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    1. Each new fix on it shows it more homed in on this planet

    2. No one has bothered to fix it

    3. anything that showed you the improbable certainty of the future or how to fix the here

    4. "If it wasn't for that, they feel they could fix everything else

    5. He wanted to fix Dennis Small

    6. He wanted to fix everyone in the office, but for some reason, I was his favorite

    7. "Just to give them a fix if they ever come back on, it's just simple machinery powered by sunlight

    8. This is the most terrible thing that can happen, because God can fix

    9. a doctor can fix a broken bone, but it will heal under the in-

    10. They pick you out of the crowd, fix you

    11. I can't fix it, I can't set the calendar back to the 51st

    12. “Well, I think Fred and Joe can fix that for you” said

    13. SAMANTHA: Here, you didn't like this? Now, is this better? And this? I can fix this one too! You happy now? And these are too provocative? Here! (She picks a pair of scissors and slashes more clothes

    14. ) What else do you want me to fix? You think my hair is provocative? Here

    15. SAMANTHA: Is my face too pretty for you? I can fix that too

    16. “Say there Miss Alex, I hear we have a new rider to be! I’d like to fix him his favorite meal

    17. If it's at the sensory bus level it's relatively easy to fix but if there are any global re-maps it may be somewhat tricky

    18. The methane digester was high tech enough to make Alan realize it could have problems he might not know how to fix

    19. He presented a weekly show about gardening and had recently been seen in the nation’s living rooms helping the poor and needy to fix up their allotments and their child friendly but dishevelled herbaceous borders

    20. You know I had that bad dose of ‘flu recently? Well, it was stupid of me, but one day when I was running a pretty high temperature, I stubbornly insisted on climbing on the porch roof to fix a slate which had come out of position

    21. how to fix it

    22. she could get the young man to fix her account so that she never

    23. moderate could fix it

    24. and needy to fix up their allotments and their child friendly but

    25. She needs a fix and there is something gnawing away at the back of her mind; this man, a strange taste in her mouth, lights, sounds and the smell of unwashed bodies

    26. Selling herself to live, to get a fix is something she has done before

    27. Of the three farms under renovation, two are nearing completion, being on second fix, bathrooms and kitchens

    28. Another glance at the plan to fix the route in her head and she was off

    29. Roman talked Carl into letting him fix the place up; fixing things was

    30. “No worries, Carl will fix it,” he said

    31. “Oh, let me fix that; I used to teach Piano,” Hadley said, bending over and

    32. ‘But you know how it is, Anna … I have to have my daily fix … and anyway, I wanted to check that you got the directions I sent you by e-mail

    33. had crashed on an asteroid some days ago, and there were still survivors on the Eidolon Spaceship, along with four crew members that were desperately trying to fix the

    34. to fix this, I’m afraid we’re going to have to have to destroy the poor blighters,” Monica said gravely, and whipped out her scythe

    35. With a swift kick, Andrew knocked the wooden door off its hinges, supposing that he could always go back and fix it once the crisis was averted

    36. Also of note is the fact that it does not fix any problems

    37. It does not fix one's own problems, or the problems of those that are worse off

    38. He would fix her supper a

    39. Life gives me too much crap, trying to fix this problem for the third or fourth time seems ridiculous

    40. Fix her something to eat," Grimgy said, passing the woman off to one of his staff before walking back to Alec and Tetloan

    41. The lowest price at which the precious metals can be sold, or the smallest quantity of other goods for which they can be exchanged, during any considerable time, is regulated by the same principles which fix the lowest ordinary price of all other goods

    42. ‘But how will they fix our cars?’ She held up her wristwatch, the hands stilled at 6

    43. ‘They’ll fix it,’ she whispered

    44. I look for the places where there could be a problem and try to fix them ahead of time

    45. If you find a way to do it, I'll have to fix that and that's deep in the code that's supposed to protect you from me

    46. ‘I will fix your boyfriend

    47. It seemed that the entity had left itself exposed in its desperation to fix its hack

    48. “My hair? But I tried to fix it in the most austere style

    49. money to fix it served his family better being reinvested into the

    50. That way, she knew I couldn’t fix the damage

    1. Rate of interest specified for a fixed deposit, say in bank, is the 'nominal rate of return'

    2. Fixed deposits are the commonest form of investment

    3. This basically means that if your portfolios are tied up too much into banks fixed deposits and bonds, your buying power may fade away over the years

