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    1. Jorma thought he might have asked with a shade of accusation, though his look was friendly when Jorma turned to him

    2. She noticed a fisherman about a thousand yards out had turned his glass on her so she waved and posed

    3. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    4. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    5. Jorma turned to sit beside her

    6. But all the while, it astounded me how this serial killer turned out to be such a strong factor in the manner in which my parents raised me

    7. He got to his feet to pace but when he turned he saw that Herndon was coming around the camp

    8. conversation turned to the medical dilemma recently posed and the

    9. The tooth powder in the bathroom was turned around, but any of them could have done that

    10. Luke: 7:44: And he turned to the woman, and said unto

    11. " She was at the front door, she turned toward him in the open door

    12. forgiveness, He turned to the woman and said,

    13. They turned right onto the tenth floor street of third canal, indoor at that point, and were immediately outside again between third canal and the yacht basin

    14. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    15. My theory turned out to be true in Micah’s case

    16. It was just the instincts of this body that turned her head when big, broad-shouldered men with cleft chins walked by

    17. ” He turned the flask and squinted

    18. And he turned again into

    19. When David had his men turned against him, when their

    20. says he turned to God to strengthen himself

    21. Henry turned the knob of the door as slowly and quietly as he could

    22. He had turned south toward the city center once he left the basin

    23. So it was going to be that easy, Johnny thought to himself as he turned to head into the principal’s office

    24. Ackers turned his attention to Johnny

    25. She heard them scuttling through the pipes, turned off the flashlight, and held her breath

    26. “Are you going to stand in the elevator all day? We have important things to discuss,” Ackers chastised them, and then, without waiting for their response, he turned and started walking down the hall

    27. Nancy couldn’t see him through the flames, but when the cannon was turned off, the man was looking unharmed and vastly relieved

    28. Use it with the heat turned all the way up!

    29. Isa: 50:5: The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back

    30. He turned and gave Johnny a condescending stare

    31. Ackers turned to look at them with a stoic face, “Do you think I should have called her Don’t Eat?”

    32. Johnny and Ackers turned to each other in stunned silence

    33. They all turned their heads to look at him

    34. He turned and saw his mechanic in the approaching crowd

    35. She could see it in his eyes and turned away from him

    36. He stammered and opened his mouth, but then shut it again and turned away

    37. She turned around to see a woman, about eighteen years old, dressed all in black

    38. Nancy turned to regard her tormentor

    39. Everyone was focused on the fight except for Ackers, who turned his head and looked at the sword sticking out of the wall

    40. Herndon almost popped an aneurism over that, she could see purple veins pound in his face, but she turned it on him with the story of Kulai's fortune

    41. The Operator turned around to see Silence standing behind them

    42. Grabbing my shoulders, he turned me round to face him

    43. Red pointed over his shoulder and Big Petey turned to see a new host of soldiers enter the room from the elevator

    44. His head was turned away from it as he was watching Scar fight Nancy and Silence

    45. The Operator turned around to find that Johnny had taken the Super Chip right out of his hand

    46. With a deep sigh, he turned on the antique chairs and smashed them to pieces until there wasn’t a chunk bigger than his fist

    47. But every pretty pair of tits this night has turned me down, so I’m willing to try Mama Grizzly here

    48. Johnny quickly darted over to his holographic keyboard and turned down the volume

    49. Her happy whistling turned to a concerned hum

    50. This wasn't even once a week, she had turned it up during her travels, especially her time with Jorma

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