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    1. · Not letting little things bother to an extent that is unrelated to its seriousness

    2. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    3. Jim offers to call a doctor, but the Inspector says that he thinks the best way round it is to take Joan down to the police station and get the police doctor to have a look at her, if only so that she’ll appreciate the seriousness of the situation

    4. What does she mean by that? 25 August … hang on, surely that wasn’t the day she had the abortion? Oh, how awful for her! Sounds as though she had more than an inkling about the seriousness of her condition though

    5. The seriousness in his voice stopped the smile on her face and she nodded

    6. He put his hand over hers and her lips curled with a little less seriousness

    7. In the first place it was Belle who told them the story of the Guang donkey and the explanation of their purpose and the seriousness of their choices

    8. There was far more going on here than a simple infatuation gone bad, and she had to get her mind off of that and onto the seriousness of the situation

    9. It was a nice day for a walk through the forest, though this no less changed the seriousness of their mission

    10. seemed to realise the seriousness of his predicament and

    11. seriousness of the statement – not to mention the attitude

    12. warden seemed to silently acknowledge the seriousness of

    13. ” Her heart was beating furiously in her chest as she realised the seriousness of her action – she had just committed her love and life to Zarko!

    14. Crissy could see the seriousness on Helez’s face and the determination in her eyes

    15. But I will only do it when you’re ready,” he assured her as he looked at her in all seriousness

    16. “If I could have my way, I’d like it to be soon,” Zarko said as he looked at Helez in all seriousness

    17. On the other hand, depending on the seriousness of the decision, and the level of trust between the two parties, a simple handshake and verbal agreement may be all that is needed

    18. I really don’t think the seriousness and absolute finality of the situation had sunken in yet I must still have been in a case of shock

    19. He was just beginning to catch the note of absolute conviction and seriousness of the situation coming across in his Aunts voice and her silences

    20. A cadet asked with all seriousness where the gas (powder fumes not fuel) had to be topped off on our rifles ensuring that the next round fed correctly after every shot

    21. “I see you’re regarding this with the utmost seriousness,” Amaranthe said

    22. General Shafter had realised the seriousness of the position to which his army had plunged with such loss

    23. “So, we have a pair of final contenders,” she commented quietly, her usual levity tempered by a note of seriousness

    24. Because so was I,” he said, shifting with his usual swiftness back to seriousness again

    25. “Whose did you think it was?” she asked in seriousness, catching onto my sudden turn of mood

    26. She giggled again, then composed her features in mock seriousness

    27. “We look well together, my dear, if you don’t mind my saying so,” he said with exaggerated seriousness

    28. The Arch-minister was smiling, sipping almost indifferently at his uwe when the General sighed and replied in as much seriousness as he could muster:

    29. Hilderich then spoke mesmerized, with grave seriousness in his every word:

    30. upon her unless in a matter of great seriousness, she

    31. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:

    32. practical girl, so I hope the cloths you are having made will be worthy of the seriousness of this trip

    33. Andy looked at him with a blank expression and replied in all seriousness:

    34. The seriousness of his words had made several of the others in the hall bend their heads

    35. He smiled in spite of the seriousness of his voice

    36. The seriousness was hidden behind his smile, but she did not doubt that he meant what he said

    37. the church, we felt quite certain that there was no seriousness about

    38. As prime living space in fertile valleys filled, competition for the best sites grew in seriousness

    39. prehensive national homeless study that identifies the seriousness of

    40. And there goes the unconsciousness, not being aware of the seriousness of the threat; how serious, delicate and dangerous it is to contradict what God says

    41. This paragraph clearly shows the mercy of a loving father; even after such disobedience and the seriousness of these actions, God dresses them, gives them garments of skin -to replace the loincloth of leaves they had done

    42. As he once again turned to the army, she saw the seriousness in his gaze

    43. You should see that the purpose of life is to evolve and your actions should reflect that with seriousness and promptness

    44. announced this they upgraded the level of seriousness from a level 1 to a level 3 on the

    45. His interviewer stood there with all seriousness as he spoke,

    46. Vic could turn from laughter to all seriousness in an instant

    47. Her expression changed to seriousness now as she placed herself on the chair opposite

    48. The haughty intellectual, contrary to his pretensions, in fact often exists on about the same level of seriousness as one of the characters in Hibbs’ popular shows

    49. Undoubtedly, a seriousness of task and outcome had taken over, the leather on my

    50. Can you understand the absurdity and the seriousness of this lie? That would mean that if someone was, say, fifty years old and could travel forty years into the past, he could meet himself as a child

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    earnestness serious-mindedness seriousness sincerity distressfulness earnest solemnity gravity sobriety