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    1. wishes they can get divine aid to change their situation

    2. Valerian and passionflower aid relaxation and sleep, oats have a calming effect, ginseng supports the adrenals (but shouldn't be used during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure) and Echinacea boosts immune function

    3. · Meditation, visualisation, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and autogenic training have all been said to aid relaxation and relieve stress

    4. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    5. self-seeking; to joy and laughter without the aid of alcohol; to the true

    6. They have a charity fund raiser every year in aid of cancer research … their daughter had a close call with breast cancer about ten years ago and they make a point of raising what they can

    7. It felt like reading some ancient stone tablet without the aid of the Rosetta Stone

    8. Whether it is or is not, it does not aid or eliminate the place that God has chosen

    9. for water wells and food aid, what with the bloody terrorists

    10. It will be unnecessary; he has the ‘sight’! He knows we are coming to aid him

    11. We had decided yesterday that we don’t need to take very much with us – just a small amount of food and drink and a first aid kit – or what passes as one here on Errd – along with a few other bits and pieces

    12. In Aid of Thinner Thighs

    13. Intended as an aid to those who are journeying

    14. The only saving grace was that the headlines painted a picture of a plucky citizen coming to the aid of a poor victim of racial abuse

    15. ‘So the Gottestones aid that process

    16. We have come from across the sea to ask for your aid in fighting the black menace on our shores

    17. As they fought, James thought he saw some more dragons coming to their aid

    18. James asked Ichor if perhaps they should call for aid

    19. Once more you answered the call and came to our aid

    20. As Gary anticipated, with the aid of Ben and the girls, he gets the bus packed in just over an hour

    21. After examining the child Myra realized her wounds were far worse than she thought; in all likelihood the child would die without further aid

    22. citizen coming to the aid of a poor victim of racial abuse

    23. typically survives by receiving that aid

    24. to aid the subject

    25. “My Queen, you are injured; please allow me aid you back to the Hold,” Sera offered

    26. We would have frozen to death if not for his aid

    27. process and aid in the generation of income, buy it and then put the new

    28. the cows along the correct route with the aid of a stick he had cut

    29. merciful acts, often with the aid of powerful magic

    30. They had a tall fruit tree in each corner of the tiny lot, and bridges of hard-bean slung well up into them to aid in the harvest of both

    31. stick he was using as an aid

    32. dead before any could lend aid

    33. She unclips the lid of the first aid box and tears open a square plaster, applying it firmly over the wound

    34. ‘What do you expect to find?’ Andy asked boldly, climbing out of the car and stood waiting as Mrs Brown extricated herself and then fussed around looking for her handbag, twittering at the constable driver who went to her aid

    35. eyed as he explained about tracking down Hamet with the aid of

    36. with the aid of crutches, and found himself sitting around in the

    37. She wouldn’t have guessed that from the way he forcefully strolled across the ice, without the aid of ice skates

    38. She’d slept by herself for so long, without the aid of either, that the sound was bond to keep her awake all night

    39. Day after day, she spent doing the reports without the aid of the computer

    40. All the time Father Savage would be putting his hand up to his hearing aid and trying to adjust it because he thought there was something wrong with his hearing aid

    41. Once again the watchmen come to the aid of her call, but this time the encounter is more unpleasant

    42. Later that day a nurse’s aid came to take Lindy to

    43. there was a hurried discussion with the nurse’s aid

    44. Our backs break with every stone we set, but with their aid we could lay hundreds without shedding so much as a drop of sweat

    45. Even at its creation, Lock Core was built with the aid of your Order

    46. “Emily, would you please aid us

    47. "Sounds like a good way to die to me,” he said, hoping to guide Solo Ki to Nathalia's aid

    48. Several other soldiers made a feeble effort to aid him, but their wizened and frail frames added little resistance

    49. Pleased to aid them, the Boulder Dwarf Gunt hastened their brutal task with the pounding of his war pick

    50. Your mission would have ended in the Abyss if it had not been for our aid

    1. that it was my fault! I aided Satan’s purpose

    2. Gilla passes the tea things round, aided and abetted by Deris

    3. He was told that they were to be the new family to start in Europe after they aided Alakar in ridding Scotland and England of the beasts

    4. The people waited in silence, polite and sincere, and after each vocal contribution, aided by the whisky, each voice trailed away to be taken up anew by his neighbour and transferred on and on around the table

    5. Safe and sound on the outside and aided by the proceeds from Danny’s own bank account, together with funds received from an unwitting, Canadian ice hockey player, Annie and her great-aunt employed the services of a very expensive legal practice in the heart of Manchester’s business district

