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    1. “I have a client who thinks there’s a serial killer in the streets

    2. You could just as easily have a vigilante zombie killer as you could have a serial killer… you hadn’t thought of this?

    3. But all the while, it astounded me how this serial killer turned out to be such a strong factor in the manner in which my parents raised me

    4. there was that serial burglar who was as guilty as hell

    5. 'the serial killer cut off his tattoos'

    6. ” Delurna knew those records were part of his duties, it had been Kemberra who wrote down the serial number when the bottle was signed out

    7. He screamed and threatened, but Jorma didn’t care, it might be evidence, it had a serial number etched into the glass so something of importance must have been in it

    8. traveling to confront a serial killer

    9. had it with all this aliens and serial killers and fucking secret agent bullshit

    10. Was this 'Name, Rank, and Serial Number' time? Was the fact that his hand covered the cancel button the user interface's way of telling her the base had already been taken over? What should she tell him? What would it matter? He was in her living space, a subset of her data space

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    Synonyms for "serial"

    serial serial publication series consecutive sequent sequential successive in series nonparallel in a series instalment continued one after another continuing

    "serial" definitions

    a serialized set of programs

    a periodical that appears at scheduled times

    in regular succession without gaps

    pertaining to or composed in serial technique

    pertaining to or occurring in or producing a series

    of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations