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    1. The current chip installed was sold under the tag 'Seventh Level Black Sorcerer' and was guaranteed not just to work, but to retain its competitive position for a decade

    2. Users will be able to click on a tag

    3. From there, other users can click on the tag, will see the latest submissions and will see the submissions with the most comments

    4. They played the game of tag which the children had

    5. My mother took a plastic tag tie off a luggage bag and put one end around my wrist and the other around hers as handcuffs, so she would feel me get up during the night

    6. They kept a cat just long enough to form a deep, surrogate attachment to the creature’s aloof singularity, before Eileen watched Mister Tibbles play a one sided game of tag with the postal service van one rainy May morning

    7. “If they can put an operative on my ship, they can certainly put a false routing tag in a mail message,” Kelvin pointed out

    8. They surveyed the whole outside of the bottom of the barrel, the oldest tag that was visible to the outside was just about twelve decades in age

    9. White Feathers had scooped him up onto his broad shoulders to rescue him from the interrogation and set him in the boat as if it were 'base' in a game of tag

    10. until her father saw the tag on the back of my shirt

    11. “Guten tag Babs

    12. A small paper tag, held in place with a gold string displayed a name, but she couldn't read it from where she’d knelt

    13. The tag indeed had her name scratched across it, along with the date 1914, the year before her father was born

    14. tag on the runner’s feet—but the umpire called him safe

    15. runner beat the tag, and there was no way he was changing the call

    16. I applied a hard tag to his chest as his feet slid into my shin guards

    17. By the time the water tag game was over they were all winded and lay in the sun in a heap to rest

    18. Try to use a tag line to your URL that summarizes the benefit of visiting your

    19. bus shaped name tag

    20. We were supposed to merely tag along mind you

    21. Children chased each other, played tag, teased one another, then became interested in the animals joining the throng

    22. Luckily they didn't encounter Roleston too often, so Jack was happy enough to tag along

    23. We told the team Tony would sit out the year rather than play under the franchise tag contract

    24. Later in my career I learned the value to having more than one name tag, which confused witnesses to no end

    25. A guard strode out of the building, looking up at the helicopter as it flew overhead, giving a wave when he recognised the identity tag on its tail

    26. I am sure the story reached my dad for he took a lot trouble to explain the proper working of section 277 to me a few weeks later without me asking for his advice! In those days I was still young and wearing my real name tag

    27. There is no placing a price tag on such exemplary qualities that, in my estimation, are the hallmarks of a truly ―successful‖ individual

    28. Wearing nothing but my Cleaver brand, my chain collar, and my tag declaring me slave “Isidora,” I wandered off towards hut 62 hoping to quickly find it

    29. You would think the Hot Dog Bandit would notice after a while that there is a little plastic tag, and that it has a date on it

    30. story and memories of the group, and some tag along as the rear guard

    31. Twenty-five minutes later, Jansen led me, with my official “Visitor” tag stuck to my Tshirt, to a closed door on the fourth floor of the police building on Madison

    32. silver colored sticker tag to put around her wrist to show that she was VIP

    33. Junya raised his arm to show his sticker tag

    34. the sticker tag and was holding a glass of the champagne in the same hand that

    35. We’ve hit three malls, had an excellent lunch at The Rainforest Café, and we even hit Funtime Junction arcade in Fairfield for a friendly game of Laser Tag, all of which of course was on Quan’s dime

    36. mor was that our Mississippi license tag, which spelled WLKTOUT,

    37. we had left, and we had not purchased a new Kansas tag, that we could

    38. She dived under the table to find Municantir who played tag with a nut he had found on the floor

    39. cery store within a few minutes and wanted al of us to tag along

    40. It knew that I didn’t have a doe tag, so it wiggled its butt out of the thicket

    41. He pulled the tag from the rearview mirror, tossed his rental agreement in the passenger’s seat, and pulled out of the lot

    42. As they came back downstairs and entered the living room, Manda reached out and tucked the tag under the wig

    43. “Hey! This is backwards,” he yells, “The player’s name goes on the back along with the tag in the shirt

    44. Tag was the game of the day

    45. like the game of tag, where the game itself is the point, life is about the

    46. The picture had the tag

    47. What you won't get are completely irrelevant tweets that say "I lost my wallet yesterday" because "lost" in this context isn't preceded by the hash tag, and only others who are interested in the TV show will likely be using the same hashtag

    48. Ashi stared at the large brass tag the girl wore that said, “Hi,

    49. mind the hokey tag

    50. Each of the seven was wearing a big gaudy paper tag with

    1. When posting an image, the contestant simply has to add the #shoe (or other hashtag), and their image will be tagged to that word or phrase

    2. They are often tagged as the culprit in the case of wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and

    3. when hundreds of people dying is tagged with 'only'

    4. It would have been in a commercial storage cubby, they would have tagged it after a year and opened it after ten

    5. If she was registered for something at the Kassikan and didn’t show up, the room would be kept til the end of the term, then the contents would be tagged and sent to the catacombs, where they would be til this day unless they were used for historical research

    6. There are thousands of tons tagged in deep warehouses now

    7. “It was tagged?”

