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    1. to adjust her approach and think up a new plan

    2. Adam, God initiated the plan to rescue man from sin

    3. initiation of His plan for our salvation

    4. God initiated His plan to save us through the covenant

    5. God’s plan was completed in Christ Jesus, who became a

    6. While it is difficult to plan a trouble free retirement, being better prepared will help us deal with the uncertainties more effectively

    7. We plan for old age and build house, invest intelligently but if we succumb to love and write away every thing to our children then we are sowing the seed of pain and suffering

    8. Emotions can be the greatest enemy to your long-term investment plan

    9. "I didn't plan for failure

    10. Perhaps he could reason with her and understand God's plan for Man

    11. It is possible to plan an optimum diversification thus reducing the risk

    12. Reminding her sister, who also carried those memories, of that plan and its intended result, was not a diplomatic thing to do right now

    13. We should ask ourselves, "What did we do with what we were given?" A lot of people are going to have a hard time explaining to God why they chose their plan instead of His while they were here on earth

    14. 7 miles, Archimedes saw the error in his calculations, but it was too late to plan a return trip

    15. What difference does it make? Do you plan to use that shuttlecraft and that rusty old starship to escape?"

    16. "You're trying to talk her into it without letting me know what your plan is

    17. " She clearly knew what Herndon's plan was, she was clearly telling Ava that she knew it and clearly telling Herndon that she was not divulging what it was

    18. Bronner has concocted his own peace plan

    19. By the late 40’s he was mixing up tubs of his soap with a broom handle in the Los Angeles hotel room he was living in, and selling it after his lectures about his peace plan and the “FULL TRUTHS” he had come to understand could unite the entire world

    20. The Governor might not have known that, but I'm sure Ava has a plan

    21. "The plan was to pummel mortal technology to the point where they would volunteer to ascend," Ava continued

    22. ‘So what’s the plan for the day?’

    23. We plan to use this route

    24. He had a light breakfast, reviewed his plan for the day and then checked his voice mails There were three from unknown caller which he assumed were from his creditors

    25. God had no plan to kill Hezekiah and did not send the

    26. "I didn't say I thought his plan was sound, I was just passing on a rumor," Ava said

    27. Where before she had no qualms, no doubts, no goals, no obstacles, where she had been free and easy and almost always happy, almost always laughing, now she felt incomplete, that she couldn't rest without a plan

    28. When had she ever wanted or needed a plan? What was the point of that? You go on, you do your thing, que sera sera and all of that

    29. "I'm sure that's his plan," Herndon said

    30. organization’s ability to reach its goals, therefore it is imperative to understand that God had a plan for leadership so each of us could reach the goal of eternal life

    31. Some days later it was discovered that at least one brother was discouraging the making of such future plans and thus the whole plan fell apart

    32. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail

    33. She must have heard of the plan by now

    34. What stayed his hand wasn’t confidence in his plan

    35. It was too late to do anything now but go with the plan

    36. With my plan, we can get the five

    37. It was probably a good plan when it was put together, who could have known the Brazilians had secret doomsday weapons lurking in deep space?

    38. It's impossible to predict what they plan against me every time, so I can't defend myself effectively

    39. "That is the plan, that is the start

    40. "It is your plan, why should it be my expense and trouble to implement it?" Herndon asked

    41. Actually, he was sure it was too late by the end of the first dark she spent in that house but was determined to give it due diligence and go up there after it, since he had weeks with the boat and no better plan

    42. ‘I should have made contact with JJ by the time you get down there … at least, that’s the plan

    43. "That is the gist of my plan for handling it," Alfred said

    44. Son knew her plan would work, but his heart was still cold and he still

    45. “¿What do you plan to do with the rest of your life now that your wounds

    46. ‘So tell me again what the plan of action is, Karal

    47. that plan had failed and the soldier became afraid

    48. blissfully unaware of the plan, laid

    49. “So Fred, what’s the plan then

    50. We should know within a week or so if all goes according to plan

    1. "Sounds like a more interesting evening than I had planned," Tahlmute said

    2. What the hell, if satisfying her one more time meant arriving an hour or two later in Ireland than planned, well, it was the price he would have to pay

