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Frasi con strangle (in inglese)

I wanted to strangle Mr.
This strangle only collects 0.
Son began to strangle the guard.
Did I kill him, did I strangle.
Snares strangle the affected body.
This is not the case in a strangle.
He made a motion as if to strangle her.

An example of a strangle is given below.
My shoelaces became a weapon to strangle.
Strangle hold on mother nature’s private.
Bones ready to strangle his little bony neck.
And strangle her is just what you ultimately did.
Why don't you beat me up or strangle me instead.
This strangle spread generates a net of 12.
I can see on the board where that strangle trades now.
I will not senselessly strangle a perfectly good bird.
Marcus refused and began to strangle Sam in his sleep.
If he doesn’t strangle us to death first, that is.
And they solemnly strangle a few defenseless creatures.
He suspected Jade would love to strangle it right then.
At times he longed to fall on Porfiry and strangle him.
In my opinion, a Guts trade is no better than a Strangle.
He wanted to strangle the scrawny, screaming little creep.
He was probably a bodyguard, the man who would strangle me.
Snares are wires that strangle the part of the body that is.
And the other thing is that you strangle me with recruiting.
Notice that this bullish strangle cost precisely the same 1.
But in a strangle the options have different exercise prices.
If Stacy wouldn’t strangle her, Laura could strangle herself.
If we could sell a covered strangle each month and profit by 1.
The cost of the strangle increases as the strangle gets narrower.
Guts A strangle where both the call and the put are in the money.
He knew it was surprisingly hard to strangle a big man to death.
Damien felt sick to his stomach and he wanted to strangle the man.
Both strategies are consistent with the definition of a strangle.
The likelihood of a strangle being very profitable is very small.
That means a single strangle would require an outlay of over $7,300.
Valeria's heart hammered until she felt as if it would strangle her.
Each Strangle would have a premium of about $1; so $100 per contract.
Let’s look at the payoff chart for this covered strangle (Figure 8.
What a delight this strangling is!.
Louie was strangling his pregnant wife.
Deville said, strangling the steering wheel.
I don’t want any loose ends strangling us.
He shouted in a voice in which the strangling.
Cursed, I said and felt my lungs strangling.
You think of nothing but hanging and strangling.
And you? Said Heracles, strangling out his sobs.
You do, miss? Said the boy, strangling his tears.
Aquarius did all he could to keep from strangling Samara.
She was stuck bending backwards with Nathan strangling her.
She grabbed his hand, attempting to loosen his strangling hold.
The article illustrates some important points about strangling.
If there ever was a sister in need of strangling by her brother, I was.
I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her.
Her vision went dark as he hit her head again and again and strangling her.
For a second, I came near to strangling him but just managed to stop myself.
The monk then took his two giant muscular hands and began strangling Nostradamus.
It would take all Runs like Cheetah could do to keep them from strangling themselves.
His fire was quenched, but now he was a thing of slime, stronger than a strangling snake.
I ran around the desk and saw why Zaman's screaming was muffled: Farid was strangling him.
What he felt like right now was strangling the smugness out of the man sitting opposite him.
The judgment, the council of twenty-three, which could inflict the punishment of strangling.
Vibiana's priest, raise the Lazarus dead, and warn your wife to stop me from strangling you.
Then she felt a sudden tensing his lips on hers, her arms were about his neck in a strangling grip.
Rage filled him and his mouth slavered, and shapeless sounds of fury came strangling from his throat.
His sword met and clove through flesh and bone, and something went heavily to the floor with a strangling cry.
He felt that the infuriated crowd was twining round him like a many-coloured snake, strangling him, crushing him.
His blued feet out of turnedup trousers slapped the clammy sand, a dull brick muffler strangling his unshaven neck.
Then he took out a plastic paper bag out of his briefcase and violently put it over the captive‘s head, strangling him.
Somewhere behind a screen a clock began wheezing, as though oppressed by something, as though some one were strangling it.
Mark was midway through strangling one of worst offenders when the crowd parted at the approach of a smartly suited stranger.
I thought of the way Fish had tortured his victims for hours or days before finally strangling them or stabbing them to death.
They needed to acknowledge that the nuclear program they believed would keep Iran safe was strangling the country’s economy.
He then goes after Rose, stalking her insistently, finding her in the resort’s belltower, and strangling the life out of her.
But martin started questioning, `Why was King Nathan strangling you? Why did he call you Jansenist? Gorham should know about this!'.
Don't write me such letters--don't, don't, don't! My heart sinks when I see you deliberately setting about strangling our friendship.