    8. To her amazement the first man, through the door pined a color-coded map on the wall, and then began to bring in boxes and furniture with the same color tagged for that house

    9. The catcher tagged him just as he crossed the plate

    10. "And the power of tagged messaging

    11. The stars were tagged, the numbers clearly corresponding to their distance

    12. He'd asked for a favour in return, tagged on to the

    13. She forced a smile, a pale smile with painful memories tagged onto the end of it

    14. into books, and even evolved a verse which she audaciously tagged "old

    15. Once they had you tagged, everything you said was written down and held against you in some way

    16. Identified risks are normally tagged with category and source

    17. It was tagged with a picture of Jesse and I doing some charity work for the Gilbert Foundation

    18. ” Her expression sobered as she looked from Jesse to Gabriel to say, “When we use up one of these bins, it’s tagged empty and moved to the end of the line

    19. It was tagged empty and moved to the end of the line

    20. I tagged along and gave my opinion when asked

    21. The “lucky seven plus one,” Moshe had hopefully tagged them, awaiting the moment of truth ahead of them

    22. Toby Parker tagged along, slightly uncomfort�able with how far back in his mind he had pushed the memory of his encounter with her and Bubba Bates

    23. “We were shown that the alteration we had felt before was due to being implanted and that our ship had been tagged so it could be tracked no matter where we were

    24. tagged them, awaiting the moment of truth ahead of them

    25. tagged you with a harmless, but very obvious para-protein that will completely throw them off the

    26. “He tagged me with the bullet chip and recorded my

    27. But the fuse is not the problem—the problem is the, the…" He struggled for an oath usable in front of a church-going woman and the young child who tagged after her

    28. tagged out (disconnected), using approved tagout ure the current in the circuit by placing an ammeter in procedures, at the nearest source of electricity

    29. “Only the furniture I have tagged goes, but everything else, the TV, all the boxes in each

    30. It was a spur of the moment thing for him and I just tagged along; nothing planned

    31. After the image is named and tagged, this should never change

    32. Steve tagged along behind, still holding the flowers, while Mary

    33. StumbleUpon l ets users ‘stumble upon’ new, related web pages The service will then recommend other websites that people have already tagged

    34. Photoflashes played on the cadaver and on the nearby floor and walls; bits of physical evidence were collected and tagged

    35. But is it so with the so-called honor-killings of the unfortunate females whom the Cupid tends into the arms of lesser males across the caste barriers? What an irony is that men invest their honor in their women all the while treating them as vassals! What idiocy the honor-killing is - would it ever restore to the family the lost honor? Why, with the infamy of murder tagged to it, it only ensures a double jeopardy for the family, won't it?’

    36. An MBE -- Member of the British Empire -- a chunk of metal tagged with ribbon that had been stuffed away in an old tea-caddy behind a pile of Readers Digests

    37. who tagged along after realizing that if they stuck

    38. When she had gleaned as much as she could from this she turned to the exhibits bagged up and tagged on the trestle table

    39. Trail taggers, tagged along trail drives

    40. Dogs' ancestors, who were wolves, tagged along and

    41. “Do you have a love?” The question came suddenly, tagged on to the end of the sentence like a full-stop

    42. Yeltsa, Tylin, the Sekku and S’us tagged close

    43. facing the windshield I spotted the small red card tagged unto

    44. He indicated that the authentic cookbook guy on occasion has tagged his book covers with some type of award sticker, not unlike the Indie Excellence Finalist Award on a few of my books

    45. Women traveling alone were quickly tagged as prostitutes or runaway girls, which was basically the same for the 177

    46. It is tagged at fifteen pounds

    47. After a second, Coach Ryan swung and tagged a hard line drive towards third base

    48. With a sudden panic, he was successfully tagged out reaching back for second, after crawling several feet through the orange dirt

    49. I told them that I didn’t appreciate being tagged with any phoney label,

    50. ‘bomb’, might have a portion, or all, of their conversation tagged, and analyzed

    1. Mercy is a quality that he has largely forgotten about, tagging along through life in his brother's wake, abjuring any responsibility for things that have happened with the excuse that he has only been following orders

    2. too easy to find with a wife and two small children tagging

    3. He’d tried talking Maileena out of tagging along with him one more time while they were on their way here, but her stubbornness made him realize that she was one of those types with a will of iron that no amount of convincing will probably affect

