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    1. By reading through these scriptures, you can realize that

    2. you will realize that it contain a purpose that goes

    3. · To realize that in the long run good and bad things are bound to cancel out each other

    4. · You have a party and the neighbors don't even realize it

    5. spot when you realize you acted against God’s will and

    6. If everyone asked themselves that question and they answered the question with honesty, they would realize why they have what they have

    7. you realize the depth of that person’s issues

    8. Seeing Aiko's pained face, her arms cradling the man on the floor, I finally realize

    9. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver

    10. Please realize that even though an item is organic and found in nature it can still be dangerous

    11. As it happened Will was a very good looking young man and even though he didn't realize it yet, half the girls in his school were in love with him

    12. I was only beginning to realize just how badly I had let him down

    13. you will realize that they stay

    14. We have the authority whether we realize it or not

    15. Soon I began to realize that it was getting darker

    16. Since there remains such an urgent need for more qualified elders in the Lord's church it behooves all of us as preachers to realize more our responsibility in teaching and training these men

    17. I realize there are minor things that need to be discussed and have brought up such in

    18. Realize that the problem exists with the congregation and the faithful members be

    19. We need to realize that there is a difference between "inference and assumption

    20. I search through the computer and eventually realize where the picture is coming from,

    21. As we walk around the Acropolis, I begin a conversation that is hopefully a start of a new, candid relationship with my son, "Apollo, I realize you are aware why Seth and the other members of the Corsair will be here tomorrow

    22. They were passing over some distant realm he had never seen, making him realize how little he had seen, though he had journeyed a local year from the Kassikan, it was a small distance on the world when seen from this distance, not a twentieth of a circumnavigation

    23. We realize how much the vanity and entertainment actually got in the way of God instead of leading us to Him

    24. once you realize THIS is what really delights your heart

    25. The soldiers began to realize that Son was sparing their lives

    26. We start to realize that everyone here is doing the

    27. Here’s the thing you might not yet realize – when you do this

    28. Years later, I realize that this time

    29. This is a deeper moment than we realize

    30. He expressed this story and explained that he has come to realize that what he is living is a lie

    31. “We do realize that we are imprisoned here, and we are at your

    32. We don’t even realize that we are performing this sort of characteristic

    33. “Oh no! You realize we don’t have insurance?” she said in such a deadpan way that he wasn’t aware she was joking till she started laughing

    34. Going over this made him realize that he missed her

    35. Do you realize what this will do to his career?

    36. KELLY: Do you realize what he has done to her?

    37. Alan hadn't said much about it, but he might not even realize what she was trying to do because Nuran might not even consciously realize what she was trying to do

    38. Once and awhile I went up to the door and started banging again only to realize it was open and probably had been for awhile

    39. Anyone able to realize dysfunction and seek help is the closest to sanity most might ever achieve

    40. He didn’t realize how hungry he was and ate two big steaming platefuls

    41. The methane digester was high tech enough to make Alan realize it could have problems he might not know how to fix

    42. Realize that it is a natural product of the mind

    43. Just accept, realize, and let it go

    44. The SECRET to cold and flu prevention just might be easier than you realize

    45. cried, but I didn’t realize that she was pinned to her

    46. they don’t even realize that they have died until they

    47. but now I realize that the truth of our existence is

    48. with others whether we realize it or not, since all

    49. you have to realize which Ad-Spots works the best for

    50. cleared, I realize things weren’t the same

    1. I woke up one day, and I realized something

    2. I realized that someday, hopefully many, many years from now, I’m not going to be here anymore

    3. I realized that, God forbid, if that happens sooner rather than later, the information that I have in my head would not be left behind for my children or anyone else

    4. I also realized it wasn't just for my children, it was for you and your

    5. Underling’s back that he was just in the process of doing that very thing when he realized at the last moment that it might look like he was being sarcastic

    6. Underling’s outstretched hand before he realized that Mr

    7. Big Petey quickly shook his head, and then realized there was no point in hiding it

    8. Johnny, who was still protecting The Operator, realized he was floating off the ground and heading toward the ceiling at an accelerating rate

