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    1. Son began to strangle the guard

    2. If nothing else it gives them a break - Ben is being the awkward little brother where Jake is concerned and even I could willingly strangle him - what Katie would like to do is probably illegal

    3. And then there are the ones who have headphones and music playing just below the level of hearing … but it’s not done in polite society to strangle people who annoy you on the train, though I confess that there are times when I could kill those particular people

    4. I was dreaming that someone was trying to strangle me, then I woke up and found I really couldn’t breathe

    5. How would it happen? Would he strangle him? Snap his neck? Pummel his head as his sister had done to Carter? Whatever happened, Raven wanted it to happen now, because the waiting was more torturous

    6. Dog's eyes were green of anger and a few inches from my nose whilst I desperately kicked and tried to strangle him for what felt like hours but was less than a minute if the hyenas behind the fence could be believed

    7. Fear tried to strangle his confidence, and it demanded an act of willpower

    8. The Tyranny of Law as it is gradually evolving in American Society is best described as a Politically Correct strangle hold!

    9. Payne grabbed the man in a strangle hold, pressing his forearm into the back of his neck, locking it off by grasping his other arm

    10. He knew it was surprisingly hard to strangle a big man to death

    11. Many of these same Jews, having fled Jerusalem ahead of the butchery of Titus, he reminded himself, had turned, by dire circumstance, to the cloak of anonymity within the very “cult” that they had tried so hard to strangle

    12. For a second, I think that Johanna might launch herself at Tori and strangle her

    13. “Did you say marriage?” I was up on the table and virtually ready to strangle the truth from his neck, before Shiki grabbed his plate and dashed to place it in the sink

    14. This progression will continue, Gelernter fears, until the accumulation of exceptions “will strangle humane society

    15. “If he doesn’t strangle us to death first, that is

    16. began to break the strangle hold of

    17. When I moved back to Groton 7/02, I wanted to strangle the SOB, Hermie, who packed my MBR when I saw him at the Peppertree Apartments, because while Mayflower, not Allied, handled my move back from NM, I saw that bastard, very soon before my right eye “blew out” unloading a United Van across the street from my apartment and almost accosted him

    18. Did I kill him, did I strangle

    19. attempted to strangle Tomé

    20. 7 And not being able by any means to strangle him they tore off his skin together with the extreme tips of his fingers flayed him and then haled him to the wheel; 8 around which his vertebral joints were loosened and he saw his own flesh torn to shreds and streams of blood flowing from his entrails

    21. started to apply a strangle hold on me

    22. threats to strangle the man in his sleep didn’t count

    23. I wanted to strangle Mr

    24. The truth was, I wanted to strangle the Hunters of Artemis one eternal maiden at a time

    25. My mom screamed when she came to pick me up and found me playing with a limp, scaly rope I’d somehow managed to strangle to death with my meaty toddler hands

    26. Were there giant snakes waiting in the rocks to strangle and inject them with venom? Giant monitors waiting to take a bite? Bull ants, leeches, ticks, poisonous spiders, centipedes, scorpions

    27. Marcus refused and began to strangle Sam in his sleep

    28. Said he thought I‘d enjoyed it and it was me who‘d come on to him! I‘m such a wimp! I wanted to strangle him but… Thank goodness you came along

    29. Using the ropes that had tied up Reginald, Con slung a noose round the fellow‘s neck slung the end over a rafter and fixed it so he had to either stand on tip toe or strangle

    30. He wanted to strangle the scrawny, screaming little creep

    31. He used all his strength to hold back his tears and not allow the twisted knot in his stomach to strangle his insides

    32. I’ll strangle it

    33. Valeria's heart hammered until she felt as if it would strangle her

    34. 'There is strength in you—great strength; you could strangle a bullock

    35. It did not even bother me to move to him and strangle his neck through my hand

    36. Snares are wires that strangle the part of the body that is

    37. Snares strangle the affected body

    38. Bones ready to strangle his little bony neck

    39. was like they wanted to strangle me to death so they could move

    40. falls in love with me, I’ll strangle her with my powerful hands!

