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Turned en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He turned up at L.
  2. So I turned the key.
  3. He turned on the TV.
  4. He turned to face her.
  5. So I turned him away.

  6. I turned to look her.
  7. It had turned out to.
  8. She turned a few pages.
  9. Then he turned on his.
  10. Lyra turned to face him.
  11. He turned to walk away.
  12. He turned on the cold.
  13. At the door, Cal turned.
  14. He turned to me saying.
  15. Uncle Carl turned to me.

  16. I turned over the cover.
  17. Altaf turned back to her.
  18. We turned to look at Ish.
  19. She turned to me saying.
  20. She then turned to Gina.
  21. He turned his face away.
  22. It turned out that she.
  23. She turned off the water.
  24. When she turned on the.
  25. He turned and faced her.

  26. She turned and faced him.
  27. Nico then turned to Ryan.
  28. The big kid turned around.
  29. The Baron turned and left.
  30. I turned to Ted and said.
  31. He turned away from his.
  32. Then he’d turned on her.
  33. Robbie turned to face me.
  34. He turned to Ryato again.
  35. I turned back to Savannah.
  36. He turned back to face me.
  37. I turned to the last name.
  38. Reese turned to Kay again.
  39. He turned and walked away.
  40. He turned to us and said.
  41. He turned to look at Kay.
  42. Gerald turned to the door.
  43. She turned away from them.
  44. He turned back to the road.
  45. And he turned again into.
  46. You have been turned down.
  47. The lamps were turned low.
  48. Venus turned and saw Alex.
  49. Alaric turned to his lord.
  50. When they turned back to.
  51. He turned and walked off.
  52. She turned her back on it.
  53. I turned to Anne and said.
  54. They turned and moved away.
  55. Stefan turned to face him.
  56. The key in my lock turned.
  57. He turned to smile at her.
  58. Finally, he turned to Tom.
  59. As I turned to God in my.
  60. Then his face turned white.
  61. Safaa turned to her Brother.
  62. I turned to Bert and asked.
  63. The group turned to Selena.
  64. His pale skin turned paler.
  65. Her name turned out to be.
  66. I turned it completely over.
  67. She turned and studied him.
  68. George turned to me saying.
  69. Then he turned around and.
  70. My legs had turned to wood.
  71. Finally, he turned to Glen.
  72. Tarak turned and faced him.
  73. And then, he turned to her.
  74. Alex turned her head to him.
  75. Bram turned to the other two.
  76. They turned to see Antoine.
  77. He stood still, and turned.
  78. They turned toward the door.
  79. He turned to me and replied.
  80. She turned around to DRAFT.
  81. He turned to nod toward Jack.
  82. Homer turned back to Nerissa.
  83. He turned to Mickey and Kev.
  84. All eyes turned to the stage.
  85. This really turned her on!.
  86. She then turned to Caroline.
  87. So I turned to him and said.
  88. She turned and smiled at him.
  89. Then the image turned black.
  90. Hans turned to look at Rogan.
  91. Martha turned to me and said.
  92. As it turned out, we in here.
  93. Zardino then turned to Roidon.
  94. Then she turned on the water.
  95. He turned his face toward her.
  96. I turned without another word.
  97. But it turned out to be water.
  98. She turned and we both looked.
  99. Nibbles turned and had a look.
  100. Jake turned and spotted Ichor.
  1. I was turning into a.
  2. Turning to me she said.
  3. The turning of a page.
  4. This is turning to God.
  5. That was a turning point.
  6. Turning to Flint he said.
  7. Turning Down the Heat in.
  8. Yes, he is turning aside.
  9. There is no turning back.
  10. There was no turning back.
  11. The sky was turning dark.
  12. This was a turning point.
  13. By turning the knob on a.
  14. Her face was turning blue.
  15. That was the turning point.
  16. I began turning the handle.
  17. I would be turning twenty.
  18. Oh, she said in turning.
  19. This would be the turning.
  20. My mind was turning to mush.
  21. The other half is turning.
  22. Turning, he walked to the.
  23. Harry Wills turning down a.
  24. Ironic: I was turning into.
  25. She was turning into dust!.
  26. On turning the channel, he.
  27. Turning towards it he scowls.
  28. That means we're turning too.
  29. His stomach turning a little.
  30. The pages are turning for me.
  31. Did she survive the turning?
  32. Turning the corner, he imme-.
  33. I swear she was turning green.
  34. There was no turning back now.
  36. His lips are turning blue.
  37. The dread locks turning point.
  38. Turning, she saw Una Meredith.
  39. Turning, he could see a face.
  40. Turning again to the court he.
  41. Loose canons turning the job.
  42. Turning Waist & Pushing Palm.
  43. Turning, she runs out the door.
  44. Turning around she saw nothing.
  45. Barnes sternly, turning on her.
  46. I hate how this is turning out.
  47. The valley below turning white.
  48. He is turning the place on end.
  49. I ended up turning him instead.