    6. It was the young warrior who had aided Rayne during the Scather incursion

    7. During hypnotherapy the trance is aided by your focus on the hypnotherapist's voice

    8. Safe and sound on the outside and aided by the proceeds from

    9. likewise aided her in covering them

    10. The black coffee Jesse feed her, aided as well, it also added to her anxiety

    11. " Mike's astute sense's aided to that of her own

    12. 'Perhaps even aided in some of his explorations

    13. She had come out of her vardo when Mama had clapped and she had walked straight to her seat at the table, aided only with her walking cane, despite the obvious fact that she was totally blind

    14. I knew the probability of it, and indeed, I aided in its course

    15. Thus, what was truly an adversarial relationship was also one that greatly aided the two species to advance themselves through continuous adaptive behaviors, thereby increasing their chances for survival and growth over the decades and centuries through a process of co-evolution

    16. The money from their sale had aided me in rearing my children

    17. This would have been aided by the immense pressure on the water trapped under the weight of these rocks

    18. You will not hesitate to assume responsibility when the interest of your country may demand it, and should your judgment ever hesitate in seeking the solution of any difficulty, it may be aided by the reflection that you are to do the enemy’s property the greatest injury in the shortest time

    19. ‘Someone, we haven’t yet identified, aided her escape

    20. Carefully entrenched, and hardly touched by our artillery fire, this small force, aided by machine guns and two nine-pounders, had torn up their assailants in the valley below with no appreciable loss

    21. His shattered shoulder-blade was dressed, and Bengough and Stoddard aided him to Siboney

    22. Several houses were demolished; but with such precedents as Sebastopol, Strasburg, and Paris, it was easy to realise that Shafter's threat to knock Santiago to pieces with his puny field-guns was futile; even aided by a powerful navy, it might take a prolonged action to force surrender

    23. The work of cleansing the capital was aided by the unfinished system of drainage and the splendid water supply

    24. I was aided by two assistants and a general practitioner, who had just recently completed his medical studies in Warsaw

    25. While publicly neutral during the war, US intelligence aided the British

    26. Scholarships at American universities for children were also in the offering, and Truman made sure that those who aided his troops received it all

    27. Wiesel shares with us, in a later paragraph, the extra-biblical source that aided him in making this interpretation

    28. The Exodus According to G also tells how this might have been at least partly aided by a natural catastrophe as attested to by geological and archaeological discoveries

    29. Khevasiah aided in the angry quarrel right in front

    30. The International Monetary Fund has wasted our money and has aided dictators and tyrants to

    31. It has been the main cause of our present financial collapse (aided and

    32. Little Turtle and Blue Jacket, aided by a young scout named Tecumseh, led an army of one thousand from fourteen tribes and soundly defeated St

    33. part of PPM, and often coupled with connections to Computer Aided Design

    34. agitation was not aided as he approached the corpse, observing

    35. Traces of firelight illuminated the shadowed wagon and made its colours dance, aided by the distant moon shining into the clearing

    36. Later that year, a rival claimant to the throne named Enrique Tudor led a revolt aided by some soldiers from Frantzia

    37. sequence of numbers aided by an interactive voice response system that accepts

    38. you know that we will be aided in this task by a spirit form

    39. After my first six months, during which Pressly and I both aided the DC Trial Attorneys, Jeff Kominers, Deputy Counsel, decided that that arrangement was “inefficient

    40. Marxist movements, aided by the USSR, China, and Cuba, never-

    41. They aided us, and I put Bonnie in touch with a Buffalo AA attorney friend of mine

    42. 24 That the cruelty done to the threescore and ten sons of Jerubbaal might come, and their blood be laid on Abimelech their brother, which killed them; and on the men of Shechem, which aided him in the killing of his brethren

    43. “Is there something that I need to know?” Pierce’s voice was deadly calm, which only aided in making Amori more cautious with what she said

    44. It was a kind of calm that aided in renewing him

    45. “That was the Nineteenth Thon Division, aided by a brigade of The Fist of The Empire

    46. also learned the use of the unfamiliar tools aided by Marah and Pithios, who had seen and had

    47. Marshal in his Arctic and Sub-Arctic jurisdiction and aided the cause of science and navigation by making ice and weather reports and navigation charts

    48. that helped relieve the nausea a bit was a piece of papaya after every meal—it aided with the

    49. "Detectives, is there anybody's safety in danger that can be aided by Ms

    50. I hobbled, walking aided with a stick, while my leg wound healed

    1. doostEr pondered the idea that this Ava, who deleted herself from search engines, could be aiding her old lover in stealing the cargo from its rightful owner who was deeper in the chaparral? It could be that Ava was arranging to have the cargo hijacked as it went by? He was suspicious of that Sorceress because of the deletions from his searches

    2. In the resulting confusion, with neighbours comforting Miss Jones and paramedics aiding the young man, they had no time in which to become acquainted