    41. I will not senselessly strangle a perfectly good bird

    42. If Stacy wouldn’t strangle her, Laura could strangle herself

    43. This is used to transform economic and political systems away from the methods by which they strangle society

    44. took hold of my neck, trying to strangle me in the process

    45. he tried to strangle her because she was a witness to his

    46. Because of the efficiency with which a small group of corporate elitists have taken over the air waves, the economy, the elections, and the governments, and forced excessive debt upon governments to ruin their credit and power, and in the process, forged wars, killed millions of civilians and brave soldiers and ruined the lives of the working poor, it is clear that their strangle holds must be broken for the peace, safety, freedom and equality, preservation, livelihood, and respect for the vast majority of life on the planet

    47. “you train them as Al’lah has taught you”: you train them as the Almighty has clarified to you so that this predatory bird does not strangle the animal or kill it

    48. Then, I'm going to try to convince myself that I shouldn't strangle our father

    49. ”: As He revealed to you, the bird of prey should not kill or strangle the animal

    50. “…you train them as Al’lah has taught you”: that is, it should not kill or strangle the prey

    1. The creature howled the strangled, pained sound of an injured beast

    2. With hindsight, it was a good idea but at the time I was less than enthusiastic and I think Liz would have willingly strangled him

    3. Waking tired to the bone in strangled silence,

    4. He rang me towards the end of last term and nit-picked for over half an hour – could have strangled him by the time he finally got round to agreeing that you’d been right all along!

    5. I nearly strangled Alastair on Monday because he left the lid off the sugar container

    6. strangled in his throat, turning into a mewling whimper as he

    7. Mind you, there are times when I would have willingly have strangled my brother – your dad was a hell of a boy at times, Abi, and regularly got me into trouble

    8. neck and strangled him

    9. Justice then grabbed another imp and strangled it until the imp began to cry

    10. "What I mean is Sargent" said the magistrate in a strangled tone, "we forgot to ask the defendants which way they wished to plead, didn’t we?"

    11. An immense strangled cry of pain vibrated above their heads and even the beast stood startled, then raising its enormous head, it gave a huge mournful bellow in return

    12. His strangled words became clearer and the sounds and phrases suddenly clicked in her mind

    13. Most, like us, were fleeing from the laws that strangled Jews tighter and tighter each day

    14. ” I could have cheerfully strangled him and I would have done if he hadn’t continued

    15. “Anyway when I could finally pull him away we went back to were Ben and the blokes lay and I picked him up in my arms and cradled him his blood stained my shirt but do you Know what Billy Boy he looked so peaceful and he even had a smile on his face”, a strangled sob came from his throat then he carried on

    16. " The word came out strangled, but at least it came out

    17. and strangled Mrs Shaw

    18. “Padre why don’t you just get the hell out of here”, and with a sound like a strangled parrot he left

    19. The words were strangled from her throat by a sob

    20. “Aye,” he replied, the word a strangled sound in his throat

    21. They would invite someone to take the oath to joining their insurgency and if refused slowly strangled

    22. At that moment I could have cheerfully strangled my aggravating uncle

    23. Ignoring my strangled squawks and purple face, as I desperately clutched at my bruised testicles, they continued their conversation

    24. Uncle Hobart's eyebrows rose as I gave a strangled scream

    25. There were times when I could have cheerfully strangled him

    26. He broke away for a second, dropping his hands to my hips, and I made a strangled noise of protest

    27. I blinked, but she was gone before I could do more than make a strangled sound in reply

    28. ” His head cocked with a smug smile and, at that moment, she could have strangled him

    29. Well it was more of a strangled scream really

    30. But when I was a cop, I investigated a case with my training officer where a guy strangled his wife

    31. She had been strangled with some kind of ligature that was a sexually motivated murder

    32. Vickie had been strangled; Mia had been beaten

    33. Vickie was strangled with her own panty hose and Mia was beaten and raped right here

    34. I"ll leave that for the lawyers and the courts to figure out – but Eliza hit her daughter on the head and then strangled her to protect her lifestyle as well as her husband and stepson, Terry

