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    1. The probes swirl around you, mapping a three dimensional computer representation of you as you walk

    2. That representation is then stored in our computers and cross referenced whenever we need to find out where you are in the world,” Ackers said as he walked, never slowing his pace

    3. As Ackers spoke, a three dimensional representation of the building came up on the screen

    4. It was a very good representation of the environment the mortal humans on the planet below lived in, she wondered if they had planted nano instruments that allowed one to converse with people on the planet below in real time

    5. "That’s a spoofed sensory representation of how hot they’re running

    6. material is only a representation of something far more

    7. They have been somehow taken out of Israel and made into something different, but all the while they are now the deeper representation of Israel

    8. desirable than equality of representation

    9. accuracy of the representation but, if it was correct, then the

    10. picture showed a fair representation, he had been given to understand,

    11. 'If you were to send a formal representation, you’d

    12. Each of these centers, mentioned thus far, also have a representation in the physiology of the human brain complex, as does the intellectual center, that great repository of potential connections in the gray matter of the noggin

    13. A real mathematical representation of all those otherwise confusing labels the older man had been referring to all this time in their discussions

    14. She had to use the three-d reality Earth Mortal personification to come here, one that was a very good representation of what her mortal person had looked like the year she was killed, maybe a little more shape, a little smoother and with hair a tad bit loosened from the ‘fro she’d worn at the time

    15. "Is there any real representation of your home among you?"

    16. In contrast the equipment she taught was pretty modern, a good representation of what you would find out there in the medium to large prosperous halls all over the city

    17. representation of the Annunciation! As the bells in the old

    18. “The blood of someone is the most significant representation of that person

    19. The tattoo was the physical representation that demonstrated my acceptance of my lineage

    20. Izzy took her place by the representation of air, while I closed off the outer circle

    21. Hence the origin of the representation of burghs in the states-general of all great monarchies in Europe

    22. Your internal model of the world, while not a perfect representation of it, usually enables you to get from Point A to Point B in reality without much trouble

    23. It was of importance to Columbus, however, that the countries which he had discovered, whatever they were, should be represented to the court of Spain as of very great consequence ; and, in what constitutes the real riches of every country, the animal and vegetable productions of the soil, there was at that time nothing which could well justify such a representation of them

    24. Finding nothing, either in the animals or vegetables of the newly discovered countries which could justify a very advantageous representation of them, Columbus turned his view towards their minerals; and in the richness of their productions of this third kingdom, he flattered himself he had found a full compensation for the insignificancy of those of the other two

    25. Sugar was originally an enumerated commodity, which could only be exported to Great Britain; but in 1751, upon a representation of the sugar-planters, its exportation was permitted to all parts of the world

    26. The colony assemblies, though, like the house of commons in England, they are not always a very equal representation of the people, yet they approach more nearly to that character ; and as the executive power either has not the means to corrupt them, or, on account of the support which it receives from the mother country, is not under the necessity of doing so, they are, perhaps, in general more influenced by the inclinations of their constituents

    27. The idea of representation was unknown in ancient times

    28. The following observations may serve to shew the impropriety of this representation : ˜

    29. had a visual representation on the laptop screen, an avatar, a handsome yet slightly cartoonish face that lip-synced with the words coming from the

    30. “Why the Cathedral Monsieur it is truly a gothic representation of magnificence I would advise you to visit it if you have the time

    31. This, however, could scarce, perhaps, be done, consistently with the principles of the British constitution, without admitting into the British parliament, or, if you will, into the states-general of the British empire, a fair and equal representation of all those different provinces ; that of each province bearing the same proportion to the produce of its taxes, as the representation of Great Britain might bear to the produce of the taxes levied upon Great Britain

    32. Taxation Without Representation, n

    33. 'charismatic energy' as if you were in a Sci-fi movie where you can see the smoky visual representation of energy leaving from your body to their body

    34. This seemed no more than a dream, a poor representation of reality – a low grade TIAR

    35. All this was somehow a representation of their departure from TIAR

    36. Response: A very serious one indeed! Although I am not opposed to this practice in principle, (its historical origins as they relate to proportional ethnic/racial representation have been well documented), even its most ardent detractors, however, must applaud the creative resourcefulness of those responsible for engineering such elaborate arrangements that have given rise to disproportionate (racial) representation rising well above of the national average

    37. The Constitution protected the slave trade for twenty years and gave slave owning states greater representation in Congress

    38. He said that he already has some very good legal representation that is helping him out just fine

    39. The man had good legal representation, but had still been facing almost certain conviction with prison sentence of ten to twelve years

    40. If their long-held belief concerning the serpent was as a symbol for evil, why would these people feel more secure in the understanding that this representation was produced to protect them? Yet the Bible insists that God told Moses to do it

    41. In Egypt the serpent-on-a-pole wrapped around a solar disk was the emblem of the tyrant god Amun-Re, and his physical representation, pharaoh

    42. His great use of symbolic representation to try to “draw back the veil” of understanding of a “time, after his time” seems so tortured, it’s no wonder that it almost didn’t make the cut into Canon

    43. This appalling vision of a god so uncaring eventually led to a kinder gentler representation that progressed through a chimera of previous animal versions, finally leading to a more humanlike, then more approachable human stand-in

    44. With this he appears to deny vocal articulation to any but humans as he connects this with speech or linguistics, that is, the symbolic representation of specifics of the environment through an agreed-upon combination of sounds

    45. While not expressly labeling it angelic the descriptions bear a good resemblance to the previous cherubim representation

    46. From early childhood he recognizes his image as a representation of himself…Awareness of self could have been the beginning of future abstract thought…Somewhere within that miasma of inherited change…(from a fortuitous notice of a naturally sharp edge to purposeful manufacture) Man continued the sharpening of his tools of survival

    47. In the greatness of the antiquity before the first recognized city-state in Mesopotamia called Ur, small communities along the Tigress and Euphrates river plain, among many others elsewhere, are thought to have coalesced around a favorite family or clan representation

    48. Also, it accomplishes the truthful democracy without there is political representation

    49. The more free-soil states there were, the more the slave-based Southern states felt isolated, with less representation in Washington

    50. That compromise was all about taxes and representation in the Congress

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