    3. Duncan was pale, but appeared to be in good spirits, Rayne was aiding him

    4. “As First to Queen Naria, I hereby read the charges: For those countless boys that you corrupted; for the many innocents that you stole from, raped, and murdered; for following a man you knew to be mad and doing his bidding; for attempting to kill Lord Tarak; for plotting to murder the Queen and aiding Lord Boras in taking the throne, you are hereby sentenced to death

    5. It concerns an ancient teacher who travels the universe aiding in the evolution

    6. ‘Tough!’ the Inspector laughed ‘I know we don’t actually have anything to charge him with – other than aiding and abetting desecration of a protected site – but I’d like to hang on to him for a little longer

    7. Though the word charity isn’t used in Hindu writings, the premise of giving and aiding others is prevalent within the Rig Veda, Thirukkural, Bhagawad Gita,

    8. only then that I realised, the light aiding my eyes, that anyone who got lost in the maze would stay

    9. Prince and Princess Henry of Battenberg have lived in constant companionship with Our Queen, greatly comforting and aiding her in her solitude

    10. A spent ball had struck him in the knee, which had swollen considerably; but he continued aiding the wounded, under fire for two days and nights

    11. Aiding the USA shortly after the great war proved valuable nonetheless

    12. That fact I had learned from my father, who because of the familial relationship with Julek, was once incarcerated for several months accused of aiding the communists

    13. It was this party which was indifferent to aiding or rebuilding New Orleans, and its members on talk radio went out of their way to smear the mostly Black victims

    14. In recent years, the Venezuelan-American community has joined some Cuban-Americans in their fanatic opposition to anything perceived as too far to the left, or aiding the poor or nonwhites

    15. The union movement, including socialists and non-dogmatic communists played a central role in aiding the civil rights movements

    16. But when ex Carter visited Brazil as an ex president, human rights activists hailed him for aiding the return of Brazil's democracy

    17. But then, by aiding them, she could find herself in deep trouble…and himself as well

    18. He told the Council the 4 animals have aiding Elena and that they are dangerous and needed to not be trusted

    19. Hill, your husband is still on the wanted list for aiding

    20. His erring heart, far from the truth, and his profane mouth, gave glory to idols, deaf and incapable of speaking or aiding, and uttered

    21. inner aiding and blessing the outer

    22. Monica stared at the girl who was supposed to be helping and aiding those persons seeking therapy

    23. A variety of NGOs are aiding the municipalities with the CNR programs,

    24. much more comfortable aiding the investigation against

    25. His erring heart far from the truth and his profane mouth gave glory to idols deaf and incapable of speaking or aiding and uttered unworthy speech against the Greatest God

    26. So also poor men interceding with the Lord on behalf of the rich increase their riches; and the rich again aiding the poor in their necessities satisfy their souls

    27. The buoys were scheduled for maintenance over the winter months, as was the Sundew after a season of aiding mariners and a downed pilot in distress, collecting ecological samples, stocking fish, and icebreaking

    28. In Chol- Hwan’s words, “Here is the dilemma one always faces when trying to help a population that has fallen victim to famine-causing political and economic systems: aiding the population also means maintaining the regime

    29. I have no doubt that the people who perverted justice perceived their actions as aiding justice

    30. “Out from the shadows, Dragon! Show your face or your parents will be charged with aiding a fugitive

    31. mind the ideas they wish expressed, and if necessary aiding him in the

    32. furtherance of any department of Their great work of aiding the progress of

    33. If he were the one who brought this under the attention of the council then he would be considered a patriot unlike Gorham was aiding and abetting Diane in causing a danger to the people

    34. Electronic Means of Aiding You

    35. Aiding the three vampire co-eds is a loyal werewolf named,

    36. To what a state I have fallen! My old-time peers and rivals would stare indeed could they see Thoth-amon of the Ring serving as the slave of an outlander, and an outlaw at that; and aiding in the petty ambitions of barons and kings!"

    37. use keyword searching in aiding their search results

    38. Then there are those who throw another monkey wrench in the equation, aiding the government position with their shenanigans

    39. "Ask the people behind us for aiding you," he suggested and began to move off around their stalled Ford

    40. It was now dark out thereby aiding me in my walk on the shoulder of the highway

    41. Thankfully, they were driving an old model Chevy station wagon with railings on the roof thereby aiding my grasping

    42. We are with you and they are aiding and guiding you

    43. dedicated to the aiding of stray and abused cats in the

    44. It is not important that a specific being is aiding you

    45. aiding the handicapped, a faithful companion and friend, acting,

    46. The hands and feet are well padded aiding in leaping and

    47. -Save the Children: An organization dedicated to aiding

    48. “Technology has come a long way in aiding us in our fight to rescue souls from hell