    35. A strangled sound interrupts the breathing, followed by a heavy sob

    36. “He sounds like a strangled cat,” I say

    37. Or I try to demand, but my voice comes out strangled and scratchy, and I have to clear my throat and say it again

    38. A strangled scream escapes me

    39. I twist and put my head between my knees, breathing until the strangled feeling leaves me

    40. The American and Spanish orange juice market became mature and so aggressive that it strangled the business

    41. A strangled scream leaps out of my body as the boy slumps to the ground, and I squeeze my eyes shut

    42. “My mother?” My voice comes out sounding strangled and too high

    43. 3 Then the king examined the two eunuchs, and after that they had confessed it, they were strangled

    44. Strangled, rather than stabbed in December, 1888

    45. afraid 12 The lion did tear in pieces enough for his whelps, and strangled for his lionesses, and filled his holes with prey, and his dens

    46. Toragana would have best been strangled in his crib

    47. A strangled cry died in her throat

    48. The Man Tax is an evil that ought to have been strangled the day it was born

    49. 3 But he came again, and said, Father, one of our nation is strangled, and is throw out in the marketplace

    50. do you not know, said they, that you have strangled your husbandse you have had

    1. head of young love, strangles him with a sharp knife shouting

    2. A mother knows what to do when her baby strangles at her breast

    3. Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain absolutely strangles the hope that we

    4. Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain apparently strangles the hope that we

    5. � I now believe that I should let poor Sir Anthony, who is anxious to talk about joint armament production, speak before he strangles me to shut me up

    6. space strangles inquisitions far out shores of hate, a decision making man of woman

    7. People's expectations are extravagant, and that extravagance strangles millions

    8. It is through this dynamic, that the dead product of this creativity strangles any further creativity

    9. Unfortunately, all unquestioning obedience, respect and worship of authority stunts, strangles, limits, and destroys the sense of wonder

    10. I then take that guesstimate and analyze a handful of delta-neutral volatility plays like straddles and/or strangles

    11. How much will the stock have to move tonight, when combined with my estimate for volatility smackage will result in those strangles by and large opening up unchanged tomorrow

    12. I apply this to some straddles and strangles, and I come with an anticipated move in the 8–10 percent range

    13. But let’s say I find volatility too cheap, and I buy some straddles or strangles in SPY

    14. If AAPL closes somewhere between 80 and 100 on April expiration, we have accumulated 20 strangles at a price that will likely prove attractive, pending how much July volatility has contracted

    15. Short outright calls or puts, straddles and strangles, are always the “wrong way,” regarding market moves, keeping time and implied volatility constant

    16. Selling deferred-month strangles with out-of-the-money strikes can hedge the risk of being long options near expiration and make the position cheaper

    17. strangles), and 4) if we were discussing an asset where you could buy the underlying, covered writing

    18. ” The sale of naked strangles is not as feasible as it used to be, thanks to high margin requirements, and is more risky

    19. This could consist of buying options: Calls for bulls, puts for bears and straddles or strangles (involving calls and puts) for those neutral

    20. Typical long and short strangles are shown in Figures 11-3 and 11-4

    21. As with a straddle, strangles are most often done one to one (one call for each put)

    22. Although both strangles have essentially the same P&L profile, in-the-money options tend to be less actively traded than their out-of-the-money counterparts

    23. A new option trader often finds long straddles and strangles attractive because strategies with limited risk and unlimited profit potential offer great appeal, especially when the profit is unlimited in both directions

    24. We can also construct strategies that mimic strangles, but again with limited risk or reward in one direction

    25. Of these, straddles and strangles tend to have the largest gamma and vega values and therefore the greatest risk

    26. It may seem that if one encounters a market where all options are either underpriced or overpriced, the sensible strategies are either long straddles and strangles or short straddles and strangles

    27. Straddles and strangles are certainly possible strategies when all options are too cheap or too expensive

    28. But we will see in Chapter 13 that straddles and strangles, while often having a large positive theoretical edge, can also be among the riskiest of all strategies

