tag sätze

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Tag sätze (in englisch)

The price tag was $2.
The teddy had tag on it.
Playing tag on the run.
His name tag said Owens.
His tag said DAVID HALE.
The picture had the tag.
Hence we have a custom tag.

Although this tag is not.
The address is on the tag.
The stars played tag with.
Tag was the game of the day.
I told them we’d tag along.
The bot cashier scanned the tag.
They carry a hefty price tag too.
You cant put a price tag on that.
What about the tag numbers?
He reached up and grabbed the tag.
Users will be able to click on a tag.
Scribd is using the keyword Meta tag.
There was a tag tied to the big toe.
We should let her tag along, darling.
Your Security Tag is also in there;.
You want to place it in your head tag.
Items can be hot with a high price tag.
His name tag said, Aaron Humphries.
She wore a name tag with the word ice.
A Tag Heuer watch was on his left wrist.
His brown shirt had a name tag sewn to it.
Pass the tag end through the eye of the.
And Tam, she has a locator tag imbedded.
I could easily carry off the stripper tag.
I tag his suit and the shelter goes dark.
A tag of poetry floated into his mind—.
Freeing one hand she grabbed the tag and.
Cassius had each of them playing tag team.
Below is an example of Title Tag Stuffing.
The main difference is the name on the tag.
I’ll call Cop and have him run the tag.
The tag is still attached to his new shirt.
Being the latest buy the price tag is steep.
Ear tagging and radio.
Spanish, who insisted on tagging along.
Tagging members of your own crew with trackers.
And guys, sorry about tagging along, I’ve been on the.
He really didn’t need her to be tagging along with him.
I couldn’t do that while tagging along with someone else.
It was a means of tagging our areas and keeping our tracks.
Godwyn and Philemon joined them soon, with Lloyd tagging along.
Tagging is catching on because it is a natural complement to search.
Chipping children is a gateway technology to the tagging of thoughts.
He’d have said that it was his op and you were just tagging along.
Start subscribing to RSS feeds to monitor how consumers are tagging information.
She’s spoken out against everything from the titer test to the tagging system.
They were symbols I drew—little things that could be mistaken for flyers or tagging.
We also left them the five Compulsion stones, and they’re tagging their subordinates.
So then she started for the house, leading me by the hand, and the children tagging after.
I can also tell you that he’s been tagging along with us for more than a couple of days.
Curran, feigning fear of an outraged KGB, had insisted on tagging along with Travis to Port Hardy.
I’d even had tinted glasses made for them too, as I had figured that they intended on tagging along.
Look, one of the lanes is open, Trini said, tagging Tatiana and sprinting over to acquire the lane.
By the time we got to the crossroads by Hemple’s store, we had a crowd of spectators tagging along with us.
Adrenaline carried him through tagging and sending the first set; he pushed it and kept going through another five.
She dressed, applied her false fingerprints and collected the clothes she had worn earlier, for bagging and tagging.
Urged on by his brother, Trevor guided the Cloud alongside the alien spaceship, tagging along around the ice mountain.
My fears are realized when I find her outside consorting with Rod, the single guy tagging along with this crazy bunch.
Social bookmarking, or tagging, is a way for Internet users to store, organize, share and search bookmarks of web pages.
Tagging alongside her as she headed back to the center of the camp, the ever lively Liulfr gestured to the wood she bore.
So what is the deal with the two chicks?’ She asked, tagging along with him, as he moved fast through their doorway corridor.
Be aware that tagging someone in a status or tweet could create problems for them too, especially if you give away their location.
Garcia rushed Apollo, dropping the phaser and drawing his sword out, ignoring the constant tagging of static discharge from the remaining orbs.
Matheson saw that Lieutenant Commander Derek Hamilton, the commander of the squadron to which the inbound aircraft belonged, was tagging along with Fowler.
Michelle and Debby had squirmed, seeing some of their schoolmates, the Boyler girls, tagging along with their folks as if it were a picnic, skipping around the farm.
Farmers with their horse-drawn carts, women with large bundles on their backs, couples like themselves, carrying suitcases, some with small children tagging along, all were bound for their own destinations.
Mercy is a quality that he has largely forgotten about, tagging along through life in his brother's wake, abjuring any responsibility for things that have happened with the excuse that he has only been following orders.
Those present quizzically smile, are you guys making that happen (think of all the tagging along you attract and the joy you spread, how infectious your love of life)? Cats curl into a roost and food sings from bellies warm with laughter.
He’d tried talking Maileena out of tagging along with him one more time while they were on their way here, but her stubbornness made him realize that she was one of those types with a will of iron that no amount of convincing will probably affect.