    4. Tagging alongside her as she headed back to the center of the camp, the ever lively Liulfr gestured to the wood she bore

    5. Farmers with their horse-drawn carts, women with large bundles on their backs, couples like themselves, carrying suitcases, some with small children tagging along, all were bound for their own destinations

    6. Urged on by his brother, Trevor guided the Cloud alongside the alien spaceship, tagging along around the ice mountain

    7. We also left them the five Compulsion stones, and they’re tagging their subordinates

    8. “It was a means of tagging our areas and keeping our tracks

    9. Be aware that tagging someone in a status or tweet could create problems for them too, especially if you give away their location

    10. Curran, feigning fear of an outraged KGB, had insisted on tagging along with Travis to Port Hardy

    11. more in Accounts Receivable and in the Sales Office and Don is tagging along

    12. of tagging and modern techniques of identification

    13. Ear tagging and radio

    14. Matheson saw that Lieutenant Commander Derek Hamilton, the commander of the squadron to which the inbound aircraft belonged, was tagging along with Fowler

    15. And guys, sorry about tagging along, I’ve been on the

    16. Murray was up and about the next day quite early and was in the workshop making a number of small steel boxes to hold the explosives, filling each box with a small amount of explosive and a detonator he then put each box in a plastic freezer bag leaving the wire from the detonator dangling, he then sealed the bags with an epoxy glue, he’d completed twenty of these deadly little parcels before he decided to place them on the beach, with a small spade he dug them in above the waterline, using a pattern that seemed random, but nothing Murray did was random, every charge that was laid was covered by a camera, when he’d finished, all that could be seen were twenty lengths of yellow wire belonging to the detonators sticking from the sand, returning to the workshop he made up another twenty little boxes and following the same procedure as before Murray buried them in the scrub working back from the road, where they’d be covered by a camera when he’d finished the only trace that could be seen were the knee high yellow wires, there was still two kilo’s of the C4 left, now the tedious work began, running wires from the house to each detonator wire, numbering them and connecting them to the keyboard in the computer room, Murray next worked on the mini cam’s he’d placed around the property running these wires back to the key board numbering and tagging them, next came the sensor switches for the camera’s, each camera had infra red capability, a motion sensor and a heat sensor that not only turned the camera’s on but also switched on the red warning lights in the house, Murray was determined that no-one was going to sneak up on him and Shirl, now came the hard yakka, all of these cables had to be hidden so Murray dug out and refilled a couple of kilometres of narrow thirty centimetre trenches to hold the wires, after a month these trenches would be overgrown but for the present he raked and spread leaves and debris to hide the recent excavations

    17. She dressed, applied her false fingerprints and collected the clothes she had worn earlier, for bagging and tagging

    18. Tagging is catching on because it is a natural complement to search

    19. Start subscribing to RSS feeds to monitor how consumers are tagging information

    20. “Look, one of the lanes is open,” Trini said, tagging Tatiana and sprinting over to acquire the lane

    21. Garcia rushed Apollo, dropping the phaser and drawing his sword out, ignoring the constant tagging of static discharge from the remaining orbs

    22. He really didn’t need her to be tagging along with him

    23. Spanish, who insisted on tagging along

    24. obvious that she did not want him tagging along

    25. Those present quizzically smile, are you guys making that happen (think of all the tagging along you attract and the joy you spread, how infectious your love of life)? Cats curl into a roost and food sings from bellies warm with laughter

    26. Chipping children is a gateway technology to the tagging of thoughts

    27. So what is the deal with the two chicks?’ She asked, tagging along with him, as he moved fast through their doorway corridor

    28. Social bookmarking, or tagging, is a way for Internet users to store, organize, share and search bookmarks of web pages

    29. tagging along! That's how to be more social!

    30. My fears are realized when I find her outside consorting with Rod, the single guy tagging along with this crazy bunch

    31. I’d even had tinted glasses made for them too, as I had figured that they intended on tagging along

    32. I can also tell you that he’s been tagging along with us for more than a couple of days

    33. I couldn’t do that while tagging along with someone else

    34. So then she started for the house, leading me by the hand, and the children tagging after

    35. Godwyn and Philemon joined them soon, with Lloyd tagging along

    36. Michelle and Debby had squirmed, seeing some of their schoolmates, the Boyler girls, tagging along with their folks as if it were a picnic, skipping around the farm

    37. “Tagging members of your own crew with trackers

    38. “She’s spoken out against everything from the titer test to the tagging system

