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    1. This is my first look at your site and it’s terrific! We are just getting into the agricultural business with a special growing soil found in China

    2. Even today in agricultural and business oriented families in villages and towns people tend to live in large multigenerational households

    3. Europeans were one of the earliest cultures to formally recognize the importance of the ocean to their agricultural practices

    4. They used the ocean’s largesse to increase their production along with using animal manure (of which they had a lot), which formed the basis for their agricultural production up until the chemical revolution in the early 1900’s

    5. Girls and boys from the Royal Agricultural College wearing spiders webs for clothes

    6. He thinks agricultural knowledge is mature now

    7. The population of the world was already over twenty billion and growing rapidly, faster than agricultural science and prosperity could keep up with in many areas

    8. Of course, Jack knew about life and death and had seen plenty of sheep skulls in his time, having lived in that small agricultural village we all know and love (You may have heard of it; it’s called Trouble Valley…), but this skeleton was different

    9. The agricultural systems of political economy will not require so long an explanation as that which I have thought it necessary to bestow upon the mercantile or commercial system

    10. Secondly, by giving a sort of monopoly of the home market to its own merchants, artificers, and manufacturers, it raises the rate of mercantile and manufacturing profit, in proportion to that of agricultural profit; and, consequently, either draws from agriculture a part of the capital which had before been employed in it, or hinders from going to it a part of what would otherwise have gone to it

    11. Those agricultural systems, on the contrary, really, and in the end, discourage their own favourite species of industry

    12. In the agricultural monocultures of Lennox County, higher predators were rare, rumoured-mountain lions notwithstanding

    13. They brought jobs back to the province, but they came using new agricultural methods that visited yet another disaster on the province

    14. At harvest, they were tossed into the river by the million and together with the run-off of agricultural chemicals flowed unimpaired into the coastal Caribbean

    15. The large amounts of open land needed by semi-nomadic, shepherding societies have been periodically challenged by the needs of settled largely agricultural entities, for the exclusive use of the lands immediately surrounding the semi-permanent habitations afforded by this newer way of life

    16. The San Joaquin Valley of California has long been known as the most productive agricultural area of

    17. 9,000 Considered by many as the dawn of agricultural efforts

    18. Is it possible that instead of being a “fossil fuel” (compressed animal and plant life) oil is continuously produced deep in the earth through an “abiotic” process? We better not be addicted to all the benefits and products of oil—aviation; plastics and home products of all types, from boats to lipstick; blacktop highways; agricultural fertilizers, for starters

    19. shown commissaries or agricultural communes that were, in reality, showcases, off-limits to their own people

    20. They were a mostly agricultural people, living in densely populated towns and cities in the river valleys south of the Cincay Qoca Plateau

    21. agricultural areas in the world

    22. Activities in the Amarillo area are often traditions tied to its agricultural and ranching history

    23. The Tri-State Fair and Rodeo takes place every year in September, and showcases livestock and agricultural products grown in the Texas Panhandle and adjacent states

    24. In America the Plymouth Colony, established with the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620, created an idealistic agricultural economy

    25. Thames and the increasing significance of agricultural products gave back to Auckland such a distinct

    26. Traveling through a rim of temperate agricultural terrain they crossed a resort area named Papamoa Beach

    27. It is a community rich in agricultural products and lumber

    28. The latter carries the name of the agricultural region that surrounds it and exhibits one of the most naturally scenic unharmed decorative arrangements in the world

    29. In 1979, the regime ruling China, which is mainly an agricultural country, eliminated its old communal system

    30. The San Joaquin Valley of California has long been known as the most productive agricultural area of the U

    31. At least of equal significance, however, are the cooperative agricultural communes (kibbutzim), which have flourished since 1948

    32. The Court’s rationale was that: (1) Filburn grew excess wheat on his farm, as determined -by a marketing quota established by the federal Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938; (2) Filburn used that excess wheat to feed his livestock; (3) because of the excess wheat, Filburn would not have to purchase wheat on the

    33. Bonnie’s work with agricultural cooperatives eventually led her to York University in Toronto, a change in major to sociology, and her second husband, an older fellow from Winnipeg

    34. There’s nothing very much in it, but it will show you what this area looked like in agricultural times

    35. At this period it was inconceivable to maintain any fair-sized agricultural unit without employing slaves, who were becoming rapidly Christianized

    36. 3 billion in agricultural support every year

    37. He hired me to write copy at the State Street offices of Agricultural Advertising and Research for a few months before leaving for WWII, and I started working there again after finishing my studies in English and literature at Cornell after the war

    38. My duties included projects for the successful agricultural campaign during Thomas E

    39. Through Cornell he was named a member of the Advisory Council of the New York State College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Experiment Stations at Cornell University, serving from 1965 to 1969

    40. There’s a lot of uninteresting technical information about agricultural practices and irrigation systems

    41. harvest to engage in agricultural work

    42. farmer who would consider his agricultural profession (plus factor at origin) but at

    43. some extent to bring a possible change into the agricultural set up, which was the

    44. Having failed to advance the agricultural

    45. that the agricultural distribution centers alone would, even at three percent, show

    46. In fact the main storage facility was located on a huge agricultural property in the Rylestone district north west of Sydney

    47. Investing some money into bores he found that there was sufficient water to set up an agricultural project growing exotic plants which were processed and used in many legitimate drugs

    48. the era of "the natural course of events" ended with the agricultural revolution over six thousand

    49. These aliens, having realized that their race could not last forever on their little planet, so heavily devastated by extensive agricultural usage, were about to embark on a mission of colonization

    50. agricultural inspector to come and view it

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