    4. ‘No, but someone has fixed it

    5. She touches his chest with the palm of her hand, her eyes fixed on his

    6. It includes proverbs, idioms, phrasal verbs, and many fixed expressions

    7. ’ I called, my eyes fixed on the TV

    8. it had a sensor which fixed

    9. held there at a fixed temperature

    10. The interrogator puts his foot on Khalid’s broken ankle, his attention fixed on John

    11. The interrogator smiles, his attention fixed on Khalid

    12. Found a few problems and fixed them

    13. Of course, he’s not really alive any more, they just fixed up the

    14. Even in such a short period of time, in four days, I had come to the conclusion that my daily humiliations at the hands of Smiler would be an eternal torment, a fixed thing in this small universe

    15. that the spy circuit was doing something that fixed a fundamental bug in the mask that was used in the production of the fabrication machinery

    16. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    17. I sat on the camp bed while Robbie fixed the handcuffs

    18. The basin was fixed to the wall by two long metal brackets that extended out from the wall along a groove moulded in the porcelain

    19. The chain fixed to my wrist was a problem, but I found that I could do basic press-ups and squats

    20. The welder-bot hardware recorder log had to be re-written with all that edited out, then the current monitoring tracks those actions made had to be fixed up

    21. My guards had not fixed handcuffs to my wrists nor had the by now all too familiar clank of chain accompanied my move

    22. Just before he closed the door he spun round and fixed Menachem with a long, hard stare

    23. Native electronics had never known the fixed hardware stage and had always contained facilities for on-line hardware updates

    24. The severed head’s animated smile faded slowly as the pipes, leads and motors ceased their moment of work, but the eyes remained fixed on Danton

    25. some lay with watery eyes fixed on splinters

    26. and his gaze is fixed and forward

    27. announced in fixed adulations the arrival of the clowns

    28. JayJay still hankers after his piano and I believe there is an idea in the offing to send someone across to look into how this and other instruments requiring a fixed venue are manufactured

    29. And all of this would be fixed, the strings tightened, if we had just one perception: a coming Kingdom

    30. She fixed herself a coke and brought him one

    31. Foods up,” he handed her a plate and fixed one for himself

    32. "They keep after you til whatever one of us it's fixed on drops

    33. The paintwork is scratched, the wheels fixed,

    34. And thus it was that with my head facing the wrong way and my eyes fixed full of sand that I stumbled and almost fell over something

    35. ’ He said with a sigh, his eyes fixed on something I cannot see

    36. Daniel fixed him another drink and waited

    37. James went in with Michael and stood fixed

    38. His curious eyes fixed on Alastair, he explains that Sally has gone off to North Wales to see Uncle David’s house and that they have been to church with Anna who has given them a fantastic picnic lunch in her garden, going into substantial detail before finally reaching the salient point which is that they are trying to cut Anna’s lawn, but that the lawn mower is not working properly

    39. The hole has been fixed and your studies will not be affected

    40. While in motion, all the dark matter, from snowflakes to brown dwarfs, are the most interesting thing to be seen, the stars remain fixed thru the whole voyage, except the extra one directly ahead or behind, Sol

    41. She noted his eyes fixed on her as he came across the room, they never faltered, even as he stood in front of her

    42. The boy staggered backwards only to find his posterior fixed

    43. attention fixed on the radiant smile of her saviour, and as her boots

    44. Stone-built shops held goods of every kind, the noise told her there were few fixed prices

    45. You may be one out of the literal billions that are lost, fixed, and

    46. 26And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, so that

    47. 26And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which

    48. I fixed a sandwich and retired to the swing with a glass of tea

    49. The woman fixed him with a piercing glance, softened by a wry

    50. The bird fixed her with first one dark glistening eye and then the other

    1. "I don't have any of those fixes

    2. and the dollar bills and fixes a practised tombstone smile

    3. He fixes the shape of the doctor in his eye, squares up and waits for Jock to touch the gloves and say the word

    4. But the labour of the manufacturer fixes and realizes itself in some particular subject or vendible commodity, which lasts for some time at least after that labour is past

