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Abridgment в предложении (на )

1. Say, what abridgment have you for this evening?
2. Your wish in all such matters will constitute the abridgment of time, and the thing projected is existent.
3. And if the highest virtue of self and value of state is freedom, then any abridgment of it is self-destroying.
4. Are the wishes of this nation to be unattended to? Ought we not to relieve its anxieties? Or, are we to tantalize their hopes with energy in one law and imbecility in another? Are the merchants to be told we will protect their commerce? By what? By granting them a right which nature has already given to them? Is commerce to be protected by abridging the natural rights of the people? Is this measure no abridgment of their rights? Does it not confine the legality of arming to resident citizens alone? Look at the measure as you please, it is a dead letter.

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