  50. There would be no turning back.
  51. But he’s turning out alright.
  52. This was turning out to be fun.
  53. And that was the turning point.
  54. Martha’s face was turning red.
  55. She felt guilt for turning him.
  56. The smell of spring turning to.
  57. Nangong Ping before turning back.
  58. This is turning out to be a bit.
  59. Turning the shower taps on, she.
  60. He won’t be turning up David.
  61. He reached for her, turning her.
  62. She's turning into such a Claire.
  63. For her there is no turning back.
  64. He tried turning but was too late.
  65. This is the turning of the wheel.
  66. Turning, he locked gazes with her.
  67. Turning towards the bus station.
  68. Turning his head, Loki looks back.
  69. Perhaps this was a turning point.
  70. It was odd Barbara not turning up.
  71. This deal was turning out to be.
  72. Turning to face the cameras, he.
  73. And her face began turning all red.
  74. He paused before turning to leave.
  75. I can’t see her turning it down.
  76. Kerim stopped, turning to face her.
  77. Then his skin started turning to.
  78. They’re all turning nasty on me.
  79. I gasp softly, turning to eye him.
  80. But there was no turning back now.
  81. He considered turning around but.
  82. I was sure my face was turning red.
  83. They were blessed in turning many.
  84. She has heads turning all over.
  85. Turning her head she looked at him.
  86. My stomach was tossing and turning.
  87. There could be no turning back now.
  88. Now there would be no turning back.
  89. There is no turning back from that.
  90. Sorry! she said, turning up.
  91. In short, turning the thoughts of.
  92. Turning to Andrew, the Devil smiled.
  93. Turning his back on the group, his.
  94. Arguments had a way of turning over.
  95. Turning to Roberto, he asked tersely.
  96. Turning a hundred was no more of a.
  97. Turning back, she points at her head.
  98. Turning towards Scott, Sam continued.
  99. I appreciate your not turning me in.
  100. Now, there could be no turning back.
  1. As it turns out, no.
  2. Then he turns to Ms.
  3. Then he turns to me.
  4. He turns to face me.
  5. It turns out I was.
  6. She turns her head up.
  7. He turns to the nurse.
  8. Her head turns a bit.
  9. He turns and faces me.
  10. He turns off his light.
  11. Turns out I was wrong.
  12. He turns off the radio.
  13. It turns out it just.
  15. He turns on the smile.
  16. Which turns out to be.
  17. He turns to look at me.
  18. Aaron turns to face me.
  19. Lonna turns to the side.
  20. She turns her head away.
  21. He turns the page again.
  22. He turns and storms out.
  23. He turns and walks to.
  24. Waves as she turns to go.
  26. She turns and storms off.
  27. He turns and walks away.
  28. This turns out to be a.
  29. He turns to face his car.
  30. Then she turns to Vince.
  31. John turns his head away.
  32. He nods and turns around.
  33. And it turns to passion.
  34. Turns out, some of the.
  35. He turns to greet my mom.
  36. If a deal turns into a.
  37. He turns to the painting.
  38. Yet life has its turns.
  39. Then turns a smile on him.
  40. John turns red with anger.
  41. A leaf turns on its edge.
  42. Turns out he never came.
  43. Th e cult turns natural.
  44. Tomas turns on the light.
  45. He turns and gives me a.
  46. Kevin turns his head away.
  47. It turns out, I did not.
  48. It always turns out badly.
  49. It turns for a second run.
  50. He turns to the east and.
  51. The crab turns upward and.
  52. The men took turns dozing.
  53. Turns out the guy’s FBI.
  54. It turns out that he was.
  55. His face turns tomato red.
  56. The coat sheds and turns.
  57. Once more turns the cycle.
  58. Love all too easily turns.
  59. They take their turns to.
  60. She turns and faces Jason.
  62. The key turns in the lock.
  63. He turns over on his back.
  64. It turns from one season.
  65. She turns back to Mohammed.
  66. But sugar turns to spirit.
  68. He turns to face Mohammed.
  70. Ellin waves and turns away.
  71. He turns back to his outfit.
  72. Turns out he was Balthasar.
  73. She turns and stares at him.
  74. As it turns out he had no.
  75. Which slowly turns to dust.
  76. Jeeps handled turns a lot.
  77. Whatever he turns into he.
  78. The car turns in the street.
  79. Diane D turns her body over.
  80. Turns out it's in a mosque.
  81. Becky turns her back to Sam.
  82. And autumn turns to spring.
  83. Diane turns the music down.
  84. Mohammed turns to the crowd.
  85. Then he turns on the charm.
  86. It turns out good that way.
  87. Where the Grass Turns White.
  88. She turns out to be his wife.
  89. The next twelve turns will.
  91. The man turns and walks away.
  92. He glares at her, turns away.
  93. The group turns to see who.
  94. My mom turns toward me again.
  95. Amy turns and screams again.
  96. He turns the dial slowly.
  97. She turns more hot water on.
  98. Bernard turns and walks away.
  99. Another three turns on the.
  100. Turns out he’s a big shot.