    5. In countries where interest is permitted, the law in order to prevent the extortion of usury, generally fixes the highest rate which can be taken without incurring a penalty

    6. Their labour, when properly directed, fixes and realizes itself in the subject or vendible commodity upon which it is bestowed, and generally adds to its price the value at least of their own maintenance and consumption

    7. He fixes the bouquet as best he can

    8. “Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it

    9. When the general is weak and without authority; when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixes duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter DISORGANIZATION

    10. The loveliest landscape-painting fixes but

    11. I’ve tried the quick fixes too many times with no real results, but I’m a little frustrated

    12. fixes” were following their normal QA and internal testing procedures

    13. existing functionality has not changed and is working fine and even the fixes has made

    14. The fixes have not affected the existing features

    15. failed test cases once after the fixes

    16. Typically high priority tickets may not have code fixes, and low priority tickets may have code fixes and then testing is performed and fix is applied afterwards

    17. It's Saturday morning and Bob's just about to set off on a round of golf, when he realizes that he forgot to tell his wife that the guy who fixes the washing machine is coming around at noon

    18. Zachary lets go of me, fixes his shirt in haste while I wipe traces of the kiss off his cheeks

    19. There has been some discussion to skirt this drastic measure (the Senate rewriting their version of the Immigration Bill), but Senator Reid, the minority leader of the Senate, refuses to go along with any fixes

    20. As he speaks his last few words, Johan hunkers down and fixes the scribe with his gaze

    21. Loran (Long- range aid to navigation): a navigational system that fixes the position of a ship by measuring the difference in the time of reception of two synchronized radio signals

    22. Therefore, the solutions never really address root causes and create permanent fixes that changes “the peoples” experience to the better

    23. Instead, they chase instant fixes or

    24. Information is what fixes cars today, more than ever

    25. Reddit is very similar to Digg in that it is a user-generated social news, but unlike Digg, Reddit caters to their community by changing their logo to hot topics on the site, making their site and mobile code open source, and responding to complaints with fixes and updates

    26. They’d simply spread their usage over a wider selection of fixes

    27. healing, would not follow instructions, wanted quick fixes


    29. This fixes in your mind the fact that you CAN be a success

    30. It shows a need to avoid ‘quickie’ health fixes – things that only give temporary relief – and a focus on long-term cure and prevention

    31. He listened and then waved the guard away, it was time to listen to Ricardo’s advice and weaken the fixes

    32. ment of their contents, constitute intellec-gal entity who first fixes the sounds of a tual creations, in which the Work is in-performance or other sounds; and, (iii) in cluded in its entirety in unmodified form

    33.  Fixes the action plan in writing

    34. sacrifices his confused animal thoughts, and fixes his mind

    35. fixes at $39 but it can vary depending on the requirements of the clients

    36. My recipe may not be the way she fixes it, but it’s close, easy and delicious

    37. Here are several basics: she fixes her clothes; she puts her hands on her hips; she pushes her

    38. I do not think that slow serial fixes is the way to go for timeliness

    39. “It is,” Marcus says as he smiles to his brother, then fixes the pillow on his bed

    40. Then he fixes his eyes on me

    41. We use service credit (when the mechanic at the garage fixes your car first, then calls on you to pay him)

    42. Made from the fruit of the Noni tree, the juice is reported to help reduce blood sugar levels, speed in healing injuries, reduces pain, fixes digestive disorders and aids in the treatment of depression

    43. computer fixes, and is also travelling very quickly

    44. •Selling monopolies - a company is the only supplier of a product and the customers must accept the prices it fixes

    45. Gradually, he fixes his mind in God, even while

    46. He fixes his gaze on the window and

    47. A spirit fixes the foundation of Good in society and constitution

    48. Consider carefully the benefits of this planet (the moon) and the Power that fixes it in space!

    49. John fixes his plate and then sits next to

    50. the document for a new foundation that fixes all of the government potholes

    1. around the streets backing on to Griffin Park, fixing this and mending that, and as the

    2. He stared into the darkness, fixing his gaze on

    3. I could feel the old anger rising again, like a cobra, swaying gently, fixing its prey with a striking eye

    4. by the need, the opiate laced fixing of modern,

    5. This exercise strengthens the eye muscles and increases the powers of concentration by fixing all the attention on one point and through that to the central nervous system, which will be soothed and relaxed

