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    1. speculative basis so they could appreciate my continued “normality”

    2. Nobody wil truly appreciate the enormity of this phrase unless they too have a terminal il ness

    3. I appreciate your concern

    4. Millie, however, didn't appreciate this

    5. Accept what comes to you, appreciate it, learn from it and then let it go

    6. We should listen to them, appreciate differences, encourage risk-taking (within limits) and discourage blind conformity

    7. I'd appreciate that

    8. · Men have to appreciate that girls have to shift their loyalty from a woman to a man, from mother to husband

    9. I hope you appreciate that I have just taken you fully into my confidence

    10. They flew a few miles into the sky before she could appreciate how many islands Ava had, as long as Japan

    11. Obviously, there are other kinds of qualifications companies really appreciate in employees

    12. In this way, I learn to appreciate what I have, that is solitude and calmness in bed

    13. But I encourage him, asking questions and occasionally giving my opinion, and he seems to appreciate my interest

    14. ’ He said with a smile, as I appreciate just how that sounds

    15. "I appreciate that," Herndon said

    16. ‘Hi, I figured you’d appreciate a lift

    17. ‘You have no idea how much I appreciate it

    18. Luray's tale was one she could understand and appreciate, she knew of the Troubled Times

    19. “I appreciate your confidence in me

    20. When impatience appears as it does, go to your written goal, take time and appreciate where you are now

    21. He had a nice happy smile that went to his eyes and he seemed to appreciate the fact that she was looking him over

    22. I appreciate your concern, and the love you have towards your fellow rider

    23. lady-love or lover-boy does not appreciate the thought that went into buying or creating it for

    24. ’ He said warmly, ‘You appreciate the rosemary, I see

    25. pals too are likely to recognize this effort and appreciate it

    26. Women appreciate honesty even if it hurts

    27. I appreciate your concern Ichor, it has been ten months, but it still hurts sometimes like it was only yesterday

    28. 'Adrian, I'm a landlubber but I do appreciate what a wonderful, dominating experience it must be to have this at your mercy

    29. Your father thought, no doubt, that a Ming vase and a vintage diamond ring would be worth quite a lot and that you would appreciate them better than your soulless brother

    30. Gratitude is a fantastic way to not only ease turbulent emotions like fear, but it can actually help you to better appreciate your life as it is right now (problems and all), as well as continuously keep attracting better experiences

    31. Jim offers to call a doctor, but the Inspector says that he thinks the best way round it is to take Joan down to the police station and get the police doctor to have a look at her, if only so that she’ll appreciate the seriousness of the situation

    32. I do appreciate your help

    33. “Gentlemen I appreciate your concern, but this is my area of expertise

    34. each treatment, and I came to appreciate His help

    35. His greeting was, “I don’t appreciate being accused of a cover-up

    36. I’d appreciate that

    37. She wished she was sober enough to appreciate the loving this soldier gave her that evening because he was very romantic and sensual

    38. “I appreciate that,” Ava said ruefully

    39. I appreciate the opportunity to share this with you

    40. I appreciate that

    41. “Knowing your fondness for your Snotaks, I thought you would appreciate this

    42. ‘Thank you, I appreciate that

    43. on animals, and I’d really appreciate it if you could

    44. A spokesman for the Danvers House Foundation said how much they appreciate Mr Blake's continuing support

    45. you can think of that you appreciate in your partner

    46. I do appreciate it

    47. and that you would appreciate them better than your soulless

    48. dust in the heat of the day, which made the men appreciate their

    49. Tom had grown to appreciate for their peacefulness the twin tasks of

    50. appreciate the scenery, and even began to learn the names of the trees

    1. you want be appreciated with how you look I believe

    2. He’s quite a character and much appreciated in the villages he serves

    3. She rarely spoke of it and he appreciated this

    4. It was certainly better for them that Ava was still here and she hoped they appreciated the effort she had been putting into helping them

    5. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated

    6. I appreciated his attempt to cheer me up at this hard time -but it was in vain: I was still feeling miserable, as if all the whole world were falling apart before me

    7. Nandini and Nanda was openly appreciated and specially

    8. That way she's a happy grandmother who loves being appreciated and the future takes care of itself

    9. I appreciated her friendliness but it made me incredibly shy

    10. Desa appreciated the fact that she cared about the personal lives of the crew, even the dryfeet

    11. ' And then he began whistling the anonymous soulful tune he'd played earlier - but in keys not yet appreciated by the untrained ear

