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    1. It had been the first of dozens of short relationships of only a few years each, and close enough to Herndon to call it a rebound

    2. Mostly he told how that episode and the damage it did caused her to rebound into taking very good care of herself and had a lot to do with the shape she’s in today

    3. The sunlight was painfully bright in her eyes as she struggled to rebound from her unconsciousness

    4. Alternatively, it suggests that you are on the rebound from a broken relationship

    5. Various nondestructive tests (rebound, penetration, pullout, vibration and other methods) are widely used in practice for determination of strength of hardened concrete based on

    6. rally rebound against me as another Harry Kinsman nephew

    7. They'd relay, switch wheels, and rebound the

    8. The old man's rebound stewed him up

    9. Scope the line-up for a rebound

    10. Before the reunion could continue, Cinder’s chains came to life, and rebound

    11. He tried to find the rebound of himself,

    12. When we understand that unfair, harmful, or hateful actions rebound in suffering to the person committing them as well as to the recipient, we can respond to both with compassion rather than with anger or resentment

    13. days of the month, you are at risk for "rebound" headaches if you quit taking these painkillers

    14. ) adult aspirin and not a full-strength aspirin, or you put yourself at risk of rebound headaches

    15. Suddenly the loose cargo tied down from a move to the left found itself free, even compelled by the taut ropes, to rebound sharply

    16. A rebound headache, also known as a medication overuse headache, is

    17. A rebound headache is when a migraine (or other severe headache)

    18. rebound headache is basically the original headache, which is only

    19. cause a rebound headache, but the two most frequent culprits are

    20. With the help of their doctor, rebound headache patients can break the

    21. A rebound headache, also known as a medication overuse headache, is one of the most unpleasant side

    22. A rebound headache is when a migraine (or other severe headache) spins off into another headache as

    23. A rebound headache is basically the original headache, which is only

    24. Sometimes the rebound is a migraine or a continuation of the previous migraine

    25. The overuse of any over-the-counter or prescription pain reliever can cause a rebound headache, but

    26. With the help of their doctor, rebound headache patients can break the cycle

    27. which a stock can rebound up

    28. With the rebound, Batam-Al-Bur went out shot off and hit the rim of one of the tables that was supporting a lamp that rested on the floor for the collision

    29. "When I met you, I was mad at my boyfriend and I guess I sort of fall for you on the rebound

    30. economic indicator to rebound

    31. You’re on the rebound

    32. Instant stress relief! But, eating sugary carbohydrates, instead of complex carbohydrates, can actually have a rebound effect

    33. But, shortly after that, your insulin levels and energy level drop, which can actually cause a rebound depression, or "sugar low

    34. This, in turn, produces a rebound “sugar low”, which can cause shakiness, lightheadedness, and an inability to concentrate

    35. Health and energy will rebound after the 20th

    36. The impact was incredible and shattering!…the 4x4 appeared to disintegrate into and wrap itself around the rock, then lit up as the petrol tank exploded and Umberto’s consciousness deserted him as he was flung through the air, to rebound painfully as his world spun around him…

    37. “The minute she leaves the Border, a curse will hit her, rebound and leave the prince in the same blood lust you observed him in and she will watch him slowly starve to death

    38. live a life of evil, then the evil you do will rebound to you, possibly, manyfold,

    39. I"m on a rebound too

    40. you’re on a rebound and still recovering

    41. could say that I was on the rebound

    42. You’re catching her on the rebound

    43. “Or, between me and Sam, if I find out he took advantage of her on the rebound!”

    44. Donna is on the rebound

    45. You were on the rebound, and I know you’re not over Jared, yet

    46. with a smile, and training yourself to rebound from rejection

    47. To her astonishment, while that atmospheric bounce shaved maybe 300 kilometers per hour off her speed, it also made her rebound all the way up to an altitude of 54 kilometers before her plane started coming slowly down again

    48. Rebound scurvy can develop in newborns whose mothers ingest mega doses of Vitamin C during pregnancy

    49. However, do not use these sprays more than three days as they cause a rebound effect and you will end of with an additional health problem

    50. rebound, for I have found another champion for the blues this evening

    1. The faintest echo came to her, as if the most far off mountain had rebounded her call to her …

    2. Grindel's voice rebounded from the smooth walls of the strangely shaped chamber

    3. The words she had waited so long to hear rebounded around inside her head, but instead of filling her with happiness, they filled her with despair

    4. ” Conal’s shouts rebounded off the rocks as they raced down the centre of the cave, dragging Piers between them

    5. “Oh!” shouted Fred as a car spun off, and hit the wall, and rebounded, while a dozen other machines all swerved and braked to avoid collision and miss each other and the walls