    3. ‘Makes it sound as though it was deliberately planned

    4. This is a planned community for

    5. feat, when He had already planned the victory? He just needed the

    6. and turns the planned defeat into their victory

    7. But she wasn't going to allow the pressure of time to change how she planned to do it

    8. clear that the king of War planned to kill everyone who was not born in the

    9. Meanwhile, Son had just dug a hole in which he planned to burry his

    10. "I hadn't planned on taking on that much responsibility when I offered to teach you to read

    11. It was as if he could read her mind! Skite! This was not what she’d planned at all … ‘… and you need to move on

    12. They are very happy together – I have often wondered if you planned for them to fall in love like that

    13. "This sleep got planned from a conversation I started

    14. It was then that Jake realized that this was a planned attack - to do deadly harm

    15. Daniel was sure that Jake had planned it that way all along

    16. They all planned to sleep at the Riders Hall that night and get an early start in the morning

    17. All the Dragons of Light fought with carefully planned strikes on the dark devils

    18. The night was perfect for what they had planned

    19. Just as they had planned, the Queen with Kate on her back was waiting on the ridge for him

    20. I must have planned a dozen ways to damage that menace but most of them meant endangering his innocent passengers

    21. That they dared to keep secret their advanced intellect, that they planned and executed an escape plan, was unacceptable

    22. Death certificates were signed and lodged with the appropriate authorities, funeral arrangements planned and paid for, paperwork sorted and solicitors engaged to deal with the minutiae of closing down a life

    23. There will be those days when you've planned to fish in shallow water but the weather is just too calm

    24. ‘Of course, Katie, I expect it will depend on what Jo and Alastair have planned

    25. Mama had planned his rally on Independence Day, the same day as Ali's dad

    26. had planned a speech for his party's candidate

    27. “Did any of the senior officers know you planned to risk the life of our Systems Administrator with equipment that hasn’t successfully met its initial testing specifications?”

    28. Together with his wife he planned a great party, to which he invited

    29. men looked nervous, as things had not gone as planned

    30. I’ve never heard that there was any other child either planned or intended

    31. Lord Boras indeed planned to make a grab for the throne during the annual Gathering Ball

    32. When Boras took the throne, it would be for a very short time; Matai planned on killing him and exposing his devious plans, thus proving his loyalty to Aura

    33. If the ritual embarrasses it's owner, or is not carefully planned and

    34. It was then that Naria decided to hold the Gathering as planned

    35. She knew what I'd do and she had it planned

    36. Belle told George and White Feathers the story and what she planned, eliciting both their encouraging consent

    37. My parents have a trip planned

    38. Since the 40's the passages to leave open had been planned when filling in and there were many Gnomes on the facilities committees

    39. She had planned for alternatives with this meeting ending with shouting about what an ass he was for costing her the partnership with Jorma and even some slamming of doors

    40. He hadn’t planned anything for the day, so while time away from here was welcome, so was progress

    41. We’d met up with the kids as planned

    42. No doubt this hadn’t turned out like either of them had planned, but at least it was now about over

    43. have planned for the holiday? Are you going with Tony or to Heather’s?”

    44. There could be a lot more responsibility in this reading lesson than she planned on getting into

    45. believe that there is a large-scale attack planned on U

    46. I'm only doing what he and I have planned for years, she argued silently with herself

    47. Harold, Chloe, and Hannah came to the Spelman house for Thanksgiving and planned to stay through New Year's

    48. Then he planned to lunch at a nearby tavern

    49. The trouble is he has most probably planned for this situation

    50. ” He had not yet planned a heist, but knew that he would be well compensated for returning the 777 to service

    1. I wasn’t planning on having drinks with these two, not if my dad was waiting for me tonight

    2. In India, we hear that the government may be planning to limit pension till the age of 75

    3. · The retirement planning need to cover not only you and your spouse but also your children and parents

    4. But if you are in this age group then you would be in a bit of a dilemma: trying to catch-up on retirement planning at the same time paying/saving for your children's higher education

