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    1. percentage of the house winnings

    2. As luck would have it, a syndicate of four million penguins from Antarctica have won a fortune on the lottery and, hearing that the skiing in Manchester is particularly good at this time of year, they decide to blow all their winnings on a vacation

    3. Let‘s keep rolling; we’ve a contest to win, and I won’t be accepting plastic money when we collect the winnings

    4. Collecting his winnings in one hand, he waved to Ingrid to meet him at the cashier’s counter

    5. He was still cashed up with the casino winnings and figured luck wouldn't desert him now

    6. "Why don't we give some of those winnings to the Salvo's rattling their can in front of the cathedral? They are collecting for the earthquake appeal" Ingrid suggested

    7. All winnings were returned to

    8. Junya took $50 from his winnings and gave it back to

    9. Some of the guys weren’t even asking for their winnings, they were just worried about getting screwed out of their ante

    10. We have been moved by the winnings (and losings) – in the game, in the business and in the betting

    11. couldn't have done any of it without the Happy Pancake winnings

    12. man’s internal energy to attract the winnings of the lottery

    13. She takes a seat across from you, your winnings mixing between your feet

    14. prize, you will most likely have to share your winnings with many other

    15. to report winnings in the media or to the government if the country’s laws require

    16. Afterwards they all had fish and chips in the town on their winnings

    17. We anticipated sales of $1,200 a year and a loss, despite our gambling winnings, of $6,000

    18. “Watch and weep as I collect my winnings uncle!” Rani stood up and gathered the cash on the table

    19. Clemente was packing up after his shower and mentioned using his winnings to buy a house for his mother

    20. Word was that all those winnings brought a lot of stress and that’s probably what killed him

    21. They were winners who could never collect one cent of the winnings

    22. The men with the winning bets turned to the others to collect their winnings: yerk bills, gold coins and rubies

    23. and her lottery winnings finally came in her music and her

    24. Graciously collecting his winnings, he continued, “Your wife had tea with Lady Jane this afternoon

    25. However, any "winnings" released to the victim will

    26. winnings, knowing full well the odds are about one in ten million or more

    27. options and they will display their best winnings to boast about how

    28. ‘What’s a husband’s definition of safe sex?’ Watkin starts, pocketing his excellent winnings

    29. The few who had predicted accurately, hurried away to collect their winnings

    30. “Yes,” Millie said and started counting her winnings

    31. that he had left over from his race day winnings and from

    32. gered on another race, seemingly parlaying his winnings into the

    33. For last week, prior to my interviews on Monday, the bulk of my winnings had been converted through money exchange markets from dollars to Euros and yen

    34. The dealer passed the winnings out to those fortunate

    35. laid out the man"s winnings on the playing surface

    36. A number of jockeys have found themselves having to hand back winnings from races and suffering riding bans for what the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) deem to be excessive use of the whip

    37. made arrangements to have his winnings deposited in the new

    38. "and no store it shall enter but ruins it": that is: it corrupts the heart of the store's owner who turns inclining to amusement and impudence, and seeks to achieve his purposes and desires by getting winnings exceeding the humane extent

    39. He'd had enough by one in the morning so cashed in his winnings, tooted

    40. Your total stake money would be higher than any winnings you could receive from any one of the horses winning

    41. By signing for that winning ticket at the cashier cage, he had also unwittingly not filled in and initialed the box for the taxes to be automatically withdrawn from his winnings

    42. And according to his next transaction, that money was immediately wagered on another race, seemingly parlaying his winnings into the second round of horse racing

    43. You waived your option of having them taken out of your winnings at the time of the transaction

    44. Andy was adamant in demanding his winnings and threatened to take me to court

    45. Makis had returned all his winnings and even some of his own money

    46. lion's share of the winnings? Leave something for the other guy

    47. When they announced her as the winner, she was ecstatic, jumping around, waving her winnings

    48. The shape of the gambling-board with its devilish winnings and losings, The shape of the step-ladder for the convicted and sentenced

    49. He made off with his winnings, and when I made sure he was going to give me a crown or so at least by way of a present, as it is usual and customary to give men of quality of my sort who stand by to see fair or foul play, and back up swindles, and prevent quarrels, he pocketed his money and left the house

    50. But by my faith if you had not come up I'd have made him disgorge his winnings, and he'd have learned what the range of the steel-yard was

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