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    1. “I have a client who thinks there’s a serial killer in the streets

    2. You could just as easily have a vigilante zombie killer as you could have a serial killer… you hadn’t thought of this?

    3. But all the while, it astounded me how this serial killer turned out to be such a strong factor in the manner in which my parents raised me

    4. there was that serial burglar who was as guilty as hell

    5. 'the serial killer cut off his tattoos'

    6. ” Delurna knew those records were part of his duties, it had been Kemberra who wrote down the serial number when the bottle was signed out

    7. He screamed and threatened, but Jorma didn’t care, it might be evidence, it had a serial number etched into the glass so something of importance must have been in it

    8. traveling to confront a serial killer

    9. had it with all this aliens and serial killers and fucking secret agent bullshit

    10. Was this 'Name, Rank, and Serial Number' time? Was the fact that his hand covered the cancel button the user interface's way of telling her the base had already been taken over? What should she tell him? What would it matter? He was in her living space, a subset of her data space

    11. These books I had at home, gave all the makes and serial numbers of all main watches over the last two hundred years and fortunately the book itemized the approximate value of these various watches, I guess to help insurance valuation

    12. It started off very low the auctioneer said it had no name and no serial numbers, he said as the gun metal was dark in appearance he suspected it was a pocket watch used in the great war

    13. It was an odd moniker to attach to a serial killer as he was neither a gentleman, nor did he in fact, ever kill gentlemen

    14. Rapists and serial killers will fall into the same medical category: they suffer from a disorder that affects behavior

    15. That remains my favourite serial

    16. To see a serial killer in your dream represents fear and insecurity

    17. If you dream of a famous serial killer, then consider the mo or characteristic of that killer and how it applies to your own life

    18. "The Tri-Surgeon is an independent serial killer, who's not affiliated with any of the mob gangs

    19. According to the nurse’s log and serial numbers on the bag, it should have been mortal blood

    20. Men are the serial killers

    21. Mediocure president and serial adulterer

    22. I've seen some descriptions of charisma that suggest sociopaths, cult leaders and serial killers have charisma, that's not what I'm referring to

    23. This was what they believed even if the person shot was a serial killer! (We have more of those in South Africa than the rest of the world combined

    24. ) And if you shot someone at too close a range it would leave powder marks on his clothing and/or body, leading to the courtroom scenario: “Please explain to the court why you executed the poor serial killer whose human rights you have cruelly abused in doing so

    25. It merely imitates life in a manner that, however vague, is predicated on pictorial observations combined with (subjective) serial impressions formed by an individual over the course of his or her lifetime; that is to say, based on that individual‘s pre-conceived ideas

    26. He could have been some kind of serial killer rapist or something

    27. He was a serial killer, with gaps as long as six years between his bombings

    28. The serial number was, LKOT-00945376, and it was an Honest Joopi’s cab, number fourteen

    29. After trying them on and finding them a perfect fit, he packed Peterson’s uniforms into the B-4 bag, using olive-drab tape to mask the lieutenant’s name and serial number painted on its sides

    30. The only difference with the money he carried was that the serial numbers were not recorded by Vietnam’s Government

    31. I got a look at it only because I told the clerk that I was trying to track down a vehicle theft and wanted the serial number off the jeep to make sure I had all of ‘em accounted for

    32. The choice was stark, die now, many times horribly, or live through the humiliating serial recantations

    33. You would’ve thought I was a serial killer or something by the sheer number of cruisers I saw down on the ground

    34. Out of the serial “duality” of Man’s ancient belief systems, as they ascended the “ladder of time” into what is generally termed religion in more recent times, there again arose a new order

    35. As the imperfections of this kind of witness increased through serial repetition, I would try again with either him or others for the clarification needed

    36. Once Salisbury had committed the first murder, many of the members thought it would be hilarious to kill more prostitutes and give the impression that a serial killer was on the rampage in the East End

    37. When we got back downstairs I checked the serial numbers of the two sets we recovered, in case the one Chelsea had purchased was moved to the living room, but no luck

    38. A religious fanatic serial killer, who hates rock music, tries to shut down the concert industry

    39. have a serial killer on the loose!”

    40. there was a serial killer on the loose

    41. moment but it would appear we may have a serial killer on the

    42. The police couldn’t say for sure if it was a serial killer on the

    43. “Well, I’m not a serial killer if that’s what you’re worried about”

    44. We shall presently be reduced to a vocabulary like that of the college woman drawn into serial drunken “hookups” for the night

    45. It wasn't until twelve days later, when a third, dismembered body was found, that investigators realized they had a serial killer on the loose

    46. There are two serial connections between R1 and R3

    47. cost load sharing because of IGRP’s bandwidth assumption - that all serial interfaces are

    48. IGRP’s assumption that all serial lines run at 1544 KBPS is overridden by the bandwidth

    49. serial, ethernet, and BRI, among others - there's one logical interface you need to know

    50. R1’s Serial physical interface

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