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Capsule в предложении (на )

1. The capsule began to spin.
2. The capsule climbed a ramp.
3. The tachyon capsule is here.
4. The capsule hit the ocean hard.
5. The capsule entered the time-bend.
6. Too bad she had a cyanide capsule.
7. I’m on a tachyon capsule?

8. The capsule now rests on the mistbed.
9. He felt like a paper tachyon capsule.
10. Capsule security is searching for you.
11. It was a large lavender-colored capsule.
12. We have an hour before we capsule out.
13. The small circular-shaped capsule erupts.
14. You shouldn’t be on this capsule, sir.
15. We’ll send the capsule back for you!.
16. Each one had a headline and a capsule summary.
17. Each capsule was its own containment for safety.
18. We have less than an hour until we capsule out.
19. Removes the foil capsule and puts it in his pocket.
20. That gave me enough time to get out of the capsule.
21. The children jumped out of the capsule and were in.
22. The abnormal pink radiance of the Jenova capsule had.
23. With a hiss of energy, the great capsule came to life.
24. Greg took the offered capsule and popped open the seal.
25. He started to daydream, looking out the capsule window.
26. There were still two charges and one capsule left in it.
27. The capsule scanned each student and greeted them by name.
28. FIND THE SARICEANS’ capsule, Bayis ordered his crew.
29. He got an ammonia capsule and broke it over Johnny’s nose.
30. Unlike the others, the capsule had been constructed with thick.
31. Kulai was still holding the capsule, staring at Enjteen over it.
32. The Sariceans couldn’t have arrived without a tachyon capsule.
33. Iratus roared and sprang across the small capsule, smashing his.
34. He was dripping wet from sweat, as the capsule had gotten quite hot.
35. Focusing on the capsule cross section, she said, Luxury cargo bay.
36. As he waved the capsule in his nose, Johnny started to winch and move.
37. Shule held up a small capsule which Garcia recognized as the standard.
38. It’s a cyanide capsule, he explained as he held it to the light.
39. I’d give anything to be in that cramped capsule with those guys again.
40. The interior of the capsule heated up and it began to rain in the cabin.
41. He took a sort of grim reassurance from the poison capsule it contained.
42. Instead open the capsule and pour its contents into a lukewarm beverage.
43. We’re on a civilian capsule, and I’ve been unconscious in med bay.
44. His capsule was lifted by a vast helium balloon that at take-off was 167.
45. You can readily take a charcoal capsule and you will feel instant relief.
46. The storm trooper types ducked for cover, and Garcia jumped into a capsule.
47. I took a capsule apart and unloaded half of it and fitted it together again.
48. Herndon was even more ruffled by the time they got into the elevator capsule.
49. I’ll send it to you along with the meeting location after we capsule out.
50. At any rate that is the substance or our religious beliefs in capsule form.
51. The ride was shaped like a capsule and was cherry red in color with gold trim.
52. Uses the knife in the corkscrew set to cut the foil capsule neatly around the.
53. Uses the knife of the corkscrew set and cuts the foil capsule neatly around the.
54. Participants in this study took one capsule immediately before the meal and two.
55. Ron had been evidently surprised to find out how she came about a player capsule.
56. I am going to use an ammonia capsule to see if I can bring him the rest of the way.
57. Tell me you’re not thinking of having yourself frozen in this capsule in hopes.
58. But in reality Loofah was a thousand miles away, secure within his capsule of power.
59. In Helianthemum the capsule has been described as unilocular or tri-locular; and in H.
60. The capsule creaked as it turned before it settled upright with a large cloud of dust.
61. He knew the same was happening to his capsule, which explained the rising temperature.
62. To stretch or maintain length of the posterior deltoids, rhomboids and shoulder capsule.
63. So then he would carry a cyanide capsule: a standard procedure, he'd learned, for any spy.
64. His head was pounding, and he dug into his pocket, and put the last capsule into his mouth.
