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    1. The ones he opposed would establish a boundary and cut off all but rudimentary contact with local society

    2. For example, its most mechanically basic rudimentary function is no less than Reason itself

    3. The marine had then taken the fishing line that Conradie had supplied and set up a rudimentary alarm system

    4. ‘This dog thing seems to have only two or three rudimentary thoughts; food, water and love

    5. ‘They receive rudimentary reading, writing and arithmetic skills

    6. ‘For a psychiatrist your understanding is somewhat rudimentary

    7. And now he was presented with something of which he had no understanding or at least only the most rudimentary knowledge

    8. Though thought is advertised as instant, it does take a little time to formulate in a thing as rudimentary as the human brain

    9. All I have to base my conjectures upon is rudimentary knowledge of common practices and some plain old good sense

    10. After rudimentary attempts at conversation, Colling gave up and took out a copy of For Whom the Bell Tolls that he had found among Cousin Jerry’s things, and read while his escort sat stoically, his PPSh sub-machine gun in his lap, staring fixedly out the window

    11. Many of his sharp stones have been left behind as a witness to the genesis of his rudimentary technology

    12. All names by which Man has addressed Me have been rudimentary, but have been answered as if they were wholly sufficient! From the first ones that are now beyond your recollection, through all that are still within your memory, I have honored, except for those that have drawn Man away from I Am!

    13. “It’s a little rudimentary, but this book helped to teach me what it is to be human,” he says

    14. rudimentary, but the flanking maneuver had been invented! Jason wondered if this was akin to what the jump shot had done for basketball

    15. I immediately sat down with Colon to give him a short course in essential Mongol while he gave me a rudimentary course in Casteyano

    16. and laid all around in various states of construction as Chin worked feverishly to build a rudimentary half raft/half boat

    17. be very similar in a very rudimentary way, and that is all there is to

    18. “Watch the hills and dunes and don’t touch the water!” Moshe remembered warning as he slowly rode up to the nearest woman asking in his very rudimentary knowledge of their variation of the local language, “Are you ill?”

    19. slowly rode up to the nearest woman asking in his very rudimentary knowledge of their

    20. “The English language is so rudimentary

    21. it has to fall back on its most rudimentary foundation

    22. The graphical design ranges from rudimentary to nonexistent

    23. They were sensitive creatures that lived in perfect communion with the ground and cultivated vegetables and fruits in a very rudimentary way

    24. Due to the rudimentary conditions of the place, I took his turban, made a ball then placed under his head as a pillow

    25. This could well be the harbinger of life on earth, though in its rudimentary form

    26. They communicated with each other in some fashion and seemed to have a rudimentary intelligence

    27. They were each accompanied by a young lady, or to be more accurate, two fully functioning geisha girl manikins that were attempting to mix and serve their drinks and provide some rudimentary conversation

    28. She was surprised to find a familiar shape on the edge of the rudimentary flight line

    29. Her flight engineer was assisting in the construction of a rudimentary operating suite

    30. Candice began the rudimentary stages of her writing, at the age of thirteen, composing essays

    31. We are not currently using it, although I had always planned to use it at least in its most rudimentary form as soon as we had finished other, more basic, training

    32. one of the first rudimentary WYSIWYG editors

    33. including but not limited to playing rudimentary tunes on a 4-

    34. in rudimentary diction, and in the plot,

    35. Nevertheless the rudimentary skills should not be neglected just because any of these calculations can be carried out with the personal computer

    36. The American heavy guns only had rudimentary fire control systems and were mostly of old manufacture, things that had hurt their long range accuracy

    37. � Sitting besides the wounded nurse, now lying on a stretcher and with Price applying a rudimentary splint on her broken leg, Nancy gently caressed the woman�s hair

    38. The airfield installations were rudimentary, to say the least, and were exposed to the wind blowing from the nearby sea

    39. His grasp of grammar was rudimentary at best (and that's being generous)

    40. Rudimentary training bases were set up for seven-day courses on kamikaze tactics

    41. During this time, the increasing computing power of personal computers began to allow rudimentary 3D graphics

    42. The problem is that the airfield in Wau is a short, rudimentary strip blocked at one end by a mountain, which makes landings very tricky, even for C-47s

    43. As for ground routes, there is only a series of rudimentary trails and creeks that can be used, but they cannot be used by motor vehicles

    44. Apart from being even more fit physically and being stronger, Elizabeth was by then highly educated, with advanced degrees and competences in sciences and applied technologies that contrasted with the rudimentary and very basic education she had received at the palace in her youth

    45. While she and Shanandar had been spending some significant time to learn each other’s language, both spoken and written, like many other humans and Koorivars had been doing in the last month, her level of proficiency in Koorivarese was still very rudimentary and limited to a few key words and expressions

    46. You won’t get Shakespear from the apes, but you will clearly recognize that there is a rudimentary intelligence in these species

    47. What sadist puts rudimentary stick figures both wearing skirts on either door! God, were we back back in Scotland! Hadn't these people even heard of trousers, I mean, how backward were they? Then again, Mark confided, he'd always fancied himself in a skirt- of the manly kilt variety obviously he hastily added

    48. This principle, regardless of how rudimentary its manifestation may be, forms the structure of experience for all forms of life, from the mineral kingdom, up

    49. Everything in existence is conscious, regardless of how rudimentary the consciousness may be

    50. It was hard to see much in the hut – the candle in the corner was too small to throw out much light – but they could make out a rudimentary table, with a bundle of rags behind it

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    rudimentary vestigial fundamental underlying undeveloped primitive elementary imperfect embryonic abortive basic initial rudimental