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    1. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and

    2. In front of me, seated on a similar, rustic wooden dining chair sat the man

    3. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and pulled from its hanger one of a number of simple cotton summer dresses, long and plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    4. the village, manufacturing the traditional products of rustic ironworks

    5. For the last time he admired the bold, rustic carvings on

    6. In a country which has neither foreign commerce nor any of the finer manufactures, a great proprietor, having nothing for which he can exchange the greater part of the produce of his lands which is over and above the maintenance of the cultivators, consumes the whole in rustic hospitality at home

    7. But when they spend them in maintaining tradesmen and artificers, they may, all of them taken together, perhaps maintain as great, or, on account of the waste which attends rustic hospitality, a greater number of people than before

    8. Sally the Sleepy showed up about a half hour late, finding Patty the Perky patiently sitting at a table by a window taking in the lush vegetation that surrounded the front and two sides of the rather rustic but exclusive dining place

    9. And though it was something of a relief, to see such signs of rustic civilization, it was also unsettling

    10. And so he shifted his thoughts again, noticing the rustic structures dotting the countryside some distance from the camp

    11. They were polished to a high shine and added to the rustic surroundings, creating the perfect mood for a newly married couple

    12. They went to the rustic living room with dark, cracked leather chairs that surrounded a matching leather sofa

    13. The reason of the new doctrines recommended them to some, their novelty to many; the hatred and contempt of the established clergy to a still greater number: but the zealous, passionate, and fanatical, though frequently coarse and rustic eloquence, with which they were almost everywhere inculcated, recommended them to by far the greatest number

    14. He was rustic, all right

    15. Alex wanted her? What possible interest could he have in her? And wasn’t he everything she had taken pains to avoid? He was a polished businessman who would be as disappointed in her rustic lifestyle as she would be with his lavish way of living

    16. Lunch was at a rustic little seafood place in Rogers called Catfish John’s, and afterward she directed him to the War Eagle Mill

    17. There was this woman who was a part time bartender at the Rustic Inn in Victorville

    18. Mickey was still dressed the same way she was when she met me in the Rustic Inn

    19. Children playing in a Conservation Authority property near this remote and rustic village in eastern Lennox County, reportedly discovered a human foot near the shoreline of the as-yet unspoiled Shashawanaga River

    20. The lodge at Old Faithful has an old-time rustic charm

    21. “As I said, a nice rustic place

    22. Thailand is a very diverse country with exciting cities, tropical islands and rustic villages and the people, so far, are friendly and fun loving; so I can see why the Country is called the ‘land of smiles’

    23. Nik had been upset because this was his favorite rustic island getaway, but now they had built a hotel on one of the beaches and the island was getting more popular

    24. If anything, the rubble enhances the rustic charm of the maze city

    25. The rustic silver ring is crafted with a leaf patterned band

    26. They are but habits to remove as easily as were put on thy coverings of rustic charm

    27. Inside the restaurant there was a bar area with the typical blackboards, and rustic décor, with copper pans and horse brasses hanging everywhere

    28. The judge has refused to listen to the rustic

    29. The lonely house stood halfway up the hill, a few projects away from full urban rustic

    30. The entrance to Tafferel’s farm was a smart stone wall and high rustic poles with a sign hanging from the top beam which simply said ‘Tafferel’ on it

    31. The roof was tiled with big rustic tiles

    32. had begun furnishing it with rustic handcrafted local

    33. At the rare, and rustic bench seats that seem to just appear

    34. On the hazy summer mornings, however, the other counselors and I led the children outdoors for Bible lessons under the rustic shelter’s roof

    35. His reputation as an honest, upstanding pillar of his rustic small community earned him respect and admiration from many individuals of all walks of life

    36. The passing fishermen, with their salty bait, added to the rustic ambiance of the shimmering sea backdrop

    37. It was a sprawling two-story, constructed in a Hamptons Shingle style, and built to look rustic and weathered, humble almost, but it was far from that

    38. a rustic cabin by

    39. Looking again and again at this rustic door, I noticed a small, old wood, decaying sign above it that was completely covered in dust, as I brushed it with my hand; I saw that it had written on it “Judgment

    40. The room alloted to Ingrid on the top floor, even though rustic, was comfortable and included a large bed and a dormer window that provided ample light

    41. Pulling into a village of little distinction, we failed to appreciate the full, Rousseau-esque rural charm of the decaying rustic timbered frame houses and manky collection of domesticated animals occupying a perfectly good spot for a hotel

    42. A stack of books sat on the rustic wooden table by his side

    43. I had met Lalu for the first time in the early 1990s—a meeting of an English-educated south Bombay boy with a rustic Bihari

    44. Still – there was something about it that drew you in to its rustic décor

    45. It was a lovely day as she sauntered down the rustic country lane that ran through

    46. description of how he is slighted by a group of rustic women and

    47. The whole place was a bewildering mix of strawberries and stylised rustic en-vogue

    48. Adrian finally pulled up in front of a rustic log cabin and a tall man with curly red hair came down the steps, shouting and hollering to beat the band

    49. Adrian finally pulled up in front of a rustic log cabin and a tall man with red curly hair came down the steps, shouting and hollering to beat the band

    50. We managed to reach the conservatory and found in a corner a veritable bower with a wide rustic seat under some palms

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