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    1. "Why the fuck did you learn to spoof inventory protocols?"

    2. use the address book in the first victims computer to send new spoof

    3. Jacques went on to read a spoof by Matthew Burbridge of the Mail & Guardian on April fool’s Day which may be closer to the truth than any self-respecting South African realises

    4. She attempted to engage him in eye contact as the spoof awards descended into bedlam but it seemed pointless, he remained the one man in the room who didn’t see her

    5. They are creative ways to spoof and question the norms Sports try to uphold

    6. Yet still though his eyes were thick with sleep and sea air life was full of a host of things and coincidences of a terrible nature and it was quite within the bounds of possibility that it was not an entire fabrication though at first blush there was not much inherent probability in all the spoof he got off his chest being strictly accurate gospel

    1. As the omnidirectional array broadcast his spoofed Staas inventory query, the intact containers from the wrecked hauler Luxor responded, and the information was projected in his visor

    2. "That’s a spoofed sensory representation of how hot they’re running

    3. The modified version now expects to be spoofed and will restart as many times as it takes until the ship lies dead or their batteries fail

    4. How can you educate the consumer when the very concepts of ethics, honesty, and education; are openly derided and spoofed by the culture in which they live? How can you make them more aware when they don’t want to become more aware? Inevitably; the only way advertising can sell the importance of a bottle of sugar water… or anything else for that matter as the most important thing in your life; is by glorifying and celebrating meaningless trivia, and avoiding all truth and all issues that are relevant to your life

    5. So it was spoofed

    1. " He gestured in front of his helmet to call up the spoofing script he’d written to emulate Staas Company’s Inventory Query Protocols and passed it to the terminal in front of him without missing a stroke

    2. They were susceptible to spoofing before

    3. Spoofing is generally used by thieves as a means to convince individuals to

    4. Whether it is by means of Spoofing, Phishing or Pretexting the tactics are all

    5. Like the famous, much-loved TV show: Taxi… or; All in the Family… or The Honeymooners… even though they were mostly full of cream-puff euphemisms and spoofing, and white washed the worst human vices and evil as being funny

    6. Overviews identity theft tactics such as Spoofing, Phishing and Pretexting as a means to steal identities

    7. Spoofing is generally used by thieves as a means to convince individuals to provide personal or financial information that enables the perpetrators to commit credit card/bank fraud or other forms of identity theft

    8. This is called spoofing

    1. These are spoofs but they’re worth a few laughs even though some of these are much better than what turns up on the screen

    2. There are four main types of email spoofs:

    3. Now American culture actually laughs at itself, and spoofs itself

    4. This total includes 239 story arcs and a full-length TV movie but does not include spoofs, spin-offs or webisodes

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    burlesque lampoon mockery parody pasquinade put-on send-up sendup spoof takeoff travesty skit take-off farce joke imposture deception cheat fake deceit sham