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    1. tiptoeing, pure irony hit him with a wallop

    2. Many of them are really simple, but they can pack a wallop when you put them into

    3. “By the way, your little popgun can really pack a wallop, with the new munitions the manufacturer developed

    4. As a result, she was now approaching the port of Bristol, close to her final destination of Middle Wallop, in the county of Hampshire, with still enough fuel in her internal tanks to fly another 450 miles

    5. Consulting her notepad fixed to her upper right leg, she switched her main radio to the frequency of the British regional air controller near Bristol, to advise him of her approach and to get a final heading for Middle Wallop

    6. I will also need a final heading for Middle Wallop, over

    7. Now reassured about the survival of the German pilot, she turned around and headed towards Middle Wallop

    8. She had thus left her deputy, Colonel Hainsworth, at her headquarters in Middle Wallop, with Hainsworth in charge of coordinating the successive waves of aircraft that were going to fly out of England and towards France in the hours to come

    9. National stupidity aside, the woman was surprisingly far from alone in her oddly acquired conviction that the human race was in for one hell of a wallop

    10. Despite his size, the little boy threw quite a wallop and Michael was assured his face would be severely bruised

    11. “He packs a good wallop, too

    12. "Is Jacques hereabouts? I must say that was a mighty wallop you rendered on to him last evening

    13. Upaya leapt away just in time to skirt the big crater left behind by that wallop

    14. shirt and began to wallop him across the side of the head

    15. tarantula! I reached out to wallop it with a stray shoe, but it

    16. A smile with a wallop

    17. He did come a wallop, by George

    18. I ran fast, hoping shotgun preachers wouldn’t count hymens and hymnals and wallop me with buckshot

    1. “Did I forget to mention the shield?” Heckler jeered as Harmony walloped against the wall separating them

    2. Fillegal untangled the leads, whispered into her ear, and walloped her on the rump

    3. And then the rest of her words walloped me

    1. And a walloping case of pneumonia

    2. every page packed a walloping punch

    3. ” But the next morning, Brougham pointed out again in his column that “those walloping sophomores of mine” had looked mighty fresh to him at the end of three miles, the varsity not so much

    4. Alice had always liked the serene quiet and stillness that followed a walloping snowstorm, but today it unnerved her

    5. His melancholy ponderings were rudely interrupted when a troupe of painted dwarfs came bursting from the belly of a wheeled wooden pig to chase Lord Butterwell’s fool about the tables, walloping him with inflated pig’s bladders that made rude noises every time a blow was struck

    1. The “short version of PSL’s false firing rationale” was that I had hacked off a minor contract specialist (not THE ACO) at NASA’s Wallops Island, VA, facility which administered PSL’s sole source high altitude balloon contract that was performed from a site in SE TX (Palestine—nothing holy about it or them)

    2. To finish reviewing the list of bases for the USMSC, secondary test and launch centers will be kept at Wallops Island in Virginia, at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and at the Point Mugu Naval Air Facility in California

    3. afternoon were caused by chemicals in rockets launched from the Wallops Island NASA station near


    5. from its Wallops Island, Virginia, Station

    6. within a 100-mile radius of Wallops Island

    7. Wallops in a comparative study of winds

    8. Benjamin Jackson was the Wallops Station Project Engineer,

    9. strop in hand and then beating me with his traditional three welt producing wallops across


    11. The piano rills through its finishing measures, and then the static wallops back

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    wallop impact whack wham whop beat thrash pound pummel lambaste pelt