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1. I turn the TV off.
2. I turn up my noise.
3. I turn to face him.
4. I turn to my mother.
5. Then it was her turn.
6. Then it was my turn.
7. With a turn of his.
8. It was her turn to.
9. Now it was her turn.
10. I turn to walk away.
11. As Anna has her turn.
12. I did my pivot turn.
13. No family to turn to.
14. Then, it was my turn.
15. Where I turn to waste.
16. This in turn may be.
17. He did not turn back.
18. I turn off the screen.
19. As stars turn to dust.
20. As you turn to leave.
21. It was my turn to nod.
22. As he made the turn.
23. I can turn a windmill.
24. She did not turn away.
25. And turn on the water.
26. I'll just turn up then.
27. It was my turn to grin.
28. And now it's your turn.
29. Turn out on cake rake.
30. Turn the pump back on.
31. TURN back to chapter 6.
32. To turn off the switch.
33. Finally it was my turn.
34. He started to turn away.
35. Now it was Chloe's turn.
36. Then he dared to turn.
37. Now we turn to you.
38. Come on Rex, your turn.
39. It was his turn to cook.
40. He heard the TV turn on.
41. Let's turn now to Asia.
42. Now it was the turn of.
43. But he could turn down.
44. Turn on the ceiling fan.
45. And then it’s my turn.
46. Turn to peace, turn to.
47. His face began to turn.
48. But we, in turn, would.
49. This in turn makes the.
50. It was her turn to frown.
51. Then it was Lucas' turn.
52. Turn to YOU for direction.
53. I tried to turn my head.
54. There was no time to turn.
55. It made his stomach turn.
56. We must turn him over.
57. It will also turn him on.
58. With the turn of my head.
59. Finally, he got his turn.
60. Now it was Felixs turn.
61. She heard a key turn in.
62. Glad to have had a turn!.
63. Turn off (1) on that road.
64. Turn off the heat source.
65. Turn that cell phone off.
66. Then it was George's turn.
67. It was now Halfdan's turn.
68. I wake up and turn my head.
69. Turn off the lights there.
70. Will he turn his head? No.
71. It was then Clara’s turn.
72. To turn your entire world.
73. His turn to look perplexed.
74. He fumbled to turn it off.
75. She could not turn it off.
76. Don’t turn a fact into.
77. Heads turn in my direction.
78. That now in its turn has.
79. So, did that turn you.
80. I will never turn sixteen.
81. But can’t turn the page.
82. To NOW turn things around.
83. Then Thomas took his turn.
84. Then it was John’s turn.
85. Always turn into the threat.
86. Better than turn up dead.
87. I could turn you into-.
88. At last it was Harry's turn.
89. Was it really his turn at.
90. I turn toward it, confused.
91. We can’t just turn it on.
92. Turn to them for what you.
93. I can’t not turn up ….
94. You turn for a better look.
95. I turn away from the railing.
96. In one hundred metres turn.
97. If you turn around you can.
98. Now it was his turn to blush.
99. Turn off heat and set aside.
100. Why did you turn it down?

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