    12. He explained that his wife was expecting and that, although they appreciated his kind gesture, the cottage was really a bit small for a growing family

    13. Duncan looked at Gordon and smiled, “Any help will be appreciated, sir

    14. ‘I never appreciated how good a liar you are, Alastair

    15. You’d have laughed though, Alastair, it seems he appreciated our putting Laura down and commented that he wished it happened more often

    16. Jane greeted me with a much appreciated cup of coffee – Peter joined us when he got back from his visit to the Hospice – he’d flopped on a chair accepting gratefully the mug Jane handed him

    17. She said she appreciated the offer, but she rather liked their cozy little place, if he understood her meaning

    18. I have always appreciated his researched and comprehensive approach towards every topic

    19. asked to and you will be the appreciated for what you do

    20. expecting and that, although they appreciated his kind gesture, the

    21. Dorsal couldn’t have known that they were dead, but all the same the gift was deeply appreciated by Tarak

    22. appreciated that it even came to bear the famous television

    23. The buyer thought he was appreciated for more than his money

    24. He makes every topic sound so boring, which is of itself a talent, but not one appreciated by tonight's punters

    25. which Tom particularly appreciated; he could see how much easier

    26. appreciated that they could be reached so easily from the stables

    27. Funny how Chrissie had never liked Chas … stupid woman! Never appreciated his finer points

    28. He appreciated that the scotsman had a rational approach to organizing his necessary paperwork

    29. His objections became more muted when he appreciated that it was

    30. The establishment still ran on old fashioned lines; notably, there was little incidence of the super-bugs which appeared to afflict the majority of hospitals and the locals appreciated it accordingly, fighting tooth and nail to keep the place open every time there was a rumour that it might be closed

    31. I’d never appreciated just how frightening being an alcoholic is before that

    32. is appreciated, and that such actions have been accepted

    33. It's good to be appreciated

    34. The young man was satisfied with this and appreciated his guest making it an accessible concept for him

    35. She would’ve appreciated it if he’d given her a heads up that the water was coming on, instead of just leaving the hose lying on the floor, she would’ve picked it up and pointed it at the tank

    36. Marguerite appreciated the compliment, and felt a pang of

    37. Of course he appreciated it more on the part of the women, but he could tell that the women enjoyed caressing the males also

    38. This art had been the careers of many, art that can only truly be appreciated from the air

    39. He appreciated the

    40. It was nice and I appreciated very much

    41. He really appreciated finally reaching someone who would tell him something

    42. ‘That would be much appreciated

    43. He is an appreciated philosopher, and

    44. You must have silently appreciated my guts and said to

    45. I would have much appreciated being taught and trained by a master rather than becoming a self-made practitioner

    46. Would life be appreciated more?

    47. that pays more, to work in a job where they feel more appreciated

    48. appreciated during the centuries later

    49. Russians, I would have appreciated the initiative

    50. The Romans have appreciated the Greeks;

    1. And no one appreciates it more

    2. appreciates that he has something to say toward the

    3. An investment that appreciates over time becomes more

    4. appreciates and is prepared to pay for

    5. ‘He has some sympathy for our cause and appreciates the imminent global threat

    6. “I just hope these people of Illeander appreciates our efforts

    7. Everyone appreciates this part of the joke, but they’re quieter now

    8. Carmine appreciates what you did for him, the family, you know

    9. types of Japanese men: one who finds it convenient and appreciates his wife looking after

    10. Because she appreciates her

    11. The Dobbs family appreciates the heritage

    12. And enjoys and appreciates them

    13. “Mmm! I can sure see what Talia appreciates about this

    14. ” Suzanne appreciates his sarcasm as he continues,

    15. society that elevates, appreciates and demands

    16. know he appreciates it too

    17. deeper love; the younger soul appreciates that wealth of affection, and returns


    19. And if it was someone like Sean, who understands what the creative process means, who appreciates it, even better

    20. She can be useful, even if no-one appreciates it

    21. He appreciates that Cheesey's concern is real and Dippa, Graham and Barney are more than likely to have come to see who is in charge now; and they wouldn't mind who that is, as long as they got paid

    22. I would hope that because of your approach, your supervisor appreciates the effort and doesn’t let you go when you have finished a year assignment in