    6. ’ I said, fixing my eyes on the source of the sensation – a small pile of rocks set back a metre or so to the left of the Well

    7. Just as he'd said, above our heads in the corner, someone had made a chimney by fixing a terra-cotta jar into the corner of the ceiling and breaking away the base so the smoke could find its way outside

    8. Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs

    9. Filbert when things need fixing, or an argument

    10. She watches as he loosens the fixing round the edge of the floor covering and helps roll it up

    11. twine he had threaded through the setting’s fixing loop

    12. Roman talked Carl into letting him fix the place up; fixing things was

    13. The table back home had one uneven leg that dad was always fixing

    14. He just said that you looked home sick, the last time he saw you, I just started thinking about it, and well, we could be doing this, I mean fixing up the place, you didn't even need to offer to let us stay

    15. I was thinking of fixing him up with Cynthia

    16. And considering he is the only one capable of fixing the ship, it appears we are at his mercy

    17. The method of fixing the

    18. w features and fixing bugs are a

    19. They transited back to the bridge where the other girls were playing with the 'statues,' fixing their hair, coloring nails and generally playing dress-up with the frozen figures

    20. Every week he had to organise fixing energy supplies, electrical problems, drainage issues, replacing worn out heat insulation, getting damaged doors and windows fixed

    21. Pamela remembered all the fun they had fixing up the

    22. Whatever damage Roleston and his wife had done to it might have been mended, but Doc, in his rage, had kicked any fixing out of it

    23. was unwanted, the humiliation at school, it was really bad until I discovered I had a knack for fixing

    24. Just as he had walked into the living room, Janetta stood arms folded, her blonde hair tied back severely, fixing him with her usual crestfallen stare

    25. forward, to the bank of monitors, his eyes fixing upon the tactical screen

    26. ” She had little to base theories on, but she had found that comment Hollowcrest made about fixing the emperor’s tea insidious

    27. A long wooden skewer was then thrust through the muscles of his arms, fixing them behind, and in this horrible condition his legs were put in irons to keep him fast until he was wanted for execution

    28. She was very happy fixing the house up and working in the yard

    29. “George? Amazing,” he said, fixing her with an incredulous stare

    30. Her dad was fixing up a car for her

    31. “She’s fixing the holes in my socks,” I noted

    32. Technically, that makes them the proprietors, even if I do own the property and I can well imagine that if I started fixing this place up, they would try to leverage my profit

    33. The shop fixing it called her in while it was up on a lift, and said, “Take a look at that

    34. “You listen, Señorita Tierney,” the investigator commanded, fixing her with a steady stare

    35. “Bye Mom,” was all that she said before stonily fixing her gaze through the front windshield on some distant non-existent object

    36. With the back of his hand, he caressed her cheek while fixing his dark eyes upon her in a steady gaze

    37. He rested his elbows on the bar and leaned towards her, fixing her in his gaze

    38. The Great White Owl swiveled her head, fixing Ruby squarely within the gaze of her large yellow eyes

    39. And Mister might answer a whistle but he could be a handful when fixing his collar and lead

    40. fixing her troubles pass in such a manner

    41. The doctor tried his best at smiling uncomfortably before fixing his attention once more in the writing pad

    42. Some were cooking, others stood in groups talking, some were fixing weapons, sowing, or training with swords, bow, or knife

    43. are not that competent we would at least have a chance of fixing that at the local level

    44. Ted was fixing his hair and spraying on cologne from a black bottle, while throwing me a head nod and an eye brow raise, but when I said “Hey” he acted as if he didn’t even hear me

    45. Paul Ryan also has a very practical proposal for fixing all of these problems which could

    46. We had spent thousands fixing

    47. fixing homes, and helping residents

    48. But now, it seems like we are going to the area where we will do the actual fixing of the mind

    49. “Does that mean I can’t go to class until I’m eighteen?” He smirked at her, fixing the bag on his shoulder

    50. I see her crouched in front of me, fixing my mismatched shirt buttons before I go to school, and standing at the window, watching the uniform street for my father’s car, her hands clasped—no, clenched, her tan knuckles white with tension

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