    9. Johnny realized again that he was thinking about it, and tried again to push it out of his mind

    10. As he was thinking, he realized there was a presence behind him

    11. 'How dreadfully Kassidorian of you,' she thought, but then realized how dreadfully Earthian she had been to him

    12. But then he realized something else

    13. i realized that Jesus took his pain

    14. I had a quick look at the phone and realized it wasn't Peter this time but a local number

    15. I realized that I couldn't do anything to help my family

    16. Then she realized it lasted three or four on the planet below

    17. Then I realized that God takes responsibility for His every word

    18. Church have such authority on the earth which we have not realized yet,

    19. whom he presented and he realized full measure of his authority as a

    20. When we realized that we were not the sick trying to be healed,

    21. Only later she realized why

    22. The first time Glenelle really became personally uncomfortable about it was when Ava told her sister on the ground that Glenelle was with her now and they all realized that Ava on the ground knew her almost as well as this Angelic Ava who was her best friend

    23. Leonora hadn't realized they had all failed to introduce themselves!

    24. The problem with mind control, she had immediately realized, is the problem of 'who controls the controller?' It was one of those dilemmas of recursions, like 'who created God'? If a device was capable of mind control, it had to be programmed, so the programmer could control it

    25. I realized also that the insurance policy I had wouldn't cover this

    26. Then I realized it was the sound of my heart pounding with fear

    27. I realized that a man cannot heal another man

    28. The cockney monkey next to me realized his balls up

    29. I realized that the vicinity of the hospital is not the best place for heal-

    30. Moses realized that God is a just God and, thus, demands justice from man

    31. Joshua realized that Israel could not prosper when sin existed in the camp

    32. After that travesty of a lesson in Janus last night, I realized all these years Alexander has been doing nothing but pulling our legs in there

    33. Finally, when she realized I had no intention of spending so much money for her, she asked me to buy her a book of poems -and I did that

    34. After a while though, I realized it was only remnants of you, memories of the years of manipulation

    35. He wondered how Diam was arranging to cover other sensors, because too-late Bahkmar realized that they had to encapsulate all the ships instrumentation to keep the crew from noticing the effects of their intervention

    36. But then he realized that if he exterminated all the insects in the tiny oasis, he would have no protein at all

    37. It's hard to tell how long my fall had lasted; suddenly, the spaceship seemed to decelerate and I realized I was arriving somewhere

    38. down into the dungeon Son realized that the dungeon was larger than the

    39. Pine-tree: It is a sign of prosperity; yet, it could also mean that someone needs your help and you still haven't realized it

    40. Then she realized it was going to take a whole bus to carry the output of this probe if the signal were full

    41. Then Son realized that his dream was actually a memory from his waking

    42. As Son lay on the ground he realized that he would probably not last

    43. the soldiers began to look around they realized that they had all been given

    44. Son looked at the man closely and realized that it was his little brother

    45. was so drained and depleted; I realized I was not operating in a

    46. Also as we spoke about earlier, you’ve realized that as the

    47. When I look back and realized the health crisis that led to my

    48. She sighed as she realized that the guileless young girl in

    49. If he had taken a few minutes to think like a mature adult at any point along this descent into fantasy he would have realized that this could never possibly work out for him

    50. they have already realized this and have made themselves part of

    1. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious

    2. After shaking off the cobwebs in her head, Dizzie realizes she had the most fucked up dream in the history of dreams

    3. “Fuck that motherfucker! I’ll fucking kill that fucker fifty times before he realizes I fed him his own cock through his asshole!”

