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    1. Its allure comes from it being so unsophisticated and the last thing it needs is careless tourism

    2. I had expected the house to be empty but now here I was, having to explain to this simple, unsophisticated stranger that his whole life was about to change because we were going to sell the place he called his home

    3. Inherent in the selection process is a disturbing tendency common among most attorneys of ―nullifying‖ clear-minded, informed individuals in favor of unsophisticated, impressionable types who may otherwise render a ―favorable‖ verdict predicated upon individual biases and pedestrian prejudices likely to promote the arguments of prosecutors and defense attorneys alike

    4. In this manner, an occasional (market) quirk or (uncertain) political event would seem to ―justify‖ bailing out; in turn spooking unsophisticated investors into selling off their own shares in order to cut their losses before their portfolios hit rock bottom thereby setting the table for savvier investors to acquire them on the cheap

    5. The nation was greeted to an influx of armed domestic and international traffickers, far more dangerous than their few unsophisticated predecessors

    6. While his people were not unsophisticated, and sex was a pure and natural thing; he was suddenly shy within earshot of the younger women

    7. Unfortunately it was of the very miniature pocket kind and with the establishment’s unsophisticated lighting system we needed the assistance of the built in torch on her cell phone

    8. Compounding their predicament was the fact that they had already been, putting it kindly, very unsophisticated contract negotiators

    9. because they are (supposedly) unsophisticated

    10. They derided the ruder, unsophisticated Bossonians, and hard feeling grew between them—the Aquilonians despising the Bossonians and the latter resenting the attitude of their masters – who now boldly called themselves such, and treated the Bossonians like conquered subjects, taxing them exorbitantly, and conscripting them for their wars of territorial expansion—wars the profits of which the Bossonians shared little

    11. in terms best suited to the unsophisticated minds of the inhabitants of a land dis-

    12. arrogant opinion that Americans were unsophisticated and lacking in

    13. Med students have an amazingly unsophisticated sense of humour

    14. directionally antagonistic, rude, and very unsophisticated in both

    15. unsophisticated investors who have never seen a downturn

    16. unbridled optimists are matched with the unsophisticated investors; one entity demands

    17. The traffic light system might appeal to even the most unsophisticated of

    18. The difference between them, though, was that Autumn had despaired that the villagers were so very unsophisticated and immature, whereas Pussy would have chosen a horny rough-handed farm-lad over a practical pipe-smoker every time

    19. If YouTube users are so unsophisticated now that they can barely pick more than 2 or

    20. Storage facilities range from very sophisticated ones with their own trucks (who probably sell on the auctions themselves) to unsophisticated ones who just want that “junk”

    21. He had been full of vibrant energy and blunt, unsophisticated honesty

    22. Let’s try something else today, a little more unsophisticated I should say,’ he said pointing towards a food stall

    23. I sighed; being shunned by most suitors wasn’t a bothersome thought, but I feared that Marcus would totally ignore me in this unsophisticated outfit

    24. They meant no ridicule but Hiram, Trinkem and Perkins could not help themselves and spontaneously burst into laughter at Adeft's unsophisticated comment

    25. We all learn as children that we can, in a very unsophisticated way, get the

    26. as children that we can, in a very unsophisticated way, get the attention of our parents

    27. And that is what every unsophisticated person thinks of the 'scheme of redemption’ according to the old Calvinistic representation, as soon as they hear of it

    28. productions, previous to their publication, wishing to profit by the criticism of unsophisticated feeling

    29. I was pleased with the idea of showing my companions what Polish country life was like; to visit the town where I was at school before the boys by my side should grow too old, and gaining an individual past of their own, should lose their unsophisticated interest in mine

    30. more unsophisticated, than among the false, ridiculous refinements with

    31. to the simple and unsophisticated beings by whom he was surrounded

    32. Haidee, whose soul seemed centred in the business of the stage, like all unsophisticated natures, delighted in whatever addressed itself to the eye or ear