    5. This happens when you are not brooding about past or planning about future or when you have no ambition to fulfill

    6. and planning, but everything was smaller then, including the regulations

    7. When were you planning on moving?’

    8. He hesitates for a moment as though uncertain whether he should go on with whatever it is he is planning on saying

    9. It had gotten to the point where the generals were so desperate they were always planning to wipe out entire towns just to stop the random bombs and mayhem

    10. was no planning for the future

    11. Perhaps some thought that elders just happen without any prior planning

    12. So no serious planning could be done till a map was drawn

    13. For example, cheap plots of land are seldom included in the town planning zone

    14. I held imaginary conversations with them, planning a safe route through the hurts and psychological infirmity of captivity

    15. Vyinga was planning on stopping here for awhile

    16. She’d never been one for planning futures but what little she had tentatively sketched out had included Joris … or, if not him, then someone

    17. verge of planning to hand her over to any

    18. In the scheme of things, in the planning

    19. They headed back towards the house planning their course of action in the morning

    20. He contributed a lot in the planning of the community and the rules that they had set up

    21. We are going to need someone who can see through to the truth of things, someone who has a head for planning and strategy

    22. “I’m just planning a meeting for tomorrow morning with of all the rider candidates

    23. Dermal abrasion, or surgical planning of the skin, is done in selected patients with facial disfigurements from scars resulting from acne, trauma, tattoo, nevi, freckles, and

    24. It was obvious that Jake had been planning and preparing for this for some time

    25. They are planning an assault on the town, a quick fly-by to show that they can get close; 2 or 3 days I think

    26. I wouldn’t say he was in spirits by the time I leave him to get on with planning the ceremony, but he is looking a little brighter … less lost

    27. "I wasn't planning on being anywhere else," Desa said as she came in the door

    28. "I wasn't planning on standing your mast for you either, even if the wind is dying down

    29. She and Kate were planning a surprise for any unwanted guests

    30. He told him what they were planning on doing, and suggested that he warn Jake to prepare for a major attack

    31. respectable and not necessarily wealthy, but at least able to foot the bill most times (chivalry, not money-grabbing tactics here, mind you) and have long-term goal planning in place for a

    32. to ask detailed questions as to where they are planning on going

    33. During the telephone call the businessman decided not to remark on the fact that he had seen the fisherman sitting on the beach with his rods and his lines on more than one occasion during his recent trips down to the south coast to seal the deal on his new factory with the local council planning authorities

    34. have been planning! She peeks over the spine of her novel, and witnesses you holding a rose,

    35. In fact, he's planning his next move right now as you read this

    36. I mentioned to Sally what you were planning on doing, she thinks that’s a very sensible idea

    37. ‘White would be best, I’m planning on doing something with chicken

    38. "It is possible that they have been planning this encounter for some time, thus it is not coincidence that we are here together

    39. He truly enjoyed strategizing and planning moves; and much to the surprise of Alexei, he won most of the rounds they played

    40. There followed a week of planning and painting on torn up bed

    41. We have been planning a surprise for the Elders for years; you have now given us the chance we needed

    42. Later that year, two of my friends were planning

    43. When she was finished Rayne commented that she was very impressed with her planning so far in advance, where the Scather’s were concerned

    44. Planning Have foresight to what you intend on doing and whether or not

    45. Didn’t have the first clue about planning permission and all that, she didn’t

    46. That planning committee didn’t stand a chance against her

    47. ’ She replied, as I try to remember which one Barry is … is he the tall, bald one or the tubby one with a beard? ‘He’s planning on taking me to Barcelona soon

    48. with the local council planning authorities

    49. “Lady Rayne, we assume you will be planning a visit to our Lord Tarak’s assailants,” they said bowing

    50. ‘A chap who was on the planning committee when the Danvers House conversion came up

    1. Confirm plans verbally with your surgeon; mark areas to be treated

    2. to our plans, we cry to Him

    3. field you are involve in, God have plans to walk with you

    4. “No, I have a handler, someone who trains me and plans the missions,” Nancy offered

