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    1. Son told his life story to Elden and Song from his childhood to the ambush

    2. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose

    3. Fearing further ambush, it

    4. waving as he approached, ‘They lie in ambush

    5. ambush, ‘We almost had them that time, Mister

    6. adequate provisions, since the failed Ambush at

    7. home from an ambush he suffered at Tony’s hands

    8. build the perfect ambush at the Hollow, but he also played janitor and maintenance

    9. head over, mindful of an ambush

    10. this time, searching for something, anything that might indicate an ambush

    11. Don’t worry, they’ll all be safe, I merely need them to help prepare the ambush

    12. else that could ambush me

    13. That way, whether or not an ambush would take place, it would’ve determined your innocence or lack of

    14. In case one of THEM was the rat, then even if an ambush would've taken place, it wouldn’t tell me who the rat is

    15. It was either done so that the villagers could use it when we had gone or a small section of enemy could infiltrate behind our lines and ambush us from behind

    16. Our unit moved forward cautiously in the thick scrub our eyes taking in every inch of the landscape watching to see if any enemy were hiding out ready to ambush us

    17. We had been subject to an ambush or two on the way but we had given these short shrift and they had simply melted away

    18. ” He reached in for another hen, which was waiting in ambush, and pecked at his hand until she, too, was encouraged to give up her ground and leave

    19. Harold and his men were planning to ambush you

    20. At the ford of the Aguadores River they found the enemy in ambush, and drove the Spaniards back to the town, despite the heavy fire of a battery, which caused great loss to the 34th and the Cubans

    21. One of the revolutionary tactics in it which impressed me was the silent ambush

    22. normal COIN doctrine is the maximum amount of violence in the shortest time possible in an ambush which means a lot of noise

    23. The shock effect to see men falling around you must be worse than hearing the ambush

    24. ambush, that the massive counterstrike of Joshua caught them unprepared

    25. Apparently his car stopped for a woman pushing a pram in front of it and then the ambush was sprung by crashing a vehicle into his car

    26. I jumped off, wary of an ambush, and shouted, “Vernon! Come

    27. place of ambush before I moved up and over

    28. The plan called for a small squad to move in quickly when the jeep passed and cut the fence below the northwestern tower, then ambush the jeep when it returned, using silenced 9mm automatics

    29. It was a great place to organize an ambush or provide a warning to the Badgers in the battle below

    30. So instead of arguing with Mia, I asked her how the ambush had happened, and more importantly, for my purposes, who had done it to her?

    31. The Fox's alert nose would not detect the ambush that lay in wait for them

    32. Brendan would bet a hundred bucks there was an ambush just waiting in low orbit

    33. I should wait until he went inside to investigate, then kill Argyl and ambush his captor when he came back outside

    34. They had been assassinated in mid-stride by three strangers who had stepped from ambush behind the three

    35. This was not an ambush

    36. I killed, and I killed, and I killed, inflicting as much suffering as I could before the kill, until one day I got critically wounded in an ambush, but I came out alive

    37. She helped in the ambush at Plenthin

    38. It seemed like a good place for an ambush

    39. You were the first of us in the climb today, you arranged us for the ambush, you did not hesitate to attack the enemy, and you are the easiest to see

    40. There was little ground cover in this area, but the rough terrain provided ample opportunity for ambush

    41. If he would meet me openly in single combat, I would not be concerned, but he is the sort who would lie in ambush

    42. We set up an ambush, using 25 officers

    43. They, of course, brush aside any organized resistance, but then the men tend to die from disease and ambush with poison darts

    44. He said he was told to move forward warily, keeping in contact with the tumen on either side, and expecting an ambush at any moment

    45. Eight days after our ambush we reached the shore of a long lake and Silpitocle caught up with us

    46. Silpitocle had been sent out before dawn to look for any possible ambush

    47. Jewish Army started to flee before the men of Ai, as before, an ambush was sprung,

    48. These continued to employ hit-and-run and ambush attacks against our flanks, but these were not particularly effective