    29. Depending on the trading platform, an electronic exchange will usually allow traders to submit bids or offers for the most common types of spreads—simple call or put spreads, straddles, strangles, and calendar spreads

    30. Although there is no substitute for experience, most traders quickly learn an important rule: straddles and strangles are the riskiest of all spreads

    31. New traders sometimes assume that the purchase of straddles and strangles is not especially risky because the risk is limited

    32. Of course, a trader who is right about volatility can reap large rewards from straddles and strangles

    33. Straddles, strangles, ratio spreads, and butterflies may change slightly because a change in interest rates or dividends will raise or lower the forward price

    34. If the trader sells 20 strangles, the position is initially slightly delta negative because

    35. If a trader “buys” kurtosis by purchasing strangles or “sells” kurtosis by selling strangles, the position will also be sensitive to overall changes in volatility because the position will have a very pronounced positive or negative vega

    36. Assuming that the selected strangles and straddles are delta neutral, the entire position will also be delta neutral

    37. If a kurtosis position is made up of a strangle that has exactly half the vega of the straddle, a vega-neutral position will consist of two strangles for each straddle

    38. Now a trader might consider buying June strangles and selling March strangles

    39. But a trader can avoid this complication by choosing strangles in the two different expiration months that have approximately the same vega values

    40. Dragonfly A long (short) straddle, together with two short (long) strangles at the same exercise price, where all options expire at the same time and have the same underlying contract

    41. The exercise price of the straddle will usually fall as close as possible to the midpoint between the exercise prices of the strangles

    42. Strangles use out-of-the-money options, so we’ll look at the 9

    43. These strangles all exhibit tremendous leverage

    44. Selling strangles is a defined-profit, unlimited-risk trade that collects the premium from simultaneously selling an out-of-the-money call and an out-of-the-money put

    45. Since the likelihood of the sort of move required to generate a profit for a strangle is so rare, you might think that selling strangles would be a great way to collect some option premium without much risk

    46. Strangles are like straddles in that professional option traders consider consistently selling strangles to be a great way to get rich slowly and go broke quickly

    47. One of the benefits of covered strangles is that we can collect that option premium in exchange for selling our stock at an effective pay that we’d be happy to receive or for buying more stock at an effective price we’d be happy to pay

    48. I have been playing Long Strangles in the SPY, and also Long Calls on the ETF pair FAS/FAZ

    49. When you buy out-of-the-money Strangles your primary risk is Theta decay, while you capture moves with intrinsic value and increasing Delta

    50. Usually, when trading Straddles or Strangles, increased volatility is the option buyer’s friend and the option seller’s enemy

    1. of ceremonial symbols a strangling feeling hit their guts

    2. For a second, I came near to strangling him but just managed to stop myself

    3. I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her

    4. 15 So that my soul chooses strangling, and death rather than my life

    5. “I don’t want any loose ends strangling us

    6. Nezahualcoyotl, needless to say, was never suspected of having any part in the revolt, but his son was duly condemned and executed by the proscribed method for the ruling classes of Anahuac, strangling

    7. We may never know the full extent of this policy, however we believe there has been a strangling effect on evil and those who perpetuate it

    8. and I thought the cord was strangling the baby

    9. If there ever was a sister in need of strangling by her brother, I was

    10. A trap in the frame would close like a guillotine upon the animal's neck, half strangling and holding it fast, although the corral's log walls quaked

    11. atop of Robert strangling him

    12. She grabbed his hand, attempting to loosen his strangling hold

    13. She tried to hit him back but the blow had disoriented her and before she knew it he had pinned her down and was strangling her with his massive hands and whatever Diane tried to do to get out of it she could not manage

    14. She was stuck bending backwards with Nathan strangling her

    15. But martin started questioning, `Why was King Nathan strangling you? Why did he call you Jansenist? Gorham should know about this!'

    16. `And who was the person strangling her?'