    6. shrapnel rebounded ineffectively off its target, the impenetrable

    7. onto a piece of stubborn rock, large splinters came off and he could feel the vibration in his wrists as it rebounded back

    8. Jack’s head and it had rebounded off into the bushes at the back of the garden

    9. 30 And when Jashub came to fight with Judah, and was darting many arrows against Judah, the Lord bound the hand of Jashub, and all the arrows that he shot rebounded on his own men

    10. 30 And when Jashub came to fight with Judah and was darting many arrows against Judah the Lord bound the hand of Jashub and all the arrows that he shot rebounded on his own men

    11. treatment, and she had actually rebounded slightly

    12. ” said a man stopping the doors with his hand as the doors rebounded then reopened all the way as he stepped inside

    13. The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores

    14. A yell that had nothing of the human in its timbre rang from his lips as Conan rebounded from the bloody earth and seized the rein of a riderless horse that raced past him, throwing himself into the saddle without bringing the charger to a halt

    15. A familiar cry rang in his ears as he rebounded on his feet as a lynx rebounds with snarling bared fangs

    16. The kids being kids, rebounded quicker–they’d already explored what they could of the island; it wasn’t much more than 100 feet wide and 200 feet long, maybe half an acre in size and composed of hard granite shot with quartz

    17. Sancha, shrinking in the archway, was stunned by the noise and fury; she got a dazed impression of a whirling chaos in which steel flashed and hacked, arms tossed, snarling faces appeared and vanished, and straining bodies collided, rebounded, locked and mingled in a devil's dance of madness

    18. He blundered into the Cimmerian as the latter stopped dead, and rebounded from his brawny shoulders as though from an iron statue

    19. The next instant he was swept off his feet, lifted high above the Cimmerian's head—he writhed in midair for an instant, kicking and thrashing, and then was dashed headlong to the earth with such force that he rebounded, and then lay still, his limp posture telling of splintered limbs and a broken spine

    20. The screw was kind of looking at me funny so I covered my mouth and just as I did one of the packages flew out of my mouth, hit my hand and rebounded back into my mouth!

    21. The shiver that went through Donald's body echoed off his soles of his feet and rebounded back to his hair follicles

    22. Joey’s smile slackened a little, he rebounded by quickly saying, “That was really neat, though

    23. lower, but rebounded to try and test that point again on the 3rd and the 4th

    24. The market then rebounded with the

    25. His guffaw rebounded around the room, turning heads

    26. The uneasy echoes from their footfalls rebounded from the walls and reverberated into the distance until the sound was gone and replaced by the next set of echoes

    27. The door was thrown open with such force that it almost rebounded

    28. The crown rebounded after its brief, lethal flight and the empress caught it mid-air

    29. I cannot explain it, there is no physical wound; I can only guess that what was inflicted on him rebounded to me

    30. rebounded, but Azura smashed them into the ground relentlessly

    31. Darek tumbled into several crates, but rebounded

    32. The boy struggled against himself to understand why the blunted bullets rebounded back at him like feasting ants as they peppered his leg and thigh

    33. The blood-curdling yell of the guard who’d been lifted up by the others to check out the trap door rebounded up and down the 13-story chasm

    34. The hot piece of lead skimmed under the car and rebounded up the concrete ramp, sending the formation of pursuing guards back on their heels

    35. The dog leapt at the old convict, rebounded, stumbled and twirled then made a second attempt

    36. He rebounded like a rubber ball and ended up flat on his back in a clump of bushes

    37. A second later, the green man launched into the barrier and rebounded explosively

    38. Before she could even raise her shield in defense, the mighty paw rebounded off of a wall of dirt that shot up from the earth in front of her

    39. The havtrol’s wicked blade had rebounded off of the earthen wall with enough force to wrench it from its hands

    40. Electrical rays rebounded from the ground and twisted all around them before tapering off

    41. Her laughter rebounded from the distant walls left standing

    42. The deified Naga’s disciples sang incantations that echoed from afar as their droning rebounded off an unseen canopy

    43. Although we had the early lead, Wilton rebounded as good teams do, and dominated the

    44. She looked over to she Felix hastily retrieving his sword that appeared to have rebounded off one of the practice dummies and gone skidding across the courtyard

    45. The axe rebounded off the great armoured plates and was thrown from Indio’s hands, landing just a few meters from Ariella

    46. This was the reason why Germany rebounded so fast

    47. Motionless, Brandor’s words rebounded around the group, implying Hanor could not

    48. A pervasive hum rebounded within the cavern and the zarlons looked around in alarm at the unusual course of events

    49. Three months later, standing in the Rose Garden at 10:55 on a sultry Washington summer morning, Ronald Reagan shows that he has rebounded from the shooting—and is not a man to be taken lightly

