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    1. people felt that all caution and sobriety could be thrown out the

    2. It deserves to be remarked, too, that if we consult experience, the cheapness of wine seems to be a cause, not of drunkenness, but of sobriety

    3. Were the duties upon foreign wines, and the excises upon malt, beer, and ale, to be taken away all at once, it might, in the same manner, occasion in Great Britain a pretty general and temporary drunkenness among the middling and inferior ranks of people, which would probably be soon followed by a permanent and almost universal sobriety

    4. She made him do the whole field sobriety thing

    5. The avatar of Centron made another motion that could resemble someone giggling, but after looking at Hilderich’s red-faced expression he spoke with much more sobriety:

    6. I messed up badly raising Will and Mike with three and one-half years’ sobriety when Dixie died! Mom did give me $5k when Dad’s sister Lillian finally died in Atlanta

    7. At Christmas 1985, I was very shaky in early sobriety being only a few days out of rehab

    8. But no proof, blood alcohol, urine, or field sobriety tests was ever introduced

    9. Plus early in sobriety I was

    10. five years of sobriety I just try to keep things as

    11. sobriety on this world, war is both a

    12. I gave them the name of an AA friend, 62 years old, with “good sobriety”, who had expressed to me his interest in working with freshly released alcoholic and/or addicted young prisoners

    13. Have her take a sobriety test

    14. Drivers who failed the sobriety tests were subjected to hearings and fines

    15. looking as if he was going to slap me into sobriety if I didn’t stop

    16. medicine, and when I smoked the herb after a year of sobriety I was beyond whacked!

    17. was my first kiss in sobriety

    18. He hired me years into sobriety after my rehabilitation sentence for a very brief time in an

    19. I have only slept with one woman in sobriety, who became my therapist as I will discuss

    20. I eventually lost track of One Shoe, but I still pray that he stayed sober and always had a pair of shoes to wear in his sobriety

    21. The Cannery was full of that particular kind of drunk who starts supping as soon as they wake and continue a steady battle against sobriety through all their waking hours

    22. For anyone familiar with Pusser's Rum, that was enough to get him some distance from sobriety in a matter of seconds, the effects of the fumes being somewhat more rapid than absorption through the alimentary route

    23. First he had been stripped of absolutely everything he had - his love, his money, his sobriety – then he had, in Fishmael's tall tales of man and mist and fish, been presented with some new world that seemed to hold a promise of escape

    24. She had a modem spirit that wounded the antiquated sobriety and poorly disguised miserly heart of Fernanda, and that, on the other hand, Aureliano Segundo took pleasure in developing

    25. Thereafter, I understood that sobriety was the only way

    26. Without even asking, God lifted my compulsion to drink and it became my first day of sobriety, 29 August, 1986

    27. We are strangers from a warring nation whose ways are against a lot of what Islam stands for (modesty, sobriety, sex in marriage only, holiness

    28. ����������� The High Council Chamber impressed Nancy by its sobriety and by its eminently practical arrangements

    29. Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes

    30. I sat in my car, shocked into sobriety and feeling horrible for what happened that evening

    31. Want of sobriety in

    32. ” She finished with a dash of sobriety in the middle

    33. There are sentences in everyone’s life when no matter what retraction you give them, in the sour light of the next day’s sobriety they can never be removed

    34. Her nakedness although beautiful was far removed from intoxicated passion that pushed her to pull and grasp them the night before, it was somehow more vulnerable in the sobriety of the morning, more needful of their reassurance than their passion

    35. The person who had brought him thought that this Sheikh Emin had been touched or afflicted by the teacher of the school and his followers, so he asked him, “Why do you do such a thing, although you are known for your sobriety and reasonable behavior?”

    36. The whole purpose of his visit was to present an image of sobriety and decorum

    37. Charlotte had been doing this, if all I had heard was true, for the last three years; therefore her stern inquiry addressed to a wife of my sobriety struck me as singularly out of place

    38. Harvey-Browne, to whom, I suppose, she being a matron of years and patent sobriety, he thought cheery remarks might safely be addressed

    39. By the time Caesar stumbled into the small barrel-cramped room, Johnny had already set to work undoing his twenty year long sobriety stretch

    40. “I can still hear them,” hissed Mary, attempting to stoke Johnny's emotional sobriety, “they're murmuring though

    41. When the tea began to bump against the door and she went out to help the servant, Ingram put every sign of intending travel neatly away, and by the time Herr Dremmel joined them there was no hint of anything anywhere in the room but sobriety except in Ingeborg's eyes

    42. Harvey was there, too, conjecturing in a too-loud voice to a group of animals, leaving no question as to the state of his sobriety

    43. Shaking his head to regain control and sobriety he pulled the top of one strap on the unzipped side of the dress up over her head to the other strap pulling the cloth completely off her breasts

    44. But let this handmaid of thine be saved in childbearing, and continue in faith, and charity, and holiness, with sobriety

    45. He swigged his wine, was alerted to his fading sobriety, placed the glass at the far end of the little wooden IKEA writing desk, just at the limit of his reach

    46. But a prayer, meditation, sequence of spiritual facts coming from a place of sobriety and anchored in print or memory, this survives any transition you make into negativity and serves as a lifeline back out toward clarity and balance

    47. where slave keeping prevails, pure religion and sobriety

    48. ”792 This passage along with others should build in us a great sobriety on this subject as we consider those who went on ahead of us in the body of Christ

    49. In an attempt to get the girl back, he found sobriety

    50. But it will be noticed that besides designing his canvases carefully, he usually balanced the vigour and vitality of his form with a great sobriety of colour

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    sobriety temperance graveness gravity soberness somberness sombreness dryness seriousness dignity composure reserve equanimity abstinence self-restraint self-denial