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Acidic в предложении (на )

This leads to an acidic condition.
Sound familiar? These are also acidic foods.
Eat more foods that are acidic and alkaline.
This is caused by acidic or corrosive diets.
All natural water bodies are slightly acidic.
P being acidic, alkalines have to be removed before.
He sucked acidic urine and scours into his lungs and.

Sulphuric acid is less acidic than water in comparison.
It creates an acidic vapor that, if breathed, will eat away lungs.
I refused to stop even though my veins melted away to acidic fire.
The fruit is edible in small quantities, with a very acidic taste.
For example: a pH level of 5 is 100 times more acidic than a pH of 7.
Taking this drink acts to reduce the acidic environment in your stomach.
A blog of acidic food shot up my throat and into my mouth causing me to gag.
This means that there is a constant acidic culture that needs to be encouraged.
On the other hand, if your soil is not acidic enough, then you can use sulfur for it.
On the other hand, if you see dandelions, then it means that your soil is too acidic.
The Shropshire damson, for instance, has a mildly acidic taste while the Merryweather.
Excess protein in the blood makes the blood more acidic and the body has to remove it.
Low level of chloride in the blood makes our blood more acidic, causing interference of.
It wasn't sharp and acidic like the cheap wine she'd had before, this was soft and fruity.
By filling the jar with acidic liquids such as vinegar or fruit juice, a small current of 1.
Second, I discovered that I had an extremely low pH level, which means that my body was highly acidic.
Even if Adros could reach the staff through the barrage of acidic blood, it would be impossible to wield.
At the time, conventional wisdom held that the stomach environment was too acidic for bacteria to thrive.
Direct healing energy can dissolve these but is hampered if you do not change your diet to one less acidic.
One has to do with the type of foods (acidic) that we put into the mouth as well as how much and how often.
The venom was so lethal and acidic that it bored through the beast and turned it into ashes as the fissure spread.
Jaden can taste the very concentrated amounts of salt, algae, and acidic water through the hull of the UFO as well.
The Acidic Chicken’s aren’t going to know what hit them! Leo yelled as he slammed on the drums for a second.
This, again, means that the muscle is empty from ATP and full of di- and monophosphates, calcium, and acidic substances.
Sweet drinks, confectionery, crisps and snacks containing refined carbohydrate, sipping acidic drinks for prolonged periods.
There is a fluid in the eye and when this becomes overly acidic or corrosive it begins to eat away at the flesh it encounters.
At a slow and steady rate, the pipes were lowered into the water reservoir and a fountain of acidic water spurted out of the top.
If it can’t be immediately used it creates an acid environment and the body triggers fat storage to equalize the acidic build-up.
As she sat down, she threw Raven a malicious glare, and he knew she would be nothing but acidic towards him throughout the interview.
Lemons they had: Mori kept a bowl of them on the kitchen windowsill because the juice was acidic enough to clean oil from mechanical parts.
I then went on to find out the many pleasant things that are associated with having a continuous low pH/high acidic reading in the human body.
Tamar had guaranteed her that the vial’s acidic contents would shatter the huge Moomran crystal that it was her mission to seek out and destroy.
The polluted acidic water had stripped the flesh from the gills of the fish as they pelted towards the shore, and they drowned on the rising tide.

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