    17. 'I love you!' she cried fiercely, writhing her body against his, almost strangling him in her wild embrace, shaking him in her abandon

    18. His sword met and clove through flesh and bone, and something went heavily to the floor with a strangling cry

    19. In that instant of horror and panic Balthus started up—and then a muscular arm out of the darkness locked fiercely about his throat, strangling his yell

    20. “Cursed,” I said and felt my lungs strangling

    21. He is an outlander, an adventurer who seized the crown by force during a time of civil strife, strangling King Namedides with his own hands, upon the very throne

    22. “And you?” Said Heracles, strangling out his sobs

    23. Beads of perspiration in large amounts streamed down his face and neck, the room having become suddenly very warm, and his throat felt tight as if an invisible force were slowly strangling the very life from him and seemed to swell as if from heat or lack of water that would prevent him from calling out for help, though no one would surely hear him

    24. The monk then took his two giant muscular hands and began strangling Nostradamus

    25. Then he took out a plastic paper bag out of his briefcase and violently put it over the captive‘s head, strangling him

    26. Those social programs are only a part of the rules and regulations that purportedly promote what's good and fair, but, in fact, are strangling the American economy

    27. A glance at his son James showed him to be frozen with a look of horror on his young face, while his wife Mary was strangling her sobs, nearly hysterical

    28. Soltam’s passed out nearly at once from the atrocious pain, while it took a bit longer to Nancy to kill Nazir by strangling him with her legs

    29. Having followed up failure to secure our visa in Istanbul with a double dose of illness, and now on top of it all, a wipe out, in which it seemed on first wince we had inflicted serious damage on the tandem and ourselves, we could have chosen to utter such phrases as “Just our luck!” or “Why do these things always happen to us” or “Jesus, I think I’ve split me kneecap!” but not us! Instead, Mark chose to utter a strange high-pitched sound not unlike an asthmatic albino strangling a cow

    30. Mark was midway through strangling one of worst offenders when the crowd parted at the approach of a smartly suited stranger

    31. One minute he was tender and almost loving telling me how much he cared about me and the next he was striking me as hard as he could or strangling me while he performed his sick pleasures

    32. “You do, miss?” Said the boy, strangling his tears

    33. It would take all Runs like Cheetah could do to keep them from strangling themselves

    34. Aquarius did all he could to keep from strangling Samara

    35. Don't write me such letters--don't, don't, don't! My heart sinks when I see you deliberately setting about strangling our friendship

    36. Impetuosity sometimes gets the better of me, and out begins to rush a question; but up to now I have succeeded in catching it and strangling it before it is complete

    37. After strangling the two small children, the wife, and finally Jonathon himself, Alfred set himself in a chair in the Maybricks living room and shot himself in the chest

    38. As he sat that February evening he brooded over the fact that Jarad Hortmuller had for the second time escaped from the Concord prison, strangling a guard to death and obtaining his weapon in the process

    39. The indemnities they were forced to pay, the world, the trade embargo strangling them to death was not a figment of their imagination; it was real, the slow starvation of the entire nation, the Great Depression was not a figment of their imagination; it was real

    40. By England strangling off all the other European’s dreams of colonization and expansion and empire building; it left the other empires no choice but to go to war on land instead of by sea

    41. Her vision went dark as he hit her head again and again and strangling her

    42. What he felt like right now was strangling the smugness out of the man sitting opposite him

    43. twenty-three, which could inflict the punishment of strangling

    44. The judgment, the council of twenty-three, which could inflict the punishment of strangling

    45. Deville said, strangling the steering wheel

    46. to yank it off, strangling the doctor in the process and letting out a salvo of piercing shrieks

    47. more minutes of teachers chasing strangling students into line

    48. `It is these pretended Christians who do not practise what they preach, because, all the time they are singing their songs of Brotherhood and Love, they are fighting with each other, and strangling each other and trampling each other underfoot in their horrible "Battle of Life"!

    49. His blued feet out of turnedup trousers slapped the clammy sand, a dull brick muffler strangling his unshaven neck

    50. "My soul chooseth strangling rather than life", and the grave is more easy for me than this dungeon

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