    23. Since he is giving out unlimited affection, however, she hardly ever appreciates it

    24. I think the resulting make up of forces, with no more than a 10% (cost wise) zinger kept secret in the cupboard, ought to be made public so that our nation appreciates the extent and cost of the new defense system for America

    25. The Almighty has granted him the sense of taste and put the different flavors and tastes in foods so that he enjoys and delights in having it, then he appreciates the favor of the Benefactor and praises Him for His Grace and by that, he draws near to Al’lah and lives in a bliss all his life which becomes a real heaven

    26. ‘’General Vandegrift, let me first say that your Marines and the aviators here have been doing a bang-up job in Guadalcanal and that everyone in Washington knows and appreciates that

    27. You have literally accomplished miracles since your arrival in Guadalcanal, something the whole nation knows and appreciates

    28. “And France appreciates that help, General Smith

    29. market value is created and the stock appreciates

    30. If it never appreciates, and the

    31. His monumental lack of insight indicates how little he appreciates

    32. He clicks the microphone off and tells his hat, "No one appreciates my appreciation for precision

    33. exist that appreciates unusual style and color

    34. I presume he is a risk taker himself and he appreciates that in others

    35. One who feels saudade appreciates the beauty of the past

    36. shelter hospitalisation well appreciates the visual geography of these afflicted areas – the

    37. ‘It’s as though some magnetic force would draw women to him! Isn’t Tara, the veteran of many a fill, coy to him as if she were a virgin? It looks like he appreciates Tara’s undeniable charms but he doesn’t seem to be enamored of her

    38. She appreciates a good sense of humor

    39. So, the night when man gets and enjoys such spiritual witnessing by which he acquires that real knowledge: that great night is called the night of Valuation , that is, the night when man watches the Mightiness of the Creator and appreciates the perfection of God

    40. No one really appreciates that

    41. That is because human spirit in its nature does not listen to one’s talk unless it appreciates and glorifies him and realizes his superiority and sublimity

    42. "I hope the Council appreciates the sacrifice we've made for them," Loken said

    43. The great night upon which a person achieves and enjoys the spiritual insight through which they acquire this real knowledge – that is, the night when a person sees the Mightiness of their Creator and appreciates the Perfection of God – is called the Night of Valuation

    44. But indeed, none known people of belief except people of belief, none appreciates the favor except its owners, and none realizes the great lessons and examples in the Holy Qur'an except who are close to Al'lah and have had the garment of perfection

    45. That is because each man has preferable inclinations and favorite interests in which he minds more than anything else, therefore, he appreciates none but he who advances him in these trends and excels over him in these respects

    46. But since none appreciates the great except the great, our Master Adam (cpth) was overcome by his loving for God which caused him to forget His Advice

    47. It will love every perfect man because of the perfection it has had, for none appreciates the favor except its owners, and only people of perfection know the perfection

    48. That is because the appreciative and admiring spirit is indeed strictly attached to he or she whom it admires and appreciates, and always accompanies such a person spiritually and couples with them

    49. It senses, enjoys and appreciates things

    50. Cloud 10 is a company that appreciates hard work and

    1. ’ She complained, appreciating his candour

    2. I am really appreciating this chance to curl up with a 'nothing special, just one of the natives' type guy

    3. ’ I said, appreciating his comment and the warmth it kicks off in me

    4. ' I said, appreciating how great it is that my head isn't spinning now

    5. ’ I said, grinning and appreciating precisely what he is saying

    6. He smiled at her, appreciating the gesture

    7. He couldn't help appreciating how exquisite she was

    8. But, I would think that this ‘single source’ idea that you’re suggesting has all the relevance in the world! If we aren’t fully aware of this common ancestry—understanding and appreciating it within the depths of our very souls—then I believe that is most likely one of the major causes of the environmental destruction and mass murders of so many creatures that have taken place over the years and up to the present

    9. Fourthly, Whole Life Practice builds the skill of becoming tranquil and appreciating the value of that tranquility

    10. reflexively, appreciating it without conscious

    11. Her gaze traced each scar slowly, appreciating how soft his skin looked between the sore red tracks

    12. He shrugged his shoulders in response and frowned at the book, not appreciating the intrusion

    13. Unfortunately, the drizzling and, at times, heavy rain of the first day interfered with our determination as tourists and deprived us from appreciating the night life of that stunning city, such as enjoying the sunset in one of the bars in front of Sentosa Island, or observing the nocturnal animals in the only Night Safari in the world, or participating in many other entertaining and instructive opportunities which can be found in the late evening in that large attractive modern city where East happily meets West and where the old and the new harmoniously mingle in a dramatic contrast of style and substance

