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    1. the horns of abuse and the unadulterated ordinariness

    2. She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder

    3. Emily could taste the pure, unadulterated delights of victory

    4. Ken’s view of the wider world was unadulterated by fact

    5. infused with raw, unadulterated gunpowder

    6. soul and telling the unadulterated truth, or maintaining

    7. General Tyrpledge rolled his eyes in an almost shocking expression of unadulterated lack of esteem

    8. Did she think of Toby? Did she ever think of Toby with anything other than regret; or anger, or even sheer, unadulterated hatred? Toby had beaten himself up about it numberless times over the next fifteen years, and then one day he simply accepted it

    9. I have gone for collective and accumulative pleasure, rather than a single dose of unadulterated foodgasm-ness (one of Shakespeare’s words I believe)

    10. What I saw now in Adrinius’ features was utter and unadulterated intimidation, fear of something more powerful, more deadly than Adrinius himself

    11. I let out a cry of agony, shutting my eyes half way from unadulterated exhaustion as I felt my body being hauled over something soft and warm, secure in my belief that I would be safe now

    12. I laid my hands on his as he framed my face, closing my eyes in an unadulterated craze, an insanity for him, and it took every last bit of willpower not to transform right then and there and sink my teeth into his luscious neck

    13. It’s pure unadulterated hot sex with a

    14. When I dropped her home after our second date, she took the initiative by asking, “Would you like to come in and test my new queen sized water bed?” Pure unadulterated sex until she moved in June 1991

    15. Coming home was not entirely the unadulterated joy that I had initially imagined

    16. This morning I received the unadulterated trash Petition for Cert

    17. the ones unadulterated with fear,

    18. Despite Reginald‘s apparent enthusiasm, it was perfectly obvious to Sebastian that he was not looking forward to the activity with unadulterated delight, so Sebastian answered with a vague,

    19. In the small suburban town, the Harvest Festival is a town-wide party, with feasting and music and dancing and pure, unadulterated joy

    20. the whole unadulterated truth, inspired by the Holy Spirit

    21. How or when he began these I was not told (and there is really no way for anyone to know), though the why of it all boils down to one simple word: pleasure, pure and unadulterated

    22. Bingo! Rory held the report from the Lab in his hand: two of the boxes contained what they purported to contain – unadulterated food of a good quality – the third box however was the jackpot! - the food undoubtedly contained an addictively potent cocaine mix!!…so it would appear that not all the Lunch Boxes contained drugs, so the distribution would strike randomly – those children unlucky enough to get a “doctored” food parcel were on their way to becoming addicts! – absolutely iniquitous…what sort of monster would deliberately addict children?!…The lab had found a tiny puncture-mark on the cellophane wrapping – the liquefied drug had been inserted into the food via a hypodermic syringe – easy and quick!

    23. 1 Some day a reformation in the Christian church may strike deep enough to get back to the unadulterated religious teachings of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith

    24. good things it is pure unadulterated magic!

    25. How pure the rot, how unadulterated the scum, how soft the fabric of sin laid hard and bare for all to see

    26. any facet of nature’s pure, unadulterated beauty

    27. “You know this as well: self-assessment leads to the Conditional Death of the personality they wore as a ruse, in order to have experiences unadulterated by knowledge of their quest

    28. “You know this: self-assessment leads to the conditional death of the personality they wore as a ruse, in order to have experiences unadulterated by knowledge of their quest

    29. ” Having confirmed the apparent habitual attitudes of Terence and the preacher’s clear contempt and scorn for him, he decided to turn the conversation to the victim in hopes of eliciting the same amount of unadulterated information on her character

    30. were allowed to integrate among the unadulterated Saxon

    31. in their unadulterated forms

    32. unadulterated blood-lines wanted that much only

    33. schools where those unadulterated Annunaki children born of

    34. The cross represents the unadulterated spirit

    35. the most unadulterated of conclusive logic

    36. Ultimately it is important that the true church seize the opportunity in the latter days to work together in proclaiming biblical truth and an unadulterated gospel message to a

    37. However it is based around direct and unadulterated rejection by the mother at birth

    38. kind, but a healthy swallow of pure, unadulterated water

    39. of memory and the destruction that it was causing danced with the unadulterated

    40. a good tune, my intone rises to the rafters in a pure, unadulterated

    41. unadulterated joy he realized that there was a slight movement from the chest,

    42. Yet they continue to teach their children to remain unadulterated

    43. The statement shimmered in the air, unadulterated and unadorned

    44. This case was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in its correct and unadulterated meaning

    45. 'You are a queer cousin,' said Lieschen, giggling again, the giggle this time containing a touch of contempt, her giggles never being wholly unadulterated

    46. After an hour of unadulterated Major Cookham her eyelids were drooping, not only with fatigue but with feeling more like fifty than she had ever yet felt

    47. Now she knew better, now that she was married herself, what it must have been like to be married to the Bishop, to have twenty years of unadulterated Bishop

    48. For a moment the sheer, unadulterated arrogance of

    49. The two blood-splattered nuathreens stood in what Liam assumed could only be complete and unadulterated awe

    50. unadulterated selfishness on his part, and only

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    arrant complete consummate double-dyed everlasting gross perfect pure sodding staring stark thorough thoroughgoing unadulterated utter unalloyed sheer absolute unmixed unqualified decided