Murray was up and about the next day quite early and was in the workshop making a number of small steel boxes to hold the explosives, filling each box with a small amount of explosive and a detonator he then put each box in a plastic freezer bag leaving the wire from the detonator dangling, he then sealed the bags with an epoxy glue, he’d completed twenty of these deadly little parcels before he decided to place them on the beach, with a small spade he dug them in above the waterline, using a pattern that seemed random, but nothing Murray did was random, every charge that was laid was covered by a camera, when he’d finished, all that could be seen were twenty lengths of yellow wire belonging to the detonators sticking from the sand, returning to the workshop he made up another twenty little boxes and following the same procedure as before Murray buried them in the scrub working back from the road, where they’d be covered by a camera when he’d finished the only trace that could be seen were the knee high yellow wires, there was still two kilo’s of the C4 left, now the tedious work began, running wires from the house to each detonator wire, numbering them and connecting them to the keyboard in the computer room, Murray next worked on the mini cam’s he’d placed around the property running these wires back to the key board numbering and tagging them, next came the sensor switches for the camera’s, each camera had infra red capability, a motion sensor and a heat sensor that not only turned the camera’s on but also switched on the red warning lights in the house, Murray was determined that no-one was going to sneak up on him and Shirl, now came the hard yakka, all of these cables had to be hidden so Murray dug out and refilled a couple of kilometres of narrow thirty centimetre trenches to hold the wires, after a month these trenches would be overgrown but for the present he raked and spread leaves and debris to hide the recent excavations.
They are often tagged as.
He was already tagged as DOA.
I hesitated, tagged him and ran.
It is tagged at fifteen pounds.
And the power of tagged messaging.
The rabid stalkers tagged after him.
Trail taggers, tagged along trail drives.
Pretty soon, we had tagged the area for.
How did I get tagged like a wild animal?
I tagged along and gave my opinion when asked.
The mess, and how he could have gotten tagged.
The multimedia, now indexed and tagged with 37.
Sammi tagged along, not that that was surprising.
Yeltsa, Tylin, the Sekku and S’us tagged close.
Someone’s tagged her, says Gervais, aghast.
And Merthin tagged along as Elfric’s apprentice.
I couldn’t believe he tagged his talk this short.
Dogs' ancestors, who were wolves, tagged along and.
The catcher tagged him just as he crossed the plate.
He tagged me with the bullet chip and recorded my.
It was tagged empty and moved to the end of the line.
He'd asked for a favour in return, tagged on to the.
Field are tagged and used as a template for that Player.
There are thousands of tons tagged in deep warehouses now.
It’s not over, I said, nodding at the tagged mounds.
It’s tagged on the door where she’s hiding out up there.
I had tagged along with April this morning for a visit to an.
After the image is named and tagged, this should never change.
He tagged Garcia’s arm with the hypo, injecting the purple.
Identified risks are normally tagged with category and source.
Steve tagged along behind, still holding the flowers, while Mary.
The econterrorist Moneykiller has been sighted and tagged in western O.
The stars were tagged, the numbers clearly corresponding to their distance.
For example, a post tagged with the term mlm lets the search engine.
You could have raised a village, instead you bagged and tagged yourself a zoo.
Keywords that are tagged into the description of the slideshow will also help.
She forced a smile, a pale smile with painful memories tagged onto the end of it.
After a second, Coach Ryan swung and tagged a hard line drive towards third base.
She’s still alive Talaric! She must’ve tagged herself with a tracking chip.
As his iEyes were B-linked and tagged, they triggered the opening of the streamway.
It still had tags on it.
Thank the lord for name tags.
Tags greeted me and told me.
All day long that thing tags.
That caused Tags and I to laugh.
Xzavier scans his Symphony Tags.
I’d never seen Tags so pissed.
My boy Tags is real good, but he.
How to Use Tags to Help Your Readers.
Tags just nodded his head in agreement.
He’s defenseless, and she tags him out.
More often than not, Tags said, that when.
These are Israel Defense Forces dog tags.
Make sure that you replace all the tags (i.
It was about what he’d done with the tags.
The tags were out of date by over two years.
I had told Ananya to leave the price tags on.
I was more happy for Tags than anything else.
The monster roared, and Tags raised his arms.
Tags and I attempted small talk during warm-.
This is the way your header tags should look:.
However, to make sure, he had checked the tags.
I was hoping Tags took advantage of this chance.
These carts can be equipped with RFID Active tags.
Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links.
Tags of the bands are just that—tags, not signals.
None carried any identity papers or dog tags either.
Copy this video’s tags and use them for your video.
Also, as I said earlier, those tags are not required.
By organizing tags in this manner the search engines.
Doublet skated the puck up ice, with Tags shooting up.
I pulled in the driveway at Tags and knocked on his door.
However, ‘ALT’ tags now have several additional uses.
I threw my bag in the trunk and slammed it shut as Tags.
Meta tags and the tags are important in this.
At that point, I noticed Tags out of the corner of my eye.
The majority of tags in use today do not have their own.
There were no cones, tags, or markers on the ground floor.
Yes, there was still the metal chain and the old dog tags.
Mom, look, he doesn’t have a collar or tags, I said.

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