    49. Then Jonathan and those who were with him rose up against them from the place where they lay in ambush, and made a slaughter of

    50. Apollonius had left a thousand horsemen in ambush

    1. “Do you think it might be possible for me and my chaps to stay with your Company Sir I don’t fancy wandering round the country side getting more lost or even ambushed?” The Major thought a moment and then replied

    2. After studying the patrol formations I decided that the MAG should be very close to the front where it could give suppression fire when ambushed whilst the rest of counter attacked

    3. The terrorists could and were ambushed by the Security Forces which was another unique point for most Western Armies are ambushed by the terrorist which indicates bad COIN tactics to begin with

    4. Being ambushed should anyway be to your advantage for that brings you in contact with the terrorist and your superior training gain the overhand

    5. The SAAF lost a few planes because they did not alter their initial points and were ambushed

    6. but he’d ambushed me

    7. Could they not have known about the young men, my friends, who were ambushed and slaughtered? he wondered

    8. ambushed us when we had thought we were safe on the banks

    9. They had been ambushed and were hard-pressed for a while before driving the enemy off

    10. Moving on to the happenings in Europa, in Espainia, the treacherous Mairu had ambushed King Ferdinando at Loja and defeated him

    11. Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom

    12. I followed her gaze to where he was ambushed by a couple of people

    13. Borja was ambushed awhile ago,” David said over the phone

    14. “Where was he ambushed?”

    15. Borja that afternoon before he was ambushed in the evening

    16. You should have seen how I ambushed him

    17. Prior to those events, Poncing Borja was ambushed, a security guard committed suicide inside the men’s CR, and Manuelito Dizon was allegedly salvaged

    18. Wolf's eight man rescue team had been ambushed ten minutes earlier as they neared the site of the downed pilot

    19. came home I ambushed him with what I’d been told

    20. They ambushed us

    21. Zach had been ambushed, attacked by a horde of deadly biting turnips!

    22. So they formed a gang, and ambushed the landlord one night as he rode home from business in town

    23. the summer, many of our al ies had fal en to Apophis, or been ambushed

    24. A band of tiger-women ambushed the fighters

    25. Oh God, how dare I snare him into my room! What followed was the sexy best, wasn’t it? I let go P after a couple! Then, what a surprise lay in store for me! As I came out of my room, how R ambushed me! From where did he surface? He said he saw what was happening and led me back into my bed without a word

    26. We were ambushed and four men had been killed

    27. He hated the thought of being ambushed as much as he hated being surprised

    28. Those who ambushed then came in,

    29. 'He was lurking near when they came to the spot where we ambushed the lord Conan

    30. 'I was on my way northward with some tribesmen when we were ambushed by enemies in Shalizah Pass

    31. As they stepped out of the tube station the Manchester United firm had tricked them and got off the tube a station early and now they ambushed Billy’s firm in a narrow alley just by the Underground

    32. The darkness blotted the venerable magnolia with its signature ornament but nothing could block the mordant stench of the truculent half-breed and as he silently passed the killing tree; this smell of smells ambushed Sam‘s flared nostrils like ninja

    33. It was the same lake where she had ambushed Greg on his previous trip

    34. They’d only come in contact to fight over resources or when the rebels ambushed their small vessels

    35. “Yes, they were pilot instructors here at Eretz and more than one of their training squadrons was ambushed by pirates when they ventured outside the protection of the system’s defenses

    36. As they left the store and made their way out of the market in hurried strides, they were ambushed

    37. My friend and I went into the market to buy some goods, and when we were leaving we were ambushed by thugs

    38. to pillage and reap their earnings, but while pillaging they were later ambushed by the unbelievers

    39. A pack of eight American submarines ambushed a large Japanese combat flotilla as it barely started its way towards Legaspi, on the southern tip of Luzon