The picture of an insane husband strangling his wife and child might be accepted as the logical sequence of some startling train of events.
We may never know the full extent of this policy, however we believe there has been a strangling effect on evil and those who perpetuate it.
Soltam’s passed out nearly at once from the atrocious pain, while it took a bit longer to Nancy to kill Nazir by strangling him with her legs.
Her voice came out strangled.
Tomé who was to be strangled.
A strangled scream escapes me.
He spoke in a strangled voice.
He had been strangled to death.
A strangled cry escaped her throat.
A small, strangled sound escaped Mr.
Alex made a strangled sort of noise.
A strangled cry died in her throat.
She had been strangled like the others.
The rope tightened and strangled my neck.
I think it came out as a strangled mumble.
I don’t, he said in strangled terms.
His tie was too tight, he looked strangled.
He sounds like a strangled cat, I say.
He strangled the children; then the parents.
Well it was more of a strangled scream really.
Maybe he just up and strangled her with it.
Her voice comes out high pitched and strangled.
Vickie had been strangled; Mia had been beaten.
Then I strangled sobs behind my clinched teeth.
I have to pee, I said in a strangled voice.
It was said the Spaniards strangled him in Cuba.
Strangled, rather than stabbed in December, 1888.
The words were strangled from her throat by a sob.
They both strangled me to the point that I knew.
Inside the house, Lydia called out a strangled cry.
Toragana would have best been strangled in his crib.
Then with a strangled cry he fell back and lay still.
Only strangled noises came out of Ganz’s open mouth.
My laugh came out strangled because of his hold on me.
Morrison strangled a laugh at that and nodded his head.
Bright blue eyes stared as if being strangled outward.
For the Mother Church had become strangled by its own.
He started to tire, then vomited with a strangled croak.
Strangled but not mutilated, the detective replied.
Uncle Hobart's eyebrows rose as I gave a strangled scream.
His mouth fell open and a small, strangled sound escaped.
What’s going on? asked my mom in a strangled voice.
Detective Holliday would probably have strangled Jeff if.
Short strangles were profitable 61.
Proportions of Straddles and Strangles.
These strangles all exhibit tremendous leverage.
Analysis of short strangles yields similar results.
Straddles and strangles are basic volatility trades.
An analysis of the short strangles, presented in Figure 7.
The performance of short strangles is summarized in Table 7.
Optionz Traderz: Yes, they are called Strangles and Straddles.
Median returns for short strangles were positive in all years.
A mother knows what to do when her baby strangles at her breast.
Volatility alone dictated this as a good time to sell strangles.
Strangles use out-of-the-money options, so we’ll look at the 9.
Payoff functions of long and short strangles are shown in Figure A.
Typical long and short strangles are shown in Figures 11-3 and 11-4.
Assuming the 75% rule, the average return for long strangles was –4.
The performance of long strangles is worse than that of long straddles.
The average returns for long strangles were positive in only 1999 and 2000.
This chapter examines short volatility trades: short straddles and strangles.
Now a trader might consider buying June strangles and selling March strangles.
Stock Trader: The center? Are you talking about Long Straddles and Strangles?
Some investors prefer to buy strangles because they are cheaper than straddles.
For example, using the 75% rule, the average return of short strangles was –2.
Overall, the results for long strangles are similar to those for long straddles.
People's expectations are extravagant, and that extravagance strangles millions.
When you buy Straddles or Strangles, you are betting that volatility will change.
I have talked to many traders who based whole portfolios on selling S&P strangles.
But you are correct when you are talking about Strangles on highly volatile stock.
The median return was much higher for short strangles than for short straddles (6.
As with a straddle, strangles are most often done one to one (one call for each put).
In the Iron Condor you are holding long and short positions in two different Strangles.
But let’s say I find volatility too cheap, and I buy some straddles or strangles in SPY.
Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain apparently strangles the hope that we.
Locating consciousness in the activity of the brain absolutely strangles the hope that we.
I have been playing Long Strangles in the SPY, and also Long Calls on the ETF pair FAS/FAZ.
The acceptable types of option combinations include long and short strangles and straddles.
There are times when a combination of Straddles or Strangles or a mix is appropriate as well.
How many November Strangles would you need to sell in order to earn $200 by expiration day?
If the trader sells 20 strangles, the position is initially slightly delta negative because.
Long strangles require larger price movements to become profitable relative to long straddles.
Payoff functions of long and short strangles corresponding to the expiration date (bold lines).

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