    33. My father was endeavoring to pierce with his eager looks the remotest verge of the horizon, examining attentively every black speck which appeared on the lake, while my mother, reclining by his side, rested her head on his shoulder, and I played at his feet, admiring everything I saw with that unsophisticated innocence of childhood which throws a charm round objects insignificant in themselves, but which in its eyes are invested with the greatest importance

    34. And here, Madam, I ought, perhaps, to make you an apology for this minute detail of things, that dwelt so strongly upon my memory, after so deep an impression; but, besides that this intrigue bred one great revolution in my life, which historical truth requires I should not sink from you, may I not presume that so exalted a pleasure ought not to be ungratefully forgotten, or suppressed by me, because I found it in a character in low life; where, by the by, it is oftener met with, purer, and more unsophisticated, than among the false, ridiculous refinements with which the great suffer themselves to be so grossly cheated by their pride: the great! than whom, there exist few amongst those they call the vulgar, who are more ignorant of, or who cultivate less, the art of living than they do; they, I say, who for ever mistake things the most foreign to the nature of pleasure itself; whose capital favourite object is enjoyment of beauty, wherever that rare incaluable gift is found, without distinction of birth, or station

    35. It was easy to see why he had been so shy, so unsophisticated, so idealistic

    36. Just as many people are unwilling to say “I don’t know,” nor do they want to appear unsophisticated by asking a simple question or making an observation that was hidden in plain sight

    37. Her unsophisticated open-air existence required no varnish of conventionality to make it palatable to him

    38. No object could have looked more foreign to the gleaming cranks and wheels than this unsophisticated girl, with the round bare arms, the rainy face and hair, the suspended attitude of a friendly leopard at pause, the print gown of no date or fashion, and the cotton bonnet drooping on her brow

    39. Though unsophisticated in the usual sense, she was not incomplete; and it would have denoted deficiency of womanhood if she had not instinctively known what an argument lies in propinquity

    40. His idea was that the cycle resulted from the actions of these large players who planned their operations in the market to take advantage of the uneducated public’s inappropriate reactions to price movement, but we also see evidence of this cycle in the price patterns of assets such as medieval commodity prices; stocks in early, unsophisticated markets; or trading on very short time frames

    41. Unsophisticated computer users can benefit and may even appreciate a restricted environment that insulates them from the more confusing elements of the operating system

    42. Locking Down the Interface There are many elements of the Windows interface that unsophisticated users do not need to access, and suppressing these elements can prevent the more curious users from exploring things they don’t understand and possibly damaging the system

    43. Note that Debbie is an unsophisticated trader who has no formal understanding of Average True Range (ATR) or other volatility indicators

    44. They were a friendly, unsophisticated couple, and she had no difficulty in telling them a little about the Australian soldier who had been tortured when they were sitting in the DC's house, where Captain Sugamo had sat so often, over a cup of tea

    45. These services and columns, in my opinion, are unprofessional and unsophisticated

    46. “Miss Eyre, you are not so unsophisticated as Adèle: she demands a ‘cadeau,’ clamorously, the moment she sees me: you beat about the bush

    47. Deep was my gratification to find I had really a place in their unsophisticated hearts: I promised them that never a week should pass in future that I did not visit them, and give them an hour’s teaching in their school

    48. In effect, they protect the unsophisticated from predatory schemes that regulators and enforcement agencies don't seem able to prevent

    49. It would be something to be loved by such a girl, to excite the first ardours of her young unsophisticated mind! She interested him more than he had foreseen

    50. I mention this circumstance, because, as if the cows and calves had been purposely locked up in this innermost fold; and as if the wide extent of the herd had hitherto prevented them from learning the precise cause of its stopping; or, possibly, being so young, unsophisticated, and every way innocent and inexperienced; however it may have been, these smaller whales—now and then visiting our becalmed boat from the margin of the lake—evinced a wondrous fearlessness and confidence, or else a still becharmed panic which it was impossible not to marvel at

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    bumpkinly hick rustic unsophisticated uncomplicated unworldly natural authentic genuine unadulterated unrefined crude raw simple artless guileless