    14. Finn Mason sipped his coffee, appreciating the bitter taste

    15. Mind you, at two thousand Asias a cup, it needed appreciating

    16. The Baron stared into the fire watching the dancing flames and appreciating the warm air caressing his face

    17. When we understand this, it allows us to take responsibility for past actions with an attitude of compassion, appreciating that a particular act may have been unwholesome or harmful, and strongly determining not to repeat it

    18. She had spent centuries being angered by her status as a lowly slave, never appreciating all that she had been blessed with

    19. I smile, appreciating Sharon and her solid PR skills

    20. “I can get it ready with Mallika there TJ”, Levi was trying to keep me at arm’s length, and I was appreciating the effort more than he knew, every time his aunt got closer to me, I felt fainter

    21. I hate that I actually felt bad for not appreciating his "gift," but

    22. After a minute or so spent appreciating the entrance hall, they passed through doors in the center of the rear wall that led into a grand ballroom

    23. If anyone tries to stop us, he thought, I think I’ll be ready to use one of these! He hefted the spear, appreciating its symbolism

    24. As Travers, Copperhead 03, was leveling his O-1E, he was pleased that his passenger, even though an FNG, seemed to be appreciating the obvious enjoyment of flight

    25. She nestled against him, appreciating the sheer strength of him and the way he made her feel safe, even where safety was the last thing she had expected to feel

    26. us, he thought, I think I'll be ready to use one of these! He hefted the spear, appreciating its

    27. It is very strange, there is no room for appreciating one’s ability to love

    28. using a physical organ (the eye) which is capable of appreciating only cer-

    29. consciousness which is capable of appreciating only three of those dimen-

    30. Ashat kept his eyes on her, appreciating the graceful movements her

    31. If the price action is above the 200 moving average the forex currency is appreciating and if the price action is below the 200 moving average it is depreciating

    32. stilted heels anyway,” he said, smiling broadly, ever appreciating the

    33. appreciating him although he did this very rarely

    34. Eventually, within a couple years, you will do all of this with ease and excitement, appreciating the experiences of discomfort (if they come up) as an opportunity to locate and process the last remnants of judgment and fear, but living more as a witness to your own life

    35. "One-hundred-and-five tonnes?" Travis was surprised and had a difficulty appreciating the weight factor

    36. Fiona laughed, for once appreciating the sterile environment she had grown up in

    37. “What is it that you want?” Suraj pulled Bilo back and stood before the Arab, trying hard to hide his jealousy, not appreciating the comment made to his potential woman

    38. Appreciating each aspect of yourself only shares into it the greater energy and understanding that has come with your full awareness of this

    39. Appreciating something, an aspect, an emotion, appreciating this in another person only serves to amplify this in yourself and within that person

    40. Humans, appreciating the ‘assistance’ began to feed the

    41. James Forman in 1972 said: Throughout the decade of the sixties, many people helped to ignite or were touched by the creative fire of SNCC without appreciating the generating force of Ella Jo Baker

    42. If we were at all capable of appreciating miracles, we would spend at least a decade contemplating the incredible chemical processes which convert that most basic element of divinity, light, into two pieces of carbon-based, conveniently combustible wood, without ever having time to rub the two things together and start a fire to stop ourselves freezing to death

    43. Remember when appreciating the works of Lao Tzu, that it has been

    44. Nancy smiled to the bald actor, truly appreciating his compliment

    45. Ingrid smiled tenderly to him, appreciating his courage

    46. " Mitchell suddenly started appreciating his businesslike style

    47. Whatever illusions he may have had over the extent of Britain's influence over Polish fate he showed his statesmanship in appreciating his government's dependence, which inevitably characterized the Anglo-Polish alliance as it had developed, into the basis of a working relationship

    48. He smiled, appreciating the changes she had made, a distinct improvement, softer and more feminine

    49. Ingrid gave Griffith a sober look, appreciating his frankness

    50. student/investor observes this number over time, he or she will find that many appreciating

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