65. The street was like a time capsule of the past and its residents helped to keep it that way.
66. She had reported her crash location to the others once the capsule finally ground to a halt.
67. I always have the feeling they live in a capsule and cannot tolerate anything outside of it.
68. Her hand had gone limp, revealing a small red capsule lying gently on the palm of her glove.
69. And his table was spreading with the piles of papers, magazines and broken strips of capsule.
70. I snuck out of the capsule while Harry was doing up his shoes which went almost up to his knee.
71. This was a small re-entry vehicle, a capsule, which connected to the top of a two-stage rocket.
72. It was almost like a time capsule, a time capsule from when pathogens were imperfectly controlled.
73. The capsule splashed down in an ocean, disappeared beneath the surface, and then rose as the raft.
74. General Galmon’s orders state only that you are granted a transfer to capsule security detail.
75. Smith might take you for his space capsule but, unfortunately, I suspect his standards are too high.
76. They pushed him over the edge and the cord took the weight of the capsule and the portly naturalist.
77. The anti-depressant was a little yellow and white capsule called Aventyl; generic name, Nortriptiline.
78. Remembering the capsule he had taken, he wondered if there would ever be a way that they could escape.
79. Donna, still asleep but with a mother’s reflex, moved a hand to touch the other side of the capsule.
80. The capsule cross section was still there, that blue light blinking with Valt’s last known location.
81. Celia had kept mostly to herself and the child ever since they found her on the Waking Man’s capsule.
82. That’s one-third of the time it takes me to run to CVS, crack open the capsule, and mix it in her OJ.
83. The entire region looked like it had been crushed by a capsule that had exited the time-bend off course.
84. Her capsule had been the last to leave the ship so she knew that her crew had landed and they were alive.
85. At the end of an hour there was no change in him, so I opened a second capsule and gave him another half.
86. She’d put her faith in him, relied on him, and it had landed her in a tachyon capsule bound for Caruth.
87. As the children took the capsule to the center of the school, they were offered many healthy morning snacks.
88. Ash and Kalver both had the schematics for the capsule memorized, same as every other Caruth-trained soldier.
89. She stared over his left shoulder, swallowed once, twice, then said, You should leave before we capsule out.
90. Suddenly, the capsule stopped and a long winding robot mechanical head came in and began scanning the children.
91. It was nine months after he went into the capsule, there was time for some operative to get that note from her.
92. When the balloon (detail, below) reached the edge of space, Felix depressurized the capsule and prepared to jump….
93. He is most likely somewhere else, sealed in a space capsule in the center of a field of lavender, laboring over words.
94. After nearly six days docked with the ISS, the Dragon capsule uncoupled and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean (inset).
95. And look at me, all these years later, still working on a time capsule! One that might capture the best friend of my life.
96. He reached up to deploy it manually and for the first time felt the pain in his arms from being slammed about the capsule.
97. Enjteen was still standing, but now he picked up the little standcushion and sat, then slapped the capsule out of his hand.
98. She scribbled a note and put it into a capsule in a pneumatic tube, which then was sucked upwards with a hiss and a rattle.
99. He looked at her, knelt down unhinged the heel of his hiking boot, pulled out the silver capsule and handed it to Elizabeth.
100. First he mentioned the early weather capsule at a few minutes past the hour and then the full forecast fifteen minutes later.
1. More security is capsuling in.
1. With less than fifteen minutes to go before they capsuled out, all the cargo was checked in and stowed and personnel would be taking a break.
