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    1. It is a mockery of the discipline and is a shallow expression of true understanding

    2. Without a shred of mockery the gentleman indicated, “

    3. for the mockery it had always been

    4. plunder and mockery to the rest of

    5. “I swear by all the Gods this isn’t mockery

    6. Shaking his head in muted protest or mockery, he shifted his gaze again to the smoky silhouette of Solitude

    7. ‘Nice day to be out walking,’ he said in that formally stiff voice that was a mockery of politeness, a false pleasantry

    8. It was only the General’s looking for scapegoats to the carnage of the Somme that had led to William’s trial and this was nothing more than a mockery

    9. He searched the warden’s eyes for evidence this was mockery, a threat, idle conversation, but the warden seemed genuinely interested

    10. Mostly, I was met with laughter and mockery, which is normal for sailors

    11. American Foreign Policy under this present Administration has devolved into a theatrical farce by making a mockery of the death of young American soldiers who are needlessly placing their lives in harms way in countries that have little or no strategic value

    12. Their doctrines I hate, and their traditions make a mockery of My majesty!

    13. It seems to make a mockery of the incarnation, the mystery that in Jesus Christ, God and man actually came together

    14. And you would dare insinuate before my very presence indeed, that my sermon is a charade, a mockery designed to bring you low? Do you think so highly of yourselves? And you have the ignorant audacity to call me a blasphemer and an affront to life

    15. If this is how it’s going to be, I think I’ll have to take my chances anyway,” he said and traced the knife around her throat in the mockery of a slow, ominous ritual

    16. Acid: Ridicule and mockery; resentfulness that causes one to hold on to offense; keeping a resentment; hatred

    17. injury that they had unjustly done to the holy place, and the cruel handling of the city, of which they made a mockery, and also the

    18. “Yeah, I remember now, the exotic UFO that got away from us back in 1996, that cost us our promotions and made a mockery of the Air Force

    19. Not with mockery but in an apparently genuine delight

    20. 16 So Maccabeus called his men together to the number of six thousand and exhorted them not to be stricken with terror of the enemy nor to fear the great multitude of the heathen who came wrongly against them; but to fight manfully 17 And to set before their eyes the injury that they had unjustly done to the holy place and the cruel handling of the city of which they made a mockery and also the taking away of the government of their forefathers: 18 For they said he trust in their weapons and boldness; but our confidence is in the Almighty who at a beck can throw down both them that come against us and also all the world

    21. With mockery, she says, "Sooner or later, Abbess Tetta, you will have to let me go

    22. They all howled with mockery

    23. believed that I loved Minnie, while another part made a mockery

    24. Its huge mandible, a mockery of laughter

    25. "This person, per se," Steng says with a pinch of mockery, "may be connected to someone who was murdered recently

    26. anything when this mockery of a relationship turns sour, and I

    27. She had lived with mockery for five years with

    28. imply mockery, then perhaps you could add that to your list, too

    29. face etched in mockery of what Caroline was saying

    30. I did not want to be an object of mockery or disappointments

    31. said with light mockery, and stood up

    32. the knife raised in a mockery of sanctity

    33. Primordial silence brooded over the jungle, in which his yells sounded brittle and hollow as mockery

    34. She did not reply to her sister's taunts, but bent her head as one grown accustomed to mockery

    35. A gem-crusted girdle supported a silk shirt so transparent that it was in the nature of a cynical mockery of convention

    36. As she passed through the door she cast a look over her shoulder at Valeria, a glance full of cynical derision and obscene mockery

    37. Tascela came toward the seated prince with a swaying, undulating walk that was mockery in itself

    38. A wayward devilish mirth of mockery rose above his fury, but to the nervous soldiers who drove the chariot his laughter sounded like the muttering of a rousing lion

    39. Only a strident screech answered him, a screech vibrating with harsh mockery

    40. It was echoed as if in mockery by the raven flapping above the trees

    41. it had all been mockery

    42. To uncover the mockery of convention and

    43. death of the blood angel, a bizarre and cruel heathen mockery of our Christian

    44. I think he was trying to send me another message; what he said was dead serious and there was no joking or mockery in it

    45. O’GRADY!” Paul uttered in a violent mockery

    46. She was not about to let her own flesh and blood make a mockery of her dilemma

    47. One day, irritated by the mockery, Fernanda wanted to know what Amaranta was saying, and she did not use euphemisms in answering her

    48. Chance had it that it also coincided with carnival week, but no one could get the stubborn idea out of Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s head that the coincidence had been foreseen by the government in order to heighten the cruelty of the mockery

    49. If Aureliano Segundo had something of his great--grandfather in him and lacked something of Colonel Aureliano Buendía, it was an absolute indifference to mockery, and he gave the money to bring the railroad with the same lighthearted air with which he had given it for his brother’s absurd navigation project

    50. He'd made a mockery of the

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    mockery parody takeoff jeer jeering scoff scoffing burlesque lampoon pasquinade put-on send-up sendup spoof travesty laughingstock contumely derision scorn imitation mimicry caricature show satire sham