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Acidic in a sentence

The corrosive is acidic.
9 being acidic, 7 neutral and 7.
This leads to an acidic condition.
0, which means that it is slightly acidic.
oceans acidic, beyond what life could endure.
Sound familiar? These are also acidic foods.
Eat more foods that are acidic and alkaline.

This is caused by acidic or corrosive diets.
All natural water bodies are slightly acidic.
viscous and acidic material, completely toxic.
medically proven that cancer cells thrive in acidic.
P being acidic, alkalines have to be removed before.
onts that rapidly grow in an acidic biological terrain.
He sucked acidic urine and scours into his lungs and.
considered "acidic" and over 7 is considered "alkaline".
Sulphuric acid is less acidic than water in comparison.
(strongly acidic), your plant is going to have major challenges.
It creates an acidic vapor that, if breathed, will eat away lungs.
I refused to stop even though my veins melted away to acidic fire.
The fruit is edible in small quantities, with a very acidic taste.
acidic liquid sloshed about him before receding down the waste drain.
For example: a pH level of 5 is 100 times more acidic than a pH of 7.
foliage had a somewhat piney scent with a slightly acidic tinge to it.
Taking this drink acts to reduce the acidic environment in your stomach.
acids and lowers the pH of the colon; making it a more acidic environment.
with 0 being the most acidic, 7 being neutral and 14 being the most alkaline.
A blog of acidic food shot up my throat and into my mouth causing me to gag.
This means that there is a constant acidic culture that needs to be encouraged.
some strange fruits that resembled white bananas but tasted acidic like oranges.

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acidic acid