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    1. He took to criticizing what she wore to class, which was relatively staid by local fashion, things suitable for a duty-hours meeting on Gordon’s Lamp

    2. It was not till the seige of Veii, that they who staid at home began to contribute something towards maintaining those who went to war

    3. The yard man had arrived, disrupting the quiet serenity of her staid, but upscale neighborhood

    4. He told her it would be a churchy-type group, so she dressed in staid, tweedy attire

    5. “That shared, be wise and not deceived by what will seem what it is not: Love doth not hide behind half-truths nor levy pressure to persuade; it can’t be used to further greed nor foster acts of selfishness; Love takes no pride in pedigree nor threatens the environment; it neither motivates by fear nor rests where sleeps complacency, but manifests scenarios designed to challenge staid ideals

    6. He was visibly shaken by the question and squirmed in his seat before regaining his proper, staid composure

    7. He leapt to his feet also, clapping his friend on the back, congratulating Chris with all his heart, jumping up and down in his excitement, something Chris had never seen his normally staid friend do

    8. Thankfully, everyone in the train stayed staid clear

    9. Sex in marriage is staid and bland

    10. Inevitably, a highly volatile electronics company with no debt can have the same total leverage as a staid chemical

    11. Aaron sees the staid look on my face

    12. technology was essential if the firm was to compete with its less staid rivals

    13. That full moon night, I found her with her sari askance as she lay on her belly dangling her bare legs up in the air; oh how voluptuous she was in that moonlight then; sensing my anticipated presence, as she turned all the more inviting, so I got down and sauntered nearby to let her make the next move but she staid put in her bed though I could discern her desire in her manner

    14. in a condescending manner; his demeanour was typical of a staid

    15. That would have entailed unremitting jihad in umpteen battles, but probably, as the unlimited riches of the limited land they conquered would have satiated the urge of Allah’s soldiers to reach paradise, the Sultans too staid put in their grand palaces annexed with vast harems

    16. That’s how, as the Hindu masses ventured out of their caste closets, even the Musalman elite staid put in their mental ghettos and held on to the fundamentalist tenets of Islam all the more

    17. staid in a hospital

    18. Once it was released we staid in the states and did some interviews,

    19. I don’t understand why I staid in the group for so long

    20. “I still can’t believe that I staid with 4Score for six years

    21. Bothered a little himself, he wondered how a staid suburban bank manager would view such apparently casual control of such a large transfer

    22. Old and young, pretty and plain, flirty and staid

    23. ” I said pressing my lips, making a vaguely staid face

    24. It was a cool spot, staid but cheerful, a wonderful place for echoes, and a very harbour from the raging streets

    25. For, what would staid British responsibility and

    26. He staid with me a week before he was recuperated and pass'd north,

    27. The earth by the sky staid with, the daily close of their junction,

    28. The red squaw staid all the forenoon, and toward the middle of the

    29. He entered the room with a look of self-consequence, slightly bowed to the ladies, without speaking a word, and, after briefly surveying them and their apartments, took up a newspaper from the table, and continued to read it as long as he staid

    30. Jennings was kept away by the indisposition of her youngest daughter; and for this party, Marianne, wholly dispirited, careless of her appearance, and seeming equally indifferent whether she went or staid, prepared, without one look of hope or one expression of pleasure

    31. This was a grave staid, solemn, elderly gentleman, whose peculiar

    32. a moment lost to joy all the time we staid there, till late in the night we

    33. The growth had been very surprising to the older staid and traditional churches in the area

    34. Her dress features wide lapels and a zipper down the front, a style not often seen in the staid world of British politics

    35. Perhaps by the time you return to Paris, I shall be quite a sober, staid father of a family! A most edifying representative I shall make of all the domestic virtues—don't you think so? But as regards your wish to visit our fine city, my dear count, I can only say that you may command me and mine to any extent you please

    36. We came to Richmond all too soon, and our destination there was a house by the green,—a staid old house, where hoops and powder and patches, embroidered coats, rolled stockings, ruffles and swords, had had their court days many a time

    37. If that staid old house near the Green at Richmond should ever come to be haunted when I am dead, it will be haunted, surely, by my ghost

    38. No longer is Leopold, as he sits there, ruminating, chewing the cud of reminiscence, that staid agent of publicity and holder of a modest substance in the funds

    39. Here Louisa ended; and these little histories having brought the time for the girls to retire, and to prepare for the revels of the evening, I staid with Mrs

    40. Here I staid in constant amusement, with one or other of these charming girls, till about five in the evening; when seized with a sudden drowsy fit, I was prevailed on to go up and doze it off on Harriet's bed, who left me on it to my repose

    41. This was a grave staid, solemn, elderly gentleman, whose peculiar humour was a delight in combing fine tresses of hair; and as I was perfectly headed to his taste, he used to come constantly at my toilet hours, when I let down my hair as loose as nature, and abandoned it to him to do what he pleased with it; and accordingly he would keep me an hour or more in play with it, drawing the comb through it, winding the curls round his fingers, even kissing it as he smoothed it; and all this led to

    42. Resuming now my history, you may please to know, that what with a competent number of repetitions, all in the same strain (and, by the bye, we have a certain natural sense that those repetitions are very much to the taste), what with a circle of pleasures delicately varied, there was not a moment lost to joy all the time we staid there, till late in the night we were re-escorted home by our esquires, who delivered us safe to Mrs

    43. He and the padre could be seen frequently side by side, meditative and gazing across the street of a village at a lot of sedate brown children, trying to sort them out, as it were, in low, consulting tones, or else they would together put searching questions as to the parentage of some small, staid urchin met wandering, naked and grave, along the road with a cigar in his baby mouth, and perhaps his mother's rosary, purloined for purposes of ornamentation, hanging in a loop of beads low down on his rotund little stomach

    44. Instead, it seemed as though, after trying the company of the staid and cover gossip seeping about, he could have retained his popularity had he considered it patriotic citizens and winning their respect and grudging liking, something perverse in him made him go out of his way to affront them and show them that his conduct had been only a masquerade and one which no longer amused him

    45. This assignment, I came to realize, would not only quadruple my airtime (from a half hour on Sundays to two full hours on Saturdays and Sundays) but it would also provide me with a chance to try a different type of broadcasting, to break out of the mold of the staid, Jennings-esque anchorman

    46. But this time the widest pendulum swings took place in the usually staid and slow-moving array of high-grade bond prices and yields

    47. But one of them is a staid New England trust, administered by three trustees, with operations dating back nearly a century, and with dividends paid continuously since 1889

    48. Heads turned at other tables, staid faces looked around

    49. But owing to the superstition that the fewer the people who know of it the less a woman in travail suffers, everyone tried to pretend not to know; no one spoke of it, but apart from the ordinary staid and respectful good manners habitual in the prince’s household, a common anxiety, a softening of the heart, and a consciousness that something great and mysterious was being accomplished at that moment made itself felt

    50. ‘Or perhaps they amuse your honor?’ remarked Alpatych with a staid air, as he pointed at

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