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    1. “Should we apprise them of a possible encounter, that is, if they turn out to be Scather ships?”

    2. Let me apprise you of the latest imperial news

    3. I sough, thereby, to apprise him of the exact facts of what I wrote, what the ACO said when he called, my reaction to it, which was not relayed to anyone at NASA, and my incredulity that this incident, which in my mind had blown over, could have any impact on the outcome of the high altitude balloon re-competition

    4. “We need to apprise our populations of everything that’s happened and been learned here

    5. Apprise us where his great strength lies,

    6. I worried for a moment that my little bit of play-acting had been too childish, but he smiled and said, “You know, if I could be assured of your friendly intentions, I might be able to apprise you of his whereabouts

    7. Apprise them of our change in destination and the potential delay of about a month

    8. any event I would suggest that we apprise Portus of the situation as

    9. he blew a shrill blast upon it to apprise the others of the fact

    10. A single look was sufficient to apprise the pretended leech that the invalid was far beyond his powers of healing

    11. It had, however, served to apprise the Delawares of the position and the intentions of their enemies

    12. However, Monte Cristo only made a sign to apprise Ali, who, understanding that danger was approaching from the other side, drew nearer to his master

    13. "Exactly what I wish for; I will apprise my mother of my intention, and return to you

    14. Morrel," said Chateau-Renaud, "will you apprise the Count of Monte Cristo that M

    15. It was on the impulse of the moment that he had resolved to trot over to Emminster, and hence had not written to apprise his mother and father, aiming, however, to arrive about the breakfast hour, before they should have gone out to their parish duties

    16. Some men must marry to elevate themselves a little, but when I am in need of that, I hope some one will tell me so—I hope some individual will apprise me of the fact

    17. Lydgate, there is no haste necessary in this matter; but I wished to apprise you beforehand of what may possibly occur

    18. I did not apprise him of my ability to sense his mental operations, and thus I learned a great deal which proved of immense value to me later and which I would never have known had he suspected my strange power, for the Martians have such perfect control of their mental machinery that they are able to direct their thoughts with absolute precision

    19. In compliance with the standing order of his commander—to report immediately, and at any one of the twenty-four hours, any decided change in the affairs of the deck,—Starbuck had no sooner trimmed the yards to the breeze—however reluctantly and gloomily,—than he mechanically went below to apprise Captain Ahab of the circumstance

    20. If his secret instructions limit his general commission, he is bound honestly to apprise the Government with which he is negotiating of the fact

    21. Of this assurance you will duly apprise the parties interested, and of the confidence which you repose in it

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