    40. Worse, his battle squadron had been ambushed by three American submarines during its withdrawal, losing the heavy cruisers ATAGO and MAYA, which had absorbed a total of eleven torpedoes

    41. Years ago, as Flavius was leading an army in the field against the Etruscans, his wife and her suite had been ambushed by raiders while on the way to join him, with Milvia being captured by the Etruscans

    42. It was after he had ambushed her on the path back from the market, yelling Takwenya Yeyo (Hello Yeyo) at the top of his voice

    43. Our medical convoy was ambushed yesterday as we were approaching Kimpo airfield with wounded men to be evacuated by air

    44. The handover needed to be in a public place, with less chance of being attacked or ambushed

    45. Nobody warned that convoy that enemy infiltrators were roaming the area and the convoy, without any escort provided to it, was basically ambushed and the medical staff and the wounded massacred on the spot save for two nurses, who were taken prisoner and gang-raped before being later delivered by survivors from the 2nd Marine Battalion

    46. With the Japanese rear-admiral that commanded the battle group still awaiting for newer, less restrictive rules of engagement, or ROEs, from Tokyo and with two of his escorting destroyers busy prosecuting a sonar contact from an old, noisy MING-Class diesel attack submarine, the HYUGA was ambushed by one of the modern YUAN-Class diesel attack submarines prepositioned around the restricted zone

    47. The leopard ambushed her, jinking, feinting, wrapping around her legs

    48. Retribution was swift; Yamamoto was ambushed by U S aircraft in the south Pacific and killed

    49. The French lost many small garrisons because the relief columns sent to help them were too late or were ambushed on their way in

    50. We could be easily ambushed along the way by the Vietminh

    1. watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he

    2. We had a smoke and then moved off myself and Corporal Kenny had been detailed to bring up the rear keeping an eye out for enemy ambushes from behind us

    3. As we got closer our eyes roved the country sight seeking out places where ambushes might be situated the Captain sent ten of our men forward to recce the village to see if any of the enemy were lurking there

    4. They combined this with the usual curfew and night time ambushes killing everyone who moved outside the villages

    5. Without doubt from what came out later many terrorists (they referred to themselves as cadres or activists) were killed in controlled ambushes

    6. He had been fearless in battle and had personally led charges and ambushes when he was on campaign

    7. in their hatred for him they set ambushes for him both in the morning and in the

    8. They would set up ambushes, and then melt into the trees

    9. As the invasion began, the traitorous commanders’ final tasks had been to manoeuvre the Tanarian forces into tactically unsound positions or to lead them directly into ambushes

    10. It was also necessary to fill the screenplays with corpses, creating a sort of limitation to the imagination of screenwriters: duels and ambushes are all alike after a while! Faces changed (not always), there were a few variations of bangs or sbonks, but things were more or less the same

    11. He increased his pace, trusting to the dog to smell out ambushes ahead

    12. Without emotion Olmec told of hideous battles fought in black corridors, of ambushes on twisting stairs, and red butcheries


    14. Remember our operations in Korea, where the roads were frequently cut by enemy ambushes

    15. The roads are limited in both numbers and capacity and are also highly vulnerable to guerrilla ambushes and road blocks

    16. Ingrid thought to herself that ambushes would be a very real possibility during this trip as Kellerman started the jeep, then shifted into gear and drove away from the hotel

    17. They attacked us while making ambushes

    18. They had made their houses, shops and buildings as their ambushes and hideout places and waited to attack whoever enters in their areas

    19. suddenly started to look all around them for possible ambushes when they saw that

    20. She deducted that the woods would surely have a lot of ambushes but she

    21. where we would have mock patrols and run into ambushes,

    22. He said, “So you have been out having a good time, while your boys here are killed in ambushes?”

    23. injuries from the ambushes set up on the trek to the

    24. rate ambushes along the trail

    25. The duchess came out splendidly attired, and Don Quixote, in pure courtesy and politeness, held the rein of her palfrey, though the duke wanted not to allow him; and at last they reached a wood that lay between two high mountains, where, after occupying various posts, ambushes, and paths, and distributing the party in different positions, the hunt began with great noise, shouting, and hallooing, so that, between the baying of the hounds and the blowing of the horns, they could not hear one another

