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    agree on

    1. Diam responded, "We can disagree on the specifics of a few issues, but still move forward

    2. Your world was in chaos Daniel, even you agree on that point

    3. ‘Good, we agree on that … your turn

    4. But if there was one thing everyone could agree on when it came to Vulwulf, it was his stubbornness

    5. However, whilst most physicists agree on the origins of the universe, debate still rages concerning its ultimate fate

    6. If I agree on this what

    7. There was one thing we could never agree on

    8. to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that

    9. I think we both agree on that

    10. No wonder they can’t agree on anything

    11. I believe that you and I generally agree on apostolic points of reference whose teachings are ―clearly‖ outlined in The Gospels

    12. Setting aside divisive issues like Abortion, Gay Marriages and the Death Penalty, most voters generally agree on the need for a balanced budget, economic growth, safer streets and better schools

    13. So far Health Canada has not committed funds, stating, ‘Business and community leaders need to get together and agree on the nature, focus and intent of the study

    14. Every one of those but accomplishments are extremely vague to the point where no two people could agree on a definition

    15. Tomasz thought a moment, then replied, “The boss of this place, Panowie Weizescie has been attempting to purchase a cart from his neighbor, but they cannot agree on a price

    16. – Still, he and I disagree on certain issues

    17. agree on road signs, rules and regulation in road traffic

    18. We have to agree on how and what kind of data to collected, once the clarity is established, the data can be counted using this sheet

    19. While the two cultures had seemed to disagree on such matters as the machine vs

    20. Wrong! My guess would be that all medical practitioners would agree on the health benefits of

    21. practitioners would agree on the health benefits of deep relaxation

    22. We compare ideas, and after a few disagreements, we agree on the infinity shape

    23. Congress could not agree on a Budget for the upcoming fiscal year, they passed a Resolution that allowed all government Departments to spend the same amount of money that they spent the previous year

    24. (Both have to agree on this

    25. Examine the testimony more closely, and you will note that both Airman Carmell and Colonel Geist agree on the possibility that the order could have been misunderstood

    26. “What little the sources all agree on that is, so we can trust it with fair certainty, such as it is

    27. I say to you also If two of you agree on earth to ask everything shall be granted them from my Father which is in Heaven; For where two or three are gathered in my name there am l among them; Then Cephas drew near to him and said to him My Lord how many times if my brother act wrongly towards me should I forgive him? until seven times? Jesus said to him I say not to you Until seven; but Until sev-24 enty times seven seven; And the servant that knows his Lord's will and makes not ready for him according to his will shall meet with much punishment; but he who knows not and does something for which he merits punishment shall meet with slight punishment

    28. 18:12-20 What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them has gone astray does he not leave the ninety and nine and go into the mountains and seek those who are gone astray? Truly I say to you and if it is that he finds it he rejoices more about that sheep than the ninety and nine who did not go astray; Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in Heaven that any of these little ones should perish; furthermore if your brother shall trespass against you go and tell him his fault between you and him alone; if he shall hear you then you have gained your brother; but if he will not hear you then take with you one or two more persons so that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established; but if he shall neglect to hear them tell it to the Church; but if he neglect to hear the Church let him be to you as a heathen man and a tax collector; Truly I say to you whatever you all shall bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever you shall release on Earth shall be released in Heaven; Again I say to you that if two of you shall agree on Earth as regarding any thing that they shall ask it shall be done for them of my Father who is in Heaven because where two or three are gathered together in my name there I am in the middle of them

    29. providing an opportunity for the patient/family and the medical team to agree on

    30. The difference lies in the fact that most of us agree on the physical existence of an apple

    31. They tended to agree on most things, but

    32. She does indeed have her parents’ strength, but both Dana and D’ven agree- shocking, they agree on something- that Letty’s got my mind

    33. They were all agreed that something should be done to put a stop to his teaching, but they could not agree on the method

    34. writers failing to agree on the storyline! ‘Nosferatu - the Vampyre

    35. No one could agree on anything

    36. Since they are al pilots, they have many skills in common and agree on

    37. “I think we can arrange that as long as we can agree on a few stipulations

    38. around, but nobody has come up with a plan that we can all agree on

    39. However, there is one thing both sides of this issue agree on

    40. It appeared as if the only thing the new Conservatives could agree on was bringing the Swordsmen back into the Federation by force

    41. “I can agree on that,” Jags nodded

    42. After they both agree on a read, their relationship can proceed with order and harmony around the established structure

    43. One government consisted of rich aristocrats, inexperienced people for the most part who struggled and didn’t always agree on issues

    44. “At least we agree on that much,” Joyce chuckled

    45. We have a beautiful relationship, it's just sometimes we disagree on certain issue

    46. Clearly, you and I, and the Bible, agree on the fact that there is a problem

    47. That left Nancy only a half hour or so to speak to the adult guests and their children in private in their respective cabins, doing her best to convince them not to blow away her secrets and to agree on a common cover story

    48. To protect their own interests, the petrochemical experts had laid the blame on the harvesting, but were unable to agree on how to shut down the gas harvesting plant

    49. Hence, Churchill’s announcement to Stalin that German hegemony in Europe was as dangerous to the Soviet Union as it was to Great Britain and urged that both countries should agree on the re-establishment of the European balance of power

    50. the other officials cannot agree on a decision

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