you realise how far-reaching the effect of your action has been?

    29. I have to say that I still find it a mental leap too far to realise that you are Ambassador to a society that I always assumed was a myth

    30. and then realise after a few short moments,

    31. The fact surprises me … I haven’t seen anyone else here any of the times I have been here and it comes as a shock to realise that Joris uses it regularly

    32. ‘I realise I am missing something here, but is that relevant?’ Joris put in plaintively looking from one to the other of us

    33. Gradually, I hear someone calling my name … slowly the mist dissipates and I realise I am lying on my bunk

    34. We both rush over to him, Joris removing the backpack, while I, grabbing Berndt’s arm and finding it all sticky, realise with horror what has happened

    35. Not wasting any time, Joris, using a knife I didn’t realise he had, rips off the sleeve of Berndt’s tunic, and inspects the damage

    36. Now I realise, in this outer zone, in this later time,

    37. I move on into the warm blue morning and the tingling tiredness after no sleep and I realise that travelling for over twenty-four hours makes you hallucinate so, disregarding my psychotic episode in the flea market, I interest myself in a cultural visit instead

    38. Looking round I realise that I might have taken a wrong turning because I'm surrounded by small groups of impoverished and suspicious stragglers who guardedly, seem to be offering each other objects for sale

    39. I realise Athens too has its unfair share of insidious tourist traps just like Cornwall and no doubt the traffic is nightmare and yes, it's a sprawling jumble of concrete and marble, of ancient and modern, of the implausible and the miraculous, but then they say Athens teems with spectacular sights, superb cafes, and much more that you just won't find in any modern city

    40. when you realise that each repetition

    41. For a moment I can’t see what he means at all, then I realise that what I had taken for crops of ripe grain are in fact wilting plants, their leaves yellowed

    42. ‘I’m beginning to realise that

    43. I would like you to realise you are going on holiday

    44. The initial shock of the cold rain hitting my skin makes me gasp, but after a moment or two, I realise that it isn’t really that cold

    45. Squatting behind the bush, I realise that Berndt’s advice was probably extremely sensible

    46. But also it has a treasure that not many visitors ever realise

    47. you open a shop that you realise the length and breadth of the Indian student

    48. ‘He said he was worried when I spoke to him lunchtime, but I did not realise just how much

    49. ‘What is it?’ My voice sharp as I realise this is more than just tiredness

    50. That made me realise no distance could ever separate us

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