    39. They were symbols I drew—little things that could be mistaken for flyers or tagging

    40. By the time we got to the crossroads by Hemple’s store, we had a crowd of spectators tagging along with us

    41. ‘We’re ready to start tagging

    42. Adrenaline carried him through tagging and sending the first set; he pushed it and kept going through another five

    43. “He’d have said that it was his op and you were just tagging along

    1. Hot showers and toilets, a long basin with hoses, little individual toiletry cabinets with name tags

    2. It’s a good job I’m not bothered about money because the price tags on the lingerie displayed to us by the very discrete lady in the next shop we visit are an education

    3. “Let me see the tags attached to this,” Thom said, pulling up the wrapper file

    4. “Sure,” she said, “But don’t remove the tags or unpack the boxes unless you’re sure it’s yours

    5. Eventually he tags a valve in one of the collapsed veins in her hand and administers adrenaline

    6. The tags of the wind wailed high in the atmosphere – a lost soul vanishing as quickly as her realisation of its presence before reappearing again from another, unexpected quarter

    7. Copy this video’s tags and use them for your video

    8. printed off, name tags taped on the tables, and procedures

    9. "Could I help? I know a lot of rhymes and tags of proverbs and things

    10. Two young volunteer girls wearing armbands with tags written in Hebrew, a language I easily recognized but could not read, were organizing the notes

    11. It seemed all heads and eyes were intent on a harried man in a dark, drab boiler suit sitting at a table, checking tags and glaring at a little computer screen on the table as he scrolled through a seemingly endless list

    12. should have been obvious, since the tags were purchased long before

    13. I’m looking at the door tags of the therapists on Luca’s team; James is the first up, he is the president of the Association

    14. the tags of the last volumes in the block

    15. • Name tags for life

    16. I read the tags

    17. I passed little glass bottles of water standing on solitary plinths with £20 price tags, I trotted down art deco style aisles with red neon lights or just white and sterile, like a hospital ward, passing mannequins and models and beautiful sales assistants wearing the latest clothes, looking the best, oozing richness and wealth and good fashion sense and I honestly didn’t give a shit

    18. He personally onloaded the bags with special tags on the ramp at Tan Son Nhut to be claimed by who knows at the Bangkok end

    19. and inspected the name tags to see which ones belonged to

    20. What I'm referring to here is when people throw in thousands of the same exact keyword into their meta tags

    21. He's placed "Marlon Sanders" within

    header tags and has placed it in the top left hand section of his page

    22. appearance of your Keyword that does not have any of the other meta tags

    23. The tags were out of date by over two years

    24. It must have been described to you in detail - how else could you have found your way around, known about and located that sewer pipe with all those suspicious border guards milling about, eyeing every visitor, asking for identification and reason for being there in the first place? How come your clothes were bought in West Germany but had tags from the East and fit so perfectly? How did you anticipate that the police would give you the train fare? How would you have carried on without and with only East German money in your pocket? Why exactly a sewer outlet? The Berlin Wall had not been built yet so, with all your connections, why could you not have gotten a visitor’s pass? Others could, why not you?

    25. The price tags are higher and just holding the box tells you that there is much, much more than a simple game inside

    26. Meta Tags have always been part of SEO since the beginning of the first search

    27. ‘description’ section, within the ‘keywords’ section & between the ‘Title’ tags

    28. • Identify the possible jobs required to produce the output, often named functionally, without manager, specialist, or other tags

    29. He pushed another button and the green-lined buildings on the map came up with tags showing what they were

    30. Heading tags should appear either side of a heading within a page

    31. Some hidden tags behind the source code of that heading explain to search

    32. you will be able to see the heading tags in the source code

    33. Heading tags consist

    34. Remember, the purpose of heading tags is to help explain to search engines what

    35. However, ‘ALT’ tags now have several additional uses

    36. is the use of ‘No Follow’ tags within your linking structure

    37. decide to save his home page on their bookmarks and add the 3 tags ‘golf’, ‘golf

    38. Another reason why tags are great is that they help to educate search engines

    39. tags, RSS feeds and the 'pinging' of new content to other sites means you can't af-

    40. The nurse, a twenty-year veteran from Florida looked for his dog tags and found the leather thong around his neck but all that was on it was a thin gold wedding band

    41. but strangest of all were the numbered tags attached to the

    42. packet in the mail, there should be tags for your luggage

    43. affection and pride; but strangest of all were the numbered tags attached to

    44. Bob scanned the tags on a number of folders in the first case and called out the names of most of the countries in Southeast Asia

    45. The majority of tags in use today do not have their own

    46. For shopping use, tags that send numbers are sufficient - a barcode is just a

    47. These tags are now as cheap as 40 cents,

    48. Pets are already implanted with RFID tags so that they can be identified if found,

    49. If RFID shopping tags are left on things, then people could leave tags on their

    50. However, to make sure, he had checked the tags


    tags to enlarge your text, which will not only help with capturing

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