    4. John finally realizes she is there

    5. As soon as he realizes I don't intend to do so, he can barely hide his exasperation

    6. Apollo is also embarrassed when he realizes he's been staring at her this entire time

    7. Apollo realizes he's sitting in a corner of the library at the Acropolis

    8. "I'm awake!" Apollo yells and he realizes its Antonia who's speaking to him

    9. “He is probably so dazzled by my report that he"s speechless! He"s probably worried that I"ll end up being promoted to HIS job! Maybe he realizes now that he can"t afford to pay me the millions of dollars a year that I"m worth

    10. When one realizes that his parents are not

    11. the depths of God’s love, he or she realizes that the safest place

    12. He realizes that he is now traveling only through time and no longer space

    13. wanted to be the one that realizes what anyway had to

    14. several verses, realizes what tens of international

    15. he does? And if at school he realizes there is not a single

    16. But the labour of the manufacturer fixes and realizes itself in some particular subject or vendible commodity, which lasts for some time at least after that labour is past

    17. Their labour, when properly directed, fixes and realizes itself in the subject or vendible commodity upon which it is bestowed, and generally adds to its price the value at least of their own maintenance and consumption

    18. Before he realizes what’s happening he’s grabbed by the neck and pulled onto a waiting knife

    19. Realizes what she’s thinking

    20. Senta gasped, “What about the Matriarchy?! Does this make a drastic change in the direction of the Lascorii transition of power? What will the Matriarch do when she realizes her Heir is

    21. Isin chuckled, “I hope I get to see the Hus-a-goof's face when he gets to the end of his quest and realizes that he actually had the treasure in his hands but that it is his nemesis who is the embodiment of that treasure---that all his efforts were as futile as

    22. ” he realizes, “To the comfort of the fire lake!” And he cautiously makes his way back down into the depths of the cave

    23. Orland realizes the impact this

    24. This kind of thing happens when the guy realizes that he wants to have sex

    25. He first realizes that he wants sex  he rubs on her  and then asks her if she wants to have sex, too

    26. The public realizes elites are preaching class warfare of the well off against everyone else

    27. The more that we realizes

    28. And then this stood out in bold relief: “Scientific atheists who condescendingly argue that anyone who really understands evolution realizes that it implies atheism

    29. When israel realizes she does not have the strength of

    30. He is stronger than anyone I know, and warmer than anyone else realizes; he is a secret that I have kept, and will keep, for the rest of my life

    31. An example is of a father who realizes that when his children were small, he placed his business interests above his wife and family, and even his own health

    32. But once she realizes

    33. One realizes that no negative action ever passes by without a harmful result; no positive deed ever passes by without a constructive outcome

    34. When One realizes that this poem, is going no where

    35. Jaden realizes it’s a red-tailed hawk and not an eagle

    36. Jaden realizes she couldn’t hear him

    37. He realizes the nanoscanners can pass through and see through anything perfectly

    38. Jaden smiles as he realizes he changed history and seriously helped MASA with its spaceship orbiter that couldn’t properly send pictures and data to Earth

    39. However, he quickly realizes this is not his room

    40. It's Saturday morning and Bob's just about to set off on a round of golf, when he realizes that he forgot to tell his wife that the guy who fixes the washing machine is coming around at noon

    41. Jaden realizes this is depressing him and he is beginning to sound a bit deranged

    42. pleased until he realizes his mistake; in the same way pleasures

    43. realizes as and when it get cleared of desires and fears

    44. The scientist thus realizes where the electron

    45. “Hmm?” She grimaces and then realizes her mistake

    46. one realizes that if you defend someone that the Social Democrats

    47. The wrestler cries out with great anguish—“Who will get justice for me from before the king?” Why? Because he realizes that it is the king who must be blamed

    48. However, Rousseau is aware that not everyone realizes wherein his happiness lies

    49. Where Neo realizes suddenly he is awake

    50. Torin looks at the time and realizes that he and Raymond only have two hours to arrive at the dedication

    1. sinning against His will in many ways without realizing

    2. realizing it, if they were given the opportunity to sin

    3. ’ Adrian started, then, realizing that his wife is winding him up, bursts out laughing

