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Assistance в предложении (на )

  1. He can with my assistance.
  2. I will need their assistance.
  3. A maid offered her assistance.
  4. I could be of some assistance.
  5. With your assistance of course.

  6. I have need of your assistance.
  7. Lembke rushed to her assistance.
  8. Ella rushed home for assistance.
  9. How can I be of assistance?
  10. Tina refused his assistance and.
  11. To cry for assistance was absurd.
  12. She thanked me for the assistance.
  13. Let me bring in some assistance.
  14. I truly appreciate the assistance.
  15. How may I be of assistance?

  16. She would find no assistance there.
  17. He again called out for assistance.
  18. I have need of your assistance!.
  19. That’s why I need your assistance.
  20. Thank you for your assistance, Mr.
  21. Greenson’s assistance in so doing.
  22. There is no need for your assistance.
  23. We are grateful for your assistance.
  24. He referred him to me for assistance.
  25. We are in need of your assistance.

  26. Can you lend assistance, over?’’.
  27. Perhaps you could be of assistance.
  28. But I need your company and assistance.
  29. The poor man’s in need of assistance.
  30. I need your advice and your assistance.
  31. She invoked Hugh Griswold’s assistance.
  32. Can you render assistance, over?’’.
  33. I seek the assistance of my animal guide.
  34. Marie had given her a lot of assistance.
  35. I appreciate your assistance in helping.
  36. We demand the assistance of one of you.
  37. Assistance came from an unexpected quarter.
  38. That alerts the staff you need assistance.
  39. I pay for assistance as and when I need it.
  40. You have been of material assistance to me.
  41. You probably can get some assistance there.
  42. Let me know if we can be of any assistance.
  43. Surely she could be of some assistance with.
  44. We’ll ask NBI for assistance, if necessary.
  45. I got to my feet, and went to her assistance.
  46. They were denied food and housing assistance.
  47. They can offer you protection and assistance.
  48. We cannot proceed without your assistance.
  49. I think that I could be of assistance to you.
  50. Moynahan said, What kind of assistance?
  51. He put down his gun and ran to her assistance.
  52. With a sigh, Halfshaft went to his assistance.
  53. The other person needed assistance immediately.
  54. If you need assistance you can hire a consultant.
  55. She then briefly looked to her mom for assistance.
  56. Assistance programs are available on the internet.
  57. With Philemon’s assistance, I’ll man the helm.
  58. You’re going to have assistance all along the.
  59. The marshals sent General Belliard for assistance.
  60. I hope I was of assistance with that explanation.
  61. Yes - with some assistance from the town’ s.
  62. Michael said his prayers and prayed for assistance.
  63. Said it was for your ‘inestimable’ assistance.
  64. But I do need your assistance with something else.
  65. I’ve always had a hard time accepting assistance.
  66. I have a tree trunk that needs a little assistance.
  67. The daylight was of great assistance as she DRAFT.
  68. Jean was one of the first to lend assistance, and.
  69. He says to Prince, I appreciate your assistance.
  70. The waiter, with the assistance of the men lining.
  71. Or, a pupil comes to me for assistance in a problem.
  72. Oh, things take their course without our assistance.
  73. This list will be of very material assistance to me.
  74. Walking on a treadmill in a harness with assistance.
  75. For that assistance she would be eternally grateful.
  76. His title and good clothes were of assistance to him.
  77. Such assistance is both necessary and appreciated.
  78. He is the one who steps forward to offer assistance.
  79. Leonard, Novaks assistance, who had been following.
  80. Charles, I need assistance in my office, I said.
  81. I believe assistance is in order; I will need help.
  82. Now, maybe all 40M qualify for government assistance.
  83. I need immediate assistance, all available units!.
  84. Always glad to be of assistance, the warden said.
  85. Morrel understood it; he knew he must call assistance.
  86. That was the first time for me without any assistance.
  87. IT assistance in the ‘region’ for about five years.
  88. This could not be done without US military assistance.
  89. Some 20 years ago, with research assistance from the.
  90. We had reached that conclusion without her assistance.
  91. But offers of such assistance were summarily rejected.
  92. Anything required in the way of assistance? Er, over.
  93. Thank you for your assistance, Captain Renic said.
  94. I thank you both deeply for your offers of assistance.
  95. With a little assistance the barriers will be overcome.
  96. If weakness is a concern, arrange assistance in advance.
  97. I don’t see your buddies rushing to your assistance.
  98. Provide assistance to hold the affected foot on the bed.
  99. This is not a humble request for assistance but an ar-.
  100. Three, they should have asked if I needed assistance.

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