    5. A farmer purchases an old, run down, abandoned farm with plans to turn it into a thriving enterprise

    6. Stay away from pointed questions about college or career plans; most sixteen-year-olds have not yet decided and resent pestering

    7. he even began to talk about plans for the future

    8. plans for the two of us

    9. Whether they or the Colonel have the shuttlecraft makes no difference to your plans

    10. "So, you have plans for the evening?" Tahlmute asked as they hiked toward the main avenue and the streetcar line

    11. I dreamed the odd dream and filed the plans away, never thinking that there would be

    12. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans

    13. consensus of most present (business meeting) that we would go ahead with some plans

    14. Some days later it was discovered that at least one brother was discouraging the making of such future plans and thus the whole plan fell apart

    15. regularly scheduled intervals the men can make plans and those who don't attend will have

    16. Every time it came round to my turn to shake and roll, with every attempt that I made to scale the ladders of hope by constructing impossible plans for my salvation, with every throw of the dice, I just slipped down another snake

    17. informed them of plans and happenings and invited their questions and comments

    18. The plans took shape

    19. "Then join us for Duskmeal, that is, if Kulai doesn't have plans with the client, if he does, join me for Duskmeal

    20. Alfred hung on this conversation wondering if he was going to hear them make plans to have Alan subjected to this to find out if he really was from Earth

    21. Alan and the teacher made plans to go up to bed as soon as the blond came back

    22. plans to conquer all that he does not control

    23. They had plans for their lives

    24. But Catwhiskers was secretly making plans

    25. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    26. Using his great knowledge of History, he called upon the battle plans of the great Zulu warrior kings

    27. Turning his attention to Jeff, he continued; now where were we? Ah yes, Master Jeffrey, we will need some strategic plans for the future

    28. Gilla swiftly embroils me in the plans she is making for a party to celebrate our respective nuptuals which entails far too much writing of notes for my liking

    29. He built up his army of devils for one purpose – to attack Jake and put an end to his plans for mankind

    30. Gilla – who never appears to put in any time at her weaving works now that I am on the scene – goes into overdrive as soon as she learns of our plans to leave the following morning

    31. Up above in the Riders Hall, Jake and Wolf were going over battle plans

    32. Once again, surrounded by her giggling friends, Tiffany went into the shop, kissed the young man ten times, and said that she would definitely think about a drink but could he wait until next week as she already had plans for Saturday night

    33. Tentative battle plans were drawn that would be put into play when they arrived

    34. In they burst, chattering and excited, full of cheery plans for our expedition to Faria after the festival

    35. The room became a plotter's den slanted with plans and schemes

    36. She sounds really pleased to hear from me and we chat about the marriage plans … she seems pretty pleased about it, despite her original stance on marriage

    37. After she went off on him, he had agreed to change his plans but by then she wouldn't hear of it

    38. Their evenings were a riot of dancing, laughing and the after hours bliss of the marital bed, and after all of this the happy couple even found time to sit quietly as the dawn rose and talk of life, love and their plans for the future

    39. The day came when the Scathers decided the herd was once again too large, and set plans in motion to purge half the Ogatu population

    40. “Sorry about this, but it’s mine now and I’ve got plans, none of which include you

    41. He offered me the milk and wine and I accepted, toasting him and all his crazy plans, but it was so sour I almost spat it out

    42. After the meal they adjoined to the study and Lord Tarak went over plans for the rest of the day

    43. Ken started to sketch out plans for a patio

    44. He would have to rethink his plans

    45. The prince marshalled his forces, made plans and waged wars

    46. 00 tonight to talk about the plans for the memorial service

    47. At the evening meal she was jovial and engaging telling Mistress Sera all about her plans with the young Hausa

    48. She and Mistress Sera also made plans for the coming week and the packing of the household

    49. Anna outlines her plans – ‘We’re looking at late morning at the moment, on the basis that we can have a lunchtime reception together and then Simon and I can go off to Dartmoor with Rob and his family

    50. On a routine spy mission to their home planet, she asked for a set of plans from the starship bay to be copied

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