    50. During the 1985–1987 investigations, Reagan’s personal approval rating dropped from 67 to 46 percent but later rebounded

    1. Tristan saw that his ball lay back at the tee and studying the angles carefully, saw that by using a rebounding effect of the side boards success could still be his

    2. "THE SACRED ROOTS HAVE BEEN STOLEN!" he shouted, his voice rebounding from the nearby rock face

    3. bastard!" I screamed at the top of my voice, my shouts rebounding from the bank's impressive façade, echoing up and down the deserted street

    4. We rode the slick, and we rode the curb, but we couldn't ride the car spinning round and rebounding to land on us as we rode to safety, and Rosie was the one who was trashed under the Porsche

    5. rebounding of the neutrons occur in about one second

    6. The rebounding of the ball of neutrons sends a

    7. The American automakers experienced a long, steady market share loss, only to start rebounding in the early 1990s

    8. Rebounding from the impact that would have splintered the bones of a lesser man, he ripped away the tapestry revealing what appeared to be a blank wall

    9. The keen edge had rung on the mighty body as on an anvil, rebounding without cutting

    10. The front wheel of the bike snapped apart, the screws rebounding off the asphalt

    11. But he could still hear the Chief Secretary’s lecture rebounding inside his head

    12. My exercise routine had all but vanished in recent months, years if I was to be honest, so the chances of my rebounding confidently and accepting any challenge were limited to say the least

    13. Rebounding around the room before returning to a shocked Nole, he could hardly

    14. In her head she seemed to feel the floor of the ball-room rebounding again beneath the rhythmical pulsation of the thousands of dancing feet

    15. He was yet speaking, when a crashing sound was heard, and a cannon-ball entered the thicket, striking the body of a sapling, and rebounding to the earth, its force being much expended by previous resistance

    16. It appears Dublin is rebounding far more quickly than most cities

    17. ‘Actual Space Hopper levels of rebounding

    18. The face of that armor had been dimpled by literally hundreds of rebounding round shot, and some of those round shot had found their way inboard through gunports

    19. Under her window there was a beehive, and sometimes the bees wheeling round in the light struck against her window like rebounding balls of gold

    20. Chief among them: Even though I was rebounding more quickly, were my self-recriminations over my job performance a sign that I was somehow a JV meditator? Should mindfulness be more effective at extinguishing this kind of thing?

    21. 50 before rebounding to $31

    22. 3 shows the dramatic fall of RSX in 2008 before rebounding in 2009

    23. Assets allocated to HFs grew quickly in the 2000s, peaking above $2 trillion in early 2008 and then falling by nearly half over a year of losses and redemptions, before rebounding again

    24. Instead of rebounding on September 7 as much of the rest of the market did, however, FTR gapped down

    25. The sight of this short chubby man, whose movements recalled those of a ball rebounding from wall to wall, was an extremely odd one

    1. It is the belief that any volitional act you perform eventually rebounds to you in some way

    2. It is said that the mountains, the forests and the bottom of the Glacier Bay Sea rise one and a half inches per year as the land rebounds from the weight of the glaciers that melt

    3. all the medications, the headache pain returns or rebounds

    4. When the body is finally clear of all the medications, the headache pain returns or rebounds

    5. A familiar cry rang in his ears as he rebounded on his feet as a lynx rebounds with snarling bared fangs

    6. The rock bounces off Grailem as if he was made of rubber and rebounds directly back to the huge brute

    7. "Reorganize!" This he does, and the company quickly rebounds

    8. You always have the hots for rebounds," he mused

    9. rebounds, giving assists, running the offences and totally

    10. He didn’t realize that more often than not, such rebounds involved overlaps rather than a gap, even if the gap was measured in minutes

    11. Ryodan shoots Fade a look he rebounds with a snarl, but he settles into moving like the rest of us

    12. Better yet, your steady buying at lower prices would build the base for an explosive recovery when the market rebounds

    13. Some of the rebounds off their lows in financial stocks such as American International Group (AIG), shown in Figure 4

    14. I believe as the economy rebounds and the baby boomers age, it will be inevitable that sales will begin to pick up again

    15. The bullish Meeting Line is somewhat similar in concept to the bullish Piercing Line, with the difference being the amount the second day rebounds

    16. It is the level at which the falling price finds support in the market; it is deemed to be more credible if the price rebounds from this level more than once

    17. The blow which it deals rebounds upon it

    18. Or the Dow closes down 2% and then rebounds the next day

    19. If it rebounds, fine

    20. Spreadsheets make everything look linear and controlled, but the real world oscillates, overshoots, collapses, and rebounds

    21. The severest pointed harpoon, the sharpest lance darted by the strongest human arm, impotently rebounds from it

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