1. Pills and capsules by the score.
2. Slipping capsules into his coffee was a.
3. Aside the rows of capsules on the monitor were.
4. The three capsules together provided 30,000 USP.
5. Afterwards I tried some larger fruits, capsules, etc.
6. When Nembutal capsules are taken they leave a yellow.
7. Pot-shaped, lidded capsules contain 15-30 edible nuts.
8. Capsules were too expensive, the darride too scarce, to risk.
9. Iratus watched through the capsules small view portal as the.
10. Many companies are marketing various pills, powders and capsules.
11. There are capsules available in the drugstore without prescription.
12. Five capsules of GHB which she assured me were probably quite pure.
13. There are specifically designed capsules that are placed under the.
14. Take two or three capsules of ginger to prevent sudden travel sickness.
15. Healthy young men who took two green tea capsules (containing a total.
16. Inside the room were two large bed like capsules in the center of the room.
17. I gazed at the burgundy and mustard coloured capsules and then looked at her.
18. The 500-milligram capsules should be consumed two or three times each day in.
19. Victoria opened her hand to reveal some spent capsules and said, Amyl nitrate.
20. Some people have found that fish oil capsules are helpful because of the Omega-3 oils.
21. The capsules could hold at least ten students, and Peter and all of his friends got in.
22. They were individually programmable capsules that could take one anywhere on the system.
23. They’re in deep sleep capsules awaiting experimentation, Thorn explained to Jack.
24. He finally found the capsules, just as ground troops transported in wearing full space suits.
25. He spotted something at the back of the cabinet, a small clear bag with small capsules in it.
26. They rode the crippled ship down as long as they could before ejecting their escape capsules.
27. Children can use the capsules also, but in order to prevent choking, don�t give them capsules.
28. But these animals didn't flee so swiftly that our electric capsules couldn't catch up with them.
29. In the same area Sapucaya (Lecythis urnigera) nuts come in similar capsules and are equally tasty.
30. Filling a glass from the cabinet, she shook two capsules in her hand and popped them in her mouth.
31. For instance, the medicine chest in their homes contains many different kinds of capsules and pills.
32. The dealer holds two large capsules of white powder, which he claims are pure THC, and a tab of LSD.
33. Simply by taking capsules everyday, you will clean out your colon and any build up along your colon walls.
34. Each unit member had been armed with their chosen pistols, a Colt M16A2 rifle and several flash bang capsules.
35. Boric acid capsules inserted in the vagina have been used successfully as a treatment for vaginal yeast infections.
36. I choose my mood, she told herself as she stood in the kitchen, tossing back evening primrose capsules like Valium.
37. If the diarrhea continues you can keep taking this remedy in equal intervals without exceeding four capsules a day.
38. I picked up the ten remaining Num capsules and held them in my hand, rolling them back and forth in the cup of my palm.
39. Relying on pills and capsules for this purpose is not a great idea as they tend to pose a lot of threats to the health.
40. The blood trickling from chewed nipples and other bits came from capsules in their mouths, which burst when they bit on them.
41. We're not paying an orange proddle for anything, said Rip, popping a handful of Kratwollian Mind Capsules into his mouth.
42. I might add that these capsules are no bigger than number 4 shot, and the chamber of any ordinary rifle could hold ten of them.
43. Police discovered that about six capsules of his maintenance medicine for high blood pressure were tampered with poison powder.
44. The massive rings of the extractor, the web of struts around the containment sphere and the tower of capsules standing above it.
45. Furthermore, ashes can be worked into glass, concrete stones or slabs for decorating the garden, necklaces and even time capsules.
46. Our priority is to protect the civilian population on Ephron followed by the two tachyon capsules and the military installations.
47. He was slow and clumsy at unscrewing the capsules containing the stock information and his hand quickly started to ache from writing.
48. Several multivitamin and mineral capsules and tonics are available off the shelves from the local chemists, which are economically prices.
49. She split the capsules open and deposited the contents into the beer bottle before rushing back to her hiding spot behind the front window curtains.
50. The General followed Jay into a room where a number of technicians were studying recorded data or live telemetry from the capsules currently in orbit.
51. Kalver’s should have been too—civilian capsules were gun-free vessels—but it didn’t surprise him that Kalver had found a way to smuggle one in.
52. I still think of Chris’s idea that those old boring diaries we read in English class were time capsules, preserving the writers’ patterns of thought.
53. She decided that since they had found her crew and knew that there were four capsules, it would only be a matter of time before she showed up here as well.
54. Found several mosses and ferns in blossom; these last were covered with capsules or old fructification: they were Asplenium ebeneum, Aspidium marginale, Asp.
55. These glass capsules are covered with a strip of steel and weighted with a lead base; they're genuine little Leyden jars charged with high–voltage electricity.
