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Serial in a sentence | serial example sentences

  1. He was a serial killer, a.
  2. Men are the serial killers.
  3. I’m a serial bank robber, a.
  4. That remains my favourite serial.
  5. But he was not the serial killer.
  6. It could have been a serial killer.
  7. The company is a serial acquirer.
  8. Serial Maturities as an Alternative.
  9. Most serial killers when caught and.
  10. The latter is called serial homology.
  11. I finished the ‘Diary of a Serial.
  12. We learn to fear cannibalistic serial.
  13. Should serial killers be put to death?
  14. Mediocure president and serial adulterer.
  15. The serial killings were all over the news.
  16. On the other end would be serial acquirers.
  17. As far as I knew, he could've been a serial.
  18. There was this serial killer in eighty-eight.
  19. I hope we didn’t have a serial on our hands.
  20. What is the age range of most serial killers?
  21. A legal serial killer internationally accepted.
  22. Serial killings and child rape get to the head.
  23. I think it could be our serial killer again!.
  24. Some types of serial killers may merely have a <.
  25. There are two serial connections between R1 and R3.
  26. I believe this could be a serial kidnapper now.
  27. She even found one online just for serial killers.
  28. Do we have the serial numbers on their ships?
  29. Ebay where the 20 wireless cameras match the serial.
  30. Most serial killers when caught and questioned, 35.
  31. Burger King Restaurant or the chain on a serial basis.
  32. This was without doubt, one of the serial killer’s.
  33. Temperature readings are said to be serial correlated.
  34. What motives do serial killers have for their actions?
  35. And it was manifestly not a serial killer, per the Post.
  36. You talk—they obviously think I’m a serial killer.
  37. He is a serial murder, with the intelligence of a genius.
  38. David said it was an expensive watch with a serial number.
  39. You’re the only key to this mysterious serial killer.
  40. Still, there’s no school for serial killers, is there?
  41. Shame about the girl but you can’t have serial killings.
  42. It is the social act of serial assassination by degradation.
  43. These sequences of serial and reverse order are experienced.
  44. She’s our serial killer and we just have to prove it!.
  45. A serial killer’s secret way of bragging about her victims.
  46. Sweetheart? I think I’ve got a lead on the serial rapist.
  47. Maybe he was sent here for being a serial killer, he thought.
  48. Even then he feared that a serial killer might be responsible.
  49. Are men more likely to be a serial killer than a woman could?
  50. These types of businesses are often serial restructurers as well.
  51. However, it is not merely a case of a serial killer on the loose.
  52. I made a determination that we were dealing with a serial killer.
  53. Would you quit stroking that think, you look like a serial killer.
  54. He could have been some kind of serial killer rapist or something.
  55. How Many Serial Killers Are There in Canada? Working for the RCMP?
  56. Volatility seems to exhibit this serial correlation characteristic.
  57. Legalised serial killing on a huge scale throughout the centuries.
  58. I have always been fascinated with the histories of serial killers.
  59. Serial killers are mostly white males in their twenties or thirties.
  60. The serial number for each is written on the outside of the folder.
  61. The police couldn’t say for sure if it was a serial killer on the.
  62. Rob had fronted the Commissioner with an update on the serial killer.
  63. Should serial killers be placed in a mental institution or prison?
  64. Do you think the man in police custody is the serial killer?
  65. I’m not ready to believe our chief of police is a serial killer.
  66. Ainura rarely had time to sit down to watch the serial without doing.
  67. Name? Rank? Serial number? They popped up like displays on a console.
  68. Kind of a reach, isn’t it? Serial killing, securities fraud….
  69. Well within the capabilities of the serial killer to disguise herself.
  71. White, I think you know that the serial number of the gun you sold Mr.
  72. Even the worst serial killers in history have cracked sooner or later.
  73. I have a client who thinks there’s a serial killer in the streets.
  74. To see a serial killer in your dream represents fear and insecurity.
  75. I do not think that slow serial fixes is the way to go for timeliness.
  76. But to tell the truth, serial killers watch the same TV shows we do.
  77. Converts an Excel date / time serial number to the day of a month EDATE.
  78. Returns the Excel date / time serial number of the current date and time.
  79. Although some serial killers are motivated by sex that is not true of all.
  80. A serial killer is a sociopath who needs CCTV camera to track his behavior.
  81. Probably even mentioned that he suspects me being the daisy serial killer.
  82. Maguire and Walden were sure it was the serial killer who had struck again.
  83. Before a serial killer tracked his entire family down and murdered them.
  84. R2 advertises its loopback address to R1’s Serial interface, as does R3.
  85. Just like many serial rapists are attracted to the purest unraped children.
  86. He sincerely hoped that the man would be serial raped and then rot in jail.
  87. This serial killer does not fit the mould of the normal serial killer.
  88. Information that might lead to the arrest of the serial killer had dried up.
  89. He was a serial killer, with gaps as long as six years between his bombings.
  90. See this book: How Many Serial Killers Are There in Canada? Working for the.
  91. Maria at Camp Crame regarding the serial murders and the foiled bomb threat.
  92. It was hard to come and talk to this kidnapper, child-killer, serial killer.
  93. From what I can see, your serial killer plans everything to the last detail.
  94. In time, he would become the most infamous serial killer of the 21st century.
  95. Well, I’m not a serial killer if that’s what you’re worried about.
  96. She was of the wrong ethnic origin for her to be considered the serial killer.
  97. A new assignment for starters: a serial up in Maine and Vermont of all places.
  98. But it has to be said not everyone is convinced the serial killer is in custody.
  99. When a serial killer is afraid to be caught he either goes hiding or on the run.
  100. Serial maturities are also frequently employed in state and municipal financing.

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