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    1. 2Cor: 6:16: And what agreement hath the temple of God

    2. or harmonize that state of agreement

    3. “We should get married more often”, quipped Dan as he nodded his agreement

    4. into agreement with the Word of God and the certainty in the invisible

    5. mind comes into agreement with this word and then your body will con-

    6. As I had predicted, we resorted to getting a take-away but even so, we didn’t eat until nearly ten forty-five – a silent meal - after which, by tacit agreement, we all went to bed

    7. He smiled weakly and mumbled his agreement

    8. A couple of courtroom officials murmur in agreement

    9. chose those who you are going to pray in agreement with

    10. Their morning was in pretty good agreement with a wake up time on the ground the next day

    11. I reluctantly have to nod in agreement

    12. The morning after we received Aban’s note and we had left our agreement by way of reply, Menachem began the process of wheedling and joking with our guards to try and effect the desired meeting with our fellow prisoners

    13. Her understanding was more practical than scientific, but it was clear that it was practical knowledge in agreement with scientific observation

    14. In tacit mutual agreement, Berndt and I stop a few yards into the wood, hiding behind trees, and look back to see what is going on

    15. They all shook their heads in agreement

    16. I took the proposals like a business agreement and listened

    17. Theo slapped his shoulder and Talos nodded in agreement

    18. “So we are in agreement then?” she studied Tarak’s face for a moment and then continued; “I can count on you for support if the time should come to call his honor into question

    19. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges reached an agreement

    20. ‘May I get the business over and done with first, Gary?’ Jo continued, ‘We need to sort out the tenancy agreement on the two cottages – can I give you a ring and arrange to come and see you? I gather that there’s something going on round here on Tuesday,’ she said with a cheeky glance in my direction, ‘but after that should be clear

    21. were built at the same time, with an agreement to ensure that they

    22. Jalan nodded in agreement and promised

    23. Alistair dipped his head in agreement with this sentiment

    24. he and Alistair took the hint and nodded their agreement

    25. then he finally nodded in agreement, ‘It’s true

    26. ” The grocer nodded in agreement, muttered something about 'probably should make sure,' put his keys in his vest pocket and shuffled quickly toward his own home not far away

    27. Tom murmured his agreement with this sentiment

    28. Tom grinned then nodded his agreement

    29. Tom nodded his agreement, then returned to his delving in the

    30. Tom nodded his agreement

    31. Smythe-Wilkins smiled and extended her hand to Chloe, who grasped it firmly and shook on the agreement

    32. ” At the Headmaster's last words both gentlemen at his sides nodded in certain agreement

    33. For once the Knights and the Cardinals were in agreement

    34. shaking his head in agreement once in a while after a swig of beer

    35. Maybe instinct isn’t in agreement with everything your parents told you but it’s a completely natural and normal part of you

    36. “We feel the same way about you,” Julia said, and the others nodded their heads in agreement

    37. Olivia and I have discussed this thoroughly and are in consummate agreement on this point

    38. There were nods of agreement and a sagacious wagging of heads at this

    39. A few looked about at the others and all were very soon enthusiastically in agreement that this was in fact an inspired choice

    40. 23After coming to an agreement with him, he will act deceitfully, and with

    41. It is more of an agreement really, if one partner wants to end the relationship then all they have to do is wait till the agreement lapses which is every three months

    42. ” and Jameson nodded in agreement

    43. " Her smile, confirmed the agreement

    44. “I believe that we had an agreement that I would loan you money and you would pay me back with interest – correct?”

    45. wanted and what she could offer, came to an agreement,

    46. Once more, she found herself in agreement with her mentor

    47. sure we were on the same page, and that we were in agreement,

    48. He worried, but still felt more in agreement with her story because of what he saw in their room

    49. nodded their heads in agreement

    50. "I don't know, but we had an agreement that you would wait!" Klowa shouted

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