56. Light-houses, my boy! Beacons of the future! Capsules with hundreds of bright little seeds in each, out of which will spring the wise, better England of the future.
57. Our Healthy Intestinal Living - Colorectal Reboot system - is recommended as the capsules are coated with cellulose, which stops the stomachs acids from affecting them.
58. He relied on continuous power and didn’t install back-up generators so the frozen multitudes who should have been living in the new city rotted in their capsules during several power failures.
59. For convenience sake I chiefly tried small seeds without the capsules or fruit; and as all of these sank in a few days, they could not have been floated across wide spaces of the sea, whether or not they were injured by salt water.
60. Smith shouted, and below in this curious room blood flowed into capsules, was shaken, spun, shoved on smear slides under further microscopes, counts made, temperatures taken, heart cut in seventeen sections, liver and kidneys expertly halved.
61. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all èquated, balanced, twinned and leveledùp with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode sincèwè had announced their.
62. In addition to transporting ships, capsules transported individuals, and the inner walls of this capsule would be lined with boutique shops, high-credit restaurants, first-class recreation areas, and of course, the most elaborate hotel accommodations of any vessel in the KU.
63. But Starlight Lanes had offered the capsule to help with refugees and other humanitarian services, and even though it wasn’t as big as the military capsules Rykus was used to traveling on, it was capable of holding a dozen full-size, capital-class ships in its hollow interior.
64. All of these capsules of positive elements had been defined over statistics that were all `equated, balanced, twinned and leveled` up with our own sorts of lives and therefore cannot be challenged or contested out in any existing mode since `we` had announced their `finite` lines.
65. He often suffered extreme mental breakdowns caused by a denial of bathroom breaks and a total lack of sleep, going into maniacal, improvisatory rants for hours at a time while popping speed capsules like one-cent candies and banging objects against the wall in what he thought was musical rhythm but was actually a deafening cacophonous racket.
66. If, however, it should happen that Aublet[54] might have been mistaken in describing the ovaries and capsules of the Nectris as double, if they should prove to be simple but bilobed, then the Nectris would belong to the same family as the Floerkea; but yet stand as a peculiar genus distinguished by having 2 styles, and the achens not monospermous!.
67. De Candolle has remarked that winged seeds are never found in fruits which do not open; I should explain this rule by the impossibility of seeds gradually becoming winged through natural selection, unless the capsules were open; for in this case alone could the seeds, which were a little better adapted to be wafted by the wind, gain an advantage over others less well fitted for wide dispersal.
68. The genus Nectris (or Calomba of Aublet) has two ovaries, two styles, and two polispermous capsules, or achens! and belongs therefore to the second order Perimesia, (class Eltrogynia) eighth family Achenopsia next to the genus Myriophyllum: while the genus Floerkea which has a bilobed ovary, one central style, two stigmas, and one bilocular dispermous achen, must belong to the eleventh order of the same class; Isostimia, which is characterized by having more than one stigma, the stamens in regular number, and not central; it will form a connecting link between this order and the foregoing Polymesia, by its affinity with many genera of the Euphorbia's tribe, such as Callitriche, Tragia, Mercurialis, &c.
69. It’s found in ammonia, anesthetics, antihistamines, artificial limbs, artificial turf, antiseptics, aspirin, auto parts, awnings, balloons, ballpoint pens, bandages, beach umbrellas, boats, cameras, candles, car battery cases, carpets, caulking, combs, cortisones, cosmetics, crayons, credit cards, curtains, deodorants, detergents, dice, disposable diapers, dolls, dyes, eye glasses, electrical wiring insulation, faucet washers, fishing rods, fishing line, fishing lures, food preservatives, food packaging, garden hose, glue, hair coloring, hair curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves, ink, insect repellant, insecticides, linoleum, lipstick, milk jugs, nail polish, oil filters, panty hose, perfume, petroleum jelly, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, shampoo, shaving cream, shoes, toothpaste, trash bags, upholstery, vitamin capsules, water pipes and yarn.
70. However, I have detected several space capsules,.
71. Sample Chamber as he neared the largest of the capsules,.

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