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    1. In this chapter, I will cover some basic methods of making your own organic fertilizers while showing you how we can help the earth (soil) reestablish the balance and restore the natural process by harness-

    2. However, individuals need to note that there is one basic difference between Medical insurance and the CI rider

    3. Lets go over the basic steps together

    4. The basic idea is to provide for the ants a feeding center, see Ant Cafes™ chapter one

    5. The following is a Basic Yoga Session for the Elderly

    6. A genuine spiritual practice isn't about beliefs, nor is it about fitting in with others, nor is it anything to do with being 'saved' by anything other than your own effort and basic goodness and honesty

    7. Very basic it was, but I didn’t miss any of the stuff in storage … I recall I made a decision to get rid of all the clutter once we got it all back, but you know how it is … you never get round to it, or else it has sentimental value and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out

    8. That was guaranteed in the most basic wiring

    9. The human society, in whole, is structured upon this basic relation of interdependence between vampires and victims

    10. Whenever the muscular twitch in my groin, the inevitable and basic urge to pee, eventually broke through the layers of hallucination, it was a relief to have to think of something so utterly and basically animalistic

    11. Ridges of crumbling stone and cement bit into the thin skin covering my knees and I waited, letting the reality of this simple and basic reaction to the physical world wash through me

    12. The basic reason for the divorce is hunger: If Anthony provided his family with a minimum sum of money, Alice would never leave him

    13. Why me? What did they want? Didn’t they realise I was Lebanese? Why were they holding me when they’d made such a simple, basic mistake? Did my parents know where I was? Didn’t they know that they could trust me, that I wouldn’t say a word?

    14. As with Smiler and his off-hand brutality, the basic pattern of my existence shifted and I accepted the relative kindness of The Kid over the next couple of days

    15. Then, full of arrogance, she claims it is very easy for a travelling salesman to earn as much as 600,000 drachmas per month, whereas the basic salary of an office employee is no more than 140,000 drachmas

    16. He methodically took basic observations

    17. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    18. Human Nature and Fate: The three basic components of the human soul are Wickedness, Cunning and Lust

    19. In the end I decided that a basic sign was all that was needed

    20. The chain fixed to my wrist was a problem, but I found that I could do basic press-ups and squats

    21. "There is a lot of basic knowledge…"

    22. It stands to basic human reasoning given that we as conscious beings experience everything through a beginning and an end

    23. For the lack of even these basic truths, we need to reexamine the faith

    24. Then was to follow all the basic requirements of

    25. Luray wanted a look at Alan's foot, and tut-tutted his objections, "After my adventure, Oliar made sure I knew good basic healing to tend to him

    26. He knew the basic design he wanted,

    27. On its basic sense, fibre is an example of complex carbohydrate that is relatively essential in the absorption of the other nutrients into the body

    28. of sheet metal, folded and stamped into the basic flow

    29. Remember the basic principle regarding the relief of aching legs and feet

    30. Yogamudra, one of the basic Yoga asanas, is essentially a cleansing exercise, both of the system and of the mind

    31. One of the basic Yoga asanas, it stretches the vertebrae to the maximum, and subjects the abdomen and its organs and muscles to a powerful massage

    32. Why, I wonder, did we abandon honey, nature’s most nutritious sweet food, in favour of dry, sterile, refined sugars? I am afraid that there can be only one answer—sheer ignorance of the basic needs and capabilities of the human organism

    33. To conclude I will list the five basic Yoga rules for the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease

    34. She was a lot less intellectual than Alan, not quite what one would call limited, but other than pop culture and basic reading and writing, she wasn't educated and she certainly wasn't the deep thinker that he was

    35. Berndt produces some oil and herbs and, although I daresay our meal would be considered pretty basic by virtually anyone, it tastes delicious after a morning riding through the pouring rain

    36. This is only the basic potential of online dating websites that offer to new members special services

    37. To say that they are basic would be to stretch the meaning of the word to its limits

    38. Encapsulating in the mechanisms of storage, retrieval and query is the most basic feature of a Repository

    39. "At the very basic level,"Ava continued, "impulses travel these circuits in a steady state, the pulses circle their group of neurons and the pseudo-particle that emulates does not undergo a state change

    40. All faith-based and community groups that receive Federal funds are subject to basic audit requirements

    41. ‖ There are many ways of stating the contrasting choice that each moment offers, but the basic idea is the same: you can live from a positive life-affirming place or in a mode of negativity and protection

    42. basic level, everything that exists is made of the same

    43. It takes about three quarters of an hour to drive from Naples to Sorrento and was it an education … I daresay I shall become accustomed to driving over here but believe me it is crazy! The basic rule of the road seems to be ‘go for it’ and they obey this one regardless of commonsense, consideration for other drivers or even practicality

    44. A basic law of physics states that whenever electrical

    45. Tips on the Basic Arm Test

    46. forms of testing, from the Sway Test to the Basic Arm

    47. The Basic Arm Test, 157-159, 173

    48. They already knew those basic outlines, there was little detail she could fill in

    49. In clubs where people we so equipped, the club of their choice was broadcast to their brain, each user could set their room as they wished, something Ava couldn’t provide in her universe as there was only one final scene generator per soul in the basic architecture

    50. She was glad that two hours was only enough time for the basic theory of operation and a block diagram of a typical simulate installation

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