    49. aiding Pilgrims to keep count of the number of times (seven in

    50. what the punishment for me would have been; a cat aiding and

    1. with His blood and won a victory over cancer, death, aidS, and hell… i

    2. He was long dead by these troubled times, having succumbed to the extremes of AIDS in the mid-eighties, to outraged popular disgust, especially amongst his former female admirers

    3. The only antioxidant proven to increase collagen synthesis, it aids in the healing of minor cuts and wounds

    4. This mineral builds strong bones and teeth, aids heart action and the clotting of the blood, and helps to establish the correct balance of vitamin D in the body

    5. It also aids in the formation of gastric and other digestive juices

    6. and aids relaxation thereby

    7. drugs and add to their aids and vacant-mindedness

    8. Father Savage had a hearing problem so he wore hearing aids

    9. those very rich and nor with aids from

    10. the habit of receiving aids or to borrow money

    11. After the Second World War the aids came

    12. - They have got the habit of living from aids,

    13. external aids but the lack of education is still

    14. after they known the welfare as a result the aids

    15. The sovereigns of improved and commercial countries are not under the same necessity of accummlating treasures, because they can generally draw from their subjects extraordinary aids upon extraordinary occasions

    16. Feng (wind) Shui (water) is an ancient Chinese system which aids managing the flow of invisible energy (chi)

    17. How should I make this presentation?" What approach should you use? Formal or informal? Lots of visual aids or only a few? Will you include some anecdotes and humour for variety?

    18. And you will prepare your visual aids, if you have decided to use them

    19. visual aids are an extremely effective means of communication

    20. It is well worth spending time in the creation of good visual aids

    21. Remember, your audience have never seen these visual aids before

    22. Parsley adds color and aids digestion of the foods we eat and acts to prevent gas and bloating

    23. The former are considered as a branch of the aids of excise, and, in the provinces where those duties take place, are levied by the excise officers

    24. concluded this was down to the drugs he was taking for Aids or

    25. variety of health problems including AIDS, cancer, and other serious diseases

    26. ) Thus, when asked by one of his closest aids why he kept on employing a man of questionable loyalty, he responded:

    27. Did he have AIDS? The thought sent a chill up her spine

    28. The way back to the garage was something similar; Grandpa protecting me from this demon rooster, as Devil shrieked his un-pleasantries, trying to pierce our fragile eardrums (I assume that this is why Grandpa has to wear hearing aids now)

    29. It is only by the grace of God that we were not contaminated with AIDS because we did not use latex gloves when picking up bodies or searching dead terrorists and criminals

    30. We certainly knew about AIDS by then and also suspected some of our suicides scenes tested positive

    31. So we took out life insurance policies that included an AIDS test as standard

    32. Just the opposite, his actions on AIDS in Africa and Latin American immigration show him strongly opposed to prejudice

    33. Thus by choosing to come into contact with Natives, Europeans and Anglo-Americans were guilty of knowingly spreading disease, much like an AIDS infected patient knowingly having unprotected sex

    34. GW Bush and AIDS in Africa

    35. What: GW Bush's efforts to end AIDS in Africa, pushed largely by his own conservative Christian convictions, have won the praise even of his strongest opponents on the opposite side of the political aisle

    36. The Number of Lives Saved: As many as 46 million Africans were treated, tested, counseled, or in other ways helped by anti AIDS programs

    37. What is clear is that many AIDS survivors have much better lives

    38. One clear statistic we can point to is the use of retro viral drugs on pregnant women that allowed 230,000 children to be born AIDS free

    39. AIDS prevention is something that Bush has somewhat shown, for the only time in his presidential career, a strong lack of ideological blindness

    40. The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief or PEPFAR is a program most conservatives would oppose had it been proposed in the US, or by anyone not a conservative

    41. On top of all this, AIDS prevention in Africa was not a project that benefited Bush politically

    42. PEPFAR also does not use needle exchanges, a proven way of dropping the AIDS infection rate

    43. Gore, Kerry, McCain, and Jeb Bush have never indicated any concern for AIDS in Africa

    44. Gore in fact faced protests by AIDS activists over his lobbying for drug companies, pressuring South Africa's government to not allow cheaper generic anti-AIDS drugs

    45. McCain also seem confused by the issue, publicly saying he was not sure if condoms help prevent AIDS

    46. Except for the AIDS issue, the world is far better off if GW Bush had not been appointed president by five Supreme Court justices, instead remaining a poor businessman and a figurehead as the Governor of Texas

    47. Mitigated by: Actions on AIDS in Africa saving or preventing the deaths of an unknown number, estimates from 200,000 to 5 million

    48. The Clinton Foundation has helped 750,000 AIDS patients get treated

    49.  Celestite: Used for eyesight, soothes the nerves and an anti- toxin it also aids

    50.  Lapis lazuli: Helps treat throat problems clears negative thoughts and aids

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