    4. That's what he figured Tahlmute was going thru, realizing he had been receiving messages from a ghost

    5. indulges in his love; not realizing what awaits them,

    6. elders realizing the conflicts that do exist among the brethren

    7. “Oh, no, no, I'll pass!” he exclaims in abhorrence and, without my realizing what's going on, he pushes me away

    8. Alfred lost no time in realizing the implications of this

    9. Before even realizing it, I had already stepped in

    10. After realizing that he

    11. receive! Stepping up to the plate and realizing all those

    12. niece’s arrest and realizing how it must have affected her

    13. "Yes," Alan told her, knowing what she meant and not realizing she didn't know that til now

    14. Daniel has explained how Archeologists stumbled into an egg chamber without realizing what they were doing

    15. He was taken aback at first, but then realizing that she thought like a dragon, why not? “There are several ways to do this

    16. Realizing that they were out matched, the big black bull left them to their fate

    17. Realizing what had taken place he roared loudly and for a moment everything seemed to be in slow motion

    18. This technique can be incredibly empowering because you reduce the size and magnitude of your fear by realizing that you can handle the things you would otherwise shy away from

    19. The greatest benefit of this exercise is realizing that fearful

    20. “There are many other things I have observed these past several days, my Lord” the stable master continued, “she does things our way without realizing it; things that only an Ogatu would know to do

    21. Suddenly she stiffened, realizing what she was doing and pushed herself away

    22. Realizing that Master Seatac was aware of her and Tarak’s new status, she smiled and blushed at his reference

    23. Drew might have trapped emotions, not realizing that

    24. They would measure here and there, and then confer with each other, not realizing it was driving him crazy

    25. I was doing things the Ogatu way without even realizing it

    26. Rapidly realizing the implications of this Captain Andrid repeated aloud, “Worse than that young man, this means there is a traitor among us

    27. She was his match in every way, and he was just now realizing that he truly wanted to get to know her on a deeper level

    28. She all but leaped up; then she began to chuckle, in a deep lusty voice realizing that Duncan had seen thru her little disguise

    29. She was a bit taken aback by the number, realizing that humans and all life from Earth was a minute fraction of it

    30. Harry asked for a Bitters and soda on ice and settled the black document pouch into his lap gradually realizing this was a 'business dinner' and why he was there

    31. Spelman, not realizing that the storm at sea had abated and the ship once again sailed on smoothly

    32. ” Realizing he had done it again, he said contritely, “I apologize for these puns, I really have no excuse

    33. Realizing this could not bode any good for anyone, he stayed on his side of the street trying to avoid any dustup with the surly group

    34. "Nothing" Emma responded abruptly, realizing she was scanning the area

    35. Surely, any minute now, she would find herself in a dream without realizing she was in a dream; she had always been a bit bothered by the fact that she could never remember the very start of a dream, could not remember the exact moment she actually fell asleep, but tonight this did not worry her, tonight she was content

    36. The town begins rather abruptly and unfortunately I blundered into it without realizing it was here

    37. Realizing, the others were leaving – Mike grabbed her hand and ushered her off, in their direction

    38. toward the kitchen for some water, realizing I could see my reflection on the hard

    39. " She went on, moving the dirt around with the toe of her shoe, not realizing he was now standing only a few feet away

    40. Commemoration was soon, set always at mid-summer, and he was in the midst of his final term before his realizing it

    41. " realizing she was once again looking deep into his eyes, she quickly turned back

    42. Realizing he had easier prey, John

    43. By realizing that we are already in the Spirit

    44. He briefly surveyed the rest of his surroundings, quickly realizing that he had managed to safely return to his cramped quarters above the Wayward Inn

    45. realizing that I prophesied accurately

    46. Some people might deny the existence of a potential they have never been aware of before while others, notwithstanding their good faith, see through the window pane not realizing the presence of the solid matter

    47. As Adros slowly regained his senses he looked around, realizing he was still at the Hangar, and quite alive

    48. easy to work for over four hours without realizing it

    49. to realizing how to use it

    50. “Sorry,” I said cooling down and realizing his exemplary motives

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