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    1. you serious, you're trying to do something? What is trying? Trying is not committing

    2. "Time for us to perform some serious vegetable imitations," Herndon said as he stretched out

    3. He wound down and asked, "You can't be serious?"

    4. We never consider as a serious

    5. "It was in a serious news magazine I saw at Kolat's reading room

    6. I believe this is a serious problem and

    7. The natural process of healing has to be supplemented with medical intervention when the ailment starts causing more pain than bearable or more serious physical or mental ailments develop

    8. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    9. 58 percent of serious injuries in people 65 and older are caused by falls

    10. The loss of balance that leads to serious, injury-producing falls can be traced to age-related changes in the brain, diminishing vision, inner ear problems, weakening of the legs and trunk and/or the declining reliability of sensory mechanisms that let the brain know where the limbs are in space

    11. Exercising to strengthen muscles around knees and hips helps prevent falls and serious injury

    12. Apart from situations of repeated non-compliance or serious misconduct of the patient and when essential but unpleasant activity is required to be performed, rest of the time consultants should be soft spoken as talking is the main ingredient of patient-doctor relationship

    13. "We have a problem," Herndon said, "a potentially a very serious problem

    14. The fantastic creatures in Maya carvings that could only have come from serious drug abuse ate you in the wilds on this planet

    15. One has to highlight the rules of God about what is right and what is wrong in respect of serious problems like drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex etc so that they can have the moral courage to refuse on their own

    16. i was doin some serious teletubby giggles after reading that

    17. He didn’t remember how their conversation had gotten so serious and sad

    18. Henry cleared his throat, getting serious for a moment and giving Johnny his full attention

    19. "This is much more serious than you think," he said

    20. Crisis prevention—a serious matter for teachers like you

    21. How serious? Consider this scenario: one of your students starts running around the classroom with his pants on his head, yelling profanities about the education system

    22. The Grubs of these are a very serious threat

    23. She would engage in her most serious conversations while kneeling over him joined

    24. ‘Liz, sorry … didn’t realise it was that serious

    25. ‘That sounds serious – nothing wrong between the two of you, I hope

    26. “You sure?” he asked, switching instantly to a stern and serious look, as if he

    27. It was all serious, then he said my name and mentioned Rocco's name and they all had a good laugh and then it was all OK

    28. This is very serious matter officer

    29. He's usually into this kind of civic action, co-operation with the Gardai kind of thing, but I suppose he knew how serious this crime was

    30. You’ve heard about the incident this morning?’ he said, his expression suddenly serious

    31. When it gets serious you get an invitation to his eco-house out in the mountains

    32. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week

    33. The baggage handler felt such serious concern that he double checked the computer himself, and found it was true

    34. By the time they were done most of that hour had gone by and little serious issues had been discussed

    35. It was going round at the time and for a child of her age it was a serious matter

    36. What the world ahead dared call the 'sovereign individual' in many a serious treatise

    37. ! A few days later, Aphrodite will inform me Billy is interested in lucid dreaming a lot, and Alexander has been teaching him in private! What a serious person for the guru to teach personally! Is Bill supposed to be balanced enough for this? ?

    38. Could he be serious about that?

    39. So no serious planning could be done till a map was drawn

    40. in their infant days is apparent to any serious student of the Bible

    41. distinction has to be drawn between a serious relationship and a casual relationship

    42. On the other hand, if we have a serious relationship, then the physical qualities are not so important

    43. be used as the deciding factor if you are thinking about a serious relationship

    44. She was serious and industrious by native standards, meaning she would strive for more than enough to eat to get to tomorrow

    45. Even a fragment of one was a serious loss

    46. According to the information, he was employed at a local school teaching music having graduated two years earlier, though there was a note that he was on intermittent sick leave due to the serious and debilitating form of migraine from which he suffered

    47. ‘What if she’s got serious injuries … don’t they say you shouldn’t move people who’re seriously injured?’ the engineer said after a moment’s silence

    48. If you eat them, you will tackle a serious problem

    49. If it stings you, it means serious problems with hostile people

    50. If they are rusty or broken, there will be a serious disease or death in the family

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    dangerous grave grievous life-threatening serious severe good sober unplayful critical heavy important momentous weighty pressing grim sombre staid sedate earnest