    26. While the insurgents were active in the Baghdad area, the fighting had slowed down and there wasn’t yet the huge threat of IEDs and ambushes that you saw elsewhere

    27. Mines were planted, and roads closed off so they could be used for ambushes

    28. We’d also hit the houses and watch for ambushes on convoys and American bases

    29. While the insurgents were active in the Baghdad area, the fighting had slowed down and there wasn’t yet the huge threat of IEDs and ambushes that you saw elsewhere

    30. Mines were planted, and roads closed off so they could be used for ambushes

    31. We’d also hit the houses and watch for ambushes on convoys and American bases

    32. This was what said his Excellency, the popular Pedrito, the guerrillero skilled in the art of laying ambushes, charged by his brother at his own demand with the organization of Sulaco on democratic principles

    33. Thanks to their ramifications, and to the network underlying their relations, Babet, Gueulemer, Claquesous, and Montparnasse were charged with the general enterprise of the ambushes of the department of the Seine

    34. Jean Valjean laid a host of ambushes for him; he changed his hour, he changed his bench, he forgot his handkerchief, he came alone to the Luxembourg; Marius dashed headlong into all these snares; and to all the interrogation marks planted by Jean Valjean in his pathway, he ingenuously answered "yes

    35. A peculiarity of this species of war is, that the attack of the barricades is almost always made from the front, and that the assailants generally abstain from turning the position, either because they fear ambushes, or because they are afraid of getting entangled in the tortuous streets

    36. He said to himself that it was true that there were exceptional cases, that authority might be put out of countenance, that the rule might be inadequate in the presence of a fact, that everything could not be framed within the text of the code, that the unforeseen compelled obedience, that the virtue of a convict might set a snare for the virtue of the functionary, that destiny did indulge in such ambushes, and he reflected with despair that he himself had not even been fortified against a surprise

    37. Then Crève Coeur Rangers hunting woods-runners, whose pinprick ambushes had till now been the closest thing to effective resistance the raiders met, caught her

    1. The whole escapade was turning into a shambles the Turks were ambushing some of our lads and then falling back and the terrain in front of us was terrible and because of this the straight sweeping line we had started out with was now a disjointed mess

    2. At the sound of the first B-40 round fired by the VC into his column, the com�mander of Task Force Rover, a lieutenant colonel, instantly gave the signal for his vehicles to button up, pivot, and face alter�nately outward in a herringbone pattern and shoot everything they could in a reflexive counteraction "mad minute" to shock the ambushing Charlie

    3. Grizzled Wolf Lochert listened with wary eyes searching incessantly for ambushing Viet Cong

    4. Back when we were ambushing wandering ships in the early days at Homestead, we developed a technique called ‘around the clock’

    5. They operated in cooperation with the local resistance to launch attacks on German lines of communication, such as mining roads, destroying railways and bridges, and ambushing convoys

    6. This was scarier than ambushing

    7. we? Ambushing Jeremiah Dixon to retrieve the other pieces of the

    8. planned on ambushing the Time Walkers

    9. The prisoner’s men had put it there in the hope of ambushing the carriage and freeing their leader

    10. The escort wondered who it was that was ambushing them, whether a resident or an intruder, because the intruder alarm had not wailed till then

    11. He stayed behind Scott during the climb, though he had no intention of ambushing the man

    12. “When I met with Castillo he told me Michael was planning on ambushing you

    13. Instead, they would take their stands inside the houses, ambushing and battling the Marines in the small rooms and tiny hallways

    14. Instead, they would take their stands inside the houses, ambushing and battling the Marines in the small rooms and tiny hallways

    15. from